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It’s always nice to enlighten the rest of the state about what makes Bridgeport politics so unusual. When the state’s largest city works to break the Guinness World Record for primaries in a single day, people wonder why.

So when Colin McEnroe, witty radio host for WTIC in Hartford, asks me to be on his show to share a slice of Park City political life I’m always willing. As an added attraction, Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, gatekeeper of state elections, was also guesting Colin’s show Thursday afternoon. I noted on the air that when Susan B. ends her political career she’ll have a new one as a political analyst because she’s as filled up on the peculiar political personalities in Bridgeport as anyone.

I explained that politics in Bridgeport is a sporting event that has less to do with issues than the gamesmanship of its diverse civic affairs. If someone is for this, well, the other person is for that. Support this person for mayor and find yourself in a primary. Back the loser for party leadership and the new man in charge backs the person you’re challenging.

So we did a round robin of all the Democratic primaries, with Bysiewicz adding color commentary of who’s related to this one and who’s related to that one.

Why does State Rep. Bob Keeley have a primary? Why does State Rep. Chris Caruso? Why was State Rep. Andres Ayala denied the party endorsement? Who’s that guy running for state representative (Sylvester Salcedo) that wants to legalize marijuana?

Why are Keeley and Caruso supporting state senate candidate Marilyn Moore over party-endorsed Anthony Musto?

Does anyone know how to play this game? That’s the whole point. If you look at it as a game you’re less likely to pull out the razor blades. Bridgeport is experiencing political chaos. It happens every now and then when there’s blood in the water, and the political chum is piled so high the bluefish want to turn Long Island Sound into an orgasmic frenzy.

Note the countdown clock in the upper right ticking the days, minutes and seconds to Tsunami Tuesday. Pull up a seat to OIB. The results are coming soon.



  1. Wow I like the countdown clock, can’t wait ’til the polls are open. Lennie will you have the results precinct by precinct for the state senate primary and the results by precincts for the Himes race in Bridgeport? I’m pumped up!

  2. I have heard enough from What to Do and her homegirls. They have nothing better to do than to attack innocent people. For those of you who are wondering what this is all about:

    LIUNA union had an election in May. Some of the people running got very nasty and did everything they could to discredit and disqualify Val Sorrentino. Val is a founder of LIUNA and has run the union for 16 years. She has done an outstanding job and has helped many people. She won significantly and all of the charges filed against her were dismissed as having no merit.

    These few ugly people won’t let it go. They continue to attack her and make up stories to discredit her. They are hurting the union and its members. They apparently have no life and nothing better to do than to attack a person who has dedicated the past 16 years of her life to serving the union and the past 28 years serving the city.

    It is wrong to make personal attacks against her. It is inexcusable and inappropriate to talk about her children. What to Do – don’t you have any boundaries at all? These are innocent college kids working summer jobs. They are hurting no one. Do you have children? How would you feel if someone attacked them on a blog?

    As far as people’s political positions? That is a personal decision. This is America and we are free to support whomever we like. So what if she supports Marilyn Moore? Marilyn has done a lot of work with black and Latino women; getting them free mammographies and making sure they have follow-up services and access to medical care. As a union leader and employee of the Health Dept. of course Val would support someone like her. You should be proud that you have a union leader who is not afraid to take a stand.

    What to Do – I know who you and your friends are. You think you are slick but you are not. Mayor Finch is preparing a list of 100 people to be laid off. I will make sure that you and your friends are on that list. You are nasty people and the city does not need employees like you. You are hurtful and unproductive. You have no place in this new administration.

  3. Ding! Lennie’s post gives us newbies a sense of political hysteria approaching Tsunami Tuesday – I’ve even got a vote in the outcome.

    If you read this blog and you can vote, don’t be afraid to flick-the-switch next tuesday and then jump back on this blog and brag about it (smile).

  4. This was posted this morning by POLITICAL ADDICT

    “What to Do – I know who you and your friends are. You think you are slick but you are not. Mayor Finch is preparing a list of 100 people to be laid off. I will make sure that you and your friends are on that list.”

    Political Addict..If you are an employee of the City of Bridgeport, you need to know that that this comment violates federal law.

    If Finch takes your vindictive advice and fires people who piss you off, he should be impeached and arrested.

    FBI. I know you monitor OIB. I want to see you take appropriate action against POLITICAL ADDICT.

    Lennie…remove this bastard from any ability to post on OIB again.

  5. So there it is. Finch actually listens to his political hacks when he has to make termination decisions. These decisions are supposed to made on what is best for the city not what is most politically expedient.

    People of Bridgeport…see what you have done. Because you wouldn’t get off your asses and get out and vote, we have Finch and all the bullshit that comes with him.

    Who do we get next? Cougar??

  6. Ok guys does anybody have any predictions for what type of turnout we will have??? The Strange thing is the last 4 elections we have had it has rained all day. Primary day in September it rained like crazy, election day it rained all day, the democratic presidential primary it rained on and off through the day, the special election between Russo and Mulligan it rained a little. So just expect rain and how might that affect turnout. I say if it does not rain expect about 500 voters to show up at Black Rock. Over at Longfellow expect about 150 voters to show up and at Central expect around 400 voters to show up. So if it doesn’t rain I expect around 1,100 voters will show up.

  7. Hello everyone, I am new to this blog. I have been observing this blog and feel it is time to respond and give some of my personal opionions about certain bloggers.

    With the “shit” I read from bloggers like political addict, in the know, crystal balls, and city kitty, I must respond.

    Political addict, I have to ask, Are you this person from the health dept who seems to have some problems with his/her role heading the local union which seems to be in turmoil? One would think you are this person, who in my opinion has done some pretty serious attacking on innocent people yourself. To name a few, you and the other bloggers have attacked Mayor Finch himself, Mayor Fabrizi, the entire Management team of both Labor Relations, and Public Facilities.

    I ask you this! Where do you get off threatening What to do, and his/her supporters? It sounds to me your bullshit is finally catching up to you. Seems you can dish it out but you can’t take it. As far as I am concerned, they should do to you what you and others have done to so many hard-working loyal and dedicated people in this city. Do you think you can continue to hurt people, and it won’t catch up with you? Remember this, the truth always comes out, and GOD does not like ugly! Personally, I find your comment to be sickening at best!

    I guess V.S. is right and everyone over @ the health dept is wrong. With what I am hearing, stop blaming What to Do and his/her so-called allies on breaking up the union. The only one doing this is V.S. AKA, the “mask”.

    What to Do, LBMST, trailblazer, unionless, and the so many good employees @ the health dept, and abroad BRAVO! Stand up to the dynamic duo. Someone who thinks he/she can just tell the Mayor to lay off people because of comments made on a blog, clearly proves what so many people have said from the start, which is bullying and hurting people! Does this sound like a union person who has the employee’s best interest at hand? NO it doesn’t! It sounds like someone who plays both sides to the middle to get what they want! Only this time, It seems to have backfired!

    Hey “Mask” You don’t look good these days (You never did) dry your eyes, and pls don’t forget the make-up in the morning, and PLS do something with that hair!

  8. Wow Mrs. S (Political Addict). Everyone at the health dept is already scared to even breath around you, and now you actually just showed your true colors by this post. You are telling the public that you will make sure employees get laid off for not being “down” with you or for covering up your lies? What a threat! How are you going to lay off the union members who have bumping rights? BE VERY CAREFUL! The ones you lay off may just bump some of your friends right out of their cushy positions. You have some nerve!

  9. Thank you so much for your post political addict! You have just proved that all the posts that I ever wrote are so very true. This is what the city employees deal with year after year. Nobody speaks up because if you do you will be unemployed. In this bad economy who can afford not to work? That is why all the b.s. is allowed to go on. Fear tactics by top union officials. Yes V.S. founded the union. Does that give her the right to control people’s lives? There was a comment in the ct post blog the other day that mentioned how V.S. sits in the civil service meetings and tries to get retirement enhancements for her friends in the fire dept. Well that is also true for positions all over the city. The public is on to you. Thanks for sharing. To all union members Please do not be intimidated. Report any harassment to Labor Relations and if that goes nowhere go to the State Labor Board.

  10. This is for all of you Bridgeporters that HATE Bob Scinto.

    The New Haven Register reported today that Bob Scinto has entered into a contract to develop a three-story building in Shelton that will house a high-tech research and development company who will relocate to this area.

    Nice going, Bob. Shelton gets another company to move in and an increase to their grand list.

    It’s too bad that the political climate in Bridgeport is so bad that you wouldn’t consider doing the same for your home town. Maybe…someday?

  11. And as for the liuna election. None of the people running against V.S. were nasty. All they did was question the fact that V.S. is deputy director and supervises employees which makes her a supervisor (and ineligible to run for liuna office). If Doc Evans didn’t cover for her and take over all of V.S. signing and supervising status (for show) then V.S. would’ve been exposed. Karma is real. God does not like ugly. I will pray for you V.S. because it looks like the dark is coming to the light fast.

  12. Bill Hicks

    Would you consider not blogging any more? You are a despicable human being.

    I’d be happy to fix you up with Anna. Birds of a feather…and all that rot.

  13. Unionless, change your name to Clueless!
    You are suggesting that city workers should report harassment to the Labor Relations Department?
    Pull ease. Call Larry Osborne; longtime member of the DTC. Call Tom McCarty; City Council member, City Council President, DTC District Leader. Call Marie Hoffman; Treasurer of the DTC, town committee member, family ties to Bridgeport’s shady past.
    This is the department that is so inept that the city has hired an outside legal firm to do their job!
    Go to Labor Relations and you are basically calling the mayor’s office and Mario’s restaurant at the same time on the same dime. Only in B-port!

  14. Grin Reaper I was just about to say the same thing to Unionless. Are you kidding me? Labor Relations? There have been some recent reports made to them from the Health dept and it seems as they are just brushed under the rug. We need our jobs. It is a sad situation.

  15. From what I have seen around Black Rock is that Black Rock precinct will be close. Auden might win Black Rock but that won’t be enough. Because Keeley is going to run the numbers up on Auden at Central. Vote Keeley.

  16. In the end it looks like this: LIUNA was in the past tied to the MAFIA and it seems that V.S. and her politically addicted crew are keeping it in the family.

  17. Yahooy, where is the FBI?
    If what you say is true they should have swept in once Finch submitted his budget because every personnel move that he has made is vindictive and politically motivated. Ask the members of 1199. Ask the uniformed officers who are being booted out of the 911 call center. Ask all of the “consultants” Finch has hired since he can’t find jobs for everyone that he promised. Ask Brian Williams.
    Does the FBI stand for Friendly Bosses Initiative?

  18. The Kid goes to the polls early. I’ll be voting my ass off at about six o’clock.

    Lenny was right: politics in Bridgeport is a spectator sport. That is a damn shame. People have become apathetic, even antipathetic, about the electoral process in this town. No one cares. If they do it is only enough to gripe about the sad state of city affairs while quaffing a few cocktails and muching on a few Buffalo wings.

    What gives? Really, what is the problem? Are we so obsessed with who’s endorsing who, who’s trying to get back at who, who knows who, arguing over which candidate gives a shit that the more important issues aren’t addressed? (There was a story on the front page of the Post about the student suspension rates in Bridgeport. The rates are much higher in Bridgeport than the surrounding towns. Does that cause anyone to be alarmed, or has apathy attached?) The future of the city is on the line here, and too many of us are acting as if it is a beauty contest. We’re not voting for a contestant on “American Idol.”

  19. Here is a sneak preview of Bob Keeley’s attack mail piece against Auden Grogins. Apparently this is a contract agreement that Auden made with John Stafstrom.

    Auden Grogins will agree to prominently display her augmented chest area in the press at least once a week until election day. At such time, Auden Grogins will pose nude for Playboy magazine who have graciously agreed to airbrush out her penis provided she receives no compensation and does not make eye contact with anyone on the premises. Auden Grogins will also refuse to cooperate with local law enforcement in the likely event the photographer commits suicide immediately following the shoot. Auden Grogins will be responsible for funeral arrangements including, but not limited to, providing an assorted cheese tray.

    Keeley is a scoundrel. Vote Auden Grogins on Tuesday and kick Bob out to the curb.

  20. Want to make a difference? Want to show you’re for change? Want to show you care for how government is run?


    They’ve f#*^ed up enough and need to give someone else the chance to do it.

  21. “…whose endorsing whom.”

    And…Bill Hicks. You are the epitome of disgust. Please don’t post any more. You are encouraging all of the other assholes as well.


  22. I think I will not be voting for Musto anymore the reason is I was reading an article at ctlocalpolitics and it said Musto supports same-sex marriage. And I strongly oppose that. I am a Democrat but I’m a moderate Dem. So I might just end up voting for Moore.

  23. I detect a lot of NEGATIVITY on the part of selected bloggers @ OIB. House policy frowns on such actions and encourages love, peace and proper blogging etiguette by all members at all times. So…

    let The VoteFest continue…political gravy train approaches… it’s like a total eclipse of the moon or a leap year, it doesn’t happen often… So open up your windows and tell your neighbors it’s time to cast their vote and when things don’t go your way, you can come back to OIB and laugh about it.

  24. Bill Hicks,
    It’s stupid assholes like you that ruin this blog for many people. Class was dismissed over a lifetime ago. The cheese is not on a tray; it’s clogging the space between your ears. Give up the Mad Magazine humor. The only bloggers that find this sort of attempted levity even remotely amusing are you and that greasy good-for-nothing Joe “Up Yours Bridgeport” Celli.

    Did the two of you major in detention back in high school?

  25. Exposing VS and Finch. Political Addict stated today that she will use retaliation tactics and put employees who speak against her on the layoff list. She couldn’t have said it better herself.

  26. OK Political Addict -seems you are getting a bit testy in your writing. Too bad you don’t have all the facts. You say that Val is innocent – well my friend you are truly mistaken. She was reprimanded through Labor Relations for Dishonesty on 6 counts. I understand yesterday there were additional actions taken against her and her LIUNA co-captain. As for her being cleared through the union – how many unions do you know are on the up and up. Maybe you want to ask Jimmy Hoffa that question, if you could find him. You are correct about her serving 16 years, but she was Well-Taken Care Of by the ADMINISTRATIONS. Seems her salary has gone up over 60 thousand in the last 15 or so years, can’t say she got it through the 2 percent raises the city gives out.

    So you say you want to give names to Mayor Finch to have me and my “home-girls” laid off – well my friend you must be in bed with the Administration along wth Valerie. Remember the old saying “if you lay down with dogs you might wake up with fleas.” Maybe you should apply frontline once a month.

  27. Auden Grogins will win next Tuesday. It’ll be a tight race, but ultimately she will prevail upon the voters to oust the incumbent. Keeley has nothing to do in Hartford, and will continue to have nothing to do. As far as chairing the Bonding Committee, that’s just so much window dressing. All he does is make proposals. The entity that gives final approval to all bonding issues is the state Bonding Commission, chaired by Governor Rell. The only reason that $1,100,000.00 was approved for the renovation of the Ocean Terrace firehouse is because a man, a woman, and their infant daughter lost their lives in a fire on Fairfield Avenue. Some claimed, with some validity, that the three of them could’ve been saved if the responding company didn’t have to travel from a firehouse on Wood Avenue. That may well be true, but it took the deaths of three people to shake the money loose from Hartford’s pocketbook.

  28. I’m starting to like this dialogue about threatened layoffs in City Hall. This is exposing corruption, but not the type of corruption that involves giving and recieving bribes. No, this is opening the window on the sort of pettiness that pervades every municipality, large and small. It’s particularly noxious here in Bridgeport. So many people owe their city jobs to someone, instead of getting them based on merit and suitability. There are also a few department heads that demand total fealty from their underlings. That is the sort of person that should be rooted out and dismissed.

  29. How can Joe Celli live almost rent free in the Reads building and own a row house on Broad St. near U.B. and he collects rents from three illegal apartments there.
    He also makes $ 72,000. from the city of New London and $ 32,000.00 from the Black Rock non Arts Center.
    I just don’t get it.

  30. Kid

    I agree with you regarding the exposing of corruption on the threatened layoffs at city hall. What bloggers don’t realize is while they threaten people, they are exposing their own identity. It isn’t difficult to figure out who they are. It also shows their vindictive tactics. I am sure that they OWE BIG TIME! Just how far are they willing to go?

  31. WOW! I see the OIB Blog has been very active today, did somone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning (political addict maybe)?

    I can see this person has finally been outed and I am amused by the amount of political power this person feels they have. Let’s get real here, does political addict not realize that Mayor Finch knows how this person really is? This individual has kissed up to every administration, but the reality is all past administrations have caught on to what this person is really all about (only them and not what is in the best interest of the union members that they are supposed to represent)!

    I am sick of hearing about how this person was a founding member and has represented this union for the past 16 years. Doesn’t this person realize that everyone has finally caught on and realized what this person is all about? This official makes it seem like they are a saint; however wants to place her union memers on a lay-off list? What happened to Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, and Dedication which this person boasts about all the time?

    This is an extreme outrage and disgustingly appalling behavior for a so-called union official.

    Word of advice Political Addict – please do us all a favor and go away! You’re not wanted anymore!

  32. Actually Bpt Kid this is exposing “bribes”. Wouldn’t it be in the same catergory as bribe when you sell out your union members rights for yearly raises? There is money involved it’s just not in the form of hand to hand cash. It is more like payroll checks that you can cash. The only people that VS has helped are her friends. Her friends get to stay in the liuna union while being in non union positions but you won’t allow this for the average john or jane doe. You do this so they can have higher pensions. Yes you do know the system and know how to milk it for your people. Every union member is NOT treated equal and this is just unfair. V S is being so petty that she won’t even let employees in the health dept use office equipment.

  33. donj, MOORE is more liberal than Musto, she supports gay marriage and more, no pun intended.

    As to Grogins when she attacked Rep. Sharky on the street, she made a HUGE mistake. He’ll probably be Deputy Speaker next session, how effective do you think Grogins will be after she alienates all the current leadership? Donovan was working for Keeley too. She is very angry but she showed really poor judgment attacking leadership. If she gets in she might as well figure getting stuck on obscure committees and not much cooperation.

  34. Black Rockin:
    Are you sure of those facts, because if so, when you combine those figures together with what our City is losing in tax revenue ($46,000.00 not to mention interest on the bonds) the taxpayers are in the red to the tune of $150,000.00+ per year. – You’re right. It’s about time that our City divorce itself from parasitic Joe. Then it will be New London’s turn to do what it must to rid itself of him before he makes similar inroads there. “Up Yours Bridgeport” is having a grand time on the backs of taxpayers.
    When will Bridgeport’s City Hall step up to the plate?

  35. And too, it sounds like “The Bridgeport Kid” knows what he’s talking about. Keep the campaign going maybe someone will hear it and do something about it.

  36. This is my last posting. I can’t stomach any of you haters anymore. You are nasty and destructive. One of you makes up a lie and the rest of you swear to it. There are no charges filed against Val and there is no retaliation or any of the other ridiculous things you make up. You are also using different names so that you appear to be a lot of people when you are in fact just a few lazy disgruntled employees. I also can’t help but notice that you’re posting during work hours. HMMMMMMM

    No I am not V.S. but I have known her for a long time and I am a new member of LIUNA. I see how she tries to run the union in a professional manner and the few of you continually try to disrupt things. You are rude at membership meetings and insult other members. You do whatever you can to destroy our union. I thank God that you lost the election.

    I mention the lay-off list because it is a fact that many hard-working employees will be laid off by the end of the year. I see you all in City Hall and the time you waste huddled in the stairwells or outside smoking or talking on your cell phones. It sure looks to me that you don’t have any work to do. It would be a shame if other people got laid off and you were spared because you have some seniority. Sometimes I wish we were all unaffiliated and Mayor Finch could eliminate jobs on the basis of performance. I would guess that you would all be gone if that were the case.

    That’s it for me. I am done. Val – hang in there. You have a lot of support. And remember this too will pass.

  37. What a load of B.S. Political Addict or Val or friend of Val. Yes you have know her for a long time and that explains why you would be sticking up for her. You must be one of the few that gets special treatment from LIUNA. You probably have a son or daughter in LIUNA also. We work hard at the health dept. We don’t have no-show jobs. We cater to the public, and more than often to the poor, poverty stricken residents of Bridgeport. We get paid a small amount and it doesnt bother most of us because it is rewarding in itself to help people. Who are you political addict maybe one of those secretaries who make over 60 grand a year. Almost double than what we make for going out in the field and helping residents. What a croc.

  38. You just contradicted yourself also. You say there is no retaliation yet you threatened to put names on a lay-off list. Finch should fire you for being so unintelligent with that post you made.

  39. Outreach worker:

    V.S. does seem to give her friends “special privileges”. A certain LIUNA member who works in the Mayor’s office is allowed to belong to LIUNA as well as reap the benefits of being unaffiliated to receive a special short-term disability plan, and the new Treasurer is being allowed to remain in the Union. The previous Treasurers were not LIUNA members. V.S. just continues to favor her friends while selling her members down the river. No wonder she was so hostile when other members tried to run against her in the Union. She had a lot of power to lose. Who would she be if she didn’t have her union title to hide behind? She’s a regular Robin Hood – only instead of stealing from the poor she steals from her union members and gives to the rich (her posse).

    As for her kids (Trumbull residents) with the city jobs, I’m not saying that innocent college kids shouldn’t have jobs, but come on – everyone in her family holds a city job – I wonder if she has any pets looking for work?

    Just for the record – she won her union position by a small margn – not a landslide by any means. I know that the LIUNA members who did vote for her are expressing dissatisfaction in doing so now. She really showed her true colors after the election. Oh well she has 3 years and then it’s election time again!

  40. Political Addict

    What kind of job do you hold in city hall if you are so busy watching people smoke, huddle in stairwells and talk on the phone. What are you the eyes and ears of Mayor Finch and Val? How much do you get paid? On your much earlier postings you seem to love to “get down and dirty” when talking about others – and now you found religion?

    Get real – you are too full of yourself – cash your paycheck and buy a clue.

  41. Quote from Political Addict “What to Do – I know who you and your friends are. You think you are slick but you are not. Mayor Finch is preparing a list of 100 people to be laid off. I will make sure that you and your friends are on that list”

    How are you going to make sure employees are laid off? You must be someone very important that the mayor would listen to you. Or is he really the puppet that everyone is saying he is?

  42. The Bridgeport Kid

    Sometimes your writing is very lucid and you have outstanding critical thinking skills. I hope everyone comes down to SweetPort this evening.

    “Here’s looking at you Kid!”

  43. Political Addict,

    Not all of us work for City Hall, but we might have friends that do.

    We couldn’t help but notice that you posted before work and couldn’t wait ’til you got home to read and post your obnoxious comments again.

    Oh yeah, that’s right you have a busy job watching everyone else all day at work!

  44. I don’t know who is stalking who. All I know is that there are bad politics going on in the city. Sometimes a person gets carried away with their so-called power. Keep these blogs on file. My advice to you and your girls is to stand up for what you believe in and if you do get laid off as threatened on today’s blog, you should sue the city, go to federal court if you have to, they have the power to identify unknown bloggers when it comes to big things like this. The Whistle Blowers law has paid out hefty checks to employees who were retaliated against. Keep all records!

  45. Political Addict,

    And another thing. Since you seem to have so much time watching other employees I guess you are not one of those hard-working empoyees that you continually mention. You must be a slacker yourself! Maybe you should be added to the layoff list as well!

    See you in the unemployment line! I’ll save a place for you on the line!

  46. Vote Keeley we don’t need a person like Auden up there. I will be voting for Keeley at Black Rock. I will be the first voter to cast my vote because I will be at the polls by 5:45 am.

  47. All this back and forth fighting in the health dept. Here’s an idea…privatize it and have the company do a performance appraisal and get rid of the bad apples.

    Now let’s talk about public facilities and the board of ed…

  48. what to do:

    That’s quite a leap to go from my comment to “you must be a friend of the Sorrentinos”. Well, I’m not and I don’t know anyone in the health dept nor am I related to anyone in the city. I am an independent, educated person who has opinions. I was not taking sides on that issue and suggested a solution. If privatizing to save money and get rid of dead wood is befriending anyone, it’s the taxpayers.

    I mentioned the other 2 departments because like the health dept they are full of political and familial cronies.

    any more comments?

  49. independent soul – sorry for the assumption that you were a Sorrentino friend (they’re everywhere – lurking behind strange names, hanging out in stairwells). Not sure that privatizing the health department is going to save money. In order to do this they give up a lot of grant money, and it’s not a real savings to the city. As for the public facility department – one way they can save some bucks – is to get rid of the “cigar smoking guido” aka, half of the dynamic duo, half of the sonny and cher show better know as the husband of the LIUNA Lolita. You can eliminate his hefty paycheck – because all he does is waste time all day and create big problems!

  50. NEWS FLASH!!!

    Just got the word in that Dr. Evans – Director of Public Health is not having her contract renewed, and was told she must leave by the end of this month!!! Does that mean that Valerie Sorrentino will be “IN CHARGE” of the Health Dept? Now, does that make her a “supervisor”? Maybe those people who tried to disqualify her for being a supervisor might want to re-open the investigation. This should be interesting.

  51. You know it’s election time when you have everybody posting on here. Well I only have one race on the East End and that’s Himes and that lady he is going against. But I still will be voting and Lennie you should have results from every race and every polling place around the city not just some.

  52. Political Addict,

    Do us all a favor please. Do your makeup and hair and grab a box of tissues to dry your eyes becase you wll not receive any sympathy here!

    It seems as if you can dish out the criticism, but can’t handle it when it’s thrown back at you.

  53. As a life-long Dem. I will be sitting this primary out! I’ll vote in the general election where there are some better picks, and not all Dems. as well. I don’t vote strictly for political party candidates just ’cause they’re Dems. I like to vote for who I feel will be the right person for the job! Like Chris Shays for instance or State Senator Russo just to name a few.

  54. It was around this time when I predicted Finch would win by 4% rain or shine and now I am back to say Grogins wins by 4% rain or shine, Musto wins by 10%, Himes wins by 80%.

  55. Well, soon it will be official for the party endorsed candidates & they can continue to waste more taxpayer money on their personal elections. Telling the public how they’re going to make things much better and cut taxes, bring thousands of dollars to Bpt. along with improving the city’s education system, crime, etc. What they never tell you is how and why they’re going to be completely successful, especially during their terms as freshman legislators or incumbents during a recession period in our nation? But you know the worst part; some citizens will actually believe them & vote for some of these clowns or political parties! It’s the sign of the times forever changing but not necessarily for the good of mankind! We tend to just go through the motions without much though anymore.

  56. I’ve been a blog reader for some time now, and oddly enough, as some people are checking out, I decided it was time to check in. For starters, I’ll clarify up front that I am not employed by the city of Bridgeport…so please folks, don’t try to pin that label on me. I am truly amazed by the manner in which co-workers and fellow union members bash the daylights out of each other. Having majored in psychology, I can’t fathom how much venom is spewed here on a daily basis. If it weren’t for this blog as an outlet for such anger, I tend to think some people who post on here would be kicking their pets or beating their spouses. I’m not attempting to make suggestions for a remedy, but if things are truly as horrific as what is stated on this blog, something has to be done to fix it. Perhaps the opposing forces should take matters to a higher authority, sit down with a mediator of sorts and air all grievances. It appears that would be the only way to put this all behind you and move on as a united front. It must make for very unsettling working conditions to continue on in such a manner. I truly don’t envy anyone who has to function productively in such a hostile environment. I have no idea who is right and who is wrong and I’m not being judgemental, I’m just hoping you folks find a way to eliminate the hostility towards each other.

  57. I agree with velvet. This blog is turning into a scary place. I think I’ll wait until it is less vitriolic. I skip all the vicious attacks, which means I only read 3 posts a day. So what’s the point anymore.

  58. Political Addict, What’s the old saying? “Give them enough rope and they hang themselves.” I bet when you woke this morning, you probably thought your cheap shots and ignorance were once again going to defame certain people of which you have an agenda. Well I have to admit I have for once enjoyed very much reading the daily blogs. “WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND” Funny, what happened to In the Know? I would bet you are in the Know. I would also bet you are the educated ediot, A.K.A. “mask” who definitely put your foot in your mouth this time! If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

    Better yet, do everyone a favor, and put your retirement papers in. Your 100,000k a year would spare the threat of laying off some of your hard working union members who make a third of what you make, and do double the work.

    O Yeah, How does one explain how he/she heading this union makes double or three times the salary than the rest of the local membership. I would bet THE MASK is the highest paid LIUNA member employed with the city.

    A good union official excels the membership equal. A good union official represents each and every member equally regardless of opinion or objective.

    Liuna is not your personal enterprise because of your founding claims. This local is for the members as is what every union should be.

    Also Please remember there is no “I” in team! It seems you take credit for everything. You did not do this yourself. What about the stewards, the E-BOARD? Speaking of Stewards, rumor has it, you tossed some one merely because they were nominated to run for the Business Mgr position against you. This person is a true professional both in her job and the union. Regardless of your slim victory, everyone except your posse looked up to this person for guidance and representation as a good union rep, probably the best you had, and because the mask took it personal, this person was tossed. You have no shame, and you have no professionalism Again I must reiterate, Give them enough rope and they hang themsleves!

  59. Thank you crackberry. I realize some posters won’t agree, but sometimes the response that stings the most is no response at all. Silence speaks volumes. As long as the enemies keep hurling insults back and forth at each other, the venom will continue, and will get worse. Not trying to silence anyone, mind you, just rendering a point of view for consideration.

  60. velvet underground

    You are right in what you are saying. It is a horrible place to work, and the intimidation is non-ending. Trying to take these matters to a higher level is next to impossible. You see, the higher up you go the more corrupt things become. We are stuck and as you see we are threatened. Not only on the blog, but on a day to day basis. You can’t afford to disagree – it could mean you lose your job.


    Welcome to OIB. Sounds to me like we have a few things in common. I agree with you saying if you give them enough rope they will hang themselves, and I think that happened here today by Political Addict. PA said that they were not going to blog anymore – that could only be because their true identity was found out today.

    I have one thing to say about Political Addict – thank you for not blogging anymore – guess by turning up the heat it made you run for cover. Well you can run, but you can’t hide forever.

  61. Bugsy – before I write another word, let me clarify that I don’t know one blessed soul on this blog. But please clarify for me what you posted about someone being “tossed.” Are you implying that someone was fired solely because they chose to seek an elected office? If that’s the case and there was no other reason, then clearly, this person should take the matter to court since that is unconstitutional.

  62. Come Tsunami Tuesday, don’t bother wasting your time for the likes of some of these clowns. Wait ’til the general election to maybe have some better picks for the state & nation! After all, it’s on auto-pilot anyway.


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