Paging Cable Cutters! GoNetspeed Offers High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet

Larry Coleman
Larry Coleman

News release:

GoNetspeed, a high-speed fiber optic Internet provider, today announced it has completed the buildout of its initial network in Bridgeport, Connecticut, providing residential customers and small businesses access to Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit (Gbps) per second (both download and upload), the fastest in the area. The company has constructed an initial footprint of nearly 10 miles of high-speed fiber optic network in Bridgeport with the ability to serve 2,000 homes–and plans to quickly expand to nearby communities as part of its multi-year, multi-million dollar private investment in Connecticut.

“Having access to high-speed Internet service has become as critical a resource to residents as electricity,” said Larry Coleman, President at GoNetspeed. “More people are “cutting the cord,” moving away from cable providers and running online streaming services which increases the demand for bandwidth. We can now offer Bridgeport residents a faster, more cost-effective alternative without having to worry about network reliability or hidden contract fees.”

The rate of consumers dropping cable and satellite TV packages has hit the highest level ever, and Internet TV subscribership is on a rapid rise. According to new estimates from research firm eMarketer, U.S. consumers who have canceled traditional pay-TV service and not re-subscribed will jump to more than 32 percent, or 33 million adults, by the end of 2018. This national cord-cutting trend also coincides with the fact that more cord-cutters are turning to Internet streaming services with nearly 148 million people in the U.S. watching Netflix with a while connected to at least once per month.

“What differentiates GoNetspeed from other providers in Bridgeport is our ability to offer customers direct access to 100 percent fiber connectivity, without any extra fees or taxes, and with no contract required,” added Coleman. “We also provide customers a Lifetime Price Pledge that guarantees they pay the same price for their Internet speeds for the entire time they remain a customer within a GoNetspeed service territory.”

Today the company offers residential service plans starting at $50 for 100 Mbps (Megabits per second), as well as options for 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps (Gigabits per second). As an introductory offer, the company is also waiving its installation fee, a $100 value, for all serviceable Bridgeport customers.

The company will continue to expand into new neighborhoods and areas throughout Connecticut based on demand, noting areas need at least 15% interest for consideration. Communities are encouraged to register on the GoNetspeed’s website. The company has hired Brian Quinn as its Director of Sales and Ken Lane as Market Operations Manager to lead its awareness and expansion activities in Connecticut, with plans to add other employees as it continues to grow its network footprint. It also works with local contractors to help perform customer installations.

About GoNetspeed
GoNetspeed is a high-speed fiber-optic Internet provider serving residential and small business customers. The company was founded by Frank Chiaino, who also formed Fibertech Networks, which built more than 14,000 miles of fiber networks across the Northeast – including more than 2,500 route miles in Connecticut. GoNetspeed is now serving 14 communities throughout Pennsylvania and Connecticut. For more information on the company, or to inquire about service for your residence or community, please visit:



  1. “Not enough interest in my area”. They should partner with the Amazon Fire Stick or smart TV where people can download viewing apps like sling. Cablevision has nice customer service, but there are a over prices monolith and until there is some competition, there will be no relief.

  2. Same thing with UI. State of Connecticut “deregulated” the electrical supplier market saying and assured Connecticut consumers that competition would flood into Connecticut and the competition would maintain or even lower prices. I don’t know what percentage of UI customers switched to other suppliers but you still have to pay UI as being the actual transporter of that electricity. The result is that Connecticut has the highest(or close to) the highest electricity rates on the continental United States. Electrical consumers of Connecticut got ripped off. UI rates are astronomical. I also talked to a Southern Connecticut Gas service person who came to my house couple of weeks ago. The Spanish company that owns both UI and SCG(see below) is really applying the screws now.

    1. Addendum…You can play the game of getting electrical suppliers beyond UI and get good introductory rates but when the introductory offer ends you have to go shopping around again.


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