New Dog Play Areas At Shelter

Ganim dog pound
Mayor Joe Ganim with Police Chief AJ Perez and officials.

News release from mayor’s office:

Mayor Ganim, Police Chief AJ Perez, and Chief Animal Control Officer Jennifer Wallace came together today to break ground on three dog play areas at Bridgeport Animal Control (BAC). The BAC has met their goal of raising $40,000 to make building these outdoor play areas possible.

Chief Animal Control Officer Jennifer Wallace said, “Dogs in shelters are susceptible to anxiety and depression but these play areas will greatly reduce these chances by allowing them to interact with other dogs and be outdoors. These play areas will also allow those interested in adoption to interact with the dogs in an open setting.”

In 2016, BAC received the approval to build three large play areas for dogs. These play areas would allow dogs to engage in safe playtime and social activity with other dogs. Outdoor exposure reduces stress for the dogs as they wait to find their new permanent owners and homes which greatly improve their chances of being adopted.

The BAC is always open to accepting donations to help improve the lives of the animals still awaiting adoption. Individuals interested in donating can call (203) 576-7727.



  1. Dogs are Man’s best friend. It’s disgusting that Ganim,Perez and others are in this pic when they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This dog run is a reflection of everyday volunteers who work tirelessly to try to save as many dog lives as possible. Ganim,Perez et al should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Has Mayor Joe and Chief Perez sounded out samples of people, not just dogs, who are not just “susceptible to” but are in acute situations of “anxiety and depression”? Can they identify what that looks like? Do they care to know? Do they respect folks enough to ask about it and respectfully listen to what is happening in too many locations where government is providing care for people? And the people feel neither “cared for” nor “cared about”? Time will tell.


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