No Toll-Hold For Lamont–Lacking Votes He Bails On Trucks-Only Tolls

Ned Lamont throws in towel on tolls.

No toll gantries for Connecticut. Governor Ned Lamont on Wednesday lacking the votes for truck-only highway tolls that he estimated would generate $200 million in revenue has thrown in the towel.

I have a legislature that doesn’t want to make a choice at this time. I think it’s time to take a pause. I’m going to go forward with bonding. The ball is in their court. They are not willing to vote. This is a place that specializes in kicking the can down the road and I don’t accept it.

Lamont had difficulty uniting Democratic support for his proposal. Republicans were united against.



  1. I said this 48 hours ago in the Stallworth post. Add in the failure to legalize use and sale of recreational marijuana and a complete ignorance of dealing with Gaming makes this GA a DISASTER. None of these issues will be dealt with in the next two years heading into the 2022 gubernatorial election. Connecticut is the DO-NOTHING State. That is why pensions were not funded for years. And let’s remember the Mianus River Bridge collapse because Connecticut did not maintain roads.

  2. It’s not Ned. If the legislature says they are not going to take up a bill it’s DOA.
    But read the next post. Bradley is one of the idiot State Senators who is against tolls on heavy duty trucks!
    There is something in play here and it’s not good government.

  3. Does Dennis Bradley actually think he can leverage his vote on tolls for passage of a casino bill???
    He’s playing with the big boys now. It’s not Maria P and the BOE.


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