Forget The Absentee Ballots, Here’s Your Chance, Pony Up $7,500 For Stefanowski

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Bang the bongos. Toot the trumpets. Grind the guitars. The cash-strapped Bridgeport Republican Town Committee has donated $7,500 to the gubernatorial campaign of Bob Stefanowski tucked in a battle with Democratic standard bearer Ned Lamont. Bridgeport resident John Slater, vice chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party, issued a call to action in an eblast urging his Republican brothers and sisters to max out to Stefanowski’s campaign. The local GOP is not exactly draped in dough, according to its latest campaign finance report, but where else would it bother to make this kind of investment considering local candidates are outnumbered 10 to 1 in city registration. Still, if you’re a local Republican candidate you might be saying, “What about Bob? What about us!”

Slater’s price tag is a distant plea from the Oct. 30 Bridgeport RTC fundraiser offering hot dogs, hamburgers, beer and wine for a $50 vig at Port 5 in Black Rock.

From Slater:

My Fellow Republicans,
I am writing to you tonight on behalf of The Bridgeport Republican Party in regards to the upcoming Governors Election … Now I know what you are thinking, “They must have found the absentee ballots …” … Not quite.
Earlier tonight, The Bridgeport RTC gave a “Maximum Legal Contribution from a Town Committee to a candidate running for Governor.” We donated $7,500 to the next Governor of The State of Connecticut, Bob Stefanowski.

Bob is committed to Cutting Taxes and I encourage you to read his plan

The City of Bridgeport is often blamed for the results of the 2014 Governor’s race and that is why The Bridgeport Republican Party decided to put its money where its mouth is and make the Maximum Legal Contribution. I am asking you to do the same. If you happen to be a member of the State Central Committee please speak to your Treasurer and Chairman about contributing as much as your committee can. If you are a member of your local Republican Town Committee, speak to your Treasurer and Chairman about contributing as much as your committee can. And if you are a fed up, concerned taxpayer … Contribute as much as YOU PERSONALLY can.
Bob Stefanowski is the BEST choice to SAVE CONNECTICUT!





      1. Ok Local Eyes. Tell me where we make up the 100’s of millions of dollars that Big Bob says the state is no longer going to give Bridgeport. I know where it is going to come from. It’s called property taxes.

        1. It sounds like your mind is made up. You seem dependent on a bankrupt Connecticut and worry about local considerations.
          But there’s more: Based on three specific criteria, Bridgeport is the place where I am outperforming you. As Halloween approaches, my observational skills improve and it’s easy to see: you wear a transparent disguise!

  1. FCBJ interview with Ned Lamont — >
    In this story, Lamont talks about his need to address three “buckets”: health care for union members, pensions for union workers and education. He sounds repentant and determined to uphold the failing status quo.
    I disapprove of yesterday’s comments on Connecticut beer drinkers. We lead the nation in craft breweries, taxes, regulations and debt. Those are all bad lists.
    Lamont disapproves of Connecticut’s latest budget, too. Our leaders made short-sighted choices, closed the budget and still left a $2B hole! That’s not progress, that’s retreat!

      1. Well, if my life’s goal was to be a big shot on a local blog, I guess I might care. Until such a time, I guess I will just have to be satisfied to lead my boring, no big shot, pathetic little life then, wont I?

  2. The best advice that I as a Republican against racism can give Mr. Stefanowski would be to refuse any money or support from the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee. In the past several complaints have been filed with the Republican State Central Committee regarding racist behavior by Chairman Michael Garrett. And while suspicion of racism surrounded Mr. Garrett, in his typical defiant and arrogant manner he booked known racist Carl Higbie to be the keynote speaker at the annual Republican dinner. It is usual and customary for the guest speaker to share the same views and morality as those who choose them to speak. This choice is reflective of Michael Garrett.
    Mr. Garrett’s choices make him who he is. He recently stood before the legislative body of the City of Bridgeport and made several statements that were out and out lies an apparent attempt to seek revenge. His statements were proven to be false and his attempt at revenge had failed.
    Mr. Stefanowski had broken away from the traditional party politics and gave the Republican electors of this state the opportunity to choose their candidate for governor; he did not allow the traditional party cronies to make the choice for them. Association with Michael Garrett and the committee that he leads would be an albatross around the neck of Bob Stefanowski.
    Bob you have worked too hard, an association with this group can and will harm you!

    1. The GOP is not the party of Lincoln, Mr. McLaine. It is now the party of Trump. As such it represents racism, xenophobia, misogyny and a multitude of other sinful character traits.

  3. Here’s a poll question for you.
    Did you find Susan Collins explanation of why she abandoned women who have suffered from sexual assault
    A) A pathetic why for help
    B) Her showing her true Republican colors
    C) A stream of babbling nonsense in defense of being dumped by the Republican Party.

      1. In 2012, Sen. Collins married Thomas Daffron of Jefferson Consulting Group, a lobbying firm. Dig into his work and you’ll find connections to Russia, offshore banking and more in a jiffy.

  4. Back in ’76 when I first registered to vote the mainstream Republican Party was much more moderate in its social policies. Now it is completely hostile to anyone that disagrees with them. McConnell, Ryan, Trump, et al, have made the party more important than anything and anyone.

    Trump waged a campaign to repeal and replace ACA. His cult followers started cheering. When John McCain gave the repeal a thumbs down the cult of Trump became angry at McCain for daring to defy Donald the Great and Terrible. How convenient of them to forget that repealing ACA would cancel health care benefits for about 20,000,000 or so of their fellows. Now Trump has signed an order permitting coal companies to dump sludge into streams feeding the public water supply.

    This is the GOP’s idea of making America great again…

  5. Hip new political term : The Threshold Pension. It’s the new guiding light for state employees and others concerned about Connecticut’s survival.
    The Threshold Pension is the new maximum proposal above which nothing more can be paid/earned, granted or given. It’s the equivalent of a cap on taxes. Whoever said “what’s been done cannot be undone” doesn’t understand the power of persuasion or the evolution of the law.


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