1. Steve Auerbach and Mary Moran both bankrupted this city, that’s how Stevie lost his job, and he blames Joe Ganim for that, not Mary Moran!

    Mayor Finch is about to do the same thing, bankrupt this city!
    Finch has not balanced the city budget in eight flucking years, not once!

    Finch has to increase taxes, because there is no zero-based budgeting plan in effect, to hold the line on taxes!

    It’s that flucking simple!!!

    1. Jim Fox, your ignorance never fails to amaze me. Moran in her long two years bankrupted the city? Oh gee, you think maybe the police union contracts had something to do with it? Joe Ganim did not save this city from bankruptcy. Lowell Weicker and President Clinton and the selling off of city assets. Which reminds me. I understand Mayor Moran is about to give some interviews regarding the bankruptcy and explaining how Ganim is taking credit from Government intervention. I was wondering at what point Mayor Moran was going to expose Ganim. I think she was just tired of Joe bragging about saving the city. Jim Fox, thank you for reminding me. You realize you are Ganim’s best supporter, right? I think you are in for a big hug and a squeeze from Joe. You could be Joe’s kiss of death. Moran was way before her time. If the bankruptcy bid moved forward, Bridgeport would have renegotiated contracts, taxes would have gone down and Bridgeport would have had the opportunity to be reborn just waiting for the prosperous Clinton years to rebound. But Ganim became Mayor, the bid was pulled, Weicker took care of Ganim and Ganim, well he sure took care of himself. Didn’t he, Jimmy boy?
      I was Moran’s biggest supporter. I couldn’t blame Ganim for separating me from the city. That was a no-brainer. No sour grapes here. I voted for him twice.

      1. I served on the City Council with Mary Moran. She inherited problems she had nothing to do with and no control over. I voted against the filing of bankruptcy. Was it the right thing to do? I don’t know and never will. When Mary served, the term for Mayor was only two years. If she has the luxury of a four-year term, she may have come up with another solution. I liked serving with Mary and we have a friendship to this day.

  2. Every individual who has occupied the mayor’s office has inherited problems that date back to the 19th century. The Democratic Town Committee is akin to a Tammany Hall farm team.

    Whoever wins the November election would do well to administrate the city in a transparent manner. It would behoove the winner to commission an efficiency study. The highest taxation rates in the United States of America subsidize so much wastefulness and redundancy, the economic needs of the city are neglected. It’s a given there will be cronyism in politics. It needs to be curtailed in Bridgeport. The municipal payroll is so bloated with incompetents hired to grant favors or satisfy political debts, the city cannot afford to hire a full complement of police officers, cannot afford to repave crumbling streets, and cannot afford to fix a failing school system. All the current occupant of the mayor’s office (and that is all he does there, occupy space) is crow on about new playgrounds, spruced-up parks, and a glorified shopping center.

    The taxpayers of the city of Bridgeport will be paying police and fire protection, water and sewage treatment for Steel Point while the corporate owners of Bass Pro, Chipotle and Starbucks take the money and run. Good job, Mayor Finch.

  3. Every individual who has occupied the mayor’s office has inherited problems that date back to the 19th century. But from 1994 to 2008, money wasn’t one.

  4. Whoever is elected should immediately work with the city council to pass legislation to make all Civil Service jobs for Bridgeport residents to keep millions of tax dollars in the City of Bridgeport.

    Bridgeport’s motto should be, to get a city job you don’t have to stay a Bridgeport resident, but you sure as hell have to start out as one.

  5. Bill’s next mea culpa will be a Hail Mary prayer and election pass about UB!

    Finch addressed his failed attempt a few years ago to, with Malloy’s help, make Bridgeport’s elected school board an appointed one–a move that continues to hurt him among some constituents.

    “When it comes to ensuring everyone has a voice in our democracy, we’ve had some missteps and learned some tough lessons,” Finch said.

    1. One thing is for sure, the Bridgeport Schools are failing their students. This is a double-edged sword, it puts the school board in the hands of the elected Mayor of Bridgeport. On one hand if Bridgeport elects a strong Mayor with the compassion to ensure Bridgeport students receive the highest quality of education to compete with other surrounding school systems, it would be a positive for Bridgeport and its students. On the other hand if Bridgeport elects a Mayor who doesn’t really care about the students and their education, then the Bridgeport School System would fail to teach the students. Either way, the constituents, students and parents should be concerned about the quality of education the Bridgeport System is providing for its students. From what I heard, Bridgeport students are well below the other surrounding town’s students. But I could be wrong, that’s what I heard.

      1. Robert, why don’t you provide links that support your post if the Mayor really cares about our children, having him control the BPS would result in a positive for our children.

        Your comparison to the surrounding suburban schools’ performance clearly demonstrates you need to research this topic more thoroughly.

  6. This is an informal poll, obviously. It also indicates a growing sentiment among informed voters Bill Finch has been an ineffective mayor. His campaign is doing everything possible to avoid any potential confrontations with Joe Ganim. Every day it looks like Joe Ganim will be the once and future mayor of Bridgeport. Every day Bill Finch looks like the mayor of Munchkin City in the Merry Old Land of Oz, fearing the Wicked Witch of the West. Adam “Pecker” Wood ought to be reminded Joe Ganim has no resemblance to Margaret Hamilton.

    Among Finch’s most recent gaffes:
    1. “There was Mayor Bill Finch, standing in front of NBC CT and News 12 cameras,” according to Michael P. Mayko’s reporting in Tuesday’s Connecticut Post, “championing the groundbreaking importance of an all-access playground for disabled children.

    “Approaching was the contender–Joe Ganim–who hopes to regain the crown and City Hall this fall. Ganim was ready to blast the mayor and his police officials for quelling disturbing police news. Finch promoted the playground and left.”

    2. As Brian Lockhart reported in yesterday’s Connecticut Post, “Finch did not join his challengers Wednesday in submitting so-called nominating petitions to the town clerk–documents that would secure the primary’s losers a ‘Plan B’ spot on the November ballot as independent or third-party candidates.

    “But seemingly out of left field, Richard DeParle, a Democrat-friendly Republican and used car dealer who holds positions in the Finch administration, handed in the 123 signatures necessary to launch a last-minute mayoral bid. He is running under a new Jobs Creation third party.”

    3. More than a few people involved in the Ganim and Foster campaigns believe Mr. DeParle is a place holder for Bill Finch. “Talk is cheap,” Maryli Secrest, Finch’s campaign manager, said in a statement when asked about the DeParle theory that had political insiders abuzz late Wednesday. “We’re confident that Mayor Finch will win the Democratic primary.” Oh really? Must not be that confident, Ms. Secrest. If the Finch campaign were 100% confident of a primary win there would be no reason to engage is lowball political tactics.

    4. A report Bridgeport’s public schools are failing, miserably, to meet the needs of special education students. The Center for Children’s Advocacy filed a complaint with the state Department of Education on behalf of eight children–the second in two years–asking them to intercede. The center details numerous examples of neglect from the past school year, including the case of one special-needs child attending a summer program in the district who for two weeks straight came home with a soaked diaper because no one changed it. When the child’s mother finally went to see what was going on, she discovered the only adult in the class was a paraprofessional. In another case, the district is accused of failing to provide even minimally required speech and language services to a student at Central High School, who suffered neonatal meningitis as an infant leaving him with multiple disabilities including the inability to speak.

    Another special education classroom was described as failing even to have cots or blankets at nap time, forcing children to rest on a dirty floor. And in a fourth case a 16-year-old with anxiety and emotional issues improperly placed into a special education class where students aggressively acted out because there was nowhere else to put him. He made no educational progress toward his Individual Education Program goals.

    5. Politicizing two events created to honor the work and life of The Rev. Mary McBride-Lee, who marched in Selma, Alabama with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to protest for voting rights. The marchers were confronted by a racist police force armed with billy clubs, fire hoses and snarling dogs. There was nothing political about either event. Secretary of State Denise Merrill was scheduled to speak at both events but Finch’s office had other ideas. According to Brian Lockhart’s excellent story in the Connecticut Post,

    “Finch’s office urged Merrill to reconsider.

    “‘We definitely talked to the mayor’s office,’ Merrill confirmed Thursday. ‘They did say they heard a rumor this would be used for political purposes.’

    “Merrill’s office decided to cancel the 3 p.m. event to honor McBride-Lee, notifying her Wednesday that the secretary of the state had a conflict.

    “Finch, in an interview Thursday, pled ignorance of any meddling by his office.

    “But through the state Freedom of Information Act, Hearst Connecticut Media obtained a text exchange between Merrill’s spokesman, Av Harris, and Finch Chief of Staff Adam Wood, who, it is thought, is heavily involved in the mayor’s re-election bid.

    “‘After much discussion last night we are canceling Thursday’s event,’ Harris wrote Wood. ‘Denise will speak at the NAACP luncheon at the Holiday Inn, but we are not doing the 3 p.m. event at the East End Tabernacle Church. We don’t want to cause any trouble. Hope that helps.'”

    1. Mayor Finch as the Wizard of Oz

      Mary-Jane Foster as Glenda the good witch

      And Joe Ganim …

      We’d like to represent the lollipop kids, the lollipop kids the lollipop kids, We’d like to represent the lollipop kids and welcome you to Munchkinland!

    2. Two problems, Kid. Bpt has VERY few informed voters. Most people in BPT will bullet-vote line 1 without even reading the ballot. 2 – The poll only represents the people on this blog. This blog has been, historically, anti-Finch. The poll is also only 224 people with 54% to 33% going to Ganim and 13% other. I do not think Ganim’s 21% lead in a historically anti-Finch environment is enough to overcome the votes that come with the DTC endorsement. Has an endorsed mayor ever lost the primary? The problem is Finch is the choice of the people of the Democratic Party. You are just not one of the people. The same people who chose Finch, Malloy and Obama will choose Finch again. Perhaps the informed voters in town need to look for a new party or retake control of their party.

      1. BOE SPY, you’re right on! I’ll be one of them! It’s never too late. I swear half the DTC act as if they’re mind-controlled by a cult leader. And to think Bill accused UB of operating under a cult.

  7. The BPT BOE–another damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Finch wanted control of the BOE and did not get it. He is damned. Then, the BOE is failing your children. Finch is not in control of the BOE and has no say in what they do or how they waste your money. Damned again?

  8. Joe Ganim did not build one school. He secured acreage for Steelpointe, but during Clinton’s administration where more millionaires were being created and things were being developed in surrounding cities and towns, he did NOTHING with it. He didn’t raise taxes, which crippled any chance of a safety net before the depression. Do people really want to say he was a better Mayor? His criminal and political records both are a warning sign for what’s to come if Joe Ganim becomes mayor again.


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