New Advocacy Group Launched To Help Resuscitate State Economy

Brett Broesder, who served as communications director for former Mayor Bill Finch, has joined forces with education advocate Bill Phillips in a new advocacy group focused on spurring economic growth in Connecticut. Broesder also recently served as chief spokesman for Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin. He left government for this new venture.

News release from Broesder:

Today, a new Connecticut-based non-profit advocacy group, the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs, was launched in support of growing the state’s economy for present and future generations.

The Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs–co-founded by Milford, CT residents Bill Phillips and Brett Broesder–will bring policymakers, business leaders, advocates, entrepreneurs, and residents together while seeking out ways to help Connecticut win the competition for tomorrow’s jobs. The group will also promote research studies, publish articles, and educate policymakers on issues related to growing the state’s economy for the short-term and for the long-run.

In launching the new organization, Phillips and Broesder jointly stated that Connecticut used to be an economic powerhouse. However, today the state is experiencing the slowest recovery of any state in New England from job losses during the recession, and well behind the national average.

“Today, our state is losing the competition for tomorrow’s jobs,” said Phillips and Broesder. “We know our state leaders care deeply about growing our state’s economy, and we believe that by enacting policies that create jobs in the short-term and for the long run, our state will become a place where companies want to grow and hire people, and where more people want to live and work.”

The three priority policy areas that the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs is focused on include:
Business Growth and Innovation: Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the primary drivers of job growth, nationally. Connecticut has taken steps in recent years to help entrepreneurs, but needs to do more to spur innovation and growth. The state must help startups access the capital they need to thrive and create jobs, cut red tape and simplify tax codes that serve as a barrier to businesses growth, and provide incentives that support innovation and competition.

Workforce Preparedness: A skilled, prepared workforce is critical to our state’s economic competitiveness. Connecticut needs to take steps to ensure all kids are equipped to compete for tomorrow’s jobs, and the state can start by fixing our state’s unfair school funding formula. Strengthening schools will help to attract high-wage employers, grow our economy, create economic opportunity, and stabilize our state budget.

Fiscal Sustainability: Budget stability is critical to getting companies to invest and hire people in state. However, due to the constant threat of tax increases and multi-billion dollar structural deficits businesses and residents are fleeing. Connecticut needs to stop the business as usual approach to budgeting, eliminate inefficiencies, rethink how it funds programs and services, and make fiscal decisions that help in the short-term and for the long run.

“Now more than ever, it’s critical to get Connecticut’s economy growing at a faster pace,” said Phillips and Broesder. “”We believe this is possible if state leaders adopt a jobs-focused policy agenda that gives entrepreneurs and small businesses the tools they need to innovate and grow, stabilizes the budget to eliminate the constant threat of tax hikes, and prepares our kids and grandkids to compete for tomorrow’s jobs.”

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