Moore Raises $68,000 In Her Challenge Of Ganim

March 27, Moore addresses donors at fundraiser in Greenwich.

State Senator Marilyn Moore’s campaign for mayor raised $68,175 in the first quarter fundraising period, a robust beginning in her challenge of incumbent Joe Ganim, a relentless dollar dialer who hosted an big-ticket event Tuesday night at Brewport. Ganim had already raised about $200,000 leading into the latest reporting period.

The first quarter fundraising report is key for a challenger to show strength to encourage others to pony up. This is a solid start for Moore. The key question: can she maintain the fundraising momentum against an incumbent who’ll likely outspend her by at least 2 to 1?

Overall, Moore received donations from 671 individuals.

“I am very humbled and encouraged by the outpouring of support from people of all walks of life who agree it is time for new leadership in our city,” said Moore in a statement. “My contributors are social workers and teachers, food service workers and taxi drivers, attorneys and librarians, artists and police officers, plumbers and carpenters, the retired and the young in their careers. My support cuts across gender, race, age and economic status, and comes from Bridgeport and surrounding communities. I am very honored by the fact that in our great city of Bridgeport, over 300 people heard the call and came forward to donate what they could, with passion and commitment and a hope for a better future.”

If her campaign can replicate this pace–Moore began raising money mid February–she’d have at least  $200K to spend, presumably for a Democratic primary. The Moore camp has not specified if she’ll challenge Ganim in a party primary or via the general election as a petitioning candidate or standard bearer of a minor party.

Moore with retired Police Lieutenant Ron Bailey at Bridgeport event in March.

The deadline to file the first quarter report with the Town Clerk’s Office is Wednesday. The report will include names of contributors, amounts posted as well as where the campaign is spending money for staff, polling and other allowable expenditures.

As a state senator Moore is accustomed to raising small-dollar donations under the state’s Citizens Elections Program of publicly funded races not available on a local level, so this was a test to raise larger amounts. The maximum personal contribution is $1,000.

Moore has leveraged her contacts in the state legislature to help raise money outside the city with a series of events around the state including wealthy Greenwich.

State Rep. Charlie Stallworth is the other announced Democrat challenging Ganim. Stallworth, a city minister and early supporter of Ganim’s political comeback in 2015, had a falling-out with the mayor.



  1. This is real good news for the Moore campaign, it shows a number of things, first people are will to go into their pocket for Moore campaign, the newspaper and the media are busy covering Mayor Ganim and the FBI investigation going in City Hall about missing money plus how did AJ Perez become the police chief and who knows what else the FBI might find, mean while Marilyn Moore is going about being a State Senator and raising money for fight to become the next mayor of Bridgeport.

  2. State Senator Marilyn Moore is my choice to be the next Mayor of The City of Bridgeport. It will be necessary to find/organize volunteers throughout every neighborhood of Bridgeport who are willing to knock on doors time after time. It will also be necessary to challenge and push HARD against the Testa whores. The Testa whores are already locking up Twin Towers . The same effort must be going on throughout Bridgeport.


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