1. The doors are wide open now. As if Robert Mueller’s investigation wasn’t enough, now every piece of ass Donald Trump has had over the past fifteen years is coming out with sordid tales.

      1. It amazes that jarheaded rednecks like you still buy Donald Trump’s bullshit, that it is somehow justified because Bill Clinton and the Kennedy brothers were womanizers. Guess what, Andy. Clinton has been out if office for seventeen years. Trump is not even halfway through his first term. He and his family businesses are under investigation by federal law enforcement. He is suspected of money laundering, obstruction of justice snd cinspiring with a hostile foreign nation.

        Once Robert Mueller’s probe is completed lawmakers on Capitol Hill will not have any choice but to impeach Donald Trump and remove him from office. Let’s not forget the Democratic Party is poised to make substantial gains in both chambers of Congress. Roy Moore was only the first to go down. Many of the young people that gathered yesterday in Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Hartford, New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and other cities are going to be of voting age come November. They are a potent block kf voters that know they have the power to change America.

        All The Donald can do is run his administration like an episode of “The Apprentice.”

  2. These are Trump’s “bunker days.” Pretty soon he’ll be giving the “double-v’s” for the cameras as he boards Marine 1…

    And the country and the world will breathe a sigh of relief and break out the champagne!
    (Maybe 3 more months — maybe just in time for the Fourth of July!)

    And the miracle of the smiling Mount Rushmore faces will occur and be recorded as he makes his resignation announcement on Fox News!…

      1. The anti Trump crowd got bigger over the weekend, Andy. Big Chief Bonespur of the Little Hands doesn’t have a legal defense for Mueller’s investigation and inevitable indictment o he hired a loudmouthed gasbag TV lawyer. If he can’t succeed with brilliance he is going to bluster with bullshit.

  3. *** Just add this Trump debacle to all the rest. It does not make a difference since America is getting used to all the W.H mayheme & the continued negative U.S erossion of human rights & lack of morals in general. Its becoming a country of anything goes if you got the money, power & balls to try! Money, booze, drugs, sex, criminal political debacle’s, with over-loaded courts dealing with crime & money suits over everything & anything. Life as we know it for anyone born in the 1900’s plus has begun to cease as of yrs. 2000+ . Trump will go down in American history as the worst U.S President ever, no? ***

  4. With all Trump’s problems,and he has alot,this is basically a “family” problem,something between him and his wife.This happened 12 years ago,who cares.I mean Clinton got oral sex in the Oval office for god’s sake!All these women coming out now,just want $$.

    1. There’s a big difference: Karen McDougal is a former Playboy model. The biggest item on her résumé is “Playmate of the month.” Stephanie Clifford is a porn star. She earns her daily bread getting nked and having sex on camera with assorted men. Both of them have documentation to back up their claims.

      Given the very public airing of these affairs it is no longer a “family matter.” Not that Trump’s indiscretions matter to his voter base. The evngelicl movement still supports him despite the fact that he has five children by three different women, cheated on all of his wives and dodged the draft.

  5. Give me a long list on Obamas accomplishments and dont forget Benghazi. Tell me about the women Clinto had in the white house including ML. EVERY politician has this shit in their background with the exception of Bluementhal who is to busy getting his picture taken and going to MARINE parties. They all suck

    1. Andy,

      Here are 28 of President Obama’s biggest accomplishments as President of the United States. 

      1 – Rescued the country from the Great Recession, cutting the unemployment rate from 10% to 4.7% over six years

      2 – Signed the Affordable Care Act which provided health insurance to over 20 million uninsured Americans

      3 – Ended the war in Iraq

      4 – Ordered for the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden

      5 – Passed the $787 billion America Recovery and Reinvestment Act to spur economic growth during the Great Recession

      6 – Supported the LGBT community’s fight for marriage equality

      7 – Commuted the sentences of nearly 1200 drug offenders to reverse “unjust and outdated prison sentences”

      8 – Saved the U.S. auto industry

      9 – Helped put the U.S. ontrack for energy independence by 2020

      10 – Began the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan 

      11 – Signed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals allowing as many as 5 million people living in the U.S. illegally to avoid deportation and receive work permits

      12 –Signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to re-regulate the financial sector

      13 – Dropped the veteran homeless rate by 50 percent

      14 – Reversed Bush-era torture policies

      15 – Began the process of normalizing relations with Cuba

      16 – Increased Department of Veteran Affairs funding

      17 – Signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act

      18 – Boosted fuel efficiency standards for cars

      19 – Improved school nutrition with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act

      20 – Repealed the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy

      21 – Signed the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, making it a federal crime to assault anyone based on sexual or gender identification

      22 – Helped negotiate the landmark Iran Nuclear Deal

      23 – He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to combat pay discrimination against women

      24 – Nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, making her the first Hispanic ever to serve as a justice

      25 – Supported veterans through a $78 billion tuition assistance GI bill

      26 – Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”

      27 – Launched My Brother’s Keeper, a White House initiative designed to help young minorities achieve their full potential

      28 – Expanded embryonic stem cell research leading to groundbreaking work in areas including spinal injury treatment and cancer

      1. 1. He did no such thing
        2.Act has since been repealed and was found to be to costly
        3. Ended Iraq war then why do we still have a major deployment there
        4 That he did
        7. Freed 1,2000 drug attics
        8. Saved auto industry? How with a bail out that raised the
        2.Dept of veterans affairs got worse under Obama
        26 Mickey Mouse did more than Obama to get Nobel prize. BTW where did the monetary award go.
        national debt out of sight
        22Iran deal allowed Iraq to complete their nuclear program
        12.Dept of veterans affairs got worse under Obama
        You did a lot of work but Obama basically did very littlwe in his 8 yeaars in office. He sucks and will always suck

        1. You know Andy,

          You just hate that an Africn-American was POTUS for two terms. He made his mark on the nation, reminded everyone that we live in a democracy. Too late to turn back now, no matter what you and your honky friends want to believe.

          1. Here you go again . cant compete so we will play the race card. You really are a dumb ass. I have no problem with a black being president just not him. You wont admit it but he was the least experienced president when it comes to finance and politics.

  6. The March For Our Lives is on, millions of teenagers of the verge of majority standing up to exercise their Constitutional right to protest. GOP Congressmen serving on Capitol Hill should take note. Many of them are seventeen years old and will have birthdays over the summer. They are primed and ready to exercise their right to vote this coming November, a vote that will change American politics, forever. They are demanding change. If it doesn’t happen they are orepared to act at the ballot box. Good for them. The National Rifle Association has met its match.

    Donald Trump couldn’t give a shit. He’s too busy using his Twitter account as a bully pulpet to rail at Robert Mueller’s investigation, too busy congradulating Vladimir Putin on winning a rigged election, too busy playing golf at his Palm Beach country club.

  7. *** You can paint it any color you want,spray on perfume, add a wig, silk hat & sun-glasses! Make tons of excuses about its behavior; however a pig is a pig and will always be a pig, no? ***

      1. Trump is in the news for following HIS little captain into battle. Clinton’s peccadillos were resolved more than twenty-five years ago. Get over it, Andy. Donald Trump was banging a porn star in a Las Vegas hotel room while Melania was back home on Fifth Avenue nursing HIS child.

        Congress passed a spending bill to avert a government shutdown. He wanted to veto it because it didn’t contain much money for his precious border wall. (He probably wants to put his name in the fucking thing.) Couldn’t veto the bill. If he did that he ould have been blamed for the ensuing government shutdown.

          1. Donald Trump couldn’t care less about DACA. He wanted money for the Trump Border Wall (complete with clubhouse and 18-hole golf course). He couldn’t get the Mexican government to pay for it so he’s asking Congress for tax payers’ dollars to fulfill his promise to America. Got to keep those criminal farmworkers, landscapers, cooks, housekeepers and maids out of the country.

        1. You know kid you are actually worse then most red necks. you have no clue and refuse to talk about the truth. I told you and you can look it up he signed the spending bill but told congress if DACA was not in the next bill he would veto it. Where are all the dems that professed to care about illegals you know Himes Schumer Pelose and that crowd. Oh that right Himes is busy guessting on a morning talk show hosted by 2 adulterers and former reporter for the Boston Globe fired for plagerism and an over the hill sports writter

    1. He wasnt removed from office. Trump will be, for obstruction of justice. Even the GOP is talking about impeachment. In ztrump’s case he will beremoved from office. The gop is fed up with his bullshit.

    2. By the way,

      Clinton is not under investigation by Special Counsel for obstruction of justice, financial malfeasance and conspiring ith a hostile foreign state. Your savior Donld Trump, the man who promised to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”, the man that cheated on all three of his wives, the man that bragged about “grabbing ’em by the pussy,” HE is the one under investigation. Not Bill Clinton, not Hillary Clinton, not the Kennedy brothers.

  8. Kid Trump is being investigated by special Council that was appointed by Trump. He is being investigated for obstruction of justice. Its been over 1 year and nothing found so far.
    Congress held numerous hearings and they have found no evidence of obstruction.
    As far as Hillary goes that probe is just starting and it has been found that FBI aagen Comey doctored his reports and could be subjet to arrest

    1. The GOP-controlled Congress held hearings, that’s all. Everyone and his mother knows it was an attempt to whitewash the affair. Mueller’s investigation is not complete. When he submits it to the Department of Justice and Congress you’ll be the first called.

        1. Because they are letting Meller’s investigation continue. The GOP is not going to speak out against the party’s standard bearer even if he is a pig.

          By the way, the majority of Congress, Republican and Democrat, are attorneys, sworn officers of the court. the GOP has been the loudest in wrning Trump that firing Robert Mueller would be obstruction of justice, n impeachable and prosecutable offense.

    1. He knows who his supporters are: the White Nights of the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Phineas Priesthood, White Aryan Resistance, The Order, the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger and the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) led by David Duke, among other bands of angry ignorant white people.

      Trump doesn’t distance himself from them because he is fulfilling their vision of America.

    2. Hey Andy,

      Donald Trump said nothing to distance himself from David Duke when the latter showed up last July in at KKK rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to “fulfill the promises of Donald Trump.”

    1. Stormy said that when she was in the bedroom with 45 that he was showing her pictures of himself in a magazine and she said that she would spank so 45 pulled his pants down so Stormy could spank 45 with the magazine which she did, I wonder what 45’s wife said to him. Unprotected sex with a pornstar, I’m sure his base has no problem with that, guys like Fardy no problem with 45 doing that but I wonder how 45’s wife feels about that?

      1. Melania is staying in Palm Beach for “a Spring break.” Hahaha. Two women he dallied with were interviewed on national television. They detailed their couplings with The Donald including his “no condoms” policy.

        This is the man the evangelical community supports to lead the nation, Donald Trump, a man with five children by three women, a man who cheated in all three of his wives, a man who slept with a porn star a month after his wife had given birth to his youngest child. This is the man regular OIB contributor Andy Fardy believes in.

        1. Derek, these high school grads have been victims because some unqualified black or Hispanic got a benefit that they didn’t get in their mind. They can live their manhood through 45’s adventures and white guys like Fardy see nothing wrong with anything 45 does.

          1. Ron,

            You can’t play the race card. The speakers at the march in Washington DC were black, white, latino, all of them affected by gun violence.

          2. Derek, I was not talking about those students at the march. My comment had to do with your post at 6:19 today concerning 45.

          3. Listen you fucking jerk yes I am WHITE you wish you were!!I dont agree with everything Trump wants just like I was not against everything Obama wanted. y

        2. Yeah I am going to believe like you and the other 2 racists
          that this over the hill douche bag waited all this time to come forward. Why didnt she come forward during the campaign?
          She says that while out shopping with her kid a man approached and threatened her and he kid yet she never reported it . the reason she never reported it is because it never happened. another dirty trick by the dems.

          1. Always the Democrats, always the Democrats. Trump says the same thing every time he doesn’t get his way. You snd he ought to find another boogie man.

        1. Wait a minute, stop the press, Andy Fardy said, “I dont agree with everything Trump wants just like I was not against everything Obama wanted,” we have a concession from Fardy about America’s only black President, wow.

          1. Stop the presses, holy cow!

            The latest is every white shoe law firm in Washington DC has turned down Trump. No one wants to take in the Mueller investigation because they know it’s a lost cause.

          2. Jesus Kid are you ever going to be right. Trump just hired a husband and wife legal team . Just once get something right.

    1. Andy,Ted Olson the top Republican attorney in America who won the White House for Bush 43 in the Supreme Court decision of Bush v. Gore refuse to take 45’s case. The husband and wife team could not take 45’s case.


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