Moore Defeats Costantini For State Senate

Moore, Blumenthal, Ganim, Malloy
State Senate candidate Marilyn Moore campaigning in front of Wilbur Cross School with U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal, Probate Judge Paul Ganim and Governor Malloy.

Democratic State Senate candidate Marilyn Moore, who knocked off incumbent Anthony Musto in an August primary, has defeated Republican challenger Rick Costantini in Connecticut’s split city-suburban 22nd State Senate District, according to unofficial returns.

“It’s indescribable how you feel after you’ve worked so hard, so many people coming together,” she said. “It was a team effort.”

Moore ran up huge pluralities in Bridgeport precincts countering Costantini’s suburban advantage, according to unofficial returns. Moore’s Bridgeport vote tally was 7345 including absentee ballots. Costantini received 2501 in the city. Costantini won a suburban plurality of roughly 3,000 votes. The district includes Trumbull and a small portion of Monroe. Overall Moore won by roughly 1900 votes.

For instance, Moore defeated Costantini in the heavily Democratic Wilbur Cross precinct 1025 to 78 votes. Moore also performed stronger in the suburbs than many political operatives had expected, making personalized phone calls to unaffiliated voters.

State Senate precinct results, unofficial:

Black Rock: Moore 923, Costantini 515;
Central: Moore 948, Costantini 361;
Blackham: Moore, 1539, Costantini 583;
Aquaculture: Moore 425, Costantini 94;
Winthrop: Moore 1150, Costantini 566;
Wilbur Cross: Moore 1025, Costantini 78;
Park City Magnet: Moore 774, Costantini 200.

Middlebrook (Trumbull): Moore 1474, Costantini 2153.

Statement from Mayor Bill Finch:

“It’s a big night for our city. We’re thrilled to add three new members to our state delegation. Marilyn Moore, Chris Rosario, and Andre Baker are clearly ready to fight–in Hartford–for making Bridgeport a place where more companies want to invest and hire people, and where more families want to live, work, and raise their families.

“Marilyn Moore won a tough primary, and a tough general election. She’s also one of the strongest advocates for social justice issues that I’ve ever seen. She’s clearly going to be a champion for Bridgeporters up in our state capitol.

“Chris Rosario shows us what makes our city strong. He’s been fighting for hardworking folks in our city since he was a kid. Now, he’s the father of three kids who attend Bridgeport public schools, proudly works for his city as a public servant, and is ready to take on any challenges that are put in front of him. He’ll be an advocate for us up in the state capitol.

“Andre Baker has been a stalwart for Bridgeport as a City Councilman and as a member of our school board. He’s a well respected business owner, job creator, and elected official in our community. He’s fought for hardworking Bridgeporters, and I’m more than confident that he’ll continue to do exactly that in Hartford.

“These new members are adding to what is already a great state delegation team. State Representatives Auden Grogins, Jack Hennessy, Ezekiel Santiago, and Charlie Stallworth are doing an incredible job for our city. And, State Senator Andres Ayala is doing a fantastic job fighting for Bridgeport.

“Working together, we’ll continue putting in the work at the state capitol that’s necessary to ensure that Bridgeport continues to get better every day.”

Governor, unofficial partial results:

Black Rock: Malloy 927, Foley 549;
Central: Malloy 929, Foley 422;
Blackham: Malloy 1566, Foley 634;
Aquaculture: Malloy 432, Foley 106;
Wilbur Cross: Malloy 1053, Foley 95;
Park City Magnet: Malloy 769, Foley 230.

Awaiting full results.



      1. Was there something wrong with my congratulating her? Is she doing something special for me? Was her sign not on my front lawn? Ron Mackey, what exactly was your point, just so I understand where your head is?

        1. Steven Auerbach, you know what my point is. For over a year you were the main person on OIB who spoke against Ms. Moore and said she would not win and you didn’t want her to win, now am I wrong? I’m glad she never paid attention to your call.

          1. Ron Mackey, you are a fool and a poor representative for Marilyn Moore. You lack grace and sophistication. I was a Musto supporter. I supported Moore when she won the primary and I congratulated her. I wish her well. You, Ron Mackey, are a fool. I am sincerely sorry if my congratulatory comment was offensive to you. Glad she won and now I can remove her sign and mow my lawn. Thank you for your negative response to my good-natured well wishes.

          2. Steven Auerbach, that’s nice you supported Ms. Moore after Musto lost, but let’s not forget how big a fool you were before that with your attacks on Ms. Moore. I’m not a representative for Marilyn Moore but I’m a proud supporter of Marilyn Moore and I’ll defend her against anyone.

          3. Ron Mackey, you are just a sycophant. Nice that you are Marilyn Moore’s number 1 asskisser. I am sure she appreciates your lips attached to her ass. Me, I only voted for her, put her sign on my lawn and wished her well as one of the first to congratulate her on this blog. You, Ron Mackey, have lost my respect for being an asshole.

        2. Steve, while driving Marilyn from polling place to polling place, we ran into Musto at a school in Trumbull. He wouldn’t look at her, wouldn’t congratulate her or say good luck on the election to her. Steve, ya boy is a classless bastard, my words not Marilyn’s, who seems to be holding a grudge for his primary loss.

          Do me a favor Steve, when you see Musto give him a couple of dollars and tell him Donald Day said to go buy him some class. He has the nerve to be mad at his crushing loss when the thing he did to win his senate seat came back to bite him in the ass. Grow up and act like a man Musto, even if you aren’t.

          1. Musto lost by approximately 100 votes, I don’t know that I would consider that to be a “crushing loss.” For clarification, are you Marilyn Moore’s driver?

          2. Steve, I want to commend you for being gracious enough to congratulate Marilyn. I also think it is highly inappropriate for others to condemn you for doing so. It seems like you just can’t win.

          3. Donald Day, I cannot speak for Anthony Musto. I really have no relationship with him. I know it is hard to believe. He never thanked me for supporting him on this blog so why should I be surprised he didn’t acknowledge Marilyn? HE IS NOT THE FIRST POLITICIAN TO BE THE RECIPIENT OF MY GOOD NATURE AND THINK A SIMPLE THANK YOU WAS TOO MUCH TO OFFER. The question is Donald Day, did Marilyn Moore really need to have Anthony Musto acknowledge her? Wasn’t it enough his own party hung him out to dry? Politically he is done. Marilyn on the other hand clearly has a spark and has the potential for great things or just being another one-term slug. I believe she will do very well. As far as Musto, he is no friend of mine and I am only responsible for my words and actions. I imagine if I DIDN’T TALK ABOUT HIM ON THIS BLOG HE WOULD HAVE BEEN ALL BUT INVISIBLE. HE DID NOT HAVE TO GO OUT OF HIS WAY TO SAY THANK YOU, BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE. 🙂

    1. Can you please articulate what it is the two of you believe Marilyn will do to give Monroe the shaft? Because otherwise you are insinuating either:
      Musto did something Marilyn has said she would not do
      Costantini had promised to do something Marilyn had said she would not do.
      Otherwise, the two of you are died-in-the-wool Republicans who would bash any Democrat when given the chance.
      Oh, did I forget to mention Marilyn was also endorsed by the WORKING FAMILIES PARTY?

      1. Bob, I made it clear to my relatives in Monroe, what Marilyn Moore will care most about is Marilyn Moore. I don’t know if you’re aware of the fact many politically active Bridgeport residents view her in that way.

        It is interesting you bring up the Working Families Party. I was having lunch with Lindsey Farrel at a local diner and somehow Marilyn Moore’s name came up. I had seen her publicly speak at a few forums, however I really didn’t know much about her. Lindsay Farrel was sharing that Marilyn Moore had expressed interest in running for a WFP Registrar and I told Lindsay I didn’t know much about her. And Lindsay responded by saying “the only thing Marilyn Moore cares about is Marilyn Moore.” I really didn’t have anything to say because I really didn’t know Marilyn at the time, however I cannot tell you how many politically active people have used the exact same quote to describe her.
        I am a registered Democrat and I just voted for two Democrats on Tuesday. Please stop your baseless and unsupported assertions.

  1. Marilyn Moore is going to represent her ENTIRE district and she will do it well. Anyone who knows her knows she is smart, fair and thoughtful. Those who think otherwise will be in for a very nice surprise.

    For the first time in Bridgeport Political History, one avenue (Cleveland Avenue) in Bridgeport is the home place of two State Senators. Congratulations to Senator Andres Ayala and Senator Marilyn Moore.

    1. Joel,
      I do not always agree with you on these pages. But I give you credit and a “virtual” handshake. Takes guts to run on your true beliefs, even when not backed by the major parties/dollars.

      Lennie–thanks for the localized coverage. CT Post shut down their running live blog, guess they could not keep up with what the reporters (Dixon and Lambeck) were tweeting from the two headquarters.

  3. I am sure Marilyn will probably enjoy a lunch date with her new-found friends Mayor Finch and Malloy. After all, that is the typical behavior demonstrated by sellouts and hypocrites. Oh I forgot, I am sure Andre Baker the traitor will also be in attendance.

  4. Ron, I call them like I see them. Just because I have a different perspective or opinion than you might have doesn’t mean it is wrong or inaccurate. I worked closely with Marilyn Moore during the ROW B BBOE primary and was involved in closed strategic meetings with her and what I saw was so disturbing I withdrew myself from all strategy meetings and just focused on knocking on doors.

    I have remained silent on this blog about Marilyn Moore’s conduct, behavior and newfound alliance with people she openly and repeatedly criticized before she decided to run for a senate seat. In my opinion, she has demonstrated she lacks credibility and her words have no value or credence.

    I am not a sellout, I have never been a sellout and I will never be a sellout. I ran for office on a specific platform and did not make decisions or cast votes that were contradictory to my platform. I told voters what I stood for and I delivered on those very commitments.

    If Mayor Finch or Malloy ever approached me for photo ops or invited me to attend any public events with them, I would tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    I am a straight shooter, Ron. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. By the way, Ron, I have the utmost respect for myself and quite frankly you are not in a place to judge what type of woman I am. I believe I met you personally on one occasion for less than five minutes.

    I have such respect for myself and my principles, I am the complete opposite of the vast majority of politicians or aspiring politicians in Bridgeport. It is called being honest, ethical and having integrity.

    1. Maria Pereira, I did go too far by saying do you have any respect for yourself, I apologize for saying that. Yes, I do remember meeting you one time and out of respect to the person who introduced me to you I did go too far. I understand your position but I don’t agree with it but that’s OK but in life people will let us down and disappoint us but it’s how we handle it that’s important.

      1. Ron Mackey, you and any newly elected official shouldn’t expect OIB posters to roll out the red carpet any time soon. The way they handled their elections and the way they spent their public funds is a clear indication of where they stood and will stand in the future.

        Congratulations to the Republican Party on their National victories in the US House and Senate. Let’s see how effective a blue state like Connecticut brings home the bacon from now on.

    2. Maria Pereira, you did go way too far with the sellout and hypocrite comments about Ms. Moore, you can call them as “you” see them but people have the right to call you out the way they see you. You seem to be looking for the “perfect” and will not accept the good so tell me, what elected person meets your standards?

      1. Ron, I believe in my statements and I am standing by them. I have posted the link to the video of a rally held at Lyon Terrace on March 5, 2012 held shortly after the CT Supreme Court ruled the BBOE takeover was illegal. Marilyn speaks at about 5 minutes in. She repeatedly takes shots at Mayor Finch and those who betray Bridgeport residents and voters should not be sent back and “we believe in a democracy. We do not believe in a dictatorship.” However she then decides to run for senator and is in photo-ops, attends public events and walks in parades with the very “dictator” she was referring to. Marilyn Moore IS a hypocrite and a sellout.

        1. Ron, when this rally was organized by those who did not lift a finger to fight to overturn the illegal takeover, I remember saying to myself how often victory has so many friends and defeat has so many orphans.

          I have some level of respect for Max Medina although his affiliation with Achievement First and Teach for America is very questionable. I have respect for Reverend Bennett, however I have no respect for Rob Traitor or Marilyn Moore.
          Do you know what Max Medina, Reverend Bennett, Rob Traitor and Marilyn Moore did to help overturn the illegal takeover of the BBOE? Absolutely nothing.

          They did not so much as write a letter to the paper, however they thought they should organize a rally about the CT Supreme Court’s decision to rule the takeover illegal and to restore the right to vote for the BBOE members.

          The person who deserves the most credit for that victory was Carmen Lopez. Bobby and I were the only financial contributors to that lawsuit, however Carmen’s contributions cannot possibly be measured in dollars and cents.

          So for individuals to organize a rally as if they contributed to the victory in some way was just pure politics. And clearly rhetoric was the theme of the rally.

      2. Ron, you are entitled to decide a candidate is “good.” Are you saying I am not allowed the same right to decide a candidate is not “good?” I agree with you 100%, Ron. I hold elected officials to a very high standard, especially when they gain my vote on positions they take on specific issues on the campaign trail and then take a completely different position once elected.

        My comments on her hypocrisy and being a sellout are in regards to her conduct as a politician and were not on her non-political persona.

        I believe John Bagley and Bobby Simmons were absolute men of integrity, honesty and commitment. They ran for office to help others not because they sought power or benefited personally. I love Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and wish one of them would run for president in 2016.

        1. Maria Pereira, I have no problem with the people you mention but there is too much that has to be voted on and worked out in Bridgeport and in Connecticut to only think there are only these few people to solve the problems, well, nothing will ever get done based on your values.

          1. Maria, yes they are your views and yes you are entitled to them but the question becomes, how do you run a city and state based on those values, where are these men and women to govern us right now, not in the future? So you’d rather let the perfect keep out the good?

  5. On a high note, Governor Quinn and Vallas lost in Illinois. The new Republican governor may be worse, however Illinois rejected Quinn and Vallas who are really Republicans in sheep’s clothing. The only frightening issue at hand is Vallas will now need a job and I feel sorry for any public school system that ends up with him. He leaves nothing but devastation in his wake.

  6. Looks like Malloy had 20,569 votes in Bridgeport and Foley had 4,544. Malloy beat Foley by 16,000 votes versus 14,000 votes in 2010. Foley actually lost a few votes when compared to 2010. Considering Foley had an entire operation in Bridgeport, these results are pretty dismal. I honestly believe if McKinney had won the Republican primary, he would have defeated Malloy. I could have cast a vote for McKinney, however I could not bring myself to vote for Foley.

    1. Maria, I think a lot of Republicans and Independents as well as some Democrats are wondering what would have happened if McKinney were the choice. I am however pleased with the results in Connecticut. Disgusted with the rest of the country.

  7. Steve, ultimately we all have to accept the will of the voters. I have instituted a strict new policy, a politician only gets to fool me once. Unfortunately it appears a significant amount of CT voters have decided to give Malloy a second chance to fool them, and mark my words, he will betray all the unions that endorsed him, but none more than the teachers’ unions.

    1. You never voted for Malloy before. So basically you just lost to him twice.
      Some did not like either choice. But Foley had to give more of a plan other than “I’m not Malloy.”
      I believe McKinney wins if he wins his primary–blame that on the Republicans who sat out the primary.

    2. It’s official. Malloy’s betrayal of the CEA and BEA has already begun. This morning the state Board of Education announced they want to propose legislation to expand the Commissioner’s Network from a maximum of four schools per district to six. In order for an underperforming school to receive millions in funding for three to four years, the local school board must give up complete control of the school and allow the state to take control. Every teacher can be removed, the principal must be removed and the Commissioner has complete power over the school. This initiative is what gave us FUSE at Dunbar in which the leader falsely claimed to have a doctorate, had forgery convictions and plead guilty to embezzlement and tax evasion. Shame on you CEA and AFT for endorsing Malloy for re-election.

  8. I have no faith in anyone who won.
    I voted all Democrat because of my Democratic beliefs, but that doesn’t mean I have faith in that person to do a good job for the people, only for themselves and their wallets.

  9. Shocked at the Bridgport gov race, Malloy got 82 percent of the vote, where did this number come from? With 33% of Bridgeport in, Foley was getting 31% of the vote in Bridgeport. I woke up seen 100% reporting and Foley now with only 18% of the vote. Turnout was up also in the city, the Obama factor worked.

    1. donj, it’s good to see you understand what happened and there are places where the Obama factor works. In places like Connecticut voters were about even but it was a very large black vote in urban cities that broke the tie and now the question becomes what do those voters and those urban cities get for their votes, it cannot be business as usual.

  10. Maria, it’s painfully obvious to me you don’t know a damned thing about Marilyn Moore. You may have seen her, you may have heard her speak, hell you may have talked to her, but you don’t know a DAMNED thing about who Marilyn Moore is as a person, as a politician or as a woman. To say she is a sellout and a hypocrite, I guess because of the statement from Mayor Finch, just makes you ignorant and ill-informed. Marilyn Moore is a strong, intelligent, articulate black woman who has strong convictions and an unwavering sense of righteousness whose integrity can’t be bought or compromised. If Marilyn does indeed set down for a lunch date with the governor and/or mayor she would be doing so in the best interest of her constituency, which is what she should be doing to further the causes of her constituency and the city she loves.

    Who in hell do you think you are to define someone as being a sellout and a hypocrite because you have a problem with Malloy and/or Finch? You seem to be just like the people you constantly castigate and criticize, those who don’t agree with your position somehow become pariahs. She owes you absolutely nothing unless you live in her district and are a part of her constituency and if that is the case then the only thing she owes you is to be the best damned senator she can be, nothing more or nothing less. Who she allies herself with to bring the best Bridgeport deserves isn’t any of your damned business.

    Understand this Maria, you, Malloy or Finch can’t nor will not control this lovely lady as she goes about the business of Bridgeport in her new position. Finally, Ms. Moore’s election as a State Senator is of historical importance to the black community, making her just the second black female senator from Bridgeport in its illustrious history and if I’m not mistaken just the third black female to serve in the Connecticut State Senate. In my humble opinion Maria, you need to stay in your lane, that being a constant critic of Vallas, Finch and the BOE, which you seem to know a little about.

  11. Donald Day, you are entitled to your opinion and I am absolutely entitled to mine. What elected officials do or say in their capacity as a politician or elected official is everyone’s business.

    You criticize me by saying I obviously do not know Marilyn Moore and by stating my opinions about her I have proven I am “ill-informed” and “ignorant.” I find your position interesting because I do know Marilyn on the political front and you sir, have never so much as met me or had a conversation with me. So what does that say about your ignorance or level of being well-informed?

    I don’t believe I stated Marilyn is unintelligent, weak or inarticulate. I actually agree with all your points on those specific traits, however she is a hypocrite and a sellout, at least politically. In addition, I assure you I am well informed and knowledgeable about Marilyn Moore.

    Next time, before you suggest I should “stay in my lane, ” I recommend you contact her most ardent supports and request they not contact me seeking my assistance in helping to get voters to the polls to help her win on election day.

    Please do not in any way imply I am not knowledgeable about the BBOE. I assure you I am more knowledgeable about the BBOE than 99% of the residents of this city. And I certainly have more knowledge regarding the BBOE than at least seven of the current members.

        1. Bob Walsh, I think it’s obvious Maria Pereira will be running for mayor because based on her standards there are no good candidates around. Bob, if she is putting down someone like Senator-elect Moore then the only person left to save us is Maria Pereira being mayor. Bob, she can’t run for the BOE because she would be just one vote and no power, the real power is being mayor.

          1. Ron, for the record I already ran for the BBOE and served in the minority for three years, therefore there is no basis to your assertions.

            How dare you steal my thunder regarding my upcoming announcements? I am so deeply disappointed in you, Ron.

        2. Bob, no one is “running” for the BBOE vacancy. There is no election at the polls. I am a registered Democrat, not a registered WFP member. The vacancy must be filled by a WFP member as per CT state statute.

          1. On a side note, I attended a Special BBOE meeting tonight on the vacancy. The absolutely priceless statement of the night is when Moales was trying to highlight the importance of vetting candidates to fill the vacancy and I kid you not, he actually had the nerve to state “one bad board member is a problem.” Well even the most professional administrators in the room could not hide their responses. The one sitting directly behind him stared at him like he was crazy and the other two had to put their heads down to try and conceal their laughter. He went on to say he wanted nothing to do with the three current WFP registered voters and he wanted them nowhere near him.

            I really don’t think he has any idea how idiotic and ridiculous he looks.

  12. Congratulations Marilyn, Elizabeth and I could not be happier. You have always been an outstanding person with great integrity, intelligence and compassion. You will now bring those qualities to the State Senate; and your district, Bridgeport and the state of Connecticut will be well-served.

  13. Maria, let me start with your last statement first. At no time did I state you weren’t knowledgeable about the BOE, what I said is you should keep your comments in a forum you know (A) little more about, like the BOE, Finch and Vallas.

    As to Marilyn, I feel fairly safe in saying you don’t know Marilyn well enough to state whether she’s a sellout and a hypocrite because you think you know her on the political front, whatever the hell that means. As an elected official to the State legislature she has a responsibility to meet the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Bridgeport if she is to bring all the state capital has to offer to the residents of Bridgeport. The City of Bridgeport and its residents will suffer if she maintained a complete adversarial posture with the Mayor. Not only would it be counterproductive, disrespectful and out of the realm of good taste, but how she feels about the Mayor as a private citizen cannot color how she deals with him as a State Senator of Bridgeport. They tell me you’re a somewhat intelligent lady so I know you must understand that.

    I’ve personally known Marilyn for a couple of decades and there is nothing in her DNA that would suggest she possess the qualities of a sellout or a hypocrite. That’s why I say you don’t know her well enough to make those characterizations of her and if you would talk to anyone who knows her more than on a political front you would find your observations are not only wrong, but immoral, dissolute and unjust. The fact you say her most ardent supporters asked for your assistance in getting the vote out is relevant in what way? I’m sure she didn’t control whom her most ardent supporters contacted to get the vote out, if in fact that really happened.

    Maria, please give Marilyn a chance to do her job before you start to cast aspersions on her character and I am sure should this happen it will be proven you were completely wrong about your characterization of her as a sellout and a hypocrite. I’ve heard some unflattering nouns used to describe you on numerous occasions, but I never felt compelled to address those in this forum because I don’t know you well enough to make those characterizations.

    1. Donald Day, you wrote “Maria, you need to stay in your lane, that being a constant critic of Vallas, Finch and the BOE, which you seem to know a little about.” I assure you I am well informed on all three topics, but am very well versed on the BBOE, therefore I know more than just a “little.”

      Sir, I have no idea who you are and we have never met, therefore for you to say you “feel fairly safe in saying you don’t know Marilyn well enough to state whether she’s a sellout and a hypocrite …” is just absurd. I don’t know her on a social level, however I do know her on a political level.

      Please allow me to share a story regarding being disrespectful. I attended a community forum in the City Hall Annex about three years ago. There had been many killings over a 3-4 day period and Mayor Finch hosted a gathering of the community to discuss suggestions and ideas on how to reduce violence.

      David Daniels was there with Chief Gaudett and other top brass, however Dave was not in uniform and showed up in sweats because he just came from a youth activity working with our children. In front of the entire room, he asked Dave Daniels why he wasn’t in uniform. Dave looked uncomfortable however he tried to respectfully explain where he had just come from. It was just about the end of the forum and Marilyn Moore stood up to make comments and challenge Mayor Finch. I asked someone who she was and I was told “that’s Marilyn Moore.” While Marilyn was speaking, Mayor Finch announced the forum was over and began to walk away from the podium. Marilyn said, “Really, Bill?” The room blew up over his outrageous behavior, and you’re worried about Marilyn Moore demonstrating behavior in dealing with Mayor Finch that is “counterproductive, disrespectful and out of the realm of good taste?” Interestingly enough, on that day Mayor Finch didn’t care about having a relationship with Marilyn that was “counterproductive, disrespectful and out of the realm of good taste.” To be clear, there were easily over 75 members of the public present when he treated her like she was nothing more than a pesky fly.

      I am glad to know others think I am “somewhat intelligent.” I guess I would prefer to be described as just “intelligent,” but I will take what I can get.

      I believe I made it clear to Marilyn I was not supporting any senatorial candidates, therefore it is difficult to believe a close friend of hers was unaware of my position.

      I could care less about what “nouns” are used to describe me, however for the record, normally descriptive words are adjectives, not nouns.

      If you walked by me tomorrow I would have no idea who you were. So to say you don’t know me well enough implies we know each other in some capacity. A more appropriate statement would be you do not know me at all. And although you have never met me or had a conversation with me you have already described me as “ill-informed and ignorant.” In addition, you stated my comments were “immoral, dissolute and unjust.” It just amazes me you are so critical of my comments regarding Marilyn’s conduct in the political realm, yet you find it perfectly acceptable to make all these comments about someone you have never met. At least I have conversed, worked with and met Marilyn Moore. You sir, cannot lay claim to those same set of facts.

  14. Congratulations to Marilyn Moore on keeping this State Senate seat Democratic. Marilyn was able to achieve 40% of the vote in Trumbull, which is a significant accomplishment for someone from Bridgeport when a Republican First Selectman is on the top of the ticket in his hometown. By the way, State Treasurer Denise Nappier received 39% of the vote in Trumbull, also a good showing when she is running against the sitting First Selectman native son.

  15. Maria, you asked if I’m Marilyn Moore’s driver, I am her friend, her ride or die friend. If she asked me to drive to hell while wearing a pair of gasoline underwear I’d ask when does she want me to leave. Any other questions?

  16. Bob, I am not a girl, I am a woman. One who will not accept sexist and condescending remarks from the likes of you. You just don’t learn. First you contact a black woman on the city council and leave highly inappropriate messages impersonating a slave on a plantation and now you refer to me as a “girl.”

    You constantly write outrageous remarks on this blog, utilize foul language and make up completely false allegation about others on this blog. I don’t know how many times you have written I supported Foley and your statements are completely false.

  17. Bob, Donald and Ron, I just want you to know a BBOE administrator stopped me in City Hall this morning to tell me s/he reads OIB every day because of my comments. He/she told me s/he is a big fan and to keep blogging because I tell the truth and it is needed. I also received two phone calls this afternoon from politically active residents who told me I write truth to power and they wanted me to know they agreed with my opinion of Marilyn Moore.

    1. Maria Pereira, trust me, there are more than a lot of people who agree with Don, Bob and myself in our view and support of State Senator-elect Moore. You still haven’t said who has your values to be the mayor of Bridgeport. It’s the perfect and never the good with you, well I didn’t know the second coming had arrived.

  18. The votes of the many outweigh the votes of the few. Moore is the 22nd district Senator-elect. Done deal. No amount of post-election smack talk is going to change that fact. The win was 1900-plus votes. 1900-plus. Moore’s performance in the suburbs was well above expectations.

    As to the sweeping broad brush of judgment applied because Ms. Moore did not blow a hissy fit and storm out of the frame when cameras snapped photos of Marilyn being civilized to our Mayor, who is also a Democrat, and with our elected constitutional officers, also Democrats supporting her, well that’s both extraordinarily naive and ludicrous. Standing in photos with people who you are not always on the same page with to advance a cause you happen to be on the same page about happens every day. It’s called campaigning for election.

    So Ms. Periera, we know you would have blown a gasket and completely refused to have your photo taken with these officials, and just raised all kinds of Cain. No one has to tell us that, we know. We all know. How can we help BUT know?

    We also know Marilyn Moore had class enough to run a positive and clean campaign without a whisper of an attack against her opponent. Can’t say the same for him, can we?

    Congratulations Marilyn. You earned this fair and square and kept your dignity and class wrapped around you like a warm hug. I, for one, celebrate you.

    1. Mustang Sally, really, what about her public statement after the primary where she stated “we all have to come together to re-elect Malloy.”
      I posted the video where Marilyn publicly stated we shouldn’t send politicians “back” who don’t believe in democracy and believe in dictatorships. Marilyn Moore is well aware Malloy was an active participant in colluding with Mayor Finch in secretly plotting to take over the BBOE and disenfranchising every single registered voter in Bridgeport by taking away their right to vote for their BBOE members. Every top-level Malloy appointee was involved in the strategy and secret meetings.

      Which one is it? Should she help those politicians get re-elected who don’t believe in democracy for Bridgeport or should she not? Wasn’t her call to help re-elect Malloy completely contradictory to her rhetoric on the video I posted? I am well aware of those who sacrifice principle to win an election and her campaign was a perfect example of it.

      In regards to her photo-op with Mayor Finch, Lindsay Farrel, Mary-Jane Foster and Tom Swan, there was a loyal campaign worker in her headquarters when it was being taken. He/she was so disgusted, s/he got up and walked right out of her headquarters.

      I wouldn’t have blown a gasket, yelled or screamed, however I would have made it quite clear I was not interested in campaigning with Mayor Finch or for Malloy. It was hypocrisy in its purest form and it was the behavior of a sellout.

      I don’t know anything about one of her challengers whispering negative things about her, therefore I cannot comment on that specific allegation.

      1. The perceptions of the many outweigh the perceptions of the few as well. If the handful (and I am being generous) of minions you have assembled can affirm your point of view and make you feel less like a lone ship in troubled waters, I am happy for you. But most of your posts beg the question: Why do you seek support if you see no need for it? The way you cast aspersions and spew forth justification after justification for every arbitrary 180 you pull every time one little thing does not measure up to your ever-shifting standards never fails to leave me to wonder what the heck IS okay for other people to think. As far as I am concerned you are just as guilty of the subterfuge and redirection you accuse “the powers that be” of, or even more so.

        1. Mustang Sally, referring to people who called to offer me their support “minions” is pretty disrespectful. Both are well respected community leaders. I don’t feel like a lone ship in troubled waters, I actually feel well supported. I did not seek support from anyone, I was contacted by community members offering their support.

          Every commitment and position I took on the campaign trail was followed through once I was elected. I never demonstrated an arbitrary 180, decision/vote, not once. Did you actually write my standards shift? That is a completely inaccurate and false claim.

  19. Maria,
    You voted Malloy over Lamont in the primary. And although he had not governed yet, you switched and voted for Foley in the general (as you told him when he came here during the campaign). People are allowed to change their minds. Just that these two guys are so different. But then after Malloy won, you were happy with the results because you thought a Democratic governor would help the inner city schools but after the takeover attempt, you turned on Malloy again (as you stated in your letter of resignation from WFP).
    All good I guess, people are allowed to change their mind and evolve, unless they are people you don’t like or cannot control: Baker, Moore, etc.
    You are allowed high standards, we all should have them for our politicians. You talk about truth to power, but when someone goes against you or speaks truth to you, you take offense.
    You have skills in research, organizing and rallying support. But the my way or highway will eventually cause you to lose a lot of the support you currently have. If you showed willingness to compromise, not give in, but true compromise, you could be a positive force.

    1. Lifelong Bpt, oh how true, she could be a positive force but her values won’t change and she doesn’t believe in compromise, it’s her way and or the highway and that’s OK but she will not expand any support on issues in the future, that’s sad.

  20. Lifelong Bpt and Ron, I first became politically active in August 2009. I can honestly say I knew just about nothing about local, state and national politics. I cast a vote for Malloy over Lamont in the 2010 primary because Mayor Finch and Mario Testa had publicly endorsed Ned Lamont, therefore I felt Lamont could not possibly be good for Bridgeport. After the primary I was invited to hear Malloy speak at the Roma Club. Several attendees were asking pointed questions including his thoughts on Bridgeport employees serving on the city council. Typical of a sleazy politician, he danced around every question and gave no specific answers. I also couldn’t help but notice Stafstrom, Ayala, Colon etc. were all there cheering him on. I left with such an uneasy feeling I called a couple of friends in Stamford. They warned me about Malloy and specifically pointed to his frequent tax increases in Stamford while he was mayor. Malloy’s position on education while he campaigned was completely different than what he did once elected. I had no problems with his position on education, however I did not know it was a bunch of lies.

    I am defending myself against someone who consistently writes I supported Foley in his most recent campaign, which is completely false, and I an defending myself against someone who is speaking about me as if he knows me when we have never so much as met.

    Please don’t worry about my ability to garner support or supporters, just know I have significant support from public school parents and my community. Ron, you have no idea if I will be able to expand any support on issues in the future. Surely you don’t claim to speak for the 140,000 residents of Bridgeport?

    I am willing to compromise on issues but not on those that are most important to me. If I have taken a firm position on an issue it is because I have thoroughly researched it and my position is based on fact, studies or professional opinions from experts in a particular field.

  21. Lifelong Bpt, I am challenging you to post one specific issue or vote I cast that was contradictory to my platform or position on a particular issue while on the campaign trail. I am just asking for one. It is just completely unethical to gain support from voters based on your public position on matters and then once you are elected you change direction and betray the voters who supported you at the polls.

    I will be waiting for your response to my challenge.

    1. Maria–I am not accepting the challenge because I never accused you of doing that. If you read my post, I outlined how you changed your mind during the 2010 election cycle. I never said you supported Foley in this 2014 campaign, because you did not.
      I acknowledged changing your mind was your right as a voter. My point was to show it was okay for you to change your mind and evolve on candidates. But you were giving Moore and others a hard time for apparently doing the same.
      The second part was actually a compliment, we all see the results of your research and commitment. It would be a more powerful tool if you did show compromise with elected leaders. You have a following and you have your ideals. No one is asking for you to give them up. That works for you, so continue to do as you see fit for you.
      I rarely challenge anyone on these boards, mostly because I have chosen to stay anonymous.

      1. Lifelong Bpt, voters get to change their minds as often as they would like, however politicians need to stay the course. Politicians should not make speeches against other politicians and then start asking their supporters to help re-elect that same politician. It does not give them any level of credibility or demonstrate sincerity.

  22. Maria Pereira, for some reason you feel the need to talk and say things against Ms. Moore, well I bet those public school parents who you say support you have not heard what you are saying about Ms. Moore. Seeing that you’ve been politically active for a short time explains a lot, it’s like watching the Bluefish play a game and then think you could go out there and play the game as good as those who have playing the game.

    1. Ron, I am such a political novice, although I moved into Thomas Hooker in November 2012 I was instrumental in getting the ROW B candidates a 4 to 1 victory in the August 2013 primary. In the general, Thomas Hooker was the only polling location in Bridgeport where WFP beat both the Democrats and Republicans.

      With results like that I would hope I would go straight to the major leagues and totally skip the minor league.

        1. Andy, I absolutely did do it alone. I told the campaign not to spend $1 dollar on canvassers in Thomas Hooker. I knocked on every single door by myself. I phone banked every single Thomas Hooker voter eight hours for three consecutive days before the election. I was the only person who stood in front of the polls for 14 consecutive hours. Don’t you even think about taking any credit for these victories. You helped me at Thomas Hooker for 3 hours in the primary and told me less than 24 hours before the general you were not going to work the polls with me.

    2. Ron, you have consistently spoken against Dave Walker. Why is it okay for you to criticize Walker, however it is completely inappropriate for me to criticize Marilyn Moore?

  23. I do not know Maria Pereira well. I have met her only on two occasions. I do know her contributions to OIB have been incredible. I do not have to agree with all her comments but do believe she is very thoughtful and eloquent when she posts. I respect the difference we share. I do not agree with her assessments on Finch and Malloy simply because we have different interests and agendas. I will say if Maria ran for office, any office, she would be successful. I do know at 32 schools in Bridgeport, Maria P. is very highly respected among teachers. She clearly has a high profile. I talk to these teachers and have an excellent report in every school. Some even read the blog. Maria P. would definitely be an excellent addition to the school board as well as any office she chose seek. We do not have to agree with all comments and personal ideologies. One thing is certain. This woman has convictions and she is outspoken. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and even as the devil’s advocate, she raises the consciousness of many. She is involved and engaged. She is the perfect example of something I learned in politics a very long time ago. You cannot please all of the people all of the time. Do not try!

    1. Steven Auerbach, yes the school board because she knows a lot about that area but not any other elected position because it has to be her way or no way. Read Donald Day // Nov 5, 2014 at 3:49pm and he gives the reasons why.

  24. Maria, I don’t have any idea what the movie Driving Miss Daisy have to with me! Joel Gonzales said the same statement about a month ago and I didn’t understand it then and I don’t understand it now, but I would surmise it’s Puerto Rican humor.

    You talk about being at a meeting three years ago and Marilyn took Mayor Finch to task, well that was then and this is now. I said it once and I’ll say it again, it would be counterproductive, disrespectful and out of the realm of good taste for the Senator-elect from the City of Bridgeport to have an adversarial posture with the Mayor of the city she represents and if that is done the residents and the city as a whole would suffer. What don’t you understand about that?

    You say I’ve never met you therefore I can’t formulate an opinion about you. While you are correct I’ve never met you, my opinion about you is formulated by your posts in this forum. I’ve never met Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio, but I am absolutely sure they don’t have the best interest of my people or my President in mind based on the comments they have made I have read. Do I need to meet them to formulate my opinion of them?

    Have I made it perfectly clear I don’t give a DAMN about what you think about me or Marilyn, but as for me, if she told me to go to hell I would look forward to the trip. Bye bye.

    1. Donald Day, please stop talking about driving through hell wearing gasoline underwear. The visual is disturbing. Marilyn Moore is fortunate to have such a loyal friend. I can totally relate to how you feel. I do not think Maria P. was being mean-spirited when referring to you as Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy. Morgan Freeman is not only an incredible actor, but the relationship with Miss Daisy was incredible. They were best friends for life. I’d hate to think there was something else meant by that comment. The movie was exceptional. The relationship was powerful.

    2. Donald Day, where did I post Marilyn Moore had to have an adversarial relationship with Mayor Finch or Malloy? She can and should meet with them as a newly elected senator, however that does not mean she has to campaign with Mayor Finch and Malloy. She didn’t have to publicly state we need to come together to re-elect Malloy. There were quite a few United States Democratic Senators, Governors and Congressman who did not want President Obama working on their campaigns and that doesn’t mean they have an adversarial relationship with Obama.

  25. Thanks, Steve. I’ve never watched the movie so other than a black man driving a woman, I didn’t understand. Not only am I a friend of Marilyn, but I’m a fan.

    1. Yes, I would concur with Steve on this one. Ms. Pereira does have opinions and beliefs she is very vocal about on this blog, but she has never been one to imply anything that could be construed as a race-based insult.

  26. Donald Day, if your position now is you do not need to personally know a political candidate, elected official or an average citizen to offer criticism, doesn’t this now contradict your initial argument I did not know Marilyn Moore, therefore I had no right to criticize her on her politics? Which one is it? You can’t have it both ways.

    If your reference to being “Puerto Rican” is directed towards me, I am not Puerto Rican. You should not make assumptions about someone’s ethnicity.

    1. Maria Pereira, please keep on making comments against Ms. Moore so people can see the real Maria Pereira who has shown so much disrespect for the newly elected State Senator before you ran for the BOE and let’s see where they stand. It’s okay for you to change your mind but not Ms. Moore.

  27. Ron, are you publicly stating Marilyn Moore has changed her mind about Mayor Finch and Malloy and she is now one of their political allies and supporters? If that is the case, please do confirm it. Will Marilyn be working to elect Mayor Finch next year? Please do tell.

    1. Maria Pereira, I didn’t say that. I’m saying people cannot change their mind about anything using your standard. Why don’t you tell Ms. Moore and Mr. Baker what you have stated here to their face seeing as you know both of them?

      1. Ron, I have told Andre Baker directly about what I think of him. Feel free to confirm it. I have not seen Marilyn Moore once since she started campaigning with Mayor Finch and Malloy, however I have absolutely no problem looking directly in someone’s eyes and telling them how I feel about them. In all honesty, I actually prefer it.

  28. Why don’t you? I believe you were heavily involved in her campaign. Marilyn is an elected official now, so she can certainly issue a public statement on Mayor Finch’s re-election next year.

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