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 Sunday October 21, 2018

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OIB Poll: Tuesday’s Election Question Re Library Funding

November 3rd, 2017 · 6 Comments · City Politics, Library

“Shall a one thirty hundredths (1.30) mill tax be levied to operate a free public library and reading room?”

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  • Bob Walsh

    I voted no so that the whole thing k\just goes away.

  • John Marshall Lee

    Think of all of the taxpayer funds that get spent each year without taxpayers knowing the facts because the “non-qualified” employee wastes the salary and benefits, because the equipment and purchases were not provided by the lowest competent bidder and procedure was ignored, because funds from taxpayers found its way to outside organizations with PUBLIC accountability through Legislative and other department budgets, etc. So now its the Library fault for increased taxes? Nice try. These may be the times that try men’s souls, but this trial is likely to prove the defects in the Ganim2 skill set profoundly and indicate why he is a poor alternative to the exiting Governor. Time will tell.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    Wow, looks like the tide is turning. Heck I voted (yes) twice trying to help you fools gain Momentum (Communications).

  • John Marshall Lee

    Repeat of Nov 5, 2017 at 12:38 pm from following thread: Joel a response. Like I provided to you questioning my signature on a petition?

    Does Joel Gonzalez work for the City of Bridgeport Police Department? Does he earn overtime annually? Why is he so against the Library question and its supposed secrecy when he has failed to comment upon the Police Contract in 2015 (covering 2012-16) that has caused the City budget to cover millions of extra pension contributions to fund police overtime without a single public announcement of such expense? Why did more than a couple financial abuses (illegal behavior) of the Finch administration pass two years with no official comment by the Ganim2 group? Time will tell.

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