Panel Selected To Recommend Police Chief Finalists

Acting Chief AJ Perez, former Assistant Chief James Nardozzi and Captain Roderick Porter are among the seven finalists in a Civil Service search that will be reduced to a list of three from which Mayor Joe Ganim will select a top cop to a five-year contract. The city, in a new selection twist of the process, has tapped a panel of five to interview the seven finalists.

From CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart:

That panel includes two police chiefs from out-of-town, two human resources professionals and an individual with municipal management experience, he said.

(Civil Service Director David) Dunn, in a publicly available report on the chief search provided to his Civil Service Commission, wrote that the professional panel was chosen “for reasons including objectivity and due to the number of qualified semi-finalist candidates.” Dunn wrote that the move was recommended by Randi Frank, the headhunter hired earlier this year to help with the search for a chief.

“Ms. Frank will serve as facilitator as the panel conducts oral interviews to examine, rate and rank semi-finalist candidates,” Dunn told the Civil Service Commission late last month. The three highest ranked applicants will then be forwarded to Ganim, who at that point has the option of convening a group of community leaders to help him make a final choice.

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  1. This article lays out the blueprint of action being taken to change the process of by Civil Service Director David Dunn to select the new Police Chief. Dunn keeps changing and changing the selection process by using Randi Frank HR Consultant in CT and KY — Management Services for Towns, Government Agencies and Small to Medium Businesses, the testing company that Dunn has been using to give civil service exams. The objective is to make AJ Perez the new Police Chief and not finding the best candidate for the position. Randi Frank is a paid vendor working for the City and if they are told to do something to assist that client in reaching the client goal they will do it. Now everyone should is why Mayor Ganim wants to keep “Acting” Personnel Director in place and instead of following the City Charter and calling for a nationwide search to replace the 11 years “Acting” Personnel Director.

    1. Ron Mackey starts the questions about the appointment process along with the view that the process is geared towards the appointment of ACTING Police Chief A.J. Perez to permanent Police chief. My question..why is the Ganim people so fixated on secrecy??? Secrecy is the first step towards a lack of trust,belief and support for anyone chosen by secrecy. If this continues to move forward as such, there will be NO trust in A.J. Perez.


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