1. David Walker, where are you because based on what President Trump said last night with all his spending plans and tax cuts he has not spelled out where the money is coming from. He said he will get the American economy to grow 4% a year, how is Trump going to do that?

    This speech talked about the bleaching of America, by keeping brown people from Mexico and South America and browns and blacks who come from Arab countries, in fact Trump added a new component to immigration, that those coming to America must have merit. There was nothing helping school children or American cities. How long will it take for Americans to have “Trump Care?”

    1. Trump sounded a lot like Bernie with the $1T investment in infrastructure as well as the call for paid family medical leave. Bannon clearly didn’t write this speech. Will he deliver? I think not. A typical stump speech to appease the masses after 40 days of presidential tumult.

          1. More so than you liberal suckers who have fallen for the Democratic BS for years. Ron, how are the minorities doing under the Democrats?

  2. The man who spoke in front of Congress on 2/28/2017, is the man and President I think America wants! Who that other nut-job who ran for the office of Commander in Chief and won and has been in the Casa Blanca for the last 40 days; America doesn’t need! Let’s hope Trump’s split personally character who gave the speech hangs around a little longer for America’s sake, no? *** PRAY ***

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