‘Mr. Transparency’ John Gomes Folds Under Questioning, Blocks Free Expression From His Mayoral Facebook Page

If John Gomes can’t take the heat as a mayoral candidate, he’ll have a meltdown if he becomes chief executive, just like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Several OIB readers have advised they were blocked from his mayoral Facebook page even for the slightest alternative opinion. So then I posted a few links from OIB onto Gomes mayoral Facebook page, to test this out. Presto: blocked. “This content isn’t available now.”

And so it goes with the candidate who pontificates “transparency” and then throw a little cold water on him and he wilts like the Wicked Witch. Ding dong, ding dong.

Again, this goes to the core of Gomes’ testy temperament that led to his firing by two mayors. It’s one thing to police a site, another to outright block people from information about someone vying for chief executive of Connecticut’s most populous city, especially with an angry inner-circle that carpet-bombs the Facebook pages of others.

Just think what will happen, as it has already with his mayoral campaign, if he gets in: push back a little, and his pushes back harder. Off to the Gulag!






  1. Lennie always wanted to play Dorothy!
    When it comes to fantasy heroines, Lennie (Dorothy) is pretty impressive. This teenage farm girl gets sucked up in a tornado and flung into the magical world of Oz (Bridgeport) without even messing his hair up. he manages to slay one of the wickedest witches in the area within two minutes of landing, and takes out another one two hours later using only a bucket of water. He Lennie/She befriends a lion, for goodness’ sake, and talks back to a wizard (Mario). All in all, Lennie’s pretty Flucking great…
    If only his sense of fashion was better.
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  2. Welcome to the Blocked Club, Lennie.
    It appears that there are at least two Gnomes for mayor Facebook pages. I was following both and I had many give and takes with Gomes supporters. As soon as he or she realized they were losing the argument, they would dissapear and block me. The biggest pain in the ass was Joe Sokol, Robert Traber, and Maria Pires. I asked John Gomes to tell them to stop wasting their time as their Facebook post only served in reinforcing my resolve. I’ve been kicked out of better places.

  3. If John becomes mayor, he will be the most “cocky and arrogant person” to ever hold office. John is all for himself and could care less about the citizens of this city. No different than when he had his previous two roles in city government, he didn’t care about anyone but himself and his social media post. With his continued #itsamovement or #windowofoppertunity hashtags.

    John loves the attention and wants the spotlight all on him but stoops so low to block users who want to use their first amendment right and challenge him or simply ask questions that he doesn’t want to deal with or answer on social media. John is showing the voters of the City of Bridgeport that he is not fit to be mayor.



  4. The upcoming primary results for January 23 should be complete pretty fast, it seems to me.
    Two names on ballot, likely fewer folks at polls or on absentee ballots and one winner when counting fewer than 20% of Democrats registered who show up.
    The Primary is important if only to indicate who will be on the top line for the actual Mayoral vote on February 27. How many names will be on that ballot? Likely Ganim2 and Gomes, but in what order? And will there be any other candidate with potential “open door” available before February 1? Time will tell.

  5. John, I can’t see a need for a new general election if G2 wins the redo. What would have changed? While he couldn’t really challenge the order for a new primary consideration, however, he perhaps and most likely will challenge a need for a new general since one has taken place based on the same results of the redo primary. JS


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