Moore’s “Big Announcement” On Independence Day

On July 4th, three weeks from presumably hustling signatures to qualify for a September Democratic primary, mayoral candidate State Senator Marilyn Moore plans a “big announcement” at her Downtown headquarters.

On July 23rd the Democratic Town Committee will endorse candidates for mayor, Board of Education, sheriff slots, city clerk, town clerk and City Council. Mayor Joe Ganim has the endorsement locked up. The next day challengers start a two-week window to petition onto the September 10 primary ballot.

Will Moore announce her bottle-rocket primary intentions on the 4th? She has not specified if primary, straight to general election or a strategy for both.

News release from Moore:

State Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport, Trumbull, Monroe), has decided to set-off her own fireworks this Fourth of July by announcing her decision on whether or not she’ll be appearing on more than just the general election ballot in this year’s Mayoral race. With the September 10, 2019, primary growing steadily closer by the day, Moore has intrigued pundits by keeping the discussion on entering the primary open and ongoing since announcing her bid for Mayor this past January. Moore will make her announcement on Thursday, July 4, at 11:00 AM, in the parking lot of the Marilyn for Mayor campaign headquarters, 360 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport.

“Bridgeport deserves its independence. Our city deserves to be independent of backroom deals and back pocket governance. I represent the families who have seen the doors of City Hall slammed in their faces. Families who have called for help, only to be hurt. Families who have made the largest investments in their lives in Bridgeport, only to watch the City take them away,” said Moore. “So on this Independence Day, I will be standing in solidarity with the people of Bridgeport. I will be standing with people, who like me, have fought hard their entire lives to see a Bridgeport where every citizen is valued and where leading the city is an honored duty and not just a cushy job. I’ve been called ‘independent’ for my views and my actions, but I am confident that there are more people in Bridgeport who feel like I do, than not. This election is about them. It’s about us, as one Bridgeport.”

Now serving her third term in the State Senate, Moore has frequently been cited as “independent” since winning office in a 2014 primary. A Democrat, Moore has championed numerous pieces of legislation such as the recent $15 minimum wage increase and Paid Family and Medical Leave, while simultaneously serving as founder and Executive Director of the local women’s health non-profit organization, The Witness Project.



  1. Maybe she is going to announce her Board of Education slate which includes an “Amina Ayanna” who is affiliated with Achievement First Charter $chools, Democracy Prep Charter $chools, and is a Teach for America alum.

    The Working Families Party has lost their minds. Working Families is supposed to be opposed to privatization, charter $schools and by extension the “teaching arm” of Charter $chools,,Teach for a Little While, yet they are going to endorse this carpetbagger for the Board of Education.

    This is like saying I am against the KKK but I am going to nominate the head of the KKK to serve on the board of the NAACP.

    Those who support Charter $schools or Teach for America have every right to do so, however they should serve on Charter $school Governing Councils, not on true public school boards of education.

    I guess I will be working to defeat two of the members of this slate.

    Simply disgraceful.

  2. Maybe as part of an Independence Day theme she is going to proclaim her decision to preserve cash and forget the primary. Like the old electoral adage goes; ” Will you love me in November like you loved me in July!”

    1. That will not preserve cash. She will need even.more cash to bypass a Primary because she had to reach the thousands of unaffiliated voters in the city.

      Remember, every individual that contributed to Ganim’s Primary will have the opportunity to reload upto $1,0000 per donor for the General in November.

      1. You’re the one always saying that money doesn’t win an election. The proof will be in the pudding with her July 10th report. Have a nice Fourth!

  3. She has to run independently,no way she can win a smaller turnout election with the way Mario “manipulates “ absentee ballots.
    Absentee ballot manipulation, that’s how it’s done in Bpt.

  4. Bridgeport has many folks registered to vote. When it comes to election day do they come out to vote? Maybe 20%? Maybe 30% Maximum? Why is that? Well when Ganim, the “returning citizen”, made his “sorry” statement to those assembled on New Year’s Day at Reverend Stallworth’s church, many people left that day perhaps assuming that things would be different in an administration of a “returning citizen”? The Bar Association in CT or the legal system did not see this particular “returning citizen” as fit for approving a petition to practice law again. But voters trusted Ganim2 with a new gamebook and gameplan. He has not been OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT or fully HONEST about too much of City Governance. So an independent candidacy of a person with integrity seems overdue. Time will tell.

  5. Marilyn Moore Go right for the General and stay away from any Debate with Joe Ganim.
    Treat him like he is, a Lying Ex-Convict!
    Nothing out of his mouth will be the truth, all his good deeds he filch from Finch!

  6. I’ve seen a myriad of complaints about Mayor Ganim since his back to Jesus moment with most asking for change, transparency and rid of the strong arm tactics of the DTC. If that is what people want then the only answer to those desires are Marilyn Moore and nothing else.

    She’s the only viable candidate for change in Bridgeport as Rev. Stallworth isn’t a viable candidate for many reasons. People, you only have two options for the Mayor of Bridgeport, same old Joe or MOORE prosperity for Bridgeport. How sick are you of Bridgeport politics and the “that’s the way it’s done” attitude and how much to you want change. Marilyn Moore has all the credentials to be a great mayor and now all she needs is YOU!

  7. Bridgeport needs a resident to serve the citizens as mayor……….someone who knows this city through and through, it should be Chris Taylor!!!!…………….just kidding, that fool doesn’t deserve shit. This city needs someone who isn’t a politician, someone who can’t be influenced by a bunch of dicks with coffee breath thinking they are the 21st century version of a “mafia”. Teties and Ganim are both washed up hacks that don’t contribute anything to this community. Our schools need more funding, our police department needs less corruption, our streets need more paving. Honest to God, the best thing that could happen to this city is a clean slate. Get rid of all appointed positions at City Hall/Annex and most definitely get rid of all administrators in the Board of Education. Most “administrators” in both city and board of education are lazy and do nothing and hide behind their union for job security. Especially some with the mentality that if “we serve on the union leadership it’s impossible to lose our job”. Clean slate, that’s the only way this city will improve.

  8. Pretty direct. As opposed I am to City Hall and those employed by the BOE due to political patronage, there are some highly qualified employees in City Hall and the BOE.

    I don’t like to painst swathes of people with a broad paint brush.


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