1. *** Still too early to make a good fair assessment on all areas in Bpt. Takes about 72 hours Total, During and after the storm to really check out primary, secondary roads and public-used areas along with ease of local travel in and out of the city. ***


      We decided we would do this interview in a public place. After weeks of negotiating with the Mayor’s mediator, we agreed to do the interview at McDonald’s on the Post Road in Fairfield.

      Lennie G: Thank you Mayor for doing this interview, the last time we spoke was in New Haven if my memory serves me.

      Mayor G: If my memory serves me, you were the only one doing all the talking.

      Lennie G: I always get the same thing when I go to McDonald’s.

      Mayor G: And what’s that?

      Lennie G: Diarrhea!!!

      Mayor G: I think that’s what you had in New Haven, too!

      Lennie G: Mayor, some of your critics are saying you’re acting just like Donald Trump and they’re calling you “Mayor Mini Trump” with your recent condescension not to support Bridgeport as a Sanctuary City.

      Mayor G: I didn’t see the RTMs, the First Selectmen of Fairfield or Trumbull or Redding standing up as Sanctuary Cities and willing to protect these people from our national immigration laws.

      Lennie G: Your recent attack against Ms. McCarthy of Fairfield, who was demonstrating at the City Council meeting to support Bridgeport as a Sanctuary City, but you wanted a motion to adjourn, did you think your motion was a little over the top and self-serving?

      Mayor G: No! When one of those Fairfield Lockjaw pink pussy hatters comes over from Southport and Greenfield Hill, to tell our City Council how to act and vote, that’s not a bigly with me!

      Lennie G: Mayor, you just used the word Bigly, isn’t that a Trump-ism?

      Mayor G: No, I use bigly all the time like Fardy, Lee, Walsh, Pereira, Parziale and Fox all have Bigly Flucking mouths!

      Lennie G: Mayor, some other critics are also calling you Mayor NIMBY.

      Mayor G: Listen, here’s how I see it, a bad high school student can figure this out! It just snowed like hell in Bridgeport, all the snow came from Fairfield, from the west, it’s flucking Fairfield snow!!! So every night my public works trucks will pick up that Fairfield flucking snow and we will dump it back in Fairfield while that town is sleeping off their flucking cocktails. Next we will send them a bill for snow removal, and if they don’t pay that bill, we”ll take them to court!!! And if they still refuse to pay the bill, we’ll take Fairfield to the Second district Court of New York! I know all the judges! Now that’s Bigly!

      Lennie G: Now that’s over the top! So can I tell all my OIB readers this Fairfield snow bill is on the table?

      Mayor G: Yes! And you can tell all your OIB readers and bloggers to shit in their pink pussy hats and pull it over their flucking ears!!!

      Lennie G: Thank you for this interview.

      Mayor G: Now I have diarrhea!!!

      1. Jim Fox returns to storytelling and spins a yarn of laughable proportions. Way to go.
        However, what made you have the snow come from Fairfield, the west, when it might have been equally accurate within the storm itself for another direction like north, where he could have claimed his residential experience in Easton provided expert witness to how the snow blew south towards Bridgeport?
        And why did you move him to Fairfield and McDonald’s to have dietary discomfort? Couldn’t such have also happened at certain local commercial kitchens that stand in a northwest relation to our two City Halls? Kitchens that favor pasta types like linguine, rotini, pastene, fettuccine, tagliolini, spaghettini, tortellini, and we cannot forget, bucatini. They all rhyme with the champion Bridgeport magician, The Great Ganimi who in the tradition of P.T. Barnum is routing our municipal way to exit. Barnum fashioned it with an exit sign with the words, THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS, and people went out, victims of his cleverness. You can laugh about it when you are in for entertainment at the cost of a nickel (inflate as you wish the cost of his expense), but when residents are foreclosed on with no mortgages as part of City process or seniors have to move because home taxes have risen greatly in contrast to fixed retirement payouts, it is not a laughing matter.

        Jim, what is the opposite of ‘bigly?’ Could it possibly rhyme with teeny and be applicable to your narrative? Time will tell.

  2. They also tried a different technique at corners by pushing back the point of snow at corners formed by plowing crossing streets, on an angle back to the corners. Nailed at least one street sign while they were at it. Perhaps it was on a list of signs due for replacement and a compliment is in order? Time will tell.

  3. Streets in my area cleared curb to curb where possible. Madison Avenue a sheet of ice at 8:00am. As usual, cars parked on street hamper plowing and results in a mess.
    Did not see blacktop until I reached privately managed parking lot.

  4. I am getting anecdotal reports through other social media of people not happy with the snow removal. One question that has popped up is who is responsible for plowing “State” roads. Of course, there is Route One (North Avenue in BPT), State Rt. 130 also known as Fairfield Avenue, State St, Stratford Avenue. My other comments regards The Park City becoming The Parking Lot City. There is a tremendous amount of on-street parking and there is very little regard for the alternate-side street parking rules mandated during a snow emergency. This makes it impossible for curb-to-curb snow plowing.

  5. More snow on the way and it looks like February is going to be the snow month of this winter. Also it looks like, without researching other new presidents in the past, Trump may have the toughest 100 first days in office, in the history of the USA’s commander in chief! God Help Us!

  6. Why is it while other local and national news networks are carrying a negative story concerning Trump, Fox News will carry something completely the opposite about Trump or something old and meaningless as their news? Just exactly which are the Fake News Stations Trump and his admin. keep talking about when caught with egg on their faces? *** God Help Us ***

  7. The squeaky wheel that gets the oil also gets better snow removal like B/R and the North End. The other districts that don’t know what’s happening in their own town until after it happens get the usual minimum removal unless someone from the city lives in that particular area! ***

    1. I originally voted fair, but if I could, I would change it to POOR. I can assure you Black Rock did not get any favorable treatment. Many of the biggest complainers on social media are Black Rockers. Of course, this was not the “Finch Blizzard,” but the snow removal was not very good.

          1. Frank, I don’t know where that comment comes from, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Don’t take this personally.

  8. There is a big pile on Main Street and Testing Avenue. The pile blocks part of the northbound lane. The other issue is the unregistered and abandoned cars, and the cars that were not moved that hampered the plows.


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