OIB Poll: What Will City Council Do With Ganim’s Budget?

Mayor Joe Ganim has submitted a no-tax-increase budget to the City Council. What’s your expectation?

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  1. Loaded question.
    In a normal year election year council would cut taxes even if by a half a mill; even if it isn’t real.
    But with the games Ganim has already played by basing his budget on all of the assumptions, there might not be enough wiggle room.

  2. Bob, you are correct it is a loaded question. With elections looming they will do whatever Mayor Ganim tells them to do so that they won’t face opposition from the all powerful DTC.

  3. The proposed operating budget continues to have major problems in the way of taxpayer understanding.
    1) Ganim2 is disrespectful of the BOE, education employees, parents and students by failing to state as a priority the importance of an operating budget for Bridgeport schools.
    2)The failure of this budget to live up to CT Statutes has already been presented to Hartford by Superintendent Johnson. Ganim2 is not providing for a City share equal to last year and current.
    3)Departmental revenues actually received by specific departments are not included in the proposal. Why not?
    4)Employee numbers, in the category of fantasy, are presented in the proposed budget but are not representative of current employment. Why not? The Police Department does not currently employ officers plus civilian personnel totaling almost 500 persons.
    Lots more. How about full honesty, about operating, about capital budgets and bonding as well as oversight of already approved projects? If the City has sought and received State approval for bonding some pension exposure, where does that show up in this budget as an item to be paid or a savings as has been represented? Time will tell.

  4. Primary, primary, primary, that’s the bigger concern for the City Council members. Now if other district can repeat what the 130th District has done then the council members would vote no but that’s not going to happen, sad but true.

  5. Only the mayor is held accountable (somewhat) for taxes. Most voters do not know who their council members are. Most council members have no awareness of budget details and those directly involved have neither the skills to understand it nor the independence to do what should be done.

  6. the plan is for no tax increases. A teeny-tiny tax decrease in Year 4 of the mayoral term. Ganim and Co will think that the people of BPT will sing praises and sing Alleluia with a teeny tiny mill rate decrease in year 4.

  7. Who was stupid enough to think that the puppet City Council will raise or lower taxes. so far,there are no legitimate challenges in the various CC districts.


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