Obama Returning To Bridgeport To Campaign For Malloy

The last time Barack Obama touched down in Connecticut’s most populous city four years ago, nearly 10,000 supporters jammed the Webster Bank Arena leading to an Election Day ballot shortage three days later that set off a frenzy to accommodate angry voters. A White House spokesperson confirmed Thursday afternoon that Obama will visit Bridgeport Wednesday to campaign for Governor Dan Malloy, tangled in a close reelection fight with Republican Tom Foley. Possible locations for Obama’s visit include Central High School, Webster Bank Arena and Klein Memorial Auditorium.

Malloy’s campaign has rebounded in recent weeks after trailing in polls. Foley had built a lead based largely on dissatisfaction with tax increases and the direction of the state. Malloy now has a fragile single-digit aggregate lead in polls released this week. The Malloy campaign has pounded Foley’s wealth–highlighting yachts and lavish vehicles worth more than the average homes–as disconnected from the means of regular citizens.

Foley and his campaign advisers have helped Malloy’s cause illustrating disengagement from the reality of state issues. For instance, Foley’s education plan calls for stripping funds from low-performing public schools. Malloy pounced on that rationale, responding Foley thinks he can close public schools like all those mills he shut down that filled his pockets at worker expense. When a reporter asked Foley how he expects low-performing schools to improve if he strips funds he responded he did not know.

Turnout in Connecticut’s cities is key to offset Foley’s presumed lead in suburban towns. Malloy has kicked up his appearances in Bridgeport. He visited the city four times in a seven-day span last week taking neighborhood tours of Black Rock and the North End to promote business district improvements and upgrades for flood control.

Malloy will be back in Bridgeport several more times in the final weeks of the campaign.



  1. The Bridgeport Parent Advisory Council has planned and advertised a citywide meeting at Barnum School that night. How disappointing this has been scheduled for the same night.

    1. I’d much rather attend the Bridgeport Parent Advisory Council event than the Obama event. What the people of Bridgeport must understand is neither Obama nor Malloy are the closest–nor will they ever be–to the people in Bridgeport.

  2. Please Mr. President, do come over, I’ll be waiting for you. Remember that car in the ditch you talked about? Well it’s still there and thanks to Malloy and the Democrats, the wheels are missing. Perhaps you should try lifting it with your helicopter and take it to Chicago. A Puerto Rican woman–Bridgeport Democratic Registrar of Voters Santa Ayala–has been crucified time and time again due to your last visit and the empty promise of HOPE you delivered that day. Your visit didn’t just pump up the Bridgeport Democratic base. It pumped up those opposing your policy too and that was evident when not just Bridgeport, but 12 other towns allegedly ran out of ballots. Mr. President, what you need to understand from what happened four years ago in Connecticut with the final results is simple: Neither you nor Dan Malloy have a mandate.

  3. Funny, Gov. Malloy never went past Ellsworth St. It would have been interesting to see him tell the folks at PT how he’s made their life better. Maybe since all the members of the Town committee (but one) live on the other side of Ellsworth, they didn’t think it necessary.

    1. Hector A. Diaz, thanks for making that point. The question is why, I’m sure it was the local Democrats who kept Gov. Malloy away because the main concern of his visit was to see Black Rock and to hear their issues and not the problems of crime, drugs and gangs.

    1. It is an honor. President Obama is a great President and the history books will prove that. America is a great country. People can be totally disrespectful of a President and get away with it. Obama is bright, articulate, thoughtful and progressive. The jobs numbers are the best since 2009, healthcare, woman’s rights, gay rights, respect for all minorities. He was not the Messiah and most thinking people know that. The Republicans have done nothing as well as contributed nothing in the past six years. I cannot believe the Dems are in peril of losing the midterms. I am proud he will be stopping in Bridgeport. It is an honor and that is the bottom line. Malloy is smarter than most Dems running. This is Obama territory and it should put Malloy over the top!

      1. There is one person who is happy Obama is still president and that’s Jimmy Carter who prior to Obama’s presidency was rated as the worst president in foreign affairs in the history of our country. That honor will go to Obama shortly. Before you get all hissy I suggest you read the book just written by Leon Panetta, former director of the CIA and former secretary of defense, both under Obama.

    2. David, it depends on the reason for the visit. Yes, it is an honor have a sitting (or even an ex-President) visit. However, I see the Democrats who are running for office heading for the hills and disassociating themselves on a political level with Mr. Obama.

  4. You don’t need a mandate to be a winner.
    Chain Lightning will do.

    Some turnout, a hundred grand
    Get with it, we’ll shake his hand
    Don’t bother to understand
    Don’t question the little man
    Be part of the brotherhood
    Yes, it’s chain lightning
    It feels so good.

    Hush brother, we cross the square
    Act natural like you don’t care
    Turn slowly and comb your hair
    Don’t trouble the midnight air
    We’re standing just where he stood
    It was chain lightning
    It feels so good.

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    Are we living on the same planet? Not much could be bigger political news than The President coming to Bridgeport!

  5. It’s called “Get Out The Vote,” and hate him or not, President Obama knows how to still get out the vote just like Bill Clinton. If you notice, you see NO ex-Republican Presidents backing Foley and coming to Connecticut especially Bush 41 who is from Connecticut.

  6. The POTUS should be concentrating on what’s happening in the WORLD! WTH is he doing in Bridgeport CT? If he doesn’t start paying attention and growing a set soon, we all had better brush up on our Arabic.

  7. Media has commented Obama is not receiving many requests to campaign for candidates.

    This will be the usual love-fest. Line up the AFSCME, LIUNA, AFL-CIO, members etc. in the background.

    Who is paying for police coverage? (On overtime, no doubt.)

    I hope someday we will be able to look back and agree on some redeeming qualities of this divisive, incompetent administration.

    1. Tom White, did you say Ronald Reagan’s first campaign stop when he ran for President in 1980 drew attention for his use of the phrase “states’ rights?” This was in Philadelphia, Mississippi, a town associated with the 1964 murders of civil rights workers that was evidence of racial bias.

  8. Very very excited President Obama will be in Bridgeport. I had tickets to see Clinton in Waterbury stumping for Dems. It is a huge mistake of the Dems distancing themselves from Obama. Huge mistake. Gore made that mistake with Clinton. Clinton is bigger than life and Gore is all but forgotten. If the Dems cannot put a positive spin on the current job numbers and stock market then the do-nothing anti-urban Republicans deserve to win all the races.

  9. Steve, you reference, “If the Dems cannot put a positive spin on the current job numbers and stock market …” The point is, whether they can or not is not an issue. No one doubts they can and have tampered with the data, changed the meanings of, and left many questioning whether employment and unemployment government info is accurate and reliable. And any spin, as expected, will make trust of government numbers worse.

    Regarding the stock market, the fact the current US market is overvalued and has been so for some time may have missed you, but the volatility this week with two big down days with a spike in the middle will shake spin I think. Time will tell.

    1. John Marshall Lee, how fast we forget, remember “WMD,” “yellow cake,” the oil will pay for the war? Well none of that happened and we never did pay for the war and that was okay with you? Our banking and housing fell to nothing, was that okay, all of this under Bush43?

      1. Ron,
        Whose tea leaves are you reading? Are you putting the support of any Federal issues on my shoulders? Why? I have been reporting on the local issues, not the State except as it relates to cash coming into the City, especially education, or Federal.

        I see you have a number of hot buttons Federally. I just cannot understand why you are leaving them at my door mat. Is it you cannot fault my fiscal reporting locally? Is it somehow, someway I get under your skin for offering to meet and talk like two responsible neighbors in a community and get to know each other somewhat better? Do you want me to stop the invitations and the hope behind them?
        And if you are only pointing out spin is done at all levels and by all participants, then I will say isn’t that obvious? Time will tell.

  10. From today’s Washington Post:
    In “Connecticut, voters have the opportunity to weigh in with their views of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s (D) first term–and they don’t like what they see. Just 41 percent of voters and 36 percent of independents have a favorable view of Malloy … while 51 percent have an unfavorable opinion. Malloy is tied with … Foley (R) at 43 percent apiece, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday, with an independent candidate taking 9 percent, in a state President Obama won with 58 percent of the vote.”
    Source: www .washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2014/10/09/amid-voter-anger-democrats-struggle-to-lock-down-northeast-governorships/

    “Gallup daily poll”: % of “Americans who approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as president.”

    Disapprove: 55%
    Approve: 40%
    Source: www .gallup.com/poll/113980/gallup-daily-obama-job-approval.aspx

  11. Did Dave Walker help you write this???
    If you cannot refute good economic news, start accusing the government of making it up??? Really. You get that on Rush’s show?

  12. Sorry, Ron. I’m not sure what your point is. Apparently, Reagan’s legacy overshadows any insensitive remarks he made. Whether Obama can reshape his administration so his legacy is positive remains to be seen.

    Bob Walsh, there is more to economic indicators than you hear in the very distilled reports carried by most media outlets. Those that go into more detail will include the workforce participation rate which is down to 59%, for example. JML is in a business field that uses real economic indicators, not something that can be distilled to 15 seconds on TV and radio or tweets.

  13. It looks like the entire Democrat Party is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    Say what you want, this is a particularly failed presidency. We all wished him well in 2009 when he took the oath of office. But he has divided this country in ways I could never have imagined, weakened our military, alienated our allies, and basically ignored those advisers around him. He loves to campaign, but doesn’t like to govern. With crisis after crisis occurring under his watch, he has severely weakened and created a very partisan Democrat Party.


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