Hearst Thirsts For CT Post

The Connecticut Post has been sold to Hearst. What does this mean? The anxiety that consumed the newsroom following the hiring of a new editor last month is even higher. Hearst, according to an account on the Post website, also assumed management of daily papers in Stamford, Greenwich and Danbury. In time you’ll probably see cutbacks, layoffs and one paper with four different front pages. And don’t be shocked if all papers are combined into one regional Fairfield County paper. AP is reporting that Hearst purchased the Post and seven weekly newspapers for $155 million.  See Post account below:

Hearst Corp. has purchased the Connecticut Post and seven weekly newspapers from MediaNews Group Inc., according to an announcement by the two companies today.

“The Connecticut Post has a long and rich history, and Hearst is committed to continuing that tradition,” said George B. Irish, president of Hearst Newspapers, in a statement.

Hearst also has assumed management of three additional daily newspapers in Fairfield County, Ct. – The Advocate, of Stamford, Greenwich Time and The News-Times of Danbury.

The combined circulation of the newspapers is 137,000 daily, 151,000 Sunday and 53,000 weekly.

The weeklies that Hearst acquired are the Darien News-Review, Greenwich Citizen, Fairfield Citizen-News, New Canaan News-Review, New Milford Spectrum, Norwalk Citizen-News and Westport News.

“This transaction allows MediaNews to manage its balance sheet during a challenging economic environment and transfer ownership of the Connecticut Post to a company we admire,” said Joseph Lodovic, president of MediaNews, in a statement.



  1. Good News: (gasp) The Connecticut Post was sold to one of America’s healthiest news companies. Reading between the lines enables me to smile but OIB management should be doing cartwheels!

  2. Since the Post has officially become a snot rag here is some celebrity news.

    R.I.P. Bernie Mac. He will be dearly missed.

    Morgan Freeman was released from the hospital the other day. He was admitted with several broken bones after flipping his car late Sunday night. People reports:

    “I left the hospital today just after 12 noon, Memphis time,” Freeman said in a statement released by his rep to PEOPLE. “I’m doing very well. I feel real good. I just really, I thank the staff at ‘Elvis Presley [Hospital]’ and many, many thanks to my many well-wishers. It’s great to know people care about you.”

    Upon discharge, Morgan Freeman repeatedly asked “Where all the bitches at?” Before explaining to a hospital worker: “A dog’s gotta hunt.” God, I can’t wait to get old.

  3. I have some advice to the angry union chicks posting on this blog the last few days. Man, talk about some serious PMS. You all have it bad! Get a grip! Get some midol! Have a drink! But please stop.

    I have been a union man for 30+ years and all you are doing here is hurting yourselves. Are you kidding me? Trashing each other on a public blog that everyone, including Labor Relations reads? You are self-destructing before everyone’s eyes. Seriously. Look at yourselves. All of you. You’re acting lke a bunch of catty women. STOP I CAN’T STAND IT ANY LONGER.

    And you go to Labor Relations to rat on your union? Are you out of your minds? What the hell do you think that will accomplish? Larry Osborne is probably creaming in his pants right now. His job is to make the unions weak, divide and conquer and you’re handing it right to him.
    And you will be the ones to lose. Maybe you’ll get back at your “dynamic duo” but you’ll all go down with them and Larry will laugh all the way to the annex where he’ll brag about breaking the union.

    Do me a favor, take a step back and look at the bigger picture and cut the shit. Take some brotherly advice from ol’ crystal balls.

    Prediction #1: the union chicks call a truce and turn their aggressions on Labor Relations where it should be. They go out to Two Boots where they compare stories of their menstrual cramps, hot flashes, lousy husbands and delinquent kids. A good time is had by all.

    Prediction #2: Larry’s wife wants to know what those stains are all over the front of his pants.

  4. And to my significant other who asked me not to blog today. Sorry, honey, I just had to set these women straight.

    Is anyone else getting yelled at for spending too much time on this blog?

    Divorce by reason of too much blogging!

  5. Well look at who decided to comment on the current chain of events with this union and the issues members are having with the current leadership.

    Give me a break, PLS! Why would you blame Larry Osborne for the intimidation and bullying top union dogs are having with most of its members over at the health dept, and abroad.

    As I see it, Larry’s job is to investigate very serious complaints which have been brought forth by “EMPLOYEES” It seems the issues are with the Business Mgr attacking employees (members of the local which he/she supervises).

    Crystal Balls leave the decision-making up to the people hired to do so. If Employees have issues of harassment especially from a union rep, or worse a union official, then that asshole is very serious!

    Do us all a favor rub your crystal balls (grow some) and keep your comments to yourself! You too have done some attacking on many people working for this city. Amazing how since Political Addict revealed true colors, you try to defuse what it is these people have been saying all along!

    Your predictions have been wrong thus far! When you have no success attacking professionalism, you then divert to personal attacks. You are a COWARD, and a fraud with a big mouth!

    I personally like Larry’s aggression to finally put an end to what has plagued this city for far too long. Maybe once he puts an end to all the bullshit, employees will be more productive. You and others play your dirty political games which now seems to have backfired!

  6. Crystal Balls (or maybe it’s ball-less)

    Maybe you should take the advice of your wife and not blog today or any other day. The reason we decided to blog is because the shit is getting really bad with this union. Unions are suppose to be in place to protect their members, however, this union uses intimidation and scare tactics to rule. Doesn’t sound like midol can cure this problem!

    As for Labor Relations, I am not saying Larry Osborne is the end all be all of the city, but it is a step in the right direction. The next step is the Commission on Human Rights.

    I think you should take this advice – stick to what ever it is you know and take your wife to Two Boots – sounds like it may improve your marriage.

  7. Crystal Balls,

    What makes you think the people that have been blogging about the bullying and intimidation are a bunch of chicks with PMS? Maybe it’s a bunch of guys whose balls have been squeezed so hard they aren’t able to get it up to do their wives!

    Everything that has come out on this blog regarding the tactics of this union official are accurate. It goes even further that what’s been stated here.

    If you can’t stand reading what has been said then do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourself or maybe give some much needed advice to the current union officials because they could use some. If not, do us all a favor and stay off the blog then there will be no reason to apologize to your wife! Play with her instead.


    I don’t know who you are, but I want to thank you for coming forward and exposing the intimidation, harrassment and bullying that has been going on for far to long. You have stated it much better than those of us who have been blogging.

    Velvet Rope,

    Welcome to OIB. What has been stated on this blog is an accurate account of what has been happening, and yes this person was dismissed for standing up when all they did was represent the union and its members. The real injustice is there is nothing this person can do as they serve at the discretion of the Business Manager, so at the end of the day if a person doesn’t play ball, challenges the wrongs, or runs against the current E Board, the B.M. can dismiss them.

    Truth be told, I do feel sorry for the membership at large because there was a voice of reason who has now been silenced.

  8. I would like to say something to everyone who has been bashing the “union chicks” as we have now been labeled. I really have a hard time understanding how we have so many ignorant people writing on this blog.

    This is America. Americans are fighting everyday for justice because it is allowed not to exist in the political world. Since when has everyone decided to be on the side of the politicals and not on the side of the people. Everyone has rights – and it is our duty as Americans to fight for these rights. Some of us speak for those who are afraid to stand up and speak, and I am one of those people.

    I’m not a slacker, or a no-show person who works for the city; I do my job, but I go above and beyond to help others. I am not afraid to speak my mind when it is for what I believe in. We are not trying to destroy any unions, but we are trying to make the E Board answer to the members and protect the members from the the founding mothers of this union.

    We are not a bunch of PMS women with horrible marriages, we are a group of people who will fight and stand for what is right – even if we take a hit for it in the end. After all is said and done, I know many will appreciate us for being in their corner. So to all of you who want to bash us remember you may want us in your corner someday, and if you do we will be there for you too.

  9. I tried to give you some sincere advice which is unusual for me. Forget it. You are all beyond hope. You are much worse that I previously thought. Does your prescription plan cover Prozac? How about a large dildo?

  10. Folks, this is indeed a situation that has gotten totally out of hand. Its a shame all of you are enduring stressful working conditions. As I stated last night, your issues have to be resolved at a higher level so you can function productively in an atmosphere conducive to working well together. Since I don’t work for your City, I don’t know the inner workings, but it would seem Labor Relations or perhaps the State Labor Board might be a starting point. I truly do sympathize with you. Most of you sound like decent working people, I hope a resolution is in your near future. LBMST – thank you for welcoming me to this blog. I’ve been an avid reader since I heard about it, and even though I no longer live in Bridgeport, I wish it well.

  11. “LBMST thank you for welcoming me to this blog.” Are you kidding, Sybil? You are not fooling anyone.

    I’m bored of this. What’s going on in the campaign? Think underdogs Sly and Marilyn Moore have a chance? I am most interested in the Keeley-Grogins match which is really a showdown between Testa and Stafstrom. Same with the Ayala-Martinez race. This will prove if Mario still has the political juice. Where is everyone watching the results on Tuesday? Will you be blogging or should I seek out someone’s campaign headquarters?

    More predictions next week. Wifey is calling…

  12. Crystal Balls,

    I think you need to reread my posting. I certainly didn’t welcome you to this blog, not now, not ever! Also, I do not need the prozac or dildo, but if your equipment isn’t working as well as mine, and the little wifey isn’t happy with your performance, I can tell you where to purchase both for her enjoyment and pleasure.

  13. crystal balls:
    I wouldn’t take advice from you in a million years. You say you have been a union man for 30 years. Well if so you have been a union pussy for 30 years. I know you are not capable of giving advice, because you can’t follow advice–for example your wife gave you good advice telling you not to blog and what do you do–you blog anyway. Therefore I won’t follow your bullshit advice either. You said wifey is calling–you should have said wifey is calling you an asshole, because you are. If I am Sybil as you say, don’t worry, I won’t come to your house for my therapy. Take this advice–rub your crystal balls and see what your future has in store for you–my guess is a divorce.

  14. Hurray, on the purchase of the Ct. Post; whose editor & cronies need a shake-up! Maybe it will become a more newsworthy paper & spend less time on personal political, Ct. Post agendas! I personally welcome the change & hope for a positive outlook towards the newspaper, its employees, and the service they provide.
    Now, as far as the up-coming primary elections are concerned, I’m not voting! In my district, there’s really no one running on the Dem. ticket that I feel worthy of representing the district the way it should be! Basically, we’re dammed if we vote & the same if we don’t. At this time, I can’t see myself voting for inexperienced personal gain & or nepotism-backed candidates, that don’t have a political clue or use other candidates’ goals as part of their political agenda to support their personal interest in getting votes. I’ll wait for the general election in Nov. 2008!

  15. Here’s how I see Tuesday.

    -Himes in a walk. No contest.

    -Musto over Moore. Trumbull turns out enough to offset anything Moore can do in Bridgeport.

    -Santiago over Rivera and Salcedo. Ezequiel gets as many votes as the other two combined.

    -Grogins over Keeley. Auden wins Black Rock and Longfellow and keeps it close enough in Central to pull off upset.

    -Ayala over Martinez. Andres wins easily on machines as Lydia makes it closer with surge of absentees, but not enough.

    -Caruso over Silva. Carlos gives Chris a good run compared to others but falls short.

  16. LBMST Thank you for your recognition. For too long these assholes have been hammering people hard. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, seems they are trying to change course. We don’t see political addict, or in the know blogging, maybe just maybe crystal penis will get a life and find a new hobby, which should be taking care of his wifey-poo’s needs!

    I do commend you and What to do for your courage to take a stand. Your integrity and character illustrate a strong message which identify a leadership quality that has now surfaced. Because of you taking a stand for what’s right, others have finally followed suite, and are no longer afraid to hide and accept status quo because of fear of losing their jobs. These people are evil to the core, and must be brought to justice!

    It is these bastards that the city can do without. With Mr. Osborne at the helm, I for one am confident justice will be served, so that all good hardworking employees can prosper and excel without evil tactics or dirty politics standing in their way.

    maybe Just maybe, if these political addicts, in the knows, and crystal balls worried about their jobs and what their role is as an employee, rather than figuring out or plotting their next attack because of jealousy, or intimidation then the city and its workforce would be even better than it is now. We all know the city has a wonderful talented professional workforce. What is sad is people like these bloggers mentioned which continue their negativity and personal attacks on good employees, good people, and good politicians.

    Very sad indeed! One can only hope that someday these people just might start acting like grown adults. However with the comments I have read, that probably isn’t going to happen any time soon.


    A little friendly advice to you. Stay focused and let their ignorence reveal itself. Blog your opinon on facts. Don’t go one for one with assholes like crystal balls, in the know, or political addict.

    You both have blogged the facts rather than negativity. It’s ok to let these assholes continue with their personal attacks.

    Don’t let these assholes bring you down where you feel as though you have to go one for one with them. You don’t! Your opinion and message is strong.

    Illustrate your professionalism. By doing so, one by one, enough rope and they will hang themselves.

  18. This mornings Connecticut post shows that there is an overtime problem in the Police Department. How can 10 people 2 of which are patrolmen and 2 are Deputy Chiefs and the rest Sgts and lieutenants make $588,000 in overtime. This is not a knock on the street cops that are out there in ever decreasing numbers trying to stem the crime wave hitting Bridgeport.
    Ther are 418 sworn officers on the job this includes the chief. There are 4 deputy Chiefs, 9 Captains, 21 Lieutenants and 65 Sergents and 40 detectives on the job. That leaves 278 street cops. Take out all of the specilized units such as Horse Patrol, Segway Patrol, Bicycle Patrol, ATV Patrol, Motorcycle Patrol, and community service Cops based on Old Town & Sylvan Ave then include internal affairs and the Training division and you are left with an overworked Patrol Division.
    Where the hell has Chief Norwood been hiding. This guy is never around and never comments publicly unless he is feeding us more BS about community Policing.
    Can Norwood explain how 2 Deputy Chiefs make $107,447 in overtime. Can he explain why there are so many supervisors, when you look at the ratio it is 1 supervisor for every 3 patrolmen. Does anyone think we are top heavy in supervision. Mayor Finch is right when he says that there is too much OT in the higher ranks. I urge the mayor to have a come to Jesus meeting with the chief. If the chief cannot straighten this out he should be fired. The numbers here do not reflect the number of cops out on extended injury leave and extended sick leave a subject th chief has not addressed. All Norwood has to do is look at the FD and see how they got rid of the sick, lame and lazy.

  19. Wondering’s right. The chief’s lost control of his OT budget. And what the hell is the police board doing about this? It’s like the supervisors are working double shifts every day.

  20. Wondering, I also agree with you. It is not only the police dept with too many chiefs. It is also the City and BOE that have too many chiefs and not enough indians.

  21. And I can guarantee that 100 indians will be on the layoff list and no chiefs. I guess the admin has the mentality that only bosses are worthy and that the indians are nobodies. When in reality where would the city be w/o the little people? They are the ones who do all of the hard work. While the bosses just watch.

  22. Wondering and Summer Wind among others have been talkining about this overtime issue for some time. Great management of your human resources. Do the math. 9 million in OT with 420 +/- officers comes out to about 200k per officer. Get rid of the Chief, the horses and all the other bells and whistles horseshit over at 300 Congress Ave.

  23. The question I pose is why the need for overtime when new police officers are now on the job? It would possibly have been more economically prudent not to have hired new officers after you factor in benefits, etc. Your new chief was previously in my home town and was well respected, but he needs to take a serious look at the overtime factor, which amounts to an incredibly high cost and has a devastating effect on Bridgeport’s budget.

  24. If you look at the top earners of police ot you will see that these are not patrolmen or streetcops getting it. These are officers that work in the office and mainly supervise.

  25. Well, then it’s an even bigger waste of money and seems rather pointless to me. Another situation in dire need of a fix. The Police Commission, and I presume they have the power, should demand proof of need. Bridgeport, like New Haven has some serious budgetary problems, and excessive spending without someone to put a cap on it will only make matters worse.

  26. Do the Math? Should be 20k per officer not 200k.
    This is just for inside OT and does not include work for roadwork, manholes etc.. Bigger problem is the potential for an officer to be fatigued and jeopardize their life or the public. Potential liability in a civil suit would be huge.

  27. If there are patrolmen on the list in the paper that is even more than an insult. Maybe the new person hired to check department spending should start with the PD.
    If the Police Commissioners can’t get a handle on what Norwood is doing get rid of them and put in people that will hold the Chief responsible.
    This is the most invisible chief we have ever had. Word is he is looking to hire a non-union Chief from outside the Department; just what we need another administrative do-nothing.
    I have a few questions for the chief or any of his deputies.
    1. Why are the officers the one getting the overtime. Deputies should not be getting any overtime.
    2. When are you going to put a stop to supervisors taking cars home. Tell me what emergency the training officer has to respond to. With the money they are making they can afford their own cars,
    3. Just what in hell do all those community cops that are at Old Town & Sylvan Ave do besides block the area wth their cars.
    4. How many cars do you need in the department. You bought over 70 new vehicles and still kept most of the old cars. Why?
    5. Can you tell me how many arrests the Horse cops have made the same goes for the bicycle cops, the segway cops. the motorcycle cops and the ATV cops.
    To the street cop that is actually our only protection I say Thank You, hopefully Mayor Finch will get Norwood to do his job. It looks like he understands the problems and let’s hope for all our sakes he can fix it. If Norwood balks fire him and get someone here that can do the job.

  28. Wondering, was someone hired by the city to oversee the spending tactics of all the city departments? If so, that would be a step in the right direction. Hopefully, that person would be sensible enough to talk to the worker bees rather than the department heads, that would be the most effective way to get a true accounting of what actually goes on. My educated guess would be that department heads would make every attempt to camoflage their spending tactics.

  29. Does anybody have anything at all construcutive or informative at all to say about the election? For reps it is the election. I am sick of the union soap opera trash.

  30. Agreed about the union issues. My advice (only one man’s opinion mind you) to the posters was to stop responding to the dirt being thrown at them – if they get no responses, the won’t have an audience and nothing to feed on. As for your elections, all the ones I remember from when I lived in Bridgeport are no longer around (except for Keeley, and I’m witholding my comments on him).

  31. Just a point of information for conversation’s sake – primaries and elections in New Haven aren’t a pretty picture either, but I must admit that from what I remember, Bridgeport gets the gold medal when it comes down to getting down and dirty. Maybe its time for the voters in Bridgeport to change the old guard and bring in new elected officials.

  32. Promises Promises Nothing But Empty Promises

    Grogins out scouring Black Rock with empty promises regarding Black Rock School becoming K-8. Gee shouldn’t she have done that when she was President of Bored of Ed?

  33. The Conn. Post today illustrates some glaring, obvious choices. Can we talk about the most educated and experienced candidate, which is a little different than the “no morons clause?” There are two races where this should be a no-brainer. Musto holds a bachelor’s degree, a law degree, was an ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL, and a tax lawyer. Moore has a high school diploma and worked at the phone company and as a secretary to state senator. If you want someone with CAPABILITY you have to pick Musto. That’s serious contrast.

    In the Salcedo, Rivera, Santiago, AGAIN obvious, You have two candidates that hold an associate’s degree or less, and you have Santiago, who has a bachelor’s degree in religion, a master’s in NATIONAL SECURITY and STRATEGIC STUDIES and a law degree. Where is the common sense here, voting for a computer tech backed by Stafstrom, a political paralegal, or SALCEDO with more than twice the qualifications of the other two put together.

  34. clichebpt – it certainly sounds as if it’s a no-brainer! I don’t know any of the above-mentioned candidates, but if I were to be voting in that primary, the choice would be clear-cut as to whom I would support. Experience should be the key in making a choice, as you would want the best person possible to represent your needs. Then again, it’s unfortunate that some voters don’t recognize that factor as being of the utmost importance.

  35. “crackberry1 // Aug 10, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Does anybody have anything at all construcutive or informative at all to say about the election?”

    Absolutely…Yahooy is a douchebag crackpot.

  36. velvet underground. wow so you mean to tell me that his experience means anything to me??? He does not know what it takes to rep Bridgeport up there. But if he should win I will be voting for him in Nov. But Moore has had a better Campaign team than Musto that’s for sure so if Musto does lose it won’t be a big upset to me because Moore has been out there working hard and been all over Bpt.

  37. donj – I don’t know either Moore or Musto, I was just suggesting that you consider a candidate’s political experience before you decide who deserves your vote. No matter which of them ends up in the senate seat, as a newcomer, that person will have to learn the ropes. I simply stated that it appears to me that Musto seems to be the better qualified of the two based on his experience. The choice, of course, is yours.

  38. My wife and I just got back in town and went to a really good combined Caruso/Moore event tonight over at the Sportiva club on Park Ave. Good crowd and lots of energy. The pasta wasn’t bad either. Chris will win easily and Marilyn just might pull it off too.

    On returning home I found a Grogins robocall on my machine. The message basically attacked Keeley for being the machine candidate of the evil Mario Testa.

    Attacks like this are why I love politics. Here’s a person, who prior to this primary has been a long-time endorsed party regular – an insider if you will. Now, all of a sudden she is the crusading outsider coming in to clean up Bpt. What makes this even better is that very reliable sources tell me that the day after Testa was elected Town Chair Grogins was on the phone asking people if they thought Testa was going to support her. I also hear she was upset when she was told that Testa’s support would not be forthcoming.

    Now, none of this really surprises me and I’m not even being all that critical of Grogins. But it is fun to watch the absurd lengths people sometimes go to to win.

  39. This clichebpt. blogger seems to have his info. on the candidates a bit mixed up! The candidate that appears to have the most education, or so it seems is Salcedo. By his accounts he’s got the most gold sealed paper to hang up on his office walls, should he win the seat? But remember being book smart in this day and age, is not enough to make a good politician. It takes common sense & good people skills to complete the package. Bottom line, none are qualified nor have good political experience or basic goals on what they would like to accomplish while in Hartford. So don’t be fooled by empty claims and far-fetched ideas! No man is an island, and there’s no I in Team! The ticket to sucess is to come together as a whole, all #8 state legislators for Bpt. and make a list of “what” as a team, are they going to promote for Bpt.

  40. Experience is overrated as a good political trait. Look at what it’s gotten us so far. This blog is full of those unhappy with the status quo on a citywide level. On the Federal side, experience has gotten us a $10 trillion deficit and a thirty-year inflation rate of over 500% (gulp).

    Judgement is the new political trait needed by our leaders (zen moment). It’s in short supply – I’m hoping it makes a comeback.

  41. Salcedo and Musto are close in education and they are not running against each other. One is senate one is house. You seem mixed up Mojo. Duh. Vote for both of them.

  42. Hey crackerberry #1, if you were paying attention to most of my blogs, you would understand that I’ve been comparing Salcedo’s education to the candidates running against him for state rep.! Duh…and who cares about Musto for that matter. Russo & “I was a union rep.” Gomes seem to be the winning ticket once again anyway!


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