Senator Moore: Save Some Stimulus Money For My Reelection Campaign–Offers Apology To Offended Constituents

UPDATE: In the weeks ahead most Americans will receive stimulus checks, up to $1,200, from Uncle Sam. State Senator Marilyn Moore snarks on her Facebook page, save some for me.

Misplaced humor or not (Moore has deleted the post), people are suffering, many don’t know if they can make the rent, car, mortgage payment. Jobless claims are unprecedented. Meanwhile Moore receives her state pay and perks during a pandemic while making light.

Imagine if a high-profile pol issued a similarly obtuse declaration on Facebook?

Marilyn Moore with political operative Tony Barr, one of the faces of her 2019 mayoral campaign.

For Moore, it’s another in a series of glaring gaffes that cratered her mayoral run in 2019. Oh, I must have left the petition sheets in the drawer; oh, someone else did it; oh, let’s hire a recently convicted absentee ballot operative to run our AB operation; oh, file a lawsuit contesting the primary but don’t put my name on it.

Moore is a heavy favorite to win reelection, given the advantages of incumbency. City Councilman Marcus Brown is challenging her in an August primary in a district that includes Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe.

Still, her self-inflicted blunders have done plenty to undercut credibility. She’s loaded other crude cracks on her Facebook page during this health emergency.

It’s why enough voters, some even anathema to Joe Ganim, said no Moore of this.

OIB reached out to Moore for a comment. No word.

She posted this apology Sunday night on her Facebook page:

I just took down a post regarding the stimulus checks for the following reasons: It was not meant as a serious request but an attempt to shift the conversation away from the heartbreaking coronavirus statistics. However, it seems like it’s become political fodder. I’ve not asked anyone, friend or family for a contribution during this pandemic and also noted that if I received a stimulus check, I would donate it. I apologize to my constituents and community if they were offended.

Paging Soupy Sales “green pieces of paper.”



  1. As Bond Commission co-Chair Marilyn Moore caters to the one-percenters. Thanks to the current deflation those bondholders must be grateful to MM for enriching their wallets. Her signatures are all over Connecticut’s $81B debt, which will cripple us for years to come.
    Meanwhile, the other 99% are urged to ignore the wolf at the door and give generously to her campaign, even though she “can live any where she wants”.

  2. Soupy also had a shtick where he would say: “How Come Every Time I See F, You See K? ”

    Marilyn is always telling her Peeps to “Stay Woke!” She needs to Wake Up!

    Good Luck Marcus!

    You can believe in Brown!

  3. Lennie, Soupy Sales’ “green pieces of paper” is a real good analogy of Marilyn Moore trying to be humorous but she didn’t have a punch line at the end. As we go through these trying times we need to have a sense humor and to Marilyn leave the humor to people like the late Soup Sales.

  4. I concur Ron with your observations with this being an attempt at humor during these trying times. Leave it to good DTC members and LOYAL GANIM/ TESTA disciples to make this a rallying cry for Marcus Brown. Isn’t it bad enough that you damn fools got Mayor Ganim for another four years, now you attempt to muddy the waters in the Senate election. Just love Mayor Ganim and Mario as much as you do now when he taxes your ignorant asses to death!

    1. Challenging the incumbent isn’t muddying the waters”. It’s part of Democracy.
      Furthermore, you are dependent of a bankrupt institution whose Mayor upholds your BFD contract on a monthly basis. Your ungratefulness can be measured in dollars and cents. You’re part of the American made, Soviet-style, command economy.
      Whose ass is ignorant now?

      1. LE, try getting your facts straight before you run your mouth. Bridgeport firefighters in who are/were in “Pension Plan “A” had 8% of their weekly pay deducted from their check every week. That 8% was placed in the City’s general funds instead of a separate account with interest being earned on that account but instead that money helped pay for expenses like roads, schools, keeping City taxes low among are City expenses. Firefighters and Police Pensions Plan “A” gave theCity a interest free loan all those years.

        1. It was never enough!
          Since inception, Bridgeport has been forced to make contributions to Plan A every year. For acting as your agent, you should throw a parade in Ganim’s honor!
          What you call an interest-free loan is (propaganda) inadequate to cover its costs.
          Here’s the worst part:
          Your plan is guaranteed irregardless of the pension’s performance. Subsequently, it’s not hard to imagine 50% of all Bridgeport tax revenues going to retired city employees.
          I know more about Bridgeport than you do. If you disagree, use these pages to prove me wrong!

          1. LE, I know it’s hard for you to understand but try to address what I stated, “That 8% was placed in the City’s general funds instead of a separate account with interest being earned on that account but instead that money helped pay for expenses like roads, schools, keeping City taxes low among are City expenses. Firefighters and Police Pensions Plan “A” gave theCity a interest free loan all those years.”

  5. Lennie, there’s a posting from Moore where she states that she is donating her stimulus money to charity. I reminded her that she now has more time to file the federal taxes for the Witness Project.

  6. What a hoot that Marilyn is!…Personally I would never give my vote to her ever again after what she did last cycle..

    P.S. Ron/Don,please don’t give me the “speech”,I know your position..

    1. Uh-uh..
      I’ve got one of those high-IQ asses.
      I’ve got more brains in my buttocks than you have in your skull.
      If you disagree, make a statement of your own or prove me wrong.

    1. LE, you do what you want, your reply to my first question in which you didn’t reply to demonstrates that you didn’t want to answer my question or you didn’t understand the question.

      1. Hey hey, let’s not go there!!!!!
        I left some serious questions to CERTAIN persons here on other topics and they left it on the table as well. It appeared to me that this person either didn’t really have a good answer or they did an M C HAMMER on it……..”can’t touch this!”


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