Moore Takes On Ganim For Mayor, State Senator Pledges Integrity And Transparency

State Senator Marilyn Moore is gearing up to challenge Mayor Joe Ganim marking the birthday observance of Martin Luther King Jr. as a formal entry into the race during a Monday morning announcement at Mount Aery Baptist Church. If she is successful she’d become the first African American to lead Connecticut’s largest city.

Unclear, according to a news release issued on Monday by Moore, if her challenge will be via a primary route or straight to the general election as a petitioning candidate.

“This will be a people’s campaign for integrity and transparency in our city government,” says Moore. “That’s what I believe in, that’s what I’m going to run on, and that’s what I’m promising as mayor.”

Moore, 70, enters the race as an underdog without strong, citywide organizational political support but she’s accustomed to that position. The healthcare professional upset incumbent Anthony Musto in a 2014 primary on her way to a general election win in Connecticut’s 22nd District that covers portions of Bridgeport, Monroe and all of Trumbull. She has since won reelection handily.

Musto, however, is no Joe Ganim, a seasoned retail politician who stormed back in 2015 to reclaim the job he was forced to resign in 2003 following his conviction on federal corruption charges. Moore represents the portion of Bridgeport where Ganim appears weakest–the north and western neighborhoods of the city including the high-turnout Black Rock precinct–hit hardest by the 2016 revaluation of taxable property.

Moore is not well known in the area of the city she does not represent, the eastern and southern neighborhoods.

Ganim’s in full reelection mode leveraging the power of incumbency in the cause of another four-year term, having already raised nearly $200,000. If Ganim holds the line on taxes, as he is expected to do in a reelection year, it will represent three straight years of no tax increase.

Moore is accustomed to raising small dollar amounts under the state’s public financing program unavailable on a municipal level. Candidates for mayor can accept a personal maximum contribution of $1,000.

Ganim will likely double what he has already raised and perhaps more. Moore will not match Ganim’s fundraising prowess. The key question is not what Ganim raises but what Moore packs into her challenge. Can she raise enough to be competitive? That means about $250,000.

Campaigns are about dear ol’ MOM–money, organization and message. Moore must spend the next few months building a campaign infrastructure of money, volunteers and rationale for running while balancing her duties as a state senator during an active legislative session that will include debate over electronic tolls, legalization of commercial marijuana, sports betting, education funding and potential gaming expansion with Bridgeport at the center of maneuvering between MGM Resorts and the state’s tribal nations that operate Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods. Moore supports an open, competitive process for a commercial casino with Bridgeport as the possible host city.

Ganim will continue his business of running the city extolling progress–real or imagined–as the well-financed incumbent. He’ll not take on Moore directly unless he sees her as a real threat. If that day comes he’ll selectively pick apart her voting record as a state senator that Moore must vociferously defend while making her case to voters why they should fire the incumbent.

Moore is the first high-profile candidate to challenge Ganim. Will she have company?

Supporters of retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez are urging her entry. If Lopez gets in she brings a skilled orator’s touch framing powerful contrasts. At this point that’s a big if.



    1. Why is she having to sit down with Lopez? For what reason? I am glad that she is a independent thinker. She doesn’t need her approval, nor does she need your approval.

      1. Stephanie Thompson, Senator Marliyn Moore doesn’t have to do anything that I suggest, she is a grown woman who makes her own decisions and Judge Carmen Lopez doesn’t have to anything that I suggest, she is a grown who makes her own decisions.

  1. Think of past municipal elections, of the times when you said:
    Who cares?
    What is the value of one vote?
    It does not matter?
    And then discovered that the DTC and the candidates they support without ever having the man at the top say why he has:
    Continued to stack boards and commissions with untrained and later unevaluated candidates who serve time well beyond reasonable expiry?
    Public information officers on the payroll, but they never conduct info sessions based on Annual audits where the public can ask basic questions and gain honest answers?
    Padded annual budgets with actual and potential personnel expenses which has allowed him to show year end surpluses (no increase in taxes)?
    Increasing commitments to Police Department expense including uncontrollable overtime, where half of the $102 Million expense is for benefits? Top heavy organization where dollars flow to folks who will live outside of the City forever? Too many non-police duties brought under control of PD with full-police pay and benefits?
    Perhaps some answers can come to taxpayers where dollars freed in some areas might provide a start at solutions in other critical areas? Time will tell.

  2. The way I see it. You’re not going see me at any of Mario’s fundraisers for Joe. Not after Mario’s pregnancy Joke. 🙂 Not to mention a $10 Ginger Ale. I sure the meal and book was worth it, right Jeff. 🙂

    She seems like the best possible candidate to dethrone Joe. Or at least the most interesting regarding the racial element. If Joe doesn’t get his deep pocket pals to secure the The Majestic Theater deal. There’s be a strong possibility he gets unseated.

    What makes this election interesting is the racial element in the world of Trump politics. Where are those Minorities players who supported white Joe of white Finch and who are they going to support. McBride stands out.

    PS. I won’t be surprised if this probe in the cities massive public’s department knocks on the DCT steps. Enjoy people.

      1. Because she stands out. I would be careful to talk against Rev. McBride Day and Ron might have a few words to say about it. #steven

        You putting Mario and Joe as one, shows you are not up to date. Joe was not wanted back. Or I’m not up to date, because I don’t think they really are getting alone as you think. They may work together but they don’t like each other.

        If the powers at be, be it left or right, transforms Pleasure Beach into a mega Resort Casino. It’s going to be in a world of its own separate from the city as a whole. The revenue generate for the city and development that will accompany such as development is truly going to determine the city’s future out look on it usage.

        Jeff, this is where Stamford and other cities come in to play. Just like how our own districts fight for positive and deter negative development in their district. They want it in their back yard if it positive and someone else if it’s not.

        Mario was really never for a casino and his time is almost up, and local politics will shift dramatically like our demographic.

        Personally I’m some what please the feds are going after the Public Works Department because the is the key department that is going to have the blight free, among others. But they have the most visible aspect.

        JML makes some points about wasted spending. Is it to much to ask to get some bang for our bucks.

        What policies and programs evolve. This is where time will tell.

        Just my opinion

        1. Give me a break. Testa and Ganim are Siamese twins. As for McBride-Lee,I will ask EVERONE to take a fresh look at McBride-Lee. McL was the first person who ran out and denigrated Senator Marilyn Moore.

          1. Give me a break. there is a famous quote. “The shot heard ’round the world.” This quote describes the start of the American Revolution. It was McBride-Lee who fired “the shot heard around Bridgeport.”.

          2. How many time do you think Mario visited Joe in prison? You may be right. Wherever!

            P.S. Why is McBride support of Joe any different they your for Moore.

  3. Mr. Lee,
    If what you say is true then there should be some type of over site committee to look into how and why money is being spent. Question how commissioners are selected their qualifications and term limits.

    This committee could question the chief of police why he is using police Officers for non police related duties and not to civilians. They could question the reason who worked overtime and why. Could overtime be cut by proper staffing or delegating tasks to a lesser rank. Every year the top earners for the city is posted so it is not hard to figure out who and what they made. The question is why and what did they do to earn it? Look back at the previous years and see if they made more or less than the previous years.

    Tough questions need to be asked how every dime is spent and where it goes. The tax payers can il afford to continue to bear the burden of poor city management and fiscal irresponsibility.

    Just my two

  4. It is up and running. A Facebook page for “Marilyn for Mayor.” Please like. There is video of Senator Moore making the announcement. I tried to share it on OIB but I could not do it. Maybe Lennie can get the video to OIB.

  5. Well this is fantastic news. I don’t think anyone that voted for her will care that she is running for Mayor a week after she was sworn in for Sate Senator. Imagine that, I am sure all who knocked on doors will be happy to do it again . Making the announcement on Martin Luther King day was a tad disappointing. Trying to make the Day all about Marilyn. Can she raise the money ? NO. She is not known in the neighborhoods she needs.

    This is a great opportunity for Aaron Turner to move back to my neighborhood and become the endorsed candidate for State Senator next time around.

    Her announcement will be forgotten as Charlie Stallworths. African Americans are not ignorant to vote for anyone just because they are black. Joe Ganim will take it to the streets and sice Moore is not known for anything that brings economic development and in the words of Mary Mcbride Lee , Moore has done nothing for the City. When it comes to braggadocio behavior she is second only to Donald Trump. She is a most eloquent speaker as most bullshit artists are. To a handful of supporters at her church she stated this is war! On Tuesday , we will all go about our business and wish everyone that wants to serve the city good luck. For those focused on the future we hope for another year without a tax increase, Forward motion on the Casino’s thanks to the Hartford leadership lead by Rosario and Santiago, still hopeful for the Homerun of the Poli- Majestic theaters. This will be an exciting few months of many many fundraisers raising lots of money. I can’t wait to scrutinize the list of all of the contributors to the Moore campaign. That is what we do on OIB and then we do character assassinations of character of those that contribute and make up stories. How boring it would have been for Ganim to run unopposed. This is exciting stuff even if it will all be forgotten tomorrow.

      1. Dennis is not a “servant” or “assistant” to anyone. He survives—just like Joe—inspite of what is thrown at him. So maybe they have that in common and maybe that’s why it’s kind of hard not to like them or root for them. I saw what those suburban people did to joe at the Governor’s forums. I heard what they said about Bridgeport—they laughed at you and he FOUGHT them. He stuck up for the city in a room full of rotten people. Not one person from the city was there—he didn’t need to fight—and he fought those people and pushed back—like a boss. He didn’t let them get away with it. He earned my respect and support that day. Love him or hate him—no one got away with dismissing Bridgeport or him. Rev. Stallworth is a passionate speaker—his keynote Saturday at MLK was fantastic. He inspired me. He’s a powerful voice reminding everyone the work is never done. Sen. Moore reminds every Dem to stick to our values. She inspires progressives everywhere with her message of equity and fairness. She’s got the heart of AOC and the poise of Marian Anderson. So much strength in the room, I wish there was a way to have it all working for the city at once. Politics is ugly, but you have some really beautiful people stepping up. There has to be room at the table for everyone. If not, smash it and build a new one. Hopefully, the finale will include everyone, somehow. Good luck to everyone.

        1. Ms. Manus,

          You are from Stratford and have no ties to Bridgeport.

          You were in charge of delivering Stratford to Dennis Bradley and were unable to do so.

          Why should those who reside in and are invested in Bridgeport listen to one word you have to say?

    1. Sorry Steve,
      I know a number of people (including 4 in my household) who voted for Senator Moore who care that she that she is running for Mayor, announcing shortly after being sworn in for a two year term.
      Moore wants to be Mayor of ALL of Bridgeport, currently she is State Senator for ALL of Trumbull and a fraction of Bridgeport and Monroe.
      I don’t want a replacement State Senator hand picked by the BDTC, the quality of their recent choices for state office leaves much to be desired (which is why I supported and contributed to Aaron Turner’s candidacy. Aaron bucked the establishment and lost, why would you even imagine they’d run him for State Senate in the 22nd?
      As taxpayers in Bridgeport, we are interested in the mayoral race, but I only actively participate in races where I vote.
      It will be interesting to watch what develops

    2. Over the years of reading comments on OIB, I sometimes wish I could get those hours back from reading Auerbach’s comments.

      I perceive a bit of chauvinism going on. It’s okay for the mayor to run for governor, but not okay for the state senator to run for mayor? I’ll be the first to tell you that women can multitask better than men.

      Who’s going to setup up the Auerbach pool? You know the one to determine how long it will take for him to support the new mayor?

      Enjoy your sabbatical 8 weeks away sounds dreamy.


    3. Hey Stephanie,

      How about trying to beat the shit out of me? For an old guy I still have some moves. Not that I’d need them, you candy ass wimp. You couldn’t beat a rug.

  6. For the 4 supporters of Moore on this blog. You will happy to know I will return from an 8 week vacation on March 21st.

    Mr. Texeira you are a ridiculous man as well as your 4 comments. I do not believe I have ever personally attacked you- Why waste my time.

    As I embark on a new path I will return in 8 weeks to see what going down.
    Mr. Mackey, I only speak for myself. I could never speak for an incredibly diverse community as the black community in Bridgeport. The have a mind of their own and I am certain they will vote accordingly. Most do not read the blog so your words are lost here.You must take it to the streets and work as hard as you did for Mary Jane Foster. You , Day , Walsh will take it to the streets the only missing super star is Andy Fardy. The only person that could have taken her over the finish line. May his memory be forever a blessing.

    Robert Texeira, Do tell us a gay joke. It has been a long while since I heard one . It it makes you smile and gives you joy by all means . Not sure what Bam means but for 8 weeks I will not be missing it. See you all 3/21/2019 G-d willing!

    1. Here’s a gay joke.
      “ ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. Leviticus 20:13 or Would this be consider. anti-semit

      You know what Jesus said about the the gays. Nothing, You’re welcome 🙂

      A time before a right wing host came out the closet to be a left wing host. 🙂

    2. Hey Stephanie Auerbach,

      Remember to vote for Donald Trump. He’s making American great again just how you want it, free of minorities, immigrants and environmental regulations. Enjoy your vacation. I’m sure Kool Aid and finger sandwiches will be available.

  7. Stephanie knows how to get the Black vote out, taking about being vacuous. Do forget she’s a 0’fer in the last six elections she supported so I guess that looks good for Mayor Moore. My check is on the way Mayor Moore.

    1. Don, is Steven Auerbach and Stephanie Thompson the same person? She thinks that she has such a good insight into the black community. Now they are on vacation like somebody cares.

      1. Ron,
        Please relax. Nobody is worried about you. I wish you would do more than just ride around in your Mercedes trying to look like a git, and actually get to work in the community, instead of just talking and stirring the pot online. Our young men need you to be a role model and not a HATER. I am back in full-effect. I thought that I would respond to you since you called me by name.

        1. Stephanie Thompson, there you go again, get your facts right, at NO TIME did I say that I ride around in a Mercedes. Also, once again NOBODY on OIB as EVER said that they know you or more importantly that they have seen you, hopefully you did have your meeting with Rev. Gaston and then he could post on OIB that he met you.

    2. Doris Day the down low Moore ass kisser. Is that fake news?? you keeping score of my wins? Dennis Bradley? Rosario? Herron? Defellipo? Stallworth, Lyons, Pannicia, Just to name a few of my wins but , who is counting?

      Doris Day( Donald Day) isn’t that a nice name for you? Doris Day has a ring to it. You could be a singer. “Once I had a Secret Love” Marilyn Moore. Come and kiss the ass of the woman you can drive around in your Mercedes. Doris Day driving Ms. Daisy- How do you like it Doris Day- Oh right- It doesn’t bother you because you have no friends on this blog other than Rhonda Mackey!. Doris and Rhonda-

      Still talking about Musto. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Well get out your Pom Poms it is time for the new group , The Malcontents to take their show on the road. Stephanie? whats in a name. A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, Straights and Gays , Blacks and Whites it is with great pleasure to introduce you to the new group going to war across Bridgeport. Doris Day, Rhoda Mackey and the woman with bigger balls than Donald Trump- Marilyn Moore- The singing sensation ” The Malcontents”, Performing in the city promoted by Lennie Grimaldi . OIB-

      One Stephanie = One Rhonda + One Doris–

      Hey if I ever run for office I am expecting all of these silly posts to be regrgitated because afterall this is Only in Bridgeport.

    3. Don,
      You’re right! I know a thing or two about how to organize and mobilize. I hope you made it to at least one prayer breakfast this morning. Because you can use some prayer. You and your friend, all you all do is ride around in your Mercedes with your muscle shirts wanting to be young. Child, those days have come and gone. It is time to turn over a new leaf.

    4. Donald,
      You are pretty vacuous. You lack intelligence and common sense. The bar is pretty low these days. You only need enough sense of a goose, which I suppose is the level of your intelligence, especially since your name is Donald. Similar to Donald Trump. I can’t expect much from you. Moving on from here. Donald, your candidate will not win. Any team you are on is doomed to fail.

  8. It is interesting that Pastor Bennett does not do politics in his church, yet the announcement was made in his church. Lopez claimed in her earlier op-ed that Bennett is the exception for black preachers. What does she have to say about politics happening in the church, now? She will not win Bridgeport, sorry. We are tired of the same old same, we need more young people to run. Fresh ideas. Fresh start.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, once again you don’t know what the facts are, Marilyn Moore WAS NOT speaking in the church sanctuary area of Mt. Aery Baptist Church. Of course if you have been to Mt. Aery then you could see very easily that it was NOT inside the church sanctuary.

  9. Rev. Dr. Anthony L. Bennett will acknowledge politicians when they visit Mount Aery, he will acknowledge members when they are running for office whether it’s state or local, but Rev. Dr. Anthony L. Bennett has never let a politician address our congregation from the pulpit nor has he ever endorsed a candidate running for office whether they are members or not. NEVER.

    I don’t know who you are but you don’t know diddly squat about Rev. Bennett, Mt. Aery or Bridgeport so may I suggest that you and Steve or Steve and you get your act together and just be yourselves. I feel sorry for you Stephanie, both or either of you.

  10. Donald,

    I have been to the church. It does not matter where she was in the church. The fact is she was in the CHURCH smart one! It does not matter what portion of the church she was in. Since your girl wanted to talk about separation of church and state, will she write an op-ed about Marilyn’s run for Mayor that took place on the CHURCH grounds? Tell me, Donald? It makes sense that you will be offended. You lack the courage to tell the truth. You are bias.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, so Martin Luther King Jr was a hypocrite when he was leading the Civil Rights movement in black churches and especially when he spoke at Riverside Church in New York City April 4, 1967, a year before he was shot dead when MLK gave one of his greatest speech about Beyond Vietnam.

      1. I had the honor to Meet Dr. King when he was invited to speak at the Congregation Mishkan Israel in Hamden in 1962. The address was in the social hall, not the sanctuary.
        Religious organizations have an obligation to repair or make better the world. That includes not excluding speakers because they have a political office or aspiration.
        This is not the same as endorsing a candidate or party.
        I do not believe clergy should hold elected office in a NON-theocracy. I have seen too many clergy enrich themselves through political involvement, rather than improve the lot of their congregations and neighbors.

  11. Stephanie Thompson, you are a NOBODY, nobody knows you and for the short time that you have been on OIB NOT ONE person has said that they know you or have seen you, NOBODY, you are a GHOST. Rev. Gaston please acknowledge that you have met with Stephanie Thompson.

  12. Ron,

    Speaking of hypocrisy, let me show you yours. So, when Dr. Gaston was being attacked on OIB, you seemed to be singing a different tune. He basically said what you are now attempting to say (except on your part with less sophistication and class). Ron, you stood next to Lopez and basically said that there should be a clear line between church and state. Now you are singing another tune. You sound like a sleazy, lying, politician in-the-making to me. Please let me know when you will throw your name in the hat for Mayor, so that I can wage WAR against you, since you have a track record of bending the truth. People can read through you run. Your time has come and gone.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, nobody cares what you say because NOBODY KNOWS YOU, NOBODY. You are just a joke for free entertainment on OIB because NOBODY takes ANYTHING you say seriously, not even Rev. Gaston. One would think that Rev. Gaston would speak out publicly about having met you but NOT even Rev. Gaston wants to acknowledge knowing you, NOBODY, so keep on entertaining us GHOST.

    2. Stephanie Thompson, once again you don’t know what you are talking about, please should me where I “said that there should be a clear line between church and state,”? There no attack on Rev. Gaston, those were your words, Rev. Gaston NEVER said that he had a problem with anything that I said instead t was you who decided to act like Rev. Gaston spokesperson but he ask you to stop making the comments that you were saying and once again NOBODY join in to tell you that you were right about anything, sad.

        1. Frank, you don’t have to do anything I suggest, you made a statement about the fixation of Rev. Gaston and I said asked him if he knew Stephanie Thompson because it is Stephanie Thompson who has made Rev. Gaston a topic.

  13. Ya gotta think of the future. Connecticut has promised to pay half of the Congress Street Bridge, right?
    How’s this? Sometime soon Lamont endorses Moore and announces the State will pay 100% of the new Congress Street Bridge!
    The tables are turned. Political thievery happens. Moore now “owns” the bridge’s new status and Ganim’s loss becomes Moore’s instant gain. She’d be acting as Mayor before the election.

  14. Dispute the ref’s call. Throw the red flag. It’s like an NFL instant replay.
    After extensive review, we’d need OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE that Mayor Ganim has done a fantastic job before voters reject Marilyn Moore’s appeal to be the next mayor.


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