“One Tough Lady”–Republicans Back Stevenson To Face Himes In November

Convention delegates at Fairfield University.

Fairfield County Republicans Thursday night endorsed former Darien First Selectwoman Jayme Stevenson to be the GOP standard bearer in November against seven-term Democratic Congressman Jim Himes.

“We must come together in our common bond as principled Republicans to wrest the reins of power from the hands of progressive elites like Jim Himes and give it back to the people where it belongs,” Stevenson told supporters at Fairfield University.

“I am not shy, and I know they’ll attack; but don’t worry, I am one tough lady.”

Stevenson touched on traditional Republican themes in light of national economic insecurity going after Democrats in general and teeing up a contrast with Himes. The diverse Fourth Congressional District runs from Bridgeport to Greenwich along the shore and includes several suburban towns inland.

Himes defeated 20-year Republican Chris Shays in the Barack Obama tsunami of 2008.

Stevenson delivers speech after convention endorsement.

“The leaders of the Democrat Party have leveled an unprecedented assault on the American Dream,” she told the convention crowd. “In their quest for absolute power over the American people … they’ve deliberately undermined the safety and security of our communities by stoking social unrest and putting the rights of criminals before the rights of victims.

“Democrats fueled the embers of historic inflation by spending trillions of dollars as they tried in vain to reverse the devastation they created by disastrous COVID policies. They paid people not to work and crippled our supply chain.

“They sacrificed our energy independence in pursuit of their Green New Deal, forcing dependence on our global adversaries for fuel, and used the pandemic as a pretext to strip away our constitutional rights and liberties.”

Stevenson presented a series of positions that she will take onto the campaign trail.

“Let’s be crystal clear about how we are going to win,” she said. “We are going to win as the party of hope and common-sense solutions–and defeat the Himes-Biden-Pelosi party of anti-America extremes and doubling down on failure.

“Himes supports more government control. We will not waver in fighting for freedom, liberty and personal responsibility.

“He supports government taxing and spending more of your money. We will stand for less regulation, so businesses can flourish, and we will lower taxes, so you keep more of your hard-earned income.

“He will continue to go along with his fellow Washington elites, climbing the progressive political ladder. We will fight for the real champions of southwest Connecticut–families working hard every day to pay their bills, and to seek a good education and better life for their kids.”

Stevenson was nominated by Selectwoman Marcy Minnick of Darien and former House Minority Leader Larry Cafero of Norwalk. “We are in uncertain and unsteady times … God knows it is time for a change.” said Cafero. Stevenson has “a strong hand and a gentle touch,” adding “compassion, caring, common sense and competence.”

After serving as the Town of Darien’s chief elected official for 10 years, Stevenson did not seek re-election in 2021 and set her eyes on representing southwestern Connecticut in Congress.

Stevenson serves on the board of directors of LifeBridge, a mental health community services organization in Bridgeport.

Prior to her public service, Stevenson rose to vice president of Asset-Backed Finance at Standard & Poor’s Corporation.



  1. Lennie, I know you are being paid advertising dollar by Stevenson, BUT

    :”The diverse Fourth Congressional District runs from Bridgeport to Greenwich along the shore and includes several suburban towns inland.”
    1. Nice picture of the lily white delegates at her conventions
    2. Lets all sit touching shoulders during a spike in the Omicron Variant and not 1 delegate has the sense to wear a mask
    3. ““Democrats fueled the embers of historic inflation by spending trillions of dollars as they tried in vain to reverse the devastation they created by disastrous COVID policies. They paid people not to work and crippled our supply chain.”
    Really ignorant statement. The increased term for unemployment and $600 weekly bonus was brought to us by the Trump administration and majority in the Senate.
    4. “we will lower taxes, so you keep more of your hard-earned income.”
    Really? Her damned Party capped the deduction for state taxes at $10,000per year. That doesn’t cover a carriage house down county, never mind my house in Trumbull, and forget about car taxes, fire taxes and state income taxes. Trump screwed the country and then bailed out for Florida where the state Constitution bans a state income tax. But Stevenson has drunk the Kool-Aid and spews the drivel.

    Unbelievable lies and drivel. Gee, she’s from Darien. Time to run screenings of Gentlemen’s Agreement to see what they think of those who don’t look like those in the picture.

    If this is the best the 4th District republicans can come up with, Himes will cruise to reelection.

    1. Joel
      Nationality has nothing to do with race. There are White, Black and Mixed Race Puerto Ricans. Can you really tell nationality by look? Are you 100% sure they are not Dominican or Cuban? Lots of Cuban Americans are Republicans

  2. Each of us has a right to run for office based on rule of law currently in force and party opportunity available. I wonder whether a candidate at primary or elective level has a concern with getting a fair run for office in CT? It was not mentioned above in the Fairfield University comments.
    Running as a Republican, from which perch President 45 descended claiming the office was stolen from him, and still does, it would help cleanse the current scene if the Republican candidate states that 2020 witnessed the fairest election nationally with the most votes cast ever, and we should aim for a day when all who are registered vote as equal citizens, informed, and free to do so.
    Diversity can provide strength, flexibility, respectability, and resources among other attributes to a successful quality of life. And courage is called for when challenges to real freedom are posted by political bullies, some of who have managed to secure office through telling lies or providing answers which avoid the truth. Listen well. Have your questions been answered truthfully? Do you trust the responses? Time will tell.

  3. Tho the money-quotes within her acceptance speech were left out of the posting, Jayme will take it to Jim Himes. Himes is quite vulnerable, but his duplicitous tongue, supported by Hearst media has given him a glide to reelection the past couple cycles. Himes and his party take Bridgeport for granted, tho in 14 years he has initiated nothing of substance for the three Democrat-controlled cities in CT-4. He’s done nothing to protect traditional families, and less than nothing to spur economic opportunity in Bridgeport. Time is up – way past up. And I think Bridgeport’s residents, fighting for their own self-reliance know it. Jayme will delineate the most egregious of Himes’s failings (the litany is endless) and offer policy solutions to help the community thrive again. All good luck to her in this race.

  4. Bob MacGuffie, Bridgeport is a majority black and brown city, so what is the track record of the Republican Party and former Darien First Selectwoman Jayme Stevenson with the issues concerning people of color. Where’re the black and brown Republicans, I don’t see them in ads, at the convention, on their staff, why should they vote for any Republican no matter whay Hines hasn’t done?

  5. It’s not the color – of either the residents or the officials – it’s the policies! Look up Wayne Winsley for one.
    Democrat policies have only fostered and deepened the problems of the cities – across the nation. That’s not even debatable. Govt money flows in and the problems get worse. Bridgeport needs enterprise zones with tax rebates, economic opportunity and a reinforcing message of traditional values vs. celebrating single parenthood. The list is a mile long – but mostly it’s comprised of the opposite of everything Democrats espouse. Go visit Mario Testa and see what he’ll do for the community. He wouldn’t even donate some meals for the group of formerly incarcerated gathering at the Hang Time meeting at Boroughs Center. Bridgeport Democrats are simply a massive con, and Jim Himes simply exploits the situation for his electoral benefit. Clearly – something else needs to be tried.

  6. Bob MacGuffie, you still didn’t address my issues with former Darien First Selectwoman Jayme Stevenson and the Republican Party? Where are the black and brown Republicans, I don’t see them in ads, at the convention? How many black and brown staff workers are on Stevenson team? Why should black and brown voters vote for any Republican no matter what Hines hasn’t done?

  7. Obsession with color is disgraceful and leads nowhere – witness the result in Bridgeport and other cities across the nation. Let’s adhere to the advice of MLK, a great American from my youth: “Judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.” Amen.

    1. Bob MacGuffie, obsession with color is disgraceful and leads nowhere, my father, George Mackey enlisted into the Navy in 1944 as a 20-year-old man on a submarine and when he was discharge and he came home he couldn’t vote because of his color, that’s what you call disgraceful, he was good enough to killed or injure serving his country, but he wasn’t good enough to vote.

      You said, “Let’s adhere to the advice of MLK, a great American from my youth: “Judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin,” so where are the blacks in the Republican Party base on what you said about MLK?

  8. Bob MacGuffie,
    Do you care to introduce yourself to readers of OIB all at once, or have it appear piecemeal over time? Clearly you favor Jayme Stevenson in the fall election and fault, in your opinion, the incumbent Jim Himes for his inactivity or failure to initiate in three Democratic cities in CT-4 District.
    But where are the Republican leaders in Bridgeport who can speak to traditional values? Which ones will tell us that the 2020 National election was won by Biden (and consequently LOST by the incumbent) in a fair election, as fair as any past, and not without serious and widespread attention to claims otherwise that were found in error, time after time?
    When you refer us to a statement from Martin Luther King, Jr. about looking at the ‘content of character’ and ‘not the color of their skin’ we look to values that are lived, day in and day out. Where are values of those who ask for a vote on election day on display day in and day out? Where will a Republican candidate out perform Himes as incumbent at the polls this fall in the eyes of Bridgeport voters? Time will tell.

  9. John,
    Everyone is welcome to their own delusions. Check your premises and widen your sources of information – then research them deeply to solid footing, i.e. first-person, eye-witness accounts and complete quotations from the principals involved. We live in a propaganda state. It takes an extraordinary amount of effort to discern objective fact, and I cannot do it for you within this blog. Otherwise, everyone seals their own fate.

    1. WOW!! Talking loud and saying nothing, I feel sorry for Jayme Stevenson and the Republican Party if Bob MacGuffie has anything to with Stevenson or the Republican Party in winning anything. As a Democrat I hope that he speaks for both Stevenson and the Republican Party.

  10. But you can let us know that you have been active in the political track over the years, Tea Party, Ted Cruz and co-author of a book that likely purports to explain all.
    Where have you done your first-person, eye-witness accounts from which you extract truth? If Fairfield has been the town that has served you and your family, what has been your response in terms of service to the public? Is objective fact discerned daily within a political philosophical framework in your life and times? Care to introduce yourself to us? Time will tell.

  11. Too tired to effort a reason for not being more publicly revealing?
    Or tired of the response you are getting when on You Tube or like exposures?
    Where are your quality conversations, at which diversity of income, wealth, employment, age, and service to the community is/are present and the words spoken attract folks to like kind repeat conversations. Silence and secrecy maintain an effective lid on others for learning many truths.
    I just saw a You Tube cut where you were holding up Representative Jim Himes for failing to answer your question about Communists whom you believe are in office with him. Perhaps before I head off to Barnes and Noble for your text, I should ask you to answer some of my questions above; or perhaps tell us about your “discernment of objective fact” with respect to the 2020 election. Did Trump lose? Where was the fraud hidden? How come Rudy couldn’t find what he believed in so vividly? Those are easy questions. Time will tell.

  12. Bob,
    Ain’t that the truth? That the truth is out there and may be sought out. But after a drive north on I95 and a stop in Milford at Barnes & Noble, I found that your book is not available there, nor able to be ordered through them? Knock me over, but they were not able to explain this anomaly. B&N is a capitalist enterprise. Is your deal around them an example of ORDERED LIBERTY? Is your presentation to a new audience an example of the same ‘animating spirit’ that caused you to settle on Ted Cruz as a “strong principled Conservative” some years ago? Which parts of government specifically need paring back or reduction absolutely? Perhaps you can rustle up some of your truth and share it with us? Time will tell.

  13. Try answering a question? Whether it is responsive and /or true may be up for discernment, but at least it is potentially respectful. But perhaps you are not really interested in a conversation? Time will tell.


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