Giannotti: Why John Gomes Is Not The Answer For Mayor

Michael J. Giannotti, former reporter for the Connecticut Post, who has served as communications director for two superintendents of schools, as well as former Mayor John Fabrizi, shares this commentary why he’s supporting Mayor Joe Ganim over John Gomes in Tuesday’s primary redo.

John Gomes served as the Chief Administrative Officer for Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim. He was later demoted to Assistant/Deputy CAO before Mayor Ganim ultimately fired him. (He was fired by Ganim’s predecessor, Mayor Bill Finch, as well).

For the past 7 years, John Gomes has been one of the city’s biggest problems…not the solution.

During that time, he, like many of his supporters – former disgruntled Ganim employees, chose to, “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

And now he states, he did not have a choice. Ganim was the mayor, and he was just his employee.

Gomes had significant influence, within the city’s operations, being one of Ganim’s highest-ranking appointees. Despite this, he chose a passive stance, opting not to voice concerns or act against perceived issues.

Let us be honest here… you were making upwards of $150,000, and you did not want to do anything to jeopardize that…plain and simple.

His entire campaign is based on negativity…Ganim is this, Ganim is that, Ganim did not do this, Ganim did not do that.”

I have been around the block once or twice, working on other political campaigns, and for me negative campaigns are nothing more than “deflection.”

Negativity often serves as a deflection tactic, diverting attention from one’s own lack of achievements.

Take the blame off who you are, by any, and all means possible, and put it back on your opponent.

Deflect the fact that you have done nothing over the past 7 years (while working for the man you want to replace), deflect the fact that you have surrounded yourself with a group of disgruntled former city employees (who when they were making close to $100,000 a year, and more had blinders on, and said and did nothing, deflect the fact that you have no vision for the future of this great city, and deflect the fact that you are doing this, not because you really want to be mayor, but because you have a vendetta against the man who ousted you.

And finally, you can only “masquerade who you really are for so long.” As this campaign winds down, John Gomes is showing his “true colors.”

And it is not a good look!

Despite my ups, and downs, and highs and lows with Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim over the years, he is the BEST person for the job.

Proud to cast my vote for him!




  1. From what I recall of John Gomes is he never went out of his way to be friendly to anyone that he did not know unless they were in a position to do something for him. And I do recall walking behind him several times and watching people that did know him do their best to avoid him. And more than likely what ever way this election goes he will return to his old habits.

  2. Mayor Joe and his 7-year-itch
    It’s the sense of restlessness, like running for Governor or being in jail. Dissatisfaction that supposedly sets in after you’ve been with someone for seven years of time. It’s most often talked about in the context of romantic relationships but is also applied to one’s “relationship” with something like a job or place.
    While the seven-year-itch is part of pop culture lore, is there evidence that it’s actually real?
    Very little research has been done specifically on the questions of whether the seven-year-itch exists, and if it does, why it exists. But there are things we know about human psychology and the rate that people seek change that can help us infer some answers.
    John Gomes for Mayor!

  3. Maybe Joe Ganim has the itch to continue to make Bridgeport better. If John Gomes has an itch it’s probably fleas. Because when you lay down with dogs you get fleas, and his team has no shortage of dogs.

    1. Ever heard of Equal Opportunity Employer? The “Gays” working for the City of Bridgeport are among the smartest and hard working employees who have. Get over your paranoia of “Gays”. Whatever you do, don’t ever look under your bed–there’s a gay man lurking below.

      1. Doesn’t get any more equal than that, Thank you, Yahweh. 🙃

        #my alternative opinion.

        “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” Is it just me or does anyone else find this “endorsement” devilish?

        He not refuting any of the “Things” Gomes made against G2. He is lending credibility to them. If he is saying John’s not the one because he didn’t speak up against such 😈 things taking place at the city hall yet he is saying I’m going to vote to keep the person who is doing those 😈 things.

        I guess, “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” when to hear evil, see evil, speak evil, vote for evil.

        Is this one of those Port political, ” I got your back” endorsements? 🤣

        They had a couple of hits.


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