My Kinda Party, Plus: A Himes Hire And Mayor’s Snow Advisory

What a slammin’ party at Two Boots Wednesday night, by far our largest turnout. Must be the good cheer of the season. Johnny Fabs stopped in as well as another former Mayor, Mary Moran. OIB friends from Bridgeport, Westport, Monroe, Trumbull and Shelton munched on gourmet apizz’ at the downtown night spot.

Nice to see friends Billy Carroll and wife Sharon, Managing Editor of the Connecticut Post Michael Daly and his wisecracking daughter Julia, Fabs’ documentarian Larry Locke, former Public Facilities Director George Estrada now performing the same duties for UB, State Senator Rob Russo and his brother Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. Almost everyone was talking about the sewage deal with the suburbs. Or maybe it was me talking about it to anyone who’d listen, including Bruce Hubler, Jeff Kohut, Phil Kuchma and City Councilman Bob Walsh. I mean I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Kuchma and The Troll agreeing on a subject. I searched for a photographer for blackmail photos.

By the way, I received a friendly call from Monroe First Selectman Tom Buzi on Wednesday who explained that my postings about the sewage deal haven’t been fair. He said when all the details are worked out–he couldn’t discuss right now–he’d sit down to do a Pol Pod with OIB. I’m looking forward to that.

Don Carlson, Congressman-elect Jim Himes’ transition team point guard, joined the party and shared some news: Kathleen Warner has accepted the position of district director working out of Bridgeport. Warner is a lawyer who formerly practiced at Day, Berry & Howard. She also worked in-house at Bear Stearns before joining Team Himes during the campaign full time on the finance committee and other functions. Kudos to Don for stopping in.

A number of Bridgeport pols are ticked that Himes did not name a district director familiar with the city that produced the difference in his win. There are other congressional slots to fill yet. We’ll see. If you want to catch up to Himes today, he’ll be visiting with constituents at the Bridgeport Public Library, Fine Arts Room on the second floor, from 6 to 7:30. Himes is pushing Chris Shays, the man he defeated in November, to lead the Peace Corps where Shays was affiliated 40 years ago. It’s a nice gesture by Himes. Someone cracked at the party: “Yeah, it gets Shays out of the country.”

Thanks to Travis, Doug, Chris and the entire staff at Two Boots. After the OIB party Ms. Mo and I checked out Épernay Bistro, across the street from Two Boots, for a glass of wine. This is one sweet spot, opened six weeks ago by chef/owner Peter Wroe. You must visit Épernay, whether for dinner or just to kick back in the comfy bar/lounge area and enjoy a selection from its uncommon wine list. This is an area of the downtown that provides lots of dining opportunities within a two-block area. Tell your friends.

A lot going on: condo trash pick up by the city, assessment notices. Did you nearly take out the razor blades what you opened your letter? What are you hearing?

News release from Mayor Finch:

City Prepares for Friday’s Expected Winter Storm
Alternate Side of the Street Parking in Effect Tomorrow

BRIDGEPORT, CT (Dec. 18, 2008) – Due to tomorrow’s anticipated snowstorm, alternate side of the street parking will be in effect as of 7 a.m. Friday morning throughout the city.

Mayor Bill Finch urged city residents to heed all emergency warnings and to drive safely during the storm, which is expected to drop from 5-7 inches of snow in the area.

“We would like Bridgeport residents to stay safe tomorrow, and follow all advisories and warnings that may be issued by the city or state. Your assistance with preparing for and adhering to our emergency instructions will assist us tremendously with our emergency operations efforts,” Mayor Finch said.

Following is information from the city’s Office of Emergency Management regarding alternate side of the street parking, snow emergency streets and safety tips.

Important emergency numbers include:

Call 911 for immediate life-threatening emergencies

Call 576-7751 or 576-7124 for Snow Removal concerns, or, call 211

News release from Mayor Finch:

Holiday Trash Pickup and Transfer Station Schedule

BRIDGEPORT, CT (Dec. 17, 2008) – The City’s Public Works department announces the following schedule for the week of December 21 and Dec. 28.

For week of December 21: Trash and recycling pickups for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 22, 23 and 24 will occur as scheduled.

Due to the Christmas holiday, trash and recycling pickups scheduled for Dec. 25 will occur on Friday, Dec. 26 and Friday’s trash pickup will occur on Saturday, Dec. 27.

For week of Dec. 28: Trash and recycling pickups for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 29, 30 and 31 will occur as scheduled.

Due to the New Year’s holiday, trash and recycling pickups scheduled for Jan. 1 will occur on Friday, Jan. 2 and Friday’s trash pickup will occur on Saturday, Jan. 3.

The city’s Transfer Station located at 475 Asylum St., will be closed on Thursday, Dec. 25, and will reopen on Friday, Dec. 26. It also will close on Thursday, Jan. 1, 2009 and will reopen on Friday, Jan. 2 at 7 a.m. The Transfer Station also will be open on Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008 and January 3, 2009 from 7 a.m. to 12 noon.

The Transfer Station winter hours are as follows: Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to 12 noon.



  1. I guess Himes doesn’t care about hiring someone who knows anything about Bridgeport. Bridgeport got him elected, and hiring an unknown, inexperienced person from the Stamford area isn’t going to score him points. Sounds like political payback; didn’t Himes learn anything from Finch’s mistakes?

  2. I see where the mayor announced that the city will now be picking up the trash at the various condo locations. On the surface this is a good move for the city and the residents. However, before everyone gets too excited let me explain what has happened. The city bought the dumpsters for the condos (Good Move). They were going to buy the trucks to handle these dumpsters. They haven’t ordered them yet and the reason is as follows: The city cannot Bond for the trucks or pay for the dumpsters because they can not Bond for the required money. They cannot bond because our Bond rating is below A minus. So we have the condo trash pickup set to go and we are not ready.
    This goes with the mayors new policy PPP Inc or Piss Poor Planning.
    I am sure it will get rectified sooner or later but the question is can the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight ever do anything right the first time?

  3. Wondering you are right about condo dumpster trucks.
    Finch and his 2 live dead crew should start a new 6 Ps policy. Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. The only preparation Bridgeport can get is Preparation H because of these not-so-perfect assholes.

    A lawyer and a former Bear Stearns person sounds like a perfect oxymoron.

  4. Lennie:

    “By the way, I received a friendly call from Monroe First Selectman Tom Buzi on Wednesday who explained that my postings about the sewage deal haven’t been fair.”

    Lennie do you understand what Buzi was trying to tell you?

    Don’t drive in Monroe?

  5. *** Seems Himes has gotten an earful in Hartford & D.C concerning the shoes he has to fill for the next #2 yrs. Which reminds me of the old saying, be careful of what you wish for, ’cause you may just get it! In other words now after the election, Himes has realized that Shays wasn’t the do-nothing Congressman that negative politics in general labeled him as. So much so that he’s pushing for & asking the Dem. Party to endorse Shays as the new national Director of the Peace Corps! Personally I think it would be a good choice for the Obama Admin. picking Shays. ***

  6. Lennie,
    Let’s cut the Congressman-Elect a little slack here. I have spoken to him and Don several times since the election and they both readily recognize and acknowledge the vital role that Bridgeport played in his election victory.
    Now let all of us admit that the most important election now is his first attempt to get reelected. We say how much easier it was for the two freshman members of the congressional delegation and once you get that first reelection campaign under your belt the easier the next ones will be.
    Jim Himes knows that he needs a staff that will be worked to the bone especially in the areas of constituent service. He knows any deadwood in his office is an extreme negative to both his short- and long-term goals. So he selects someone that he is totally comfortable with, extremely qualified and apolitical to head up that office. He is smart enough not to get caught in the middle of a pissing contest between the mayor’s choice, Mario’s choice, Stafstrom’s choice and all the other potential staffers being pushed his way.
    Keep the staff at an arm’s length distance so that if there are problems that need to be dealt with then it is not the congressman or any political hacks who will be doing that work.
    Let’s just give Jim a break until he rounds out his entire staff and then look at his appointments in total and not judge them all by simply the first.

  7. Well, Well, Well there is a different side to Bob Walsh. Man you are really polishing the apple. Look you are right about Stafstrom, Finch and Company. However he will need someone from Bridgeport in 2 years and then what? I think Himes ran a lousy campaign in Bridgeport and if it wasn’t for the Obama Landslide he probably would have lost. Someone from Stamford to run his office in Bridgeport? This is another slap in the face. Yeah it’s great apolitical for a political job.
    It’s nice to see you are on a first-name basis. But how does this apolitical person deal with our problems when she doesn’t know the city or the people that get things done? BTW Bob did you fill out your job application yet?

  8. Here is the salsa on Himes …

    Kathleen is a hard worker, something Himes needs running the District office. My concern is that she is a Malloy groupy, so with Malloy already brandishing a second shot at the seat in 2010 when Himes will be up again as well, it poses an interesting dynamic for the DD if there is a heated Gubernatorial primary … Especially if she wants to get involved … Hopefully she doesn’t get involved …

    As for hiring Bpt people, LISTEN UP DON AND JIMMY, it is in their BEST INTEREST to NOT HIRE anyone referred by Finch or Testa, because it will more than likely produce a crappy candidate …

    But, he should definitely hire people that know Bpt and are aware of the political atmosphere but not committed to one side or the other … Which is not easy to do, but very possible …

    And as to Bob Walsh’s statements, they don’t truly credit Bpt for their win. IN FACT, every time the media questioned or interviewed Jimmy Himes on the win and how important Bridgeport was with the 20k difference, Jimmy boy EVERY SINGLE TIME reacted by saying, well it wasn’t just Bridgeport.

    And although there is SOME truth to that, had he performed like Farrell everywhere else, Bridgeport would have still carried him to victory …

  9. ***#9- I got to agree somewhat with Wondering, Himes did run a shitty campaign & lucked out, just like so many other lame ducks running on the Dem. Obama bandwagon! In my opinion Diane Farrell ran a much better campaign on her own ticket so to speak & was a much better Dem. choice for the congressional seat. She had much more on the ball and seemed much more qualified for the position even though she lost! If Himes does not deliver anything of substance to his Conn. district, he’s history. ***


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