Moore V. Musto II

In 2008, Marilyn Moore came close to defeating Anthony Musto in a state senate Democratic primary. She’s gearing up again.

Musto holds the tri-community 22nd State Senate seat that was occupied by Bill Finch when he won the mayoralty in 2007. Moore ran well in Bridgeport in 2008, while Musto ran up a large number in his hometown of Trumbull and also won Monroe. The district includes all of Trumbull, half of Monroe and the northern areas of the city from the Upper East Side, across the North End and West Side and takes in Black Rock. Musto defeated Republican incumbent Rob Russo, who won the seat in a special election, in the 2008 general election.

Moore describes Musto as a nice guy who’s disconnected from the issues voters care about, including his initial support of Jodi Rell’s (since withdrawn) proposed juvenile detention center on the Upper East Side. Musto reversed his position once he saw the neighborhood backlash. Moore says she will make a pass at persuading delegates to support her at the endorsement convention next month. If not, she says, she’ll wage a primary. Looking at the delegate list in Bridgeport alone it’s hard to see she’ll have much delegate support. The list includes party insiders such as Mayor Finch, Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, City Council President Tom McCarthy and a whole bunch more.  They have strong alliances with Democratic State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo of Trumbull, Musto’s political godmother.

Moore is a hard worker and aggressive campaigner. If Moore has any chance of winning she’ll need much more support in Trumbull where her political support and name recognition is minimal. If she goes through with an August primary she’ll be on the ballot in an anticipated Democratic gubernatorial primary that will include Ned Lamont and Dan Malloy.

Moore is the executive director of the Witness Project of Connecticut, a Bridgeport-based breast and cervical cancer program for African American women.

From Governor Rell

Governor Rell: Federal Grants Available For Local Firefighter Training, Equipment

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that $390 million in federal grants is now available for local fire departments and paramedics to help pay for training and new equipment and vehicles.

The Governor said the state Commission on Fire Control and Prevention has begun notifying the local departments of the application process and deadlines of the federal Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG).

“These funds will allow our first-responders to obtain critically needed equipment and emergency vehicles to keep their communities safe,” the Governor said. “There is nearly $390 million in grants available nationwide and I encourage Connecticut departments to evaluate their needs and apply. They can enhance operations and training without burdening local taxpayers.”

The AFG grants, administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, are available to fire departments and nonaffiliated emergency medical service organizations. The grant program began in 2001 to help firefighters and first responders obtain equipment, protective gear, training and other resources needed to protect the public.

Connecticut fire department can obtain more information by calling AFG assistance toll-free at 1-866-274-0960 or visiting



  1. Normally, we should be writing some version of Le Morte d’Anthony to describe the political future of Musto in a primary against Moore.
    But hey, if you are a Democratic leader, wouldn’t you want to own your very own state senator?
    After Jodi’s Juvie Jail, Musto should be pounded veal. But this is a party election. A lot of those annoying independent Democrats might not show up for an August primary. Organization counts.
    We know the mayor’s a lousy party politician and can’t deliver pizza, so that leaves it up to Mario and Nancy. This Moore is supposed to be a go-getter. Can the party sneak Juvie-Boy past the primary? If past the primary, past the Republicans? Do we care?
    Moore is too much of an outsider, probably a liberal, and might not be controllable. I’d say dunder-boy from the ‘burbs is the choice. I can hear the state senator now: “Hey Mario! Where are the croutons for the salad?”

  2. Dese, Dems, and Dose are going to have a tough time holding onto Little Anfernee and his Imperials in the general election. It could be Hammer Time.

  3. Too much has been made of Musto’s lightning-fast decision. He reversed his choice before many even knew it was coming–and it never did.

    None of his actions spelled problems for Bridgeport residents. In fact, he momentarily galvanized the opposition. In my book, quick thinking–even if it means a reversal–is a winner trait.

    1. It can’t be framed as quick thinking if he came out and publicly supported the project (and only reversed after public backlash). However, I do agree the ability to admit a mistake and reverse your position is a winning trait. It’s hard to tell if his reversal was reflection or deflection.

  4. *** Not enough voter backup for Moore against stacked political parties & money, to run against Musto who’s Italian & politically connected. She may run close but in the end, “no cigar!” However, Russo a Republican would probably fare better if he ran. ***


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