Moore: How Sour Is Your Pay?

Moore pay gap

Highlighting Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, State Senator Marilyn Moore on Tuesday will mark the occasion by hosting a “Gender Pay Gap Lemonade Stand” on McLevy Green Downtown. “The amount of free lemonade poured into each cup will depend on the person’s sex and race, thus representing the disparities in pay throughout Connecticut and the country,” according to a news release. (Note to Senator Moore’s flack, it’s “McLevy” Green.)

“Black Women’s Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far black women, on average, must work into 2018 to bring home the same pay as white, non-Hispanic men did in 2017–an additional 7 months! Equal pay is a drain on families, businesses, and the economy as a whole.”



    1. Ron Mackey , This is my lunch hour and I will be dining with former Mayor Mary Moran to celebrate her birthday. I hate Lemonade and this is just a ridiculous photo- op for Marilyn Moore. Maybe Mayor Ganim will attend this photo op. Probably not- he has work to do. I will bet Moore’s supporters from Monroe and Trumbull will enjoy the event. Ron Mackey, even you may get off your ass and be there to show support. Me, I do not need to be . Thanks to you and Day- I am no longer a supporter. She can win or loose. What she has done for the city of Bridgeport will not be missed. Just saying! But thanks for inviting me to her photo- op- I go to “Mclevy Green” for entertainment and Vegetables not lemonade! I am supportive of “the sisters” , Thats why we elect officials. Not to have a photo-op to acknowledge the obvious. Ron Mackey if in fact you are supportive of the sisters, please do take pictures so Lennie can upload and we can see this great event. YAWN!

      1. When former Mayor Mary Moran was in office there was a active Republican Party with Republican Alderperson like Linda Grace, Tom White and the President of the Bridgeport Board Of Education was a Republican even though the majority were Democrats. Sadly there is no loyal opposition with Democrats and there is no Republican Party with anything to offer outside of Rick Torres and sadly Rick made a terrible decision to run for mayor instead of trying to get reelected to the City Council where at least there would be one Republican voice instead of none. The first female mayor in Bridgeport was a big accomplishment and sadly the only female mayor in Bridgeport.

  1. State Senator Marilyn Moore sips the sour sweetest lemonade in America. She’s not qualified to explain the gender pay gap. Here’s what I mean:
    Never was she denied equal wages as a state politician.
    Never was she denied equal pay as a SNET employee.

    Her supporters should ask why she’s been omitted from the problems they face and why she’s capitalizing on their fears. Is she a true reformer or just a chronicler of their fate?

    1. What a dumb comment, 45 is out there speaking for the poor whites who have been left behind because some unqualified black or Hispanic got hired for a job that were there for whites only but 45 was never had that experience because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he’s there leader and spokes man.

      1. Watch Ron Mackey make history.
        If English ever becomes the official language of America, RM might be the first native born citizen deported to another country for “sustainable abuses detrimental to the native tongue”.

        1. I tell you what, you’re dumb ass knows exactly what I’m saying the same way that you understand and follow what 45 puts on his Twitter account every day.

  2. Whenever I see an article or some loosely defined demonstration about gender pay inequity, I think of the many research papers submitted in classes I instructed.

    A popular research paper was topics related to female pay inequity. Typically cited were academic, peer reviewed articles often citing detailed data that showed that females up to about age 28 typically had income higher than males. This was attributed to education, career choices and traditional family structure.

    Perhaps there has been research that shows why black women earn less. Could it be the jobs they perform due to their predominant education level? Could it be because they are on the ‘baby mamma’ track?

    Perhaps Senator Moore’s ‘flack’ can provide some empirical data supporting this claim along with the lemonade.

  3. Thank you Tom White and Stevie A. You remind me why I am proud to be a liberal.
    Perhaps you can do the research and share it with us and please, no bogus sources that say women enjoy doing minimum wage jobs so that they can go home and clean, cook and make babies. It’s their choice.

  4. I was for the most part indifferent to Moore until she failed to promote and fight for a casino in Bridgeport, yet she supported and voted for one in East Windsor. Millions for the museums, but no grocery store for the East End. That being said. I find her efforts lacking to say the least with regard to helping out her black constituents, in Hartford, Not that I don’t believe there is a pay gap between genders or even between the average blacks and whites. What is a lemonade stand to visualize what most people know to be a fact? How is going to help solve the pay gap issue? I find the race base sentiment disheartening. I mean are white women being paid more than black men, or is it black men getting paid more than their counterparts, black women, or is it white women paid more than black women? I’m not sure why race was injected in gender pay gap issue? And I really don’t understand why a visualization of the pay gap in the form of the amount of lemonade by just looking at their race and gender. I’m a middle age American male and you don’t even need a cup to gauge my paid, you can pour that lemonade in the palm of my hand. Keep your cup and save a tree. Payday my boss be like here 🙂 When they let me have a job. Sad but true.

    1. Mojo, 45 has made it fashionable for them to take off their sheep’s clothing” disguise and there’s no need for the dog whistle, they are proud to come of the closet a couple times. Now 45 is calling LeBron James low IQ along with CNN host Don Lemon because James is doing something that 45 is not man enough to do and that’s to spend his own money in opening a new public school. That’s what you call white privilege for low IQ.

  5. Since Stevie A is the self-appointed spokesman for Joey G at lest we know how Ganim feels about equal pay for equal work.
    And what exactly does Stevie & Joe think about Trumbull and Monroe. There are no blacks up their? Sorry Neanderthal Steve. There are plenty of minorities in our northern suburbs.
    Or does he think that only rich people live there and the wives just stay pregnant and in the kitchen? Again, sorry Neanderthal Steve. Even if they don’t have to work they may still want. Or they can at least sympathize with the cause.
    Why don’t you crawl back under the rock and another 100 years.

    1. Bob,
      It’s pretty evident that those who work in Bridgeport City Hall are under the impression that Senator Moore should devoting all her time to things that benefit Bridgeport.
      Senator Moore represents only part of Bridgeport, BUT she represents 100% of Trumbull. We expect her to work on things for our benefit as well.

      1. Marshall, you are correct, and that’s why she’s wasn’t supporting a Bridgeport Casino. Her mostly white Trumbull constituents won over
        her mostly minority Bridgeport constituents, and the city as a whole in regards to a casino. Gomes too, both were lukewarm to the prospect of Bridgeport getting a Casino. JS

        1. There are many reasons not to support a casino that have absolutely nothing to do with race.
          A casino on the Bridgeport waterfront is pretty much a non-issue with Trumbull residents. If it could provide the revenue stream to bail out Bridgeport and allow Bridgeport to self fund its schools that would be great. But if it became a spot of activity surrounded by blight a la Atlantic City it is not appealing.
          With the plethora of casinos, revenue and profits are falling. A Bridgeport casino may not be the answer

          1. See lord, this is what wrong with the world. There isn’t an honest one among us ????. You did program them to lie. “Dude look at that ass, she’s smoking”” OK” Marcus, first I was deal with your lie and then your BULLSHIT. To say a Bridgeport casino is pretty much a none issue for Trumbull, “OK” Now your BULLSHIT. Yes, there are legitimate reason for not supporting a casino. But that is not Moore’s position, she supports and voted for a casino in East Windsor, did she not? That being said. A casino in not the answer, especially when there’s really is no question. I will agree with you, a cheap sawdust casino is not what the city needs or any of the surrounding towns, likeTrumbull. I stated my vision, a massive self-contained resort casino on pleasure beach (I wouldn’t even place a parking garage on the island). How the city is run, or the surrounding towns, will be for the most part, by the elected officials. Damn Atheist????

        2. Robert T…
          Since it won’t let me reply to your further comment. I said a casino on the Bridgeport waterfront is a non-issue to most Trumbull residents. I never spoke about why Senator Moore does not support it. I’ve never asked. My point that her lack of support is not in response to the whims of the white residents of Trumbull.
          What is with all your religious references? I don’t mix religion and politics. In fact I wish all these ‘Reverends’ would sty out if elected politics. I think the Pope had the right idea when he ruled that Priests could not hold elected office and Berrigan had to leave congress. You don’t have top pay taxes, you don’t get to spend mine.

          1. You said a casino in Bridgeport is a non-issue to most Trumbull residents, and I said that it was a lie. Also, I said her lack of support for a Bridgeport casino was because of her support for her Trumbull constituents over her Bridgeport constituents. I agree with you on the Pope making the right call about Priests not holding elected office. It has been said, you should never talk about politics and religion. If we are going to talk politics, why can’t we talk religion also? Moreover, one doesn’t not check their religion conviction at the door if they run for office, unless you only one Atheist running and holding office. I was asked to stop my presentation on the existence of God and got kicked out of class for my Speech on the American Flag in my Public Speaking class at Norwalk Community College. Dame Atheist. Dame Atheist. 🙂

          2. *** Maybe she did not support it cause its not realistic now & never has been! Wake up & smell the coffee, dreamer! Not on your lifetime. ***

          3. Maybe, Maybe not, It’s amazing what people teach you. I learned a about Martin Luther King, and the assassination of him by a white man as when I was a kid, but it wasn’t until two years ago on social media that the woman who brought him into this world was also assassinate by a black man. A Bridgeport resort Casino maybe a dream but it’s not impossible, is it? People support dreams.

    2. Bob Walsh- go fuck yourself. Go back to Branford. Go on a blog in your neighborhood. I do not speak for Mayor Ganim- As you do not speak for Ned Lamont , Marilyn Moore, Mary Jane Foster or Bob Keely. you are a tired old man showing up at Ned Lamont Rallys wearing a button showing as much enthuusiasm as anyone that has to listen to his hig pitch rhetoric. I do not support Moore, I do not support anyone you support and I am certain you fit right in with the members of the lily white Branford community. Mybe you can taidse some money for Moore there? Maybe Lamont can hire you as a consultant on how to get the Black Vote- You are proud to be a liberal? seriously? you are a boring, miserable negative little troll that should meet his neighbors in Branford. Your days in Bridgeport ended with your support of the lunatic Bob Keely. Your comments are shameful , but you are a star on OIB- You are the reason people tune in.

  6. Bob Walsh are you the same Robert Walsh who was caught on tape mocking and debasing a black councilwoman, in one of the lowest forms imaginable, and who had a lot of support from many minorities, you know who you are. What part of your proud liberal cerebral cortex produced that racist rant? If it’s not you, Sorry, While we all like to set here and judge seemingly cops, and especially the ones who work and very troubled cities and neighborhoods, please remember none of you puts on a bullet proof vest before you go to work. And there’s a reason for it. I’m Glad to here the city (it should be a Federal law, Chris, Richard where are you) will be finally getting body cameras to go with their body arm, because just putting on a police uniform doesn’t make you a decent fair handed human being. Good luck people

    1. Robert Texeria, That is the same Bob Walsh. Despicable as he was – he still is. The councilwoman in question was Mary Evette Brantley. A very respectable woman that works for and defends children in the city of Bridgeport. Whats more shameful was that Ron Mackey signed a letter supporting Bob Walsh.

      Why not just sing the son- Is Massa gonna sell us tomorra– absolutely shameful — Bob Walsh go back to Branford. You can not help Marilyn Moore and you can be sure that Marshall Marcus in Trumbull will not be knocking on any doors soon.

      While we are at it. I want to say that the P.T Barnum reunion today was nothing short f phenomenal. Dennis Bradley , Mayor Ganim , Richard Deecken, Aaron Turner, Ed Gomes and Alfredo Castillo, Ernie Newton and later Lydia Martinez Martinez, The work and effort by the countless volunteers and people that donated was just amazing. The food was as every year amazing. Who wasn’t there? Past Mayors, Ned Lamont , Marilyn Moore – seriously folks!!! . I t was not a spotlight for them it was a reunion for generations of people that were raised and moved on from P.T. It was a honor to be there as it was year after year. It is always amazing at all of the racist comments attributed to me by the very people who never show up to support any of these great happenings in the city.

      It was very disappointing watching Ed Gomes a man I respect walking with his candidate Aaron Turner- Instead of introducing Aaron , a very articulate young man – he was talking absolute horrendous garbage about Dennis Bradley. A man that has spent his own time and money helping people all over Bridgeport all documented . Dennis Bradley spoke to the people , I have walked with Dennis and never once has there been a disparaging comment about his opponent.
      Walking Nob Hill yesterday it is clear that the mean spirited comments negative comments about Mayor Ganim and Dennis Bradley will in fact Backfire.

      Marilyn Moore didn’t have to show up at P.T. She has the back vote in her pocket and she is expected to deliver it to Ned Lamont- lololololololol.

      Rich Deechken was making his way around the P.T crowd. He had many students from the P.T crowd. Maybe he can make headway there.They love him. I work to put Democrats in office or I just don’t do anything. I did see a lot of buttons Democrats for Deeckens. That should concern Moore and her supporters on the blog that sit on their asses. Mary Morn won by people that wore pins that said Democrats for Moran. A Republican never wins in Bridgeport. A Democrat looses.

      To be clear to Mr. Walsh- I will not be baited further like I was when I supported Finch. I am not Ganims Spokesmen. I am not an important component of his campaign. I am just a supporter because I believe in Bridgeport and pretty much every single person I know and those doors I knock on that know me- Know where my head is at. Always putting Bridgeport First. This is a moment . An opportunity to put a Bridgeport Man in the Governors office and bring the development and money home to Bridgeport. Mr. Walsh, I understand living in Branford, Bridgeport’s Future is really not an important issue for you. Putting Bridgeport First! That should be the battle cry!!

      1. Steve, I don’t think people want to know where your head is, Steve get over it, Marilyn Moore beat your guy Musto and it’s hard for you to except that white voters in that district that she serves put her into office. Still waiting Steve to tell what Ganim has done for those in PT Barnum Apartments? We all Need hasn’t done anything because he hasn’t been in power like Ganim and his do nothing self.

  7. Oh Tom being White there you go again. Almost half (44.7% of the white women aged 25 to 35 in 2015 have completed four years of college and about 37% of black women completed college during that same time frame. Not that big of difference.

    Tom being White, there is irrefutable empirical data that says there is a gender pay gap in America. Now you, Tom being White wants us to believe that white Male corporate America is saying that we’re only going to this to white women and not hurt Black women and pay them the same salary that we do other white men. I keep asking myself does 45 think about shit before he opens his mouth and I’ve come to the conclusion that like you, he’s either that stupid or really doesn’t care. Which one are you?

    1. Day, what were those number under Obama? Did they dramatically declined for blacks and increased for whites since 45’s election TWO years ago? Day, as a black person, please tell us why there’s a lower completion rate for black women? Is it accesses? Any graduation rate for any gender or race is not about pay equality. pay equality is not about job pay equality, If your a doctor you are not going to get pay as a nurse, regardless of gender or race. It’s about equal job, equal pay. Day please answer my question about the completion rate among black women because that something you can work from to increase it. If you and I went to that lemonade stand. who’s should have more lemonade in their cup?

      1. I say should because apparently and suggestively based on just looking at my skin tone to yours, my cup would have more, but you as a retired Bridgeport city firefighter I can say that is not the case. JS

    2. Another brilliant dissertation from the self-proclaimed afrocentralist. Maybe he will qualify for a full cup of lemonade. of course there is a gender pay gap and there are factors that explain it.

  8. Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn said on Meet the Press that women “don’t want” equal pay laws.

    I’m pretty sure none of the woman I know are against equal pay for women. It’s an incredibly stupid thing to say. But if she’s really against it, I suggest Congress starts paying her less. I’d like to see her walk her crazy talk.

    In 2012, a new Paycheck Fairness Act failed in the Senate after receiving nay votes from Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Susan Collins (R-Maine). Lord have Mercy.

    1. Jennifer Buchanan, as a Republican you call it on what’s best for the voters no matter what. Some issues are not Democrat or Republican but what is best and unfortunately we don’t those types f Republicans on OIB, we need a Republican Party here gives the voters a choice of viewpoints on what’s the best for Bridgeport.

  9. Marshall Marcus, you are addressing a damn fool who thinks and tries to be clever in his posts, but lacks the intellect do either. These fools further think that Senator Moore has but one obligation and that is to the residents of Bridgeport to the detriment of the other cities that she represent like Trumbull.

    With respect to the casino, these fools know very well that Senator Moore supported the casino in East Windsor long before the casino in Bridgeport was a conversation or yet proposed yet they continue to spread this false narrative as if you say this lie long enough then it will become the truth.

    Marshall, you’ve been a poster on OIB long enough that you can differentiate between the liars, the fools and the assholes. To the asshole, Bobby made his reference to Sybil Allen not Evette Brantley which the Black community fully understood why he said what he said. No harm no foul.

  10. What a fool believes:
    I’ve been here long enough to know I’m a fireman of merit. Here’s why:
    I put out the kind of flames that cannot be extinguished with a hose and I start the kind of fires that brighten the way to freedom.
    I have ample value and no cost.
    I make the best firehouse chili in the history of pots and pans.

  11. Day no harm no foul for councilman Walsh in his racist remarks, does that apply to the captain, and his texts, not sure who he sent them too though? Day were you being a Fool, Lair, or an Asshole when you said “black people will never vote for a Puerto Rican and white people love Moore”? Clever? No Just calling them like I see them. BAM 🙂

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