NAGE Local Endorses Finch

From the Finch campaign:

Today, the National Association of Government Employees (NAGE)–which is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)–announced its endorsement of Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch’s re-election bid.

NAGE Local R1-200 is one of Bridgeport’s largest unions. It represents over 700 non-supervisory City of Bridgeport employees including clerical, custodial, security, school nutrition aides, inspectors, and 911 dispatchers.

“Bridgeport has faced more challenges than many cities have, but during your two terms as mayor, Bridgeport has made admirable progress,” said NAGE National President David J. Holway. “The city has experienced significant reductions in crime, and your strong focus on renewable energy is opening up a strong, sustainable economic future for the people of Bridgeport. We also believe that you value the contributions of the women and men who work for the city and will include them as partners in Bridgeport’s ongoing reinvention.”

In a joint statement from NAGE Local R1-200 President Dwayne Harrison and Vice-President Mike Freddino, they stated that job protection was one of the key reasons for their support.

“Together, we were able to negotiate a contract that has both benefited the City of Bridgeport, and our members,” said Harrison and Freddino. “We received fair cost of living increases and job protection. We urge all Bridgeport NAGE members and their families to give Bill Finch four more years.”

Mayor Finch stated that he is honored to receive NAGE’s endorsement.

“I’m honored and humbled to receive an endorsement from such a respected labor organization,” said Mayor Finch. “I look forward to fighting for hardworking Bridgeporters, including NAGE employees, for another four years. Together, we’re truly making Bridgeport a city that works for everyone.”



  1. Congratulations Mayor Finch on yet another great local endorsement.

    Note to Maria P. Were you aware in a previous post you agreed with me 100 percent Ganim should concede Hooker?

    Did you imagine when I mentioned Finch’s army I was referring to uninformed canvassers? The Army is coming to the 138th. 🙂 I will probably join them! 🙂

    1. Steven–I saw a station wagon with Finch stickers or decals papered on it like wallpaper. The ‘party wagon’ was SO COOL. It looks like the people of BPT are really lining up behind Finch. He should sail to an easy victory.

  2. Here we go again, more promises to the Unions and less promises to the Bridgeport taxpayer.
    While Finch continues to make deals with Unions this means it is less likely for him to keep his promises to Bridgeport families. Why should he? The more he knows the unions will elect him the less accountable he is to taxpayers and hardworking families. No wonder he promised Bridgeport taxpayers a $600 rebate but he failed on that promise. Meanwhile the developer Sal DiNardo gets tax breaks from Finch even though he owes thousands to the city, but Bridgeport families get their car booted for owing $100.

  3. A union representing municipal employees who are beholden in one way or another to the DTC for continued employment and government service. What a total surprise.

  4. This is only a Dwayne Harrison and Mike Freddino endorsement, none of the members of NAGE Local R1-200 were asked. The vast majority of the people I have talked to in NAGE would like to see Joe Ganim back in office. Not one clerical person, custodial, security, school nutrition aides, inspectors, and 911 dispatchers who I have called had any input in Dwayne Harrison’s endorsement of Bill Finch. The only people I know who want Bill Finch as mayor are the people he gave jobs to, such as the acting custodians 1. (A classification that did not exist under Joe Ganim. It was the only way Bill Finch and his people could give jobs to people who are not qualified for them.)

  5. Velez is correct. This endorsement means nothing. The 600 members of NAGE did not vote on this. It came from the top leadership with no input from the members. Many NAGE members I know are totally disgusted with Finch and his administration and can’t wait for September 16th to show it. What happens behind that curtain is nobody’s business.

    1. Most of us already know the vast majority of NAGE employees do not support Finch. I was speaking with one last night as I was knocking on doors and she/he told me employees have to be careful about speaking about the election at work, but when they do everyone she/he speaks with wants Joe.

  6. Velez and city hall smoker, of course none of the union endorsements mean anything. The only thing that will have an effect is 13 clergy supporting Ganim.

    It is what the Union leaders say about Finch that is relevant. On this blog we can knock all Mayor Finch’s endorsements as a waste. In the real world, they mean everything. People talk about the endorsements.

    1. I just received two calls from NAGE members who are very upset about this endorsement. Troy called the local chapter president, Duane Harrison and confronted him. Duane Harrison tried to pawn the endorsement on the national leader, but the press release clearly states it is a “joint” press release.

      Who does Duane Harrison think he is fooling? He sold his soul some time ago.


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