Moore’s Field Director: ‘Shocked And Amazed’ By Campaign’s Self-Righteous Approach To Absentee Ballots

Kirk Wesley

Kirk Wesley, who served as field director for Marilyn Moore’s mayoral primary bid, writes in a commentary “what has truly shocked and amazed me has been the campaign’s self-righteous approach to how its Absentee Ballot operation was able to get over 300 votes. During all this controversy, the campaign has portrayed itself as the standard bearer in Bridgeport politics. That is not the truth. There are numerous specific instances the campaign, and candidate Moore herself, engaged me in conversations about Absentee Ballots and suggested what should be done about them. In addition, I received calls from the campaign leadership and candidates about strategy on who to engage and hire to “chase ABs.”

From Wesley:

My name is Kirk A. Wesley and I am resident of the city of Bridgeport. Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked on various campaigns in Connecticut and the Northeast, most notably serving as Deputy Field Director on Governor Ned Lamont’s campaign and the Field Director for Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s re-election campaign. Throughout my career, I’ve built a reputation as a hard-working grassroots community organizer who specializes in urban engagement. My intention was to not be involved in the 2019 Bridgeport mayoral cycle because I thought they were both very fine candidates. However, a chance encounter with Senator Marilyn Moore at a Farmer’s Market in mid-July led us into a 15-minute conversation where she explained to me some of the internal troubles her campaign was having. She asked for my help and after a lot of consideration I joined the campaign for the final 4 weeks. I helped the campaign put together a Paid Canvass and Get Out the Vote operation for Election Day. Frankly, I provided a level of expertise that they did not have before and my impact was evident by the results on Election Day.

I am writing this piece because I want it to be clear that in my role as Field Director I had nothing to do with the campaign’s Absentee Ballot operation. I never touched an application, ballot, or anything related to Absentee Ballots. With that being said, I have watched and read with shock and amazement the claims and counter claims of Absentee Ballot abuse leading up to the September 10th primary; however, what has truly shocked and amazed me has been the campaign’s self-righteous approach to how its Absentee Ballot operation was able to get over 300 votes. During all this controversy, the campaign has portrayed itself as the standard bearer in Bridgeport politics. That is not the truth. There are numerous specific instances the campaign, and candidate Moore herself, engaged me in conversations about Absentee Ballots and suggested what should be done about them. In addition, I received calls from the campaign leadership and candidates about strategy on who to engage and hire to “chase ABs.”

I’m saying something about this because it is the right thing to do. This conversation deserves balance and equity. Many people are upset about the result of the election, and rightfully so. However, we should not lose sight of the fact that both campaigns understood what it took to win and actively pursued those measures. One won and one did not. We learn and we move on. I wholeheartedly believe that Bridgeport deserves “fair and free elections” but I also believe that the people publicly leading that charge should be beyond reproach. My mother always told me to be careful when pointing my finger at someone because there will always be three pointing back at me. No campaign in this city is above scrutiny and the ballot access debacle is evidence that there were gaping organizational holes in this one that could and should raise concerns.

With an amazing Primary Day, there are many ways that the campaign could have leveraged the momentum from that win, but it has allowed a pivotal window to close by pursuing frivolous lawsuits and civil inquisitions. People like Stacy Abrams and Andrew Gillum are examples of African American candidates who have used unsuccessful campaign runs to raise higher awareness of voter engagement. That can still happen here but time is of the essence. Unfortunately, all we’ve witnessed since the election is good people have their names plastered in publications with accusations and insinuations. We’ve watched people have some of their worst mistakes rehashed and old wounds reopened. Good people. Real people with real lives and these actions have real ramifications on those lives. People who I know and worked with. People like Betty Chappell and Josephine Edmonds who worked hard for the campaign because they wanted to see a black woman become mayor. People I have grown to care about. They don’t deserve this. Bridgeport does not deserve this.

Bridgeport truly deserves more and, obviously, Moore for Mayor is not it.

Kirk A. Wesley is the owner of Wesley LLC, a grassroots mobilization and project management consulting company specializing in urban engagement and communications. Wesley has over 10 years of political campaign experience and organizing underrepresented communities around progressive candidates and initiatives



  1. I would be interested to hear more specific details from Mr. Wesley. He states that “and candidate Moore herself, engaged me in conversations about Absentee Ballots and suggested what should be done about them.” This suggests that the Moore campaign and Senator Moore knew full and well how important ABs are in an election- they just weren’t as good as the other campaign in executing the plan.

    I absolutely agree with his reference to Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum. Stacey Abrams’ “Fair Fight 2020” campaign is taking on a national initiative to protect voting rights and to promote voter engagement. Moore could have used her loss in the primary as a strategy to do the same on a local level, but instead she has taken this dizzying path and then gone radio silent. Her credibility is gone. Oh well.

    In all of this, especially with her incompetence in signing a petition that she clearly did not circulate makes me wonder how often she blindly votes in the State Senate. The sweater seems to be unraveling. So sad, too bad.

    1. It looks to me like here is a legitimate guy with a reputation to protect. He is making a statement to be clear for his reputation- that he wasn’t involved in this debacle. What I found very interesting and why I feel there is Moore to come, is that he makes the same statements I have heard from other connected leadership involved in her campaign- that by bringing on this investigation, it will turn on her and show that there were gaping discrepancies in her own instead. Always a risk you take. Make you’re your ducks are in a row before you point a finger- that counterpoint can really hurt, Moore to come and this one was honestly as surprise. I think he’s retained his legitimacy in my eyes. Too bad he got wrapped up in this in the last 4 weeks I am sure he now wishes he had not made the decision to help her.

    2. Steven Green, welcome to the OIB Webzine. There were about 1,400 ABs mailed out and not returned. Plenty of ABs to harvest for both sides. Maria Pereira managed to secure 183 with little money and a small (about 5) group of helpers.

  2. Derek, I thought you evolved from that asshole you used to be as Bridgeport Kid, but…
    Harvey or Jimfox what the fluck is Kirk Wesley trying to say? I must admit I’m somewhat confused by this post. He says he from Bridgeport yet he seemed ambivalent about AB’s with respect to elections in Bridgeport and how for decades they played an important part in elections here. Help me out fellas.

    1. I have evolved, Donald. What Mr. Wesley is trying to say is all was not well in the Moore Campaign, that there were things going on that he objected to. Take off the Ray Bans and have a good look. Marilyn Moore was not the best candidate. She played as fast and loose with the rules as Ganim. Then she was caught.

      If Maria has any of that $1000.00 left maybe she could by you a bottle of Briosky.

    2. Mr. Day,

      I read this article 3 times trying to find out any valid information. The 3rd time I asked myself, “what the fluck is he saying!” To me this article says that Marilyn ran her campaign with the same concerns every candidate has in Bridgeport but, she is going to be held to a higher standard and her concerns must be suspicious, because its easier to bash Marilyn than it is to find honest Ganim accomplishments to promote him.

    3. Donald and Ron,

      I don’t see things from your perspective. We’re all Bridgeporters FIRST, before anything else. If skin color is any consideration for you then you need to sit at another table.

      Marilyn Moore was and is not up for the job of mayor. Neither is Little Joe Ganim. She’s inept, he’s a weasel. Both will be facing judges and /or commissions in the near future.

      Maria Pereira was not “bought off” by John Ricci. Mario Testa offers DTC endorsement and expects obedience. He used that method to make subordinates of Ernie Newton and Mary McBride-Lee. (In case you lost your dictionary a subordinate is “a person under the authority or control of another within an organization.”) I’m not defending all of Maria’s positions, just her integrity. The bpoth of you are raising sand about a campaign donation. At the present time that’s akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Both candidates are covered in mud. The city has no viable leadership and all you two care about is a goddamn campaign check. Who’s the asshole now?

  3. Ok so she and others have discussed an ab strategy with her field director.
    dahhh what’s wrong with that?

    At this POINT for me is WHAT is going to DONE to CHANGE the historical Absentee Ballot ABUSE and FRAUDULENT PRACTICES of the DTC…


    1. The worst violations of the electoral processes takes place during the petitioning stage. The AB allegations is all a distraction to cover-up what took place during the petitioning stage. Keep in mind that there was two petitioning stages –one for the Democratic Primary and one to get on the WFP ballot.

  4. Let’s STOP DEFLECTING from the issue.
    Systematic abuse that targets our most vulnerable population, the misinformed, elderly and disabled.

    VOTER SUPPRESSION and election violations of intimidation, Fraud, etc regardless of WHO is guilty.

    1. Forget about Joe Ganim and his magic show with the 900 absentee ballots. Senator Moore must have some criminal liability here, Wanda. She has been silent other that to tell a reporter “I don’t want to discuss the semantics.” Really? Neither do we. If that crawled out of Joe Ganim’s mouth several of the regulars would be all over it like stink on shit.

      Kirk Wesley has something to say. He is completely credible unless and until Joel Gonzalez comes up with some dirt on him. If all the charges are true then neither candidate is eligible to be mayor. At that point we’re stuck with the weasel Ganim until he can be replaced.

      There’s been a lot of chatter and blubber about a thousand-dollar check from John Ricci that ended up in the campaign account of Maria Pereira. That deflects from the issues which are the AB count that put Little Joe Ganim over the top; the petition irregularities concerning Marilyn Moore; the relative lawsuits; etc.

      1. There were TWO candidates TWO!!!!
        My VOTE is for MOORE!
        Bridgeport has NONE of this…


        His Legacy is MARRED IN GREED and CORRUPTION!!!

        I chose and STILL choose MOORE!

  5. Radio silence from Moore. What ever did happen to her “tearing apart her office looking for those signature pages”? At this point it’s apparent from the WF group and even her own people, that she is a sham. Her campaign was a sham. This is what irks me. Is she as big as an idiot as all of this has revealed? If so, what does that say about her being elected to her current seat? And reasons we put people into positions they do not deserve. I think this means her goose is cooked for her senate seat in the next election. She is the pied piper of disheartenment. Leading all the people who desperately want a change, off of a steep cliff. That doesn’t mean I am a pro-ganim office, I am not. And it doesn’t mean anything about Testa or the machine, I am not part of it in any way. I am speaking from a place where I always have stood. As an objective observer and sometimes participant as a voter.

    There’s more to come.

  6. Ganim is weasel that cannot be trusted. Anyone takes the witness stand in federal court and lies… Three Superior Court Judges ruled that he does not possess the moral character to practice law. Seven years of college down the drain…

    Then there’s Marilyn Moore. What looked like a great candidate went sour in the course of three days.

    1. The second chance was a SCAM!


      He HASN’T EARNED a THIRD chance for ME





  8. The fact that Marilyn Moore hired Kirk Wesley is further evidence of her poor judgement.

    Kirk Wesley was Kenneth Moales’ Campaign Manager for Andres Ayala’s vacated senate seat . He quit TWICE.
    Kirk Wesley was Dennis Bradley’s Campaign Manager when he ran against Christina Ayala & Chris Rosario for State Rep. He quit.
    Kirk Wesley was Aaron Turner’s Campaign Manager last year for State Senator. He quit.
    Kirk Wesley is bragging that he was Ned Lamont’s guy in Bridgeport. The only city/town that Ned Lamont lost in all of CT.

    Kirk Wesley has NEVER been the campaign manager of a WINNING campaign in Bridgeport.

    So Marilyn Moore made a decision to hire Kirk Wesley for a critical campaign position, paid him four weeks salary, and he decides to bash HIS candidate while she is still in this race.

    Would ANY OIB reader EVER hire Kirk Wesley to work on their campaign knowing what he has just done? If he would do this to HIS candidate, Marilyn Moore, wouldn’t he do this to any other candidate that retained his services?

    How incredibly unprofessional and reckless of Kirk Wesley.

    My guess is he is trying to weasel himself into the Ganim campaign as a paid consultant. This “tell-all op-ed” is a piece of propaganda to prove to Ganim and his handlers that he is with them now. And by the way, can I have a job now?

    It is my understanding that Tony Barr is trying to dump Marilyn Moore and curry favor with Ganim again too.

    Marilyn Moore made the decision to lie down with dogs, and now she has fleas.

    This serves as further evidence that she makes poor decisions and utilizes poor judgement.

    1. Maria you forget, we are only here because Moore’s team didn’t secure a ballot slot. Team Moore hits keep on coming. It seems, according to Wesley, Joe was not the only one working AB’s. I standard mercenary game, and now you have a lawsuit shining a light on AB’s. Where are they taking this freak show? Who knows. It never made any sense why Moore didn’t secure a ballot slot to me. In other news, Trump is being impeached. I guess we will save this racist game for after our elections. If Joe still wins.

    2. Maria,
      You have nailed Kirk Wesley! OIB readers, did Kirk bother to mention any of these campaign efforts and his involvement with candidates whose names we know?
      Field Director seemed to mean that he was responsible, or partially responsible for the Moore campaign office on Stratford Avenue. Only Senator Moore (and perhaps a very small handful of advisors) can share the thinking as the campaign moved towards Primary Day that took original selections to handle campaign responsibilities off the job and replaced them. Necessary? Perhaps. But what is the story that can competently and honestly explain the “news of the day since”. Aside from the focus in Hartford on AB abuse which could be good news for Bridgeport voters, what is the word for fair minded citizens registered and wondering what course to follow in early November? Is there a bombshell that will draw attention back to Senator Moore’s lifetime service, independence from the Machine in her pursuit of public office and integrity?? With all the money available to the incumbent and knowing how the green has been used in the past, what would a conspiracy theorist be considering? How about the placement of one or more persons with access to files, paperwork, etc. in the campaign office? If such a person was reluctant at first? “My intention was to not be involved in the 2019 Bridgeport mayoral cycle because I thought they were both very fine candidates.” (Is there anyone else in the City who would utter such a comment? Without compensation? Someone who is a professional politico?) And now Mr. Wesley, after declaring his hands to have been completed removed from ABs, felt the need to clear his soul? The opera is ongoing. Pay attention to the passionless folks who passed through Moore’s office and now need to tell all? Time will tell.

    3. Joe Ganim uses POOR Judgement as the Mayor ALSO

      1. $2.5 million for TIGERS while underfunding the BBOE his ENTIRE tenure as Mayor.. No money for our children!!
      ( The community had to SHAME him into funding for transportation THIS YEAR ONLY) IT’S an ELECTION YEAR so he miraculously found $$$ to send to the transportation company refusung to commit for additional years in the BBOE budget.

      2. He gave our children an UNQUALIFIED ACTING SUPERINTENDENT over looking QUALIFIED contenders. The ACTING SUPERINTENDENT had to get a waiver from the STATE to take the job….. SMH

      3. Remember the FAKE National Search for POLICE CHIEF ? He appointed long time Friend AJ Perez above other QUALIFIED contenders. By the way He had to Hire a consultant to “HELP”
      AJ.. Still NO WORD on that report, (additional taxpayers money misuse)

      3. 29% tax hike.

      4. FAILURE to DENOUNCE HATE SPEECH from an ELECTED OFFICIAL, PASTOR and Community leader.

      5. Patronage jobs for unqualified campaign contributors.

      6 STOLE MILLIONS from Bridgeport. Taxpayers during his tenure, Has he made ANY RETRIBUTION PAYMENTS BACK for STOLEN FUNDS? Serving time wasn’t ENOUGH, in MY opinion
      THAT THEFT is STILL causing collateral damage to our City ( failed economic development and GROWTH opportunities)

      7 CONTINUES to LIE about having knowledge about the CRIMINAL and FRAUDULENT activities of the DTC operatives that support him. IT’S ON RECORD JOE, REALLY!!

      8. He’s ALLOWED OUR SENIORS and Marginalized POPULATION to be victims of FRAUD and CRIMINAL activities during EVERY ELECTION CYCLE to KEEP the Mayors position. Look at the Historical headlines!!

      CHEATING and STEALING are character traits he’s KNOWN FOR. It’s NOTED in HISTORY… READ the HEADLINES


      8. Using taxpayers$$$ and resources to run for GOVERNOR after given a second chance.

      9. FAILED MIRA Program. He’s benefited tremendously! What about the NUMEROUS others who completed THIS program.?

      And I’m supposed to BELIEVE HE is DESERVING of 4 more YEARS?

      These are SOME of the reasons I VOTE NOT ANOTHER TERM!!! (There’s a LOT MORE)

  9. Maria you nailed it!!! I DON’T agree with some of the things you say but I’m GLAD you called KIRK WESLEY OUT!!!

    THANK YOU!!!
    I had NO IDEA of HIS HISTORY….
    Doesn’t look good again for Moore but I’M STICKING WITH MOORE?👌👌👌👋👋👋

  10. Bingo Maria!… who in their right mind would hire this guy at this point?…. Moore would do better to just drop all this bullshit and go back to Hartford. In a way I’m glad Mario rigged this election again, it’s a scary thought what Marilynn would have done if she won.
    So here we are again Bpt,we are going to end up with a convicted felon running rampant for 4 more years. God help us.

    1. Maryland wouldn’t of won and thank God she didn’t. Because what is already come out on her shows all of Bridgeport what a terrible terrible manager she would’ve been. She is the person that would’ve been fired at the most basic job because she didn’t do the most basic thing because that’s what she didn’t do hear over and over again aside from the fact that she committed a felony perjury. Which makes me shake my head more than could ever even imagine.

      Marilyn Moore has absolutely no chance of being reelected as a senator and definitely never major after this is all over and that is probably a good thing for Connecticut and for Bridgeport.

    2. iii disagree Harvey. This reminds me of the last presidential election.

      Joe isn’t the ONLY CHOICE… Let’s see. WHO the OPTIONS ARE 👌👌

      We have an opportunity to choose
      Ganim incumbent
      Moore Write in (awaiting results may have line on the ballot)
      Jeff (I don’t know him) Write in

  11. Perhaps Marilyn figureed him out and was not willing to continue doing business with Wesly?? Perhaps he was paid and then kicked to the curb and now us trying to get in with the opposition? With the lack of information Kirk supplies, anything was possible.

      1. Ron, just a little tip.

        I am not sure if you and Donald realize this, but your assertions are not landing or sticking.

        OIB readers are annoyed and rather tired of your baseless posts.

        Please keep this little tip between us. 🙂


  12. Like McBride’s comment, we have to look at motive more they what is being said for the motive is at the heart of what it is suppose to be attain.

    Maria, flipped on Joe and other candidates, maybe Moore broke her word to Wesley? is his words factual? If he a scumbag are you say, well?

    It was not like people where told by Moore’s inner circle she would be on the ballot. JS

  13. Really, Robert,

    I publiclly criticized a candidate, that paid me as a consultant, while that candidate was actively involved in campaigning. When you asshole?

    I refuse to support candidates that LIE in order to gain my support. Candidates MUST be held accountable for failing to keep their campaign promises.

    I’m not the bad guy. The lieing politician is the bad guy.

    Shut the f_ck up you moron.

    1. Maria, you publicly criticized candidates you helped and supported. You may have not gotten paid, minus the money, what did Wesley do that you didn’t?

      I sense much anger in you. Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, suffering leads to the Dark Side.

      P.S you know what the say about “asshole”

      “Everybody loves you honesty until you are honest with them, Then you are an “asshole” ~ Plato 🙂

  14. You’re an idiot, and always have been. I have always found you to be an embarassment to the Portuguese community.

    I NEVER publicly criticized a candidate I was supporting while they were campaigning. Post ONE example of when I did such a thing.

    You don’t think there is a difference between somebody who is being compensated for their efforts vs. a volunteer?

    This guy has his own campaign consulting company.

    All I know is that your photo should be placed next to the definition of “asshole” and “moron” in the Webster Dictionary.

    You rarely contribute any relevant commentary on OIB.

    You are one of the two OIB posters that I rarely read. I do everything in my power to just pass over your comments and your dumb links.

    Don’t address another post to me.

  15. This is all quite interesting! On July 18th, Kirk Wesley signed a Consulting Agreement with my campaign as Republican candidate for Mayor. He had told me that while he had previously done consulting with Democrat candidates, he had become uncomfortable with the political trends of Democrat candidates and that he liked my candidacy. On the morning of the Primary Election as I was driving on Stratford Avenue to put yard signs at Dunbar School, I saw him standing in front of Moore’s campaign office. I stopped. He said he was just doing a little volunteer work.

  16. Ethan,

    Kirk Wesley signed a contract to work on your campaign on July 18th, but did he end up working on your campaign as a compensated consultant?

    Did he notify you he was terminating his contract with your campaign?

    At some point he was not showing up for work on your campaign. Did you reach out to him and ask him where he was?

    Can you expand on your interaction with Kirk Wessley?

  17. It appears Kirk Wessley is a complete fraud.

    Ethan Book has asserted that Kirk Wessley signed a contract with him as a Republican candidate for Mayor, yet this is what Kirk Wessley publishes about himself and his consulting firm:
    “Kirk Wesley is the owner of Wesley LLC, a grassroots mobilization and project management consulting company specializing in urban engagement and communications. Wesley has over 10 years of political campaign experience and organizing underrepresented communities around progressive candidates and initiatives

    What Republican could ever be described as “progressive?”

    Kirk Wessley is an absolute fraud that will sell himself to the highest bidder.

    1. Exactly, Wesley is a for-hire political consultant, and who does sell himself to the highest bidder.

      This commentary reflects it and is politically motivated as well. His consulting company brand gains nothing by this commentary. So I highly doubt he did for his own self-conscious.

      As too your motive for your seemingly viousiously attack on Westley. It has nothing to do with you and since you are a Jeff supporter for Mayor who feels Joe and Marilyn are not fit to be mayor. I ask why are you attacking him. there is an aways a motive.

      So soon to be my public city council member, Maria. What is your motivation for you to attack? Is it business or personal? 🙂

      I love to give my public officials advice. You are a seemingly an anger people, will smart, your anger issues are going to always keep you from your potential. You might need to see a consultant. Maria, apparently anger is a block wish. Hit the pillow. 🙂

  18. Maria

    WHY do YOU LOATHE GANIM, MARO and the DTC after supporting them in 2015?

    just trying to understand. what were the campaign PROMISES THEY FAILED for YOU? I didn’t live in Bridgeport in 2015.

  19. Kirk Wesley is a “vendor,” a person or company offering something for sale, also Kirk Wesley is a hired gun, an expert brought in to resolve complex problems or to lobby for a cause, “it is a chance for an insurance company’s hired gun to find some excuse to deny your benefits.” Kirk Wesley is now trying to clean up his act so that future clients won’t look at Wesley role in this election for mayor. XXXWesley said “a chance encounter with Senator Marilyn Moore at a Farmer’s Market in mid-July. She asked for my help and after a lot of consideration I joined the campaign for the final 4 weeks.” “After a lot of consideration,” what consideration, did Wesley reach out to the Ganim campaign to see if he could get a better offer? Look at Wesley timeline, he said he had a chance encounter with Moore in mid-July and he joined Moore’s campaign for the final 4 weeks, so it took Wesley 3 weeks to make his decision before he became the Field Director for the Moore campaign.
    Wesley said, “Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked on various campaigns in Connecticut and the Northeast, most notably serving as Deputy Field Director on Governor Ned Lamont’s campaign and the Field Director for Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s reelection campaign,” Wesley is name dropping to look good to potential clients after his poor job that he did on the Moore campaign. Is Wesley a true snake, sneaky, slippery, snitch, back stabber you make the call. It’s c.y.a. time for Wesley, cover your ass, blame Marilyn Moore for his failures.

    1. Poor job? Really? They won at the machines. I believe Wesley played a big part in that. Take your blinders off. The poor job was done by the candidate not getting on the ballot.

  20. Ron you seem to be partially correct. He gets paid to do what his does? Moore’s campaign was a total of 30 +weeks. We talk about a rigged AB’s system. My personal take Moore’s run has been a complete farce. There’s know way she shouldn’t have to been on the ballot. If she don’t win as a written candidate it was rigged for the start. Where it goes is not up to the voters. This is all just conjecture for those playing the politics. JS.

    P.S soon to be councilwoman, Maria I hope you get the help with those negative responses or yours. Calling someone a scumbag because his wrote a commentary about facts in not becoming of an elected office We are trying to raise the Barr .We the people deserve Moore. Teixiera out, BAM 🙂

  21. It troubles my heart to agree with Maria, but that Sambo Kirk Wesley is a scumbag who is merely looking for another paycheck from Mayor Ganim and the DTC. I heard last night that he has put out feelers to the DTC and thought this was the way to get in the door.
    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, while it’s against the law to buy a Black man, you can still rent one.

    1. Donald

      Sambo? I cracked up!!! I looked at his picture again and it’s something about his smile…

      Oh God FORGIVE Me but I can’t stop laughing.!! You guys are too much….


  22. A few interesting points about Kirk Wesley, Wesley connection with Ethan Book who a candidate for mayor in the Republican primary.

    It was bought to my attention that on 9/5/19 at Moore HQ above Joseph’s Steakhouse, Kirk Wesley boasted of his work on a campaign in Atlantic City, thanks to the field work he did, a great campaign but only they lost and they lost due to ABs.

    Kirk claimed the field work in the Moore campaign was ferocious. That in the East End alone, they, under Kirk’s 3-week leadership, had “knocked on 4000 doors.”

    Kirk proclaimed “We will not lose by ABs” in this upcoming primary to Ganim. “I don’t want to hear it.” How then could he be so wrong? Now let’s fast forward to primary day: Where was Kirk W all day? Due to his being unreachable, it fell on campaign volunteers to have to drive dozens of people to the polls.

    Was Kirk Wesley involve in “oppo research” in this primary election, opposition research (also called oppo research) is the practice of collecting information on a political opponent or other adversary that can be used to discredit or otherwise weaken them. Was Kirk Wesley involved in “oppo research” against Marilyn Moore?


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