1. We are the only state on the east coast with no tolls. We are now paying for road repairs with tax money. Trucks from out of state travel our roads for free. Go to New York it costs $15.00 to cross a bridge. Having so many tolls make lighten traffic on the highways because people will stop using them as a city street to go from 1 entrance to 1 exit thus clogging up the roadways

  2. Let each Major City establish a Tollway system with the State, 50/50 split in revenue for the next 10years. This new revenue stream will help balance every Major City budget in Connecticut This Tollway revenue will help bail out Hartford and avoid Bankruptcy today!

    Bridgeport alone has a daily traffic flow on I-95 over 165,000 cars and trucks per day.
    Merritt Parkway has somewhere around 110,000 cars per Day, at just $2 a toll Bridgeport would split $550,000 per day with the State what the Fluck are we waiting for?!
    Put the Tollways in every Major city and do it now!
    Hartford , Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, New Haven, Danbury, Waterbury, New Britain, New Londen.

    New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, all charge Tolls, we can’t leave this State without paying another State’s Tolls.
    It’s time to wake up Connecticut!

  3. I am all in favor of tolls but prefer Gateway Tolls so that they are only setup at major entrances and exits of the state.
    Now, what about the truck weighing system? They must be in effect maybe one day a month. Lets crack down on the bastards who abuse the highways and stop giving them a free pass.

  4. The state needs the money it has to come from somewhere and no one wants to see a hike in the gas tax or some other price increase on something else. I remember when the tolls came down in the late 80’s then the new temporary tax was slapped on us. That temporary tax is sadly still alive and well.

    I do not know why there are so many people against this money generator. Based on the estimate of the traffic on I-95 and the Merritt Parkway there is a lot of dollars not being collected. An Ez Pass bill is cheaper than a new tax.

    Just be sure the money goes to the roads, not the general fund.

      1. Ron really get a fucking clue these tolls are electronic and there is NO need for toll booths. You maintain your speed your plate is read and you are mailed a bill. Where is the environment hurt, where are the fumes coming from

  5. I don’t know what you guys are smoking….ill take a step back so to have you guys educate me. the casino money that the state gets was suppose to go for schools? The state taxes is or was or isn’t enough , for the infrastructure??? Already one of the most expensive states to live in ,in this country….

  6. I think tolls at the borders of the state will tax those driving through and not affect Connecticut State residents until we leave and return. Are there any other states on the East coast that don’t have tolls? Traveling from here to Maryland to see my family, tolls cost as much as gas. It’s time has come and other than those on the gold coast that travel to NYC for those big money jobs tolls are Connecticut’s answer.

  7. It’s technology that enables Connecticut to do today what it couldn’t do years ago. Here’s the worst part: every tax dollar exits the growth economy and goes towards fixed costs.
    It’s time for The GA to find a way to add value and not subtract it.

  8. Tolls at the borders will cause drivers to get off and drive through border towns and cities and increase traffic in their effort not pay. This will force towns and cities to redeploy their police officers.

  9. Ron, When people have a destination they are not looking to get off the highway and drive the back roads. I drove to the airport last month. I didn’t have to stop for a toll either way. Traffic was smooth. I received a bill in the mail. If you have Easy-pass it is even easier. We need to make money. The Jersey Turnpike and Pennsylvania Turnpike have a tole at most exits. They are making money, we are not yet everyone complains about taxes and no money for schools. Well this is an opportunity.

    1. Casinos and highway tolls are not going to reduce the state’s deficit. The legislature sees revenue as a stream of pork. Our cities are falling apart, roads and infrastructure crumbling and all the legislature is concerned with is providing funds to build soccer fields and green ways in the ‘burbs.

  10. C’mon people come on into the 21st century, tolls have come a long way from stopping throwing a quarter into a basket. As you cross the Tappan Zee bridge from Rockland county to Westchester county you never have to stop, slow down or need Ez Pass. Its all done with camera’s and you get a bill in the mail.

    Brother Mackey, you and I have traveled extensively together across the northeast and never have we gotten off the thru-way to avoid a toll. It just doesn’t happen. The State is going to get the money from somewhere and from somebody, better those people riding through than those of us who live here.

    1. I hear both of you. But tolls are a dead issue. The governor and the legislature have other potential sources of greater revenue. It took twenty years of trying to pass legislation to allow liquor stores to stay open ’til 10:00 PM Monday-Saturday and 5:00 PM on Sunday. It wasn’t the moral hypocrites, it was the Connecticut Package Store Owners Association, a lobbying organization that represents mom-and-pop liquor stores. They didn’t want to stay later or hire additional personnel. Oh pooh. The state’s minimum bottle pricing law is also under court challenge by big box retailers.

      Malloy and the legislature really ought to reconsider legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Colorado and now Californis are reaping the benefits of legal weed. It’s a new business developing along the lines of the beer industry. There are mass consumption retailers producing the equivalent of mass market lager, there are “craft” and “micro” growers producing boutique strains. The states are realizing greater revenue.

      But there are still more than a few old school moral hypocrites that thump the Bible on Sundays and decry the rise in illegal drug use while willing martinis at the country club.

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