Paging Elephants And Donkeys–Let’s Roar At OIB 10th Anniversary Party, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to our loyal readers. We’re having a party today Wednesday and you’re invited. Ten years in the political jungle. It’s been a wild ride. And more to come. Join us 5-7 pm for the OIB 10th anniversary party at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. Poise your safari attire!

zoo tie
Pull out zoo attire for OIB party.

The zoo’s genial Director Gregg Dancho is opening up the exquisite Carousel building for us. We’ll provide food and refreshments, rides on the operational carousel, a few friendly critters and the best political gossip on the planet. Ya just never know who’ll show up at an OIB party, especially this one right after the respective state party conventions for governor and other state constitutional offices.

When you arrive at the zoo gate tell them you’re there for the OIB party and head on over to the Carousel building next to the tiger exhibit. You’re welcome to come sooner and take in the zoo grounds, keep in mind most of the animals are pulled in for the evening between 3:30 and 4 pm. Inside the Carousel you’ll appreciate the preserved Pleasure Beach carousel horses that ring the building. If anyone needs a transport from the parking lot to carousel building, a golf cart will be available. If you have any entry issues call me at 203-913-2368.

So grab your neighbors, friends, co-workers and relatives. Head over to the zoo and help celebrate 10 years of OIB. Couldn’t do this without you.



  1. Local Eyes,
    Did you see the recent movie celebrating PT Barnum, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN ON EARTH? Well Lennie Grimaldi is merely the latest incarnation of his spirit and locale….Bridgeport. So you would expect the lions to be fed, though DTC members might have less muscle and more gristle than expected. And there may be several guests other than Local Eyes who appears uncaged. But the assemblage in Century 21 is what gained Century 19, Phineas “fame” and fortune that Lennie is likewise pursuing. Time will tell.

  2. Lol Andy you’re a funny man, I think. Come on up so I can show you what a good looking 67 looks like. I left a can of Bitch B. Gone at your house, but you’re still home so I’m guessing it doesn’t work.

  3. It will be nice to meet all of you face to face. Too bad Robert and Little Stevie are not going to attend. I’m sure the carnivores are always up to a snack…

      1. Lisa,

        The DTC’s official food taster has said he will not be attending. Safe bet he doesn’t want to be confronted by all the bloggers he’s pissed on and off over the years. He should keep his feathers numbered, like Foghorn Leghorn…

        1. Kid, he’s an ass-kissing punk. I would just love to see his glasses flying off that very unattractive face. Do you think I may have just baited him? Let’s see!!!!!

          1. The man disgusts me. Not a man, he’s more of a male creature of some ungodly sort.

  4. OIB Field Trip chatter:

    Why is Sikorsky Memorial Airport unlike any other spot on the planet and worth millions to a specific, new industry, with the global implications (gasp) that could provide Bridgeport with instant joy and notoriety?

  5. OIB Field Trip chatter:

    How can Bridgeport use (legal) sports betting to “import” money from nearby towns and be the first to attract overseas markets?

    1. Hint: legal sports gambling will be a 50-state competition.
      Here’s where Connecticut can create an advantage: our insurance industry has untapped creativity to devise a plan-built into the cost-for sports betters. Foreigners account for a hefty share of their revenue. That trail has been blazed. Domestic betters will like this feature, too.
      The best plans would REMOVE 10% of the upside while PROTECTING %50 of the downside and KEEP betters using Connecticut products. Nice!
      Keep chatting.

      1. Chasing RISK is the common trait between sports betters and insurance companies. I hope Connecticut can devise a plan that gives Connecticut a repeatable income steam that gives us a distinct advantage because that’s what intellectual property is all about!

  6. (staring at the sky) I like the theme but I have disturbing visions of being interrupted by an toothy tiger disguised as a “friendly critter”.

      1. Tis a shame, Andy. When folks see how calm and reasonable you are they might think that you were part of the “petting zoo”. Keep up with the history lessons. The OIB audience requires occasional reminders about what has gone before, and been forgotten, to our collective loss. Whether you agree or disagree….time will tell.

  7. I won’t be able to attend due to a previous commitment. Lennie knows where I’ll be. Pied Piper that he is, maybe he and Maureen will lead a bunch from Beardsley to TruNORTH Tavern & Table for a night of grog, victuals and great live music.

    1. How selfish can you get?
      Screw the party but come see me.
      Lennie might know where you were, but we know who you are.

      PS I had my guitar pick in my pocket and my guitar in the trunk.

  8. *** Off subject *** while passing by Marina Village on Iranistan Ave. I saw Council-women Denise Taylor Moye being placed into an ambulance this afternoon about 5:45pm. Lets wish her well & a swift recovery back home! No one likes to feel sick in anyway, nor see or hear of someone we may know of being ill. *** GOD’S BLESSING’S FOR MS. D.T.Moye ***

  9. *** OFF SUBJECT *** RANTING BLOG PERIOD ***”1776 to 2018″*** 242 yrs. of American built democracy,per blood, sweat & tears by immigrants from all over the world @ different times in American History. For Sale by a N.Y businessman selling political, “Make America Great Again” snake-oil. Brought by millions of disenfranchised political GOP-Republicans, Russia backed government & business-men, american nationalist white-collar rich-businessmen, southern & mid-western rural whites that felt forgotten & not getting their fair share that people of color are getting? And of coarse lazy voters in general that did not bother to vote! A brilliant “DIVIDE & CONQUER” Trump campaign surrounded by white collar “con-men” criminals. “2018”, continued thumbs-up Trump Admin. promises with blind, deaf & dumb capitol hill republicans that only speak-up after they’ve decided to retire from politics. 25 plus fired ex-Trump staff members, continued fake news twitter assertions by Trump, with very little positive political policy’s passed by Trump & his Admin. An Admin. built on meer promises to some how over-come on past administration’s failures. Blame Clinton, Bush & Obama for all the past & present government failures but have no fear because, “TRUMP” is here! *** DEMOCRACY FOR SALE, NO? ***

    1. “Make America great again,” now the question is, again? What years is 45 talking about when he said again, back to slavery, or when women couldn’t vote or when America put Japanese Americans into internment camps, make America great again, when?

  10. “Make China Great Again”.
    That’s what President Trump is trying to do by specifically aiding China’s ZTE corporation, who we’ve already identified as a threat to America’s national security!

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