Moore: Facebook Post For Stimulus Fundraising “A Bad Mistake”–Brown: Only Because She Was Called Out

State Senator Marilyn Moore is walking back her now-deleted Facebook post: “When you get those stimulus checks, make sure you save some for Moore for Senate 2020. Just sayin’.”

She’s calling it “a bad mistake.”

Some of Moore’s staunchest supporters have pushed back on OIB breaking the story arguing it’s just a joke. Really? Then why the apology?

Others assert they advised her to apologize including supporter Tony Barr who is prone to outrageous rhetoric: “I told her that was way out of line.”

Moore’s Democratic primary opponent City Councilman Marcus Brown says her apology is insincere. From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Moore in her apology said the statement had become “political fodder.” The post garnered a lot of attention and was prominently featured on the Only in Bridgeport website.

… (Marcus) Brown in an interview Tuesday called Moore’s apology “insincere” and criticized her for only issuing it “after she was called out.”

“There are so many people out there struggling to pay rent and buy groceries,” Brown said. “For any politician to be asking for any of that (money), their thinking is out of touch.”

That echoed a criticism Ganim’s supporters lobbed at Moore during last year’s mayoral race–that she was not familiar with the poorer neighborhoods or with inner-city residents. Moore at the time argued she had a long history of community service that proved such allegations false.

On Tuesday Moore said her original Facebook post was intended to be “satirical” and ended up being “a bad mistake.” She also claimed she has not actively sought any campaign dollars since mid-March because it would not be appropriate during the crisis.

Full story here.



          1. RUMOR MILL:
            I just got off the phone with Bob Dylan who reminded me that Bob Halstead was talking about a time of voting booths as opposed to the checklists of today. In response to Bob’s complaint Dylan said maybe the vandals stole the handles.

          2. No not that one. I’m referring to Town Committee elections-two of them I was on in the 132
            Lennie a lot of great people worked very hard and made a lot of sacrifice on those elections! To be lambs led to the DTC slaughter and still have to get crap from people like you and others on this site who just talk and don’t actually get out there and try to change things because it is foreign to you that people like me don’t have alterior motives
            Altruism: look the definition up
            And don’t forget the latest victory at the polls:
            Kyle Langan
            While we are at it, let’s go back to Phil Blagys 2013

          3. So, Bob, I don’t talk I write. It seems like you received a blood transfusion from Bob Keeley who’s lost about 10 elections the past decade. You, like Keeley, don’t put the work in and then blame everyone else for your laziness. You worked for the Ganim campaign in 2015, you extolled the virtues of the former mayor and then when he returned to office and didn’t offer you a job you were off the ranch and have since barbecued that diabolical political organization. If you were on the payroll it would be Ganim is good, Ganim is great. Bottom line, you’re lazy.

  1. Looking back now at everything 6 months later,as bad as it is,with Mario&Joe running roughshod over our city,can you imagine what a shit show we may have had if Marilyn didn’t change her mind about wanting to be our Mayor,and didn’t quit on us?? Yikes!!

      1. Even with a party nod, MM couldn’t get on the ballot.
        In politics, redundancy is a core success trait. It’s a standard part of many victories — ask any historian.
        She had it but didn’t use it. Harvey suggested it was intentional. I feel the same way. She sensed the approaching army of Ganim and retreated to the comfort of a write-in attempt.

  2. See how wrong you are Harvey when the resident drunk agrees with your asinine assessment. You and the drunk keep hold onto your righteous indignation when ya boy Mayor Ganim raises the HELL OUTTA TAXES. Up, up and away… You know I’ll be right here to remind you Harvey!

  3. LE, I know that you don’t beieve in facts, instead you just want be a manly man with your comments.

    In September 2015, twelve years after his conviction, Ganim won the Democratic primary, making “a big step toward completing an improbable political comeback.” Ganim defeated two primary opponents: Finch, the incumbent mayor, and University of Bridgeport vice president Mary-Jane Foster, co-founder of the Bridgeport Bluefish minor-league baseball team. Ganim received 6,264 votes, Finch 5,859, and Foster 1,177. Bill Finch lost to your guy by 405 votes, Marilyn lost by 270 votes, these numbers includes absentee ballots. LE, where is your righteous indignation of Bill Finch?

    In the days after the primary election, Finch sought to run in the general election under the “Job Creation Party” ballot line, while Foster announced she would not seek to appear on the general-election ballot as a petitioning candidate. However, Finch’s campaign missed a filing deadline, and he dropped out of the race; Foster jumped back into the race, receiving Finch’s endorsement. Oh, that’s right, it’s Marilyn Moore who didn’t know how to run their campaign. Again, it’s obvious you know very little about history of voter fraud. Below are just a few cases where Joe Ganim recieved the benefit of voter fraud. Sybil Allen and Lydia Martinez have been rewarded by Allen being on the Bridgeport Board Of Education from being a member of the City Council and Martinez now moving from the City Council to the City Clerk. The cases below only show the times that they were caught.

    Christina Ayala:
    Former state representative Christina Ayala pleaded guilty to two counts of providing a false statement and was sentenced to a suspended one-year prison term followed by two years of conditional discharge. Ayala had voted in a series of elections, including the 2012 presidential election, in districts in which she did not live. When confronted about residency discrepancies by state investigators, Ayala fabricated evidence to corroborate her false residency claims. Before agreeing to a plea deal, she faced eight counts of fraudulent voting, 10 counts of primary or enrollment violations, and one count of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. As a condition of her plea deal, she is barred from seeking elected office for two years.

    Sybil Allen:
    Sybil Allen, while serving as a Democrat on the Bridgeport Town Committee, engaged in a range of absentee ballot-related fraud. Allen completed ballot applications in the name of residents, forged signatures, and on at least one occasion got a voter to forge a ballot registration form for a family member who no longer lived in the community. Allen also told one voter that a candidate was not on the ballot and watched voters fill out their ballots before taking possession of them. Allen eventually agreed to pay a civil fine of $5,000 and was barred from running for re-election for two years.

    Lydia Martinez:
    City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez admitted to illegally assisting in the filling out of absentee ballots, as well as encouraging those not eligible to vote absentee to do so. Martinez targeted residents of an assisted living home, Harborview Towers. She was ordered by the Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission to pay a $500 fine. This was not the first time she was fined by the Commission: In 2008, she was found liable to pay $664 to the Citizens Election Fund for the excess expenditures her campaign committee made for her failed run for the State House.

    Ronald Caveness:
    As part of a “get out the vote” campaign leading up to the 2000 election, Ronald Caveness admitted to distributing absentee ballots, being present while people filled them out, and then collecting them. After an investigation by the Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission, he agreed to resign from the Democratic Town Committee, not seeking re-election for two years, and pay a fine of $4,000, which was eventually reduced to $1,000.

    1. Ron Mackey,
      Before you decide I don’t believe in facts, make sure have an understanding of the truths involved and the manly man response I’m prepared to give.

  4. Isn’t this is the same Marcus Brown that ran with Kyle Langan and won as disrupters — someone who’s trying to progressively push the city and party forward while excoriating the DTC as the manipulative body that it is? Isn’t this the same Marcus Brown that in turn shit of Kyle the very next election to run with Evette Brantley, a loyal Ganim/Testa and DTC disciple?

    Marcus Brown has shown that he can’t be trusted with his friends so how in the hell can he be trusted in the State Senate where the good and welfare of the city is involved? When a person shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM! MARCUS BROWN HAS SHOWN YOU WHO HE IS, and now the ball is in your court Bridgeport.

  5. So did Brian have to pull teeth to get Marcus’s reaction the the Facebook page? It sure seemed like it.
    There’s no outrage there. It’s all made up. I f it was real it would have been immediate.

    1. If you ask Mario Testa a question just look at Marcus Brown’ s mouth and he’ll answer the question because that’s how far Mario has his arm and hand Marcus’s ass.

  6. LE, CT liquor stores delivering during coronavirus quarantine. All deliveries of alcohol require a person 21 years or older, with proper identification,to be present at the time of delivery.

  7. Lennie, she probably apologized because you and others made big f,ing deal out of her trying to ramp down the mode of gloom in America with a little levity.
    It appears as if the cancel culture is alive and well in Bridgeport and OIB! GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN!

    1. DD, she apologized because she wanted to. Now, if her apology was disingenuous, please let us know, and I’ll continue to write more stories. You call that levity? I call it insensitively disengaged from reality. If it was Ganim who did that you’d be killing him. Marilyn Moore is so inefficient she needs you to answer for her? She can answer for herself. Oh, that’s right she did with an apology. She was a terrible mayoral candidate. So terrible that all she had to be was ordinary to take out Ganim who ran a terrible primary race. Marilyn Moore lost the mayoral race because of Marilyn Moore. You want to blame the city electorate. No one to blame but Marilyn Moore and I’ll throw in, just in case you’re wondering, Sauda Baraka.

  8. So Len, what proof do you have that I am lazy and did not put the work in?
    We won two Town Committee elections are the machines in spite of going against the DTC. I won the 132 election in the 132 in 2013. That was all my hard work that you don’t mind trashing
    So what is this amnesia you have?
    you are delusional and make up stories
    Skip Rastas told me how disingenuous you were in getting the Harbor Hut off Steelepointe
    Name calling, I.e. calling me , “lazy will not erase your past
    You are dishonest, period.
    I don’t have amnesia like you do
    You went to jail for corruption
    You were part of the corrupt Ganim team: Coyne, Pinto, Bannon, Lenocu, etc
    It’s a corrupt cesspool that you thrive in, Lenny
    So I’ll wait your reply on how I won those three elections at the polls.

    1. I don’t know where to start to address your numerous lies. But I will reiterate that my history is an open book. If you want to bring up stuff from 20 years ago that’s fine. You had no problem in 2015 supporting “the corrupt” former mayor. That corrupt former mayor did not offer you a job. You recoiled in anger. And, yes, you are lazy. You don’t put the work in and you use people all the time in an attempt to achieve your failed goals.

  9. Lennie PLEASE, she apologized because you and others changed her narrative to meet some kind of insensitive shit inside your own dark recesses of your convoluted minds.

    As to why she lost the mayoral election, a black woman who failed to get enough signatures was a more egregious than a white man who violated the public trust, who stole and lied and who went to prison for nine years was a better candidate to be mayor of this illustrious city. C’mon man you insult what little intelligence that I have trying to perpetrate that bullshit you’re trying to tell me. I love you like a play cousin, but that’s straight up bullshit bruh!

    1. Don, again, where is the righteous indignation of Bill Finch when Joe Ganim received 6,264 votes, Finch 5,859, and Foster 1,177. Bill Finch lost to your Ganim by 405 votes and Marilyn Moore lost to Ganim by 270 votes. Finch’s campaign missed a filing deadline for the general election and he dropped out of the race.

      1. Righteous indignation implies/requires/demands injustice. On Finch’s part or MM’s role, I see mistakes but no injustice.
        Understand your words before you run your mouth.

    2. If you’re not afraid to diss Lennie, I’m not afraid to diss you.
      This is OIB. We’re here to perpetuate the legend. If you’re not prepared to meet that challenge, wait outside.
      Just because someone’s internal narrative differs from yours doesn’t mean they’re wrong.
      Your case must be airtight and meet the approval of the OIB blogoshere. This blog is a filter. So far, your attempts have been abysmal and unconvincing.

      1. LE, if I get out of line on OIB Lennie will say it on OIB or he’ll email but this is a way street, I have no problem with letting Lennie know that on OIB and by email. Local Eyes are blind to the Afrocentric perspective.

        1. Historical update
          1965 was the year I started financing the Afrocentric experience that later became the Afro perspective. January 20, 1981 was the year my subsidies ended.
          At that time I was replaced by sovereign nations with names like Japan and Germany. . My subsidies never required my country to borrow a penny. Understanding the difference between deficit spending and deficit borrowing is key to understanding my contributions to today’s affairs.
          I was an original venture capitalist for a program aimed exclusively at Negroes. So successful were my subsidies that Negroes were soon replaced by blacks who exhibited black pride which became a story line for years to come.

  10. Paul, I guess it’s five o’clock somewhere so drink up! You good now Paul, so you think Lennie needs you to ride to his rescue when you think he is being dissed? PLEASE FOOL stay in your lane as this blog prospers on opinions and being able to offer a unique perspective from an Afrocentric perspective, Ron and I are valuable assets to OIB. The perspective of a drunk is only valuable in sending the message that brain cells are destroyed by an abundance of liquor.

    I’ve known Lennie for a minute so I would suggest that you let Lennie be the grown ass man that he is and let him address me or anyone else should he feel dissed by me or any other poster because, HE’S A GROWN ASS MAN! Lennie, stop me when I’m wrong!

    I NOW see where you’re coming from, kick the Black men as you said nothing to Bob Halstead who excoriated Lennie about his past. You said nothing when Bob said, “It’s a corrupt cesspool that you thrive in, Lenny.” Where’s that righteous indignation that you presented toward Ron and me or is it only reserved for Black people, BIGOT!

  11. Ron, you read how’s good Paul has been to us NEGRO’S, he’s such a good white man. ☻ What can this good white man do to help us NEGRO’S in the 21st century because LORD knows weez can’t do ourselves, Charlie Bo Bo.

    1. Don, yes I see how good he has BEEN to us NEGRO’S. He’s like President 45, as long as you kiss his ass and you don’t say anything against him he will be good to NEGRO’S, well Paul you can kiss my black ass.


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