1. If it were up to Ganim, it definitely would not be. Ganim was ready to gavel and shut down the entire City Council Meeting because he was perturbed by the noise in the crowd at City Hall. Ganim is used to quiet. Shut up and do what you’re told, and he gets flustered when people start to stand up to him.

      1. Frank Gyure, the CT Post has been mentioning the organizers of the various protests. Check their websites.
        I have a long record of responsible involvement in Bridgeport. Your claim to fame is commenting on OIB.

    1. Great question? Are we Nazis or do we live in a democracy? Do we calculate the value of any human life based on strength or food or money consumption, or just a question of how many gold teeth fillings that person has? DO WE HAVE ANY MORALS? You tell me.

        1. HEIL JOEL GONZALEZ✋️. Joel, what I was referring to was the Nazi Theory of the Master Race versus, in a democracy, ALL “men” are created equal. I’ve noticed some undertones in some comments about this issue of a sanctuary city that these people (illegal/legal immigrants) are less worthy than those already here. Since the Trump, we are hearing anecdotal evidence (and some actual video) of Trump supporters accosting “non-Trump-peoples” and saying get out of the US etc. I believe in the last couple of days posters were found in Norwalk saying the same thing. BTW, I voted against Bridgeport being a sanctuary city because, as many have noted, we simply don’t have the resources to deal with that status.

      1. It’s the American way to ask questions when in doubt and looking for more info. Morals or being called a bigot or Nazi has nothing to do with it! *** America First, Not Last ***

    2. Nothing. I would like to say open up to people who have been properly vetted. We would or could lose millions in Federal Grants and the biggest hit would be the BOE.

  2. In arguing the immigration debate, separations must be made between policies and people. Documented and undocumented. While one can understand the plight of the undocumented immigrant as an individual and help out on a humanitarian and personal basis, to make it a matter of policy would be a mistake. Hell, if I could not get in the United States and my family were hungry I would do the same as them. But that is a personal belief. As a policy, not so much.

    In a perfect world with unlimited resources I would say by all means make Bridgeport a sanctuary city. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world where unicorns poop out rainbows with a pot of gold at the end to fund the increased services the additional influx of undocumented immigrants would need. Our schools are severely underfunded, our infrastructure is crumbling and our police force is stretched to the limit. Even without Donald Chump’s threat of withholding federal funding, we cannot afford such an action as a city.

    If money were no object and there were a way to support all undocumented immigrants without negatively impacting our already overtaxed citizens I would fully support this as a policy. Until then I will continue to support their plight only on a personal basis.

  3. The BOE is holding a Special Meeting at 5:30pm tomorrow night in Room 305 at City Hall.

    We will be discussing a resolution to make the BPS Sanctuary campuses.

    Please come out as we discuss this resolution.

    1. Oh boy, really? After all these years of paying for the education of undocumented students or children (US born) of undocumented parents, the BOE “… will be discussing a resolution to make the BPS Sanctuary campuses.”

      Did you just find out the district is flooded with children of the undocumented? Ever wonder where from and why there are yearly increases in district student population? You don’t have money to bus many of these students to school let alone covering the security cost, but you’re considering making BPS Sanctuary campuses.

  4. We do not need a “title” and all the complications that come with it, when we can simply act like a sanctuary city.

    I for one don’t want my tax dollars being used to support federal activities. I already pay them their share!

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