OIB Poll: Stop! In The Name Of Law

The Connecticut Supreme Court will soon decide if a lower court erred ordering another Democratic primary for City Council in a North End district. How will the Supremes rule?

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  1. Supreme Court justices ask all kinds of questions of both parties. They made Bohannon and Healy and Finch work for their retainers. Bohannon’s arguments were just so much spin on the laws in question. Finch had the upper hand. He was a little shaken but held his ground, the facts AND the law on his side.

  2. Peter Finch has fast-tracked his legal career by, at the last minute, taking on a case that a career attorney would normally do. While Keeley’s attorney was undergoing heart surgery, it became necessary for someone to write the brief, present it, and prepare for questions from the justices. This young man did what no other lawyer was willing to do. It was that, or ask for another extension until Mr. Caine was well enough to do it himself. Peter went for it. Knowing Peter since he was a young boy, Anne Phillips took a chance, called Peter and he jumped right in; working around the clock in just a few days. While the outcome is vital to Bridgeport politics, this new attorney will stand out as exceptional and a career will be born sooner rather than later.

    1. Good for him. He wrote an outstanding brief, held up under fire. Chances are better than good he will win. That is good for the people of the city of Bridgeport, good for democracy.

  3. It will be significant if the ruling is upheld and the State’s Attorney office finds it necessary to investigate the roles of the DTC Chairman, candidate and police chief.

  4. roughly 200 people voted, 25% go with the party. That’s a significant change. Those 50 people who went against the judge are tied in with jobs and family of people who have jobs through the patronage system.

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