1. Q. What do they share in common is the first thought that comes to mind?
    A.It would seem that neither of them is really enjoying the office they hold at the moment. Mayor Ganim wants to go statewide and the President wishes he were back on the campaign trail where he can rev up a crowd full of adulation and shut down the questions of the “fake news” perpetrators…
    Q. Who is the winner in use of “modern social media”? President Trump wins frequency and push-back categories. Mayor Ganim loves the still photo (with or without constituents) opportunity of Facebook where his “leadership image” goes on display without any words to diminish the moment.
    Q. What about positions?
    A. Yes! What about positions? PT occupies both sides of many positions or questions put before him, so that no one can really pin him down….confusing to Congress? You bet…..Priorities change depending on what you can do with an Executive Order. MG has no priorities (that are announced and to which he will be accountable long range) and that keeps him smiling, but not for long in CT, the “Land of steady habits” that is leaking citizenry to other states at this time. Decrease in values in the City for homeowners and increases in taxes as examples of “what I have ACCOMPLISHED recently” will not make voters in a state election 2018 any more favorable to a “second chance” candidate, will they? And what of conceptual note has MG proposed that would have kept the likes of GE or Aetna present and accounted for? Aren’t there lots of folks looking for the beacon to follow?
    Q. What are the odds that each will be holding down their current office on January 1, 2019??
    A. Your thoughts? I can wait ….. Time Will Tell

  2. I think Ganim is doing a better job overall since a large % of money comes from the State & federal government of which both have budget issues. Being Mayor of a thankless city like Bpt. Can not be an easy job no-doubt. Most of the time, as Mayor you can’t satisfy everyone or political party’s , your dammed if you don’t & dammed if you do! No wonder he wants to run for governor already, in which he will not succeed in winning if he does. But you’ll never know unless you try, no? ***

    1. No, Mojo, and you know it is NO. The State has budget issues and the Fed also but relatively speaking they are of a different kind because they can print money until it is no longer accepted….and Malloy cannot print anything that will be cashed at a local financial institution.

      You speak of satisfaction? Who is Joe trying to satisfy? Really? His father? His family wishing him to clean up the history? Mario’s fascination with moving people around like puppets? The folks get a taxpayer job for which by accident they may be suited, but what about the full time positions, like Director of Department of Aging where a person close to Mario worked full time for years and retired. Suddenly the job is part time?? No comments from any quarter? Time will tell.

  3. I did not vote because the choice of a President of The United States versus the Mayor of a struggling post-industrial wasteland is just not comparable.

  4. Gary, are you saying that Lennie had the opportunity to vote for Donald Trump and Joseph Ganim? Isn’t that a stretch for even a wise and experienced suburbanite like Mr. Grimaldi?
    As long as Lennie keeps posting topics that provide fodder for the minimal percentage of readers who write as well, he does not have to worry, does he? So where do you see his “rock and hard place”? Time will tell.


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