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 Wednesday June 20, 2018

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Musto, In Minority, Supports Photo Release Of Slaughtered Sandy Hook Kids, Malloy: Families Have A Right To Grieve In Private

June 6th, 2013 · 17 Comments · Analysis and Comment, News and Events

Parents do not want images of their massacred Sandy Hook children splattered all over the Internet. Early Wednesday morning the State Senate and House voted overwhelmingly to block public disclosure of images from the Newtown slaughter. The Senate voted 33-2 to approve the bill. State Senator Anthony Musto was one of two senators to vote no, saying he supports release of horrific images of kids. The bill also passed the house 130-2. In recent weeks Musto has offered his constituents from Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe an array of dubious positions.

Governor Dan Malloy says he will sign the bill:

“My goal with this legislation was to provide some measure of protection for the families affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But the fact is, all families have a right to grieve in private. Those who lose loved ones to violence have a right to protect themselves against further anguish. This is a difficult issue, requiring all of us to balance deeply held beliefs and important public policy values. I commend the legislators on coming to an agreement that respects the privacy of grieving families.”

Statement from Republican State Senator McKinney, a chief proponent of the bill:

“The intent of what we’re doing here is very clear–that the public disclosure of an image of the dead body of a brutally murdered child, or spouse, or sibling would cause emotional harm and violate the personal privacy of the parents and other surviving family members. One does not need to see the photos to understand the unwarranted pain and anguish it would cause a parent or other family member to see such photos published and appear on the Internet every time someone searches ‘Sandy Hook’ or ‘school shooting’,” said McKinney, whose Senate district includes Newtown.

Why did Musto vote no?

“I voted no because I think the presumption should be in favor of the government telling the people what’s going on, no matter how horrific the results,” he told the Connecticut Post. “I feel like a government shouldn’t be keeping evidence of a crime secret and the presumption should always be in favor of disclosure unless the government can provide a compelling reason for keeping information confidential. The families in Newtown have all of our sympathies and support, but we can’t keep these things secret. What we should be doing is punishing the people who misuse it, who harass the families or use the images for malicious reasons. To block public access to information is I think contrary to the way government should act toward citizens.”

Musto has come under fire recently for positions he’s taken against strong public policy protecting taxpayers from government abuse including his support of city employees serving on the City Council approving their own wages and benefits in violation of Bridgeport’s City Charter. He also supported watering down of campaign finance reform. He also tried to pass a bill–it failed–blocking the Independent Party line from appearing on the ballot in the cause of furthering his own election. The Independent Party has endorsed some Republican candidates just as the Working Families Party has endorsed many Democrats, including Musto, adding another line for votes.

Musto wants to release photos of slaughtered kids. How will that play on the campaign trail in 2014?


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  • Mojo


  • Jimfox

    Crawl back under your rock, Musto!

  • Andrew C Fardy

    Senator Musto is an unmitigated SON OF A BITCH. Let me ask you, would you feel differently if one of these young victims were yours?
    To have these victims on the Internet serves no purpose. Photos of the victims being published serves no purpose. NONE. DO YOU GET THAT, MUSTO?

  • Andrew C Fardy

    It looks to me like Black Rock has a lot of work to do in this upcoming election. They need to get rid of three of the worst politicians I have ever seen. They need to get rid of Musto, Brannelly and Stafstrom.

  • Steven Auerbach

    Okay, Musto has got to be a total ass unless his vote was by error. Very disappointing and I would rather not say exactly how I feel. The total lack of respect, empathy and grace. What the hell could Musto have been thinking???

  • Andrew C Fardy

    Steve, you may not want to say how you feel but I will. I think we have been represented by a bunch of people loyal to themselves and to those who can give them something. By something I mean jobs for friends and family, raises and the like.
    There is a complete disconnect between our elected officials and the people they serve. Our elected officials are told how to vote prior to any meeting, the council is a perfect example of that, the night of the setting of the mil rate they were all in the caucus room where Finch laid out how he wanted the vote to go.
    By disconnect the city found out they were getting more state money than was anticipated and yet Brannelly and her robber barons want to put the excess in the general fund and still get concessions from the lower-tiered employees.
    Who is responsible for this? WE ARE because the voting public keeps putting these robber barons in office.

  • Dave Walker

    Just another shocking example of how Senator Musto is totally out of touch with his constituents. Musto will go in November 2014.

  • anna

    How do you spell moron? MUSTO.

  • Godiva2011

    I’m stunned at the insensitivity on his part. Not a good way to maintain your voters’ loyalty.

  • Black Rockin

    Let me see, I had an early bout with the clap, I thought the Vietnam war was going to save the people there, I thought the Iran-Iraq war was going to save the people here, I thought Bush Jr. was going to be good for the economy, I thought building #7 just fell down of its own accord and I voted for Musto. You know, sometimes I think I have it wrong.

  • Dave Walker

    Black Rockin,
    The key point is not to make the same mistake again. Musto must go!

  • John Marshall Lee

    Insensitive! Out of touch! Let me try hypocrite, and see if it stands.
    Senator Musto seems to be making an argument for OPEN behavior by government allowing the people to be informed. Were he to be serious about this line of thinking he would see the appearances of interest conflict in the current Council employed and elected behavior. This set of conflicts routinely leads to less info available for the public and even for the Council itself that conflicts with Charter rules anyway. Do we have criminal behavior that is being protected? Open up the doors and windows. Let’s see, should be his call. But instead he has let HB 5724 die. Hypocrisy? At least. Time will tell.

  • Ronin

    Musto must be an idiot. Although I disagree with abortion, showing the mangled and mutilated infants and fetuses on Main St. is as repulsive as permitting this maggot and his demented soundbites!


    I have to say I agree with Musto on this issue. Now that the daddy Malloy has decided what we should and should not be able to see, what will the next thing be that will be too disturbing for us to see? Maybe the state budget will be too disturbing for us. Was the little naked girl walking away from a bombed village in Vietnam too much for us to see?
    How long would that war have gone on if these pictures did not stir public outrage?
    It is a slippery slope. We cannot protest our president anywhere near his route, the government is tracking our cell phone calls and now they decide what we can and can’t look at. No one could have made you look at it if you did not want to and now, you do not have that choice. In our time of a government with a lot to hide, it is getting easier and easier to hide it. Will a kid shot down on a sidewalk in B-town get the same consideration?
    You may think I mistrust the people in government, but that is only because they lie, cheat and steal.

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