1. George Coleman appears to be an experienced, informed, energetic and professional presence in the midst of the Bridgeport BOE and City encouraged action. He is in charge of reconstituting a Board that will take the time necessary (and presumably have the talent and experience as well) to provide the children of Bridgeport with an improved and regularly improving school system.

    We require leadership in all of our City governance system that looks at serving all of the City, not just a neighborhood or a school. That has been absent from the mindset in too many cases of people with power.

    The Court case, such as it has been described, and including the ugliness of removing Constitutionally elected representatives, may just become a moot issue, dropped in the future and only seen in the rear-view mirror, if Coleman’s appointees perform in an ultimately proud way (in spite of the fact there will always be some who disagree).

    And if John Ramos were to ride off from the scene for any reason, then it is harder to point a convincing finger at anyone momentarily. That just may allow a “new sheriff in town” to appear and prove its worth. With the exception of the minority membership of the current BOE (at least one of whom might be a smart Coleman selection to be on the new Board for all sorts of practical reasons, not the least of which would be a burning desire to improve the system, even when it resisted the path to improvement), who in this town wants to fight in court, rather than to use this ‘switching’ opportunity to install real change for the children?

  2. *** The parents are always the last to know concerning what really goes on in the Bpt public school system so they’d rather fight than switch. Here’s to real change that may solve many old problems, no? *** HOPE ***


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