Paging Bruno Mars–Terrifying State (Rep)ertoire, Uptown Funk

This is truly terrifying. Bridgeport State House members Chris Rosario, Steve Stafstrom and Ezequiel Santiago, accompanied by City Council President Aidee Nieves, synchronizing Uptown Funk. Will the city ever be the same? Is there any real good news out of this? Raising moolah for arts in public schools at the Germania Schwaben Society on the East Side. Good grief, someone call Bruno Mars, Paula Abdul. Anyone, please!



  1. I am sorry I was not there to support the effort. They definitely seemed to be having a great time and they did this for charity. Kudos!Love Uptown Funk! Won’t say you nailed it, but I certainly am grateful that somebody was kind enough to tape this and share. I thought John Branelly, Tom McCarthy and others seemed to be having a ball as seen all over Facebook. They are bigger celebrities now. Great job!.

  2. Nice of them to reach into their own pockets and contribute personal funds to charity.

    But wait. Did they?

    Or did they reach into taxpayers’ pockets and use their city council member stipend or did the city council president authorize use of of the Legislative Services ‘Other Services’ line item once again?

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