Moon Over Miami

Or is it mooning Miami?

So who flew to Miami on Saturday? What City Council members made it back for the Columbus Day Parade today? Big Mac Tom McCarthy tooled down Madison Avenue this afternoon waving to his adoring fans. “Hey Mac, how was the trip?”

“Fantastic,” he said. Down to Miami and back on the same day.

McCarthy, the council president, led a legislative contingent to inspect a project by the Steel Point developer. Ah, who could blame them for going? The warm sun, cool breeze, a tour, and maybe a quick piña colada before heading back. I’ll have a parade report on Monday.

What could the esteemed Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa think about this council bailout on Columbus weekend?

Well truth be told, Mario’s been busy the past week fielding several mayoral prospects at his restaurant. Not that Mario is encouraging class participation. Some pols are already lining up for 2011. Why wait for the last minute?

Said one to Mario, I want you to know that I’m in.

Said another, I don’t expect a response from you but I’m going for it.

Gee, just when Mario’s getting along better with Mayor Bill Finch the line is already out the door. What’s a party monarch to do as he pounds his morning veal?

Keep smiling, don’t make waves and poise yourself for reelection in March. That’s right. While there may be an election for City Council, Board of Education, and a referendum question regarding library funding in November, perhaps the most significant election will come in March 2010 when Mario tries to set himself up for another two years. Then he can plot, conspire and wield his influential hand for the 2010 gubernatorial cycle and then the grand local prize for mayor in 2011.

Priorities. Priorities. Mario doesn’t want to make any commitments yet for 2011. No winking, no promises, nothing. Not until he’s got two more years in the bank. Meanwhile, show everyone he’s a team player with the mayor, keep the party peace, win reelection and then figure it all out.

And that’s when the headaches really begin.

Well, another council member who was back for the parade was AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia. AmyMarie wrote to OIB:

I did not go the last time. But to really make the right decisions, you must educate yourself on all levels as it is the only way to protect all taxpayers. We are very close to a deal that will eventually raise the Grand List and hopefully start to lower the burden to our residential taxpayers.

I consider this to be a business trip–not a pleasure trip and not a waste of time/money …

See you on the parade route. During the 134th District I will be walking. Upon reaching the end of my district, I will change gears and join The Park City Pride Combined Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps playing cymbals in the drum line with my hubby Guy who is a snare drummer.

Now that’s the spirit.

News release from Governor Rell

Governor Rell: State Begins Receiving First Shipments of H1N1 Vaccine

More than 20,000 Doses of Nasal Spray Arriving; Second Shipment Next Week to Include Injectable Vaccine

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that an initial shipment of more than 20,000 doses of the intranasal H1N1 vaccine has begun to arrive in the state and another 20,000 doses, which will include the injectable variety, are due in Connecticut next week.

“These first doses will help us begin protecting those most at risk – our children,” Governor Rell said. “Pediatricians are among the first to receive these doses and we are very encouraged that much more of the vaccine is on the way to protect every member of the family.”

The vaccine is being distributed directly to those providers who have placed orders with the state Department of Public Health.

The state expects to receive more than 500,000 doses of both the injectable and intranasal H1N1 vaccines by mid-October and then several thousand more in weekly shipments thereafter. The Governor will receive an update on vaccine availability and distribution from federal officials later today.

The intranasal vaccine is federally approved for healthy people 2 to 49 years of age but is most effective in children. The state Department of Public Health (DPH), in accordance with the state H1N1 vaccination distribution plan, advises that the first shipments of the intranasal vaccine be used for healthy children 2-4, who are at greater risk for severe illness if they contract the H1N1 or the so-called swine flu.

The first round of vaccine is also being made available to vaccinate caregivers and household contacts of children younger than 6 months of age and hospital healthcare workers and Emergency Medical Services personnel with direct patient contact.

The state Department of Public Health says that some of the more than 1,600 providers who have registered with DPH have begun receiving their orders for the intranasal vaccines. The second round of vaccine, which will include the injectable vaccine, will expand the priority groups to include pregnant women and people under the age of 18 with high-risk medical conditions.

“People who belong to these priority groups should contact their healthcare provider to find if their provider will be getting the vaccine. If somebody does not have a healthcare provider or if their provider is not getting the vaccine they should call the H1N1 Hotline at 800-830-9426,” DPH Commissioner Dr. J. Robert Galvin said. “It is important that people understand that the vaccine is just now beginning to arrive into the state and we expect to receive more vaccine every week. People may need to be patient and persistent to get the vaccine in these early rounds of vaccine supply.”

Once the bulk of the vaccine arrives, it will first be made available to the following high risk groups: pregnant women, caregivers of children younger than age of six months, health care and emergency medical services personnel with direct patient contact, children aged six months to four years and children aged 5 to 18 with chronic medical conditions.

At the Governor’s direction, DPH has set up a number of outlets for the public and providers to get information on the vaccine:

H1N1 hotline – 800-830-9426.

Doctors and other health care providers interesting in registering with the DPH to place orders for the vaccine can get information at: or call 860-509-7929.

The H1N1 vaccine is only effective against the H1N1 virus and does not protect against seasonal influenza. Public health officials also encourage Connecticut residents to get their seasonal flu vaccination, as well as the H1N1 vaccination.



  1. *** Big waste of money to go back to Miami to see & hear basically the same B/S as last time in a 24-hour period! All for P/R & media attention before election time. Save the money to help pay for the new “employee job rush” while the city’s civil service dept. is run by the Finch admin. *** Xmas prizes given by the city’s unions to whomever can guess how many new employees will be hired by Jan. 1st 2010. Just e-mail your guess to Lennie @ OIB before the New Year! *** Last but not least, a large rainstorm & high winds may spoil the local Columbus Day Parade! However lots of historic info on Columbus the Slave Trader, Pawn-ship Merchant & Queen’s official Sea Pirate is @ hand at your local libraries. Learn the true story about the conman & who really discovered America! ***

  2. OIB Rumor Mill:

    Don’t worry if Miami trumps Madison Avenue. You’ve got issues right here.


    OIB puts well-placed “peeps” before readers.

    Read on …

    In today’s post, OIB mentions two mayoral candidates who have indicated their intentions to Mario Testa while OIB readers are left in the dark. What good is Lennie’s inside position if it doesn’t inform us? Here’s a taste:

    Some pols are already lining up for 2011. Why wait for the last minute?

    Said one to Mario, I want you to know that I’m in.

    Said another, I don’t expect a response from you but I’m going for it.

    Translation: Two candidates express their City Hall desires but we don’t know their names. C’mon, Lennie; pry open the juicy stuff!

  3. This Miami junket isn’t that bad an idea, in my opinion. The cost vs. the benefits from a truly well done SteelPoint project is insignificant. If any of the council members are better informed when they return, then the trip is good.

  4. “‘I didn’t go two years ago; I find it less meaningful to go now,’ Walsh said. ‘I just don’t see the purpose whatsoever in going down there.'”

    What do you want from me? The obstructionist prick is a fool.

  5. Of all the council members, the obstructionist prick should be first in line to go down there and check things out. SteelPoint promises to be the most significant project ever attempted by the City of Bridgeport. By all standards of big cities that have rejuvenated blighted waterfronts Bridgeport can remediate its reputation by hitting a very long home run with great success in this project. We should have representatives looking at the project manager’s accomplishments and completely studying his record. It is imperative that we see first hand what this man has done. It is also vital that a level of communication exists so that the city and the project manager can see what is expected from each. So I see nothing wrong with going to the source and saying … “yeah, that’s what I want.” Besides, these guys are hopping on a jet in the morning and flying back the same day? Miami, in my opinion, isn’t a day hop. I think they are being frugal especially doing this on a Saturday. I can’t stand the Pfinch administration, but on this one, I think it is an appropriate move.

  6. The development of Steelpointe will have huge impact on the city and the region so what the Council is deliberating is very important. The trip that the Council made a couple of years ago was only to the fifty-acre Midtown Miami project. Touring that huge project took all day. However, that project did not have a marina/boardwalk/commercial component that RCI Marine has done in several other parts of the Miami Area. That is where the councilpersons are going Saturday. The councilpersons need to see first-hand how RCI Marine handles this waterfront component since my understanding is that the latest version of the LDA is split into sections including a very important waterfront public boardwalk/marina parcel. Although I haven’t read the new document yet I think it is very important for the councilpersons to see what this developer intends to do with the waterfront parcel first hand. Take lots of pictures and put them on the blog for the rest of us to see. First-hand knowledge is a very good thing. There is not a deep-water/large-boat marina except for Saybrook. What is planned for Bridgeport is much bigger and can have spin-off to Derecktor Shipyard if done right.

    Did any of you see that huge catamaran that was taken away by barge Monday to get fit out in England? That was the largest catamaran ever built and it was built in Bridgeport!!! Derecktor’s business is growing and that is good for the East End and Bridgeport. Take a walk down to the Ferry Terminal and see all of the boats they are working on. Quite impressive.

  7. Countdown I have to give you credit for being forever optimistic. The last visit produced nothing as the developer did squat. Please, if I hear one more time about our deep-water underdeveloped harbor I think I’ll get sick.
    This developer is not going to do a damn thing in these hard economic times, I don’t care what he is promising. This is like hearing about the development of downtown where we see some improvement but no one can understand that you need to pave Main St to help develop the area. Nice buildings and a washboard roadway; only in Bridgeport.
    I hope I am 100% wrong but I don’t think so.

  8. They should require that any councilperson taking this trip pass a test as to what is in the document. And I can guarantee you that I have read more of the document than 90% of my council colleagues.
    I stand by what I said. Three years ago the council members went down to Miami to see the Midtown development. They came back gushing about how wonderful it is.
    In less then a year’s time, Midtown had 50 lawsuits filed against it by people who had purchased condos by contract and Midtown failed to deliver the goods on time.
    Yahooy, please feel free to take my place on the trip.

    1. *** What positive “real” behind-the-scenes info and feel for what will work in Bpt can you get in 24 hours? *** The overall concept of seeing in person some of this developer’s finished works & learning about mistakes made along the way by everyone involved is important. However, what can you really get in a 24-hour rush trip? What were the gained results from the rush trip 3 years ago & what makes this new phase contract any different from actually getting shovels in the ground on time? Rome was not built in a day so time will tell; Mr. Walsh, I don’t think you’ll miss anything that won’t be repeated in a developer’s lecture, writings, picture booklets or project drawings & videos in the upcoming future as was in the past. And as for you usual negative “OIB” skeptics, would you expect anything different? *** Be well! ***

  9. Watch your mouth, Troll. You’re not that clever. You are really stupid. If you are the only one who has read the document to which you refer, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT ON THIS TRIP??? Given the cast of characters that are going, you offer more. I’m surprised you are not going. But I consider you to be a do-nothing and your inability to see benefit in a fact-finding trip is consistent with that thought.

    1. The Troll knows a lot about fishing. He recognizes that Christoph is a bottom-feeder. Christoph knows that we have a bunch of Sucker-Fish that suffer from hook in mouth disease. We don’t need anymore chum; time to cut bait from the Master Bait and Switch Christoph.

  10. What every politician knows: it’s not really a mistake if you notice it first and correct it before others tell you about it.

    But that’s not the case here.

    Prepare for yahooy’s desert. Find it on the map.

    1. If we all ate several helpings of pig’s knuckles, sauerkraut and baked beans, the resulting methane would be nearly equal to the hot inert gasses produced by Local Eyes and Mojo. And equally lacking in profundity.

        1. Perspicacity? Thank you, that’s a compliment. Mojo is a man with perspiration, though. He works up a sweat moving all that morbid obesity around. Halitosis too, I’ll bet. Is it any wonder he was voted off the island?

          1. *** Oh my, such mean things to blog in public, and I thought you were Daddy’s girl? You’re so macho on a website logged in with a masked web name & all. Be nice or no cartoons tonight! ***

  11. It’s called “due diligence.” That’s why the council thinks it’s necessary to visit the proposed contractor on his turf.

    I’m installing exterior lighting throughout my property. Before committing to a contractor, I ventured to more than one of the sites he recently completed. I observed the workmanship and discussed his professionalism with his other clients before I made my decision. I would not have engaged him or anyone without performing “due diligence”.

  12. My idea of due diligence is to make sure all of the pricing is correct first. To make sure the contract is proper. To ensure that the remedies are in place in case the work doesn’t get done on time or, heaven forbid, ever finished. Especially if I already signed a contract with this person or an affiliated business and the work didn’t get done and the money I was supposed to receive never got paid.
    I would do this and a whole hell of a lot more before I would even consider going to inspect a location that this contractor is pointing me towards. And again especially if I had inspected his work, saw it first hand, heard testimonials from others and still no work ever got done.
    Good luck with your lighting project Yahooy. I still think that a lot more light has to be shed on the particulars of this deal before doing any first-hand inspections in Miami.

  13. And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank countdown for his words of wisdom. “Although I haven’t read the new document yet,” that pretty much sums up what needs to be said.
    Too bad countdown didn’t read the first document. Maybe he could have shed a lot more insight on what should be included to make sure things don’t go wrong and stick the city with a $5 million budget problem.
    Don’t get bogged down in the details. Trust the same people who did a terrible job drafting up the first contract. Take a trip to Miami and see how nice Miami looks rather than spend serious time studying contracts. And then ask yourself this, “What does a development project in Miami built around a marina have to do with development project in Connecticut built around a part-time marina?”

    1. You know, you are going to phuck up SteelPoint with your obstructionist ways. Just once try to take a controversy and develop the concept so that all sides are satisfied. Your history is to simply say No. That’s the best you can do because I do not believe you have the temperament nor intellectual capacity to make things happen.

  14. Penny-ante schmuck. Your thinking is flawed. How much do you think this boondoggle is going to cost anyway? Peanuts!!! I think it’s a good idea. You don’t. I think you’re killing us by taking up space on the council. You don’t. That’s how it is. Have a good weekend. Try not to obstruct the parade or Caruso’s concert.

    1. *** Who cares what you think anyway, you’re a washed up wannabe loser who’s afraid of his own shadow, that tries to compete with the other asshole B/K for OIB readers’ attention. Both of you should make your own Laverne & Shirley Rainbow blog site or get married! ***

        1. *** Try blogging in English ’cause your travel pocket-sized Spanish book writings suck like you! Complain, complain, complain; just like an old, depressed, wanting attention “BITCH”. Dig a hole in the sand & put your head in it! No one cares what you think, like or don’t like; neither you, that other asshole Yahooy & CHS, etc. ***

  15. Boys, boys; it is going to be a long weekend. Quit acting like members of the City Council. Oh, Bob, sorry.

    We all know Steelpointe is a cherry property. Everyone knew that when the shuttered UI plant was still down there.

    This parcel would be difficult to redevelop because of its size and location in any case. The city does not have a good track record in redevelopment. The city has also been snookered too many times.

    These are facts we can pretty much agree on.

    We disagree on:

    — the developer
    — the city’s ability to supervise
    — seemingly loopy costs.

    My chips in this card game:

    The city council’s trip to Miami is a waste of time. It’s only–maybe–$10 grand. If they are going to do it, it should be from their own expense accounts rather than the mayor’s slush fund. It has to come from the mayor because the council is too cheap to waste their walking-around money on a plane ride to nowhere.

    That $350-an-hour legal fees thing is high from what I checked. We are not talking about Washington, D.C. here. Even what Congress does is ripping off the taxpayer, but they got a bigger piggy bank.

    Let’s leave good government out of this discussion. It is not a question of wasting money. They will. At the end of the day does a decent project get done or is it another FUBAR?

  16. Does anyone want to venture a guess who the two potentials are? … Got to figure Johnny Fabs is one … right? Oh … sorry … didn’t mean to interrupt the senseless bullshit bitching and moaning on here.

    1. BF, I agree with Johnny Fabs and my next guess is Bob Curwen. The Finch administration has cut him out of everything and he is pissed. Another possibility is Charlie Coviello. He ran the last time then backed out and supported Finch, expecting a job after election. The job never materialized and he is pissed. Another might be one of the Ganims. Finch publicly embarrassed Joe Ganim on the steps of City hall way back and I have to believe that Joe is still pissed. I wouldn’t wanna be Finch these days as a lot of people are pissed at him.

      Of course if Coviello gets a decent city job, he’ll back out. If Curwen gets a job, his wife gets another raise or they let him back into the boys club, he will back out. With David Dunn in Civil Service, anything is possible. Finch can just buy off his opponents with jobs and/or raises.

  17. My money on the two visiting Testo’s is Curwen who is there every day and Silva. I believe that after the last election Coviello is out period. Curwen won up here in the 138th but in a 3-way race there was no mandate. I believe if Curwen gets a job with input he will take it. Listen, the parade going in and out of Testo’s will be long and people will need a scorecard to keep track. People believe that Finch is vulnerable and they are like sharks circling a kill.

    1. The Testa lovefest must be a riot. All those wannabes going in to kiss the ring and Mario has to appease them all because he needs their support for town chair. It is going to be an interesting few months. I still say Mario will dump them all in a Sicilian minute if Joe Ganim decides to run.

    2. TC, I heard that Curwen wanted Sherwood’s job as OPM director. He trashed him all over the place. When Finch stuck with Sherwood, Curwen got the door slammed in his face.

    3. *** Seems after your primary loss you’re blogging more & more disgruntled rumors again; and you who cried foul concerning the rumors about your hopes of getting Caruso’s backing. *** Curwen & Silva for Mayor, that’s a good one! ***

  18. Mojo: These are not rumors. I don’t know where you have been but Curwen has publicly stated to anyone who would listen that he is a candidate for mayor. Does he mean it or is it a trial balloon, only he knows.
    Carlos Silva has also stated that he is a candidate for mayor. I have spoken to both and both have confirmed what I wrote. It is not a rumor.
    As far as Caruso goes you probably started that BS. I cannot remember the last time I spoke to Caruso, it’s been years. I did not need Caruso’s backing as he only covers a very small area in the 138th. If I were going to seek anyone’s support it would have been Clemons who covers most of the area around Palisade Ave where I got my ass kicked. I did not seek his support either.
    As far as visiting Mario’s, I started going there because I thought that the divide in the Democratic party could be fixed and things could get better within the party. I was wrong and saw my visits as a waste of time. Nothing will heal this party until they get a wake-up call and I don’t see that happening.
    So Mojo if you want to come after me for wanting a better city have at it. I welcome the challenge.

    1. TC

      ***MoFo*** is not to be concerned with. He is a lightweight with a small mind and a big mouth bolstering bravado he is patently unable to sustain.

      Watch out, though. If he disagrees with you, he will, indeed, label you a homosexual.

      1. Señor Mojo, er ***MoFo*** (in yahooy’s inelegant but accurate turn of phrase) can’t stop eating the sour grapes he picked after the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee kicked him to the curb. He can dish out the criticism (which, coming from him, is only so much bullshit) but he has demonstrated an inability and an unwillingness to take it. Be that as it may, opinions are like assholes: everyone has one. Except in Señor Mojo’s case. He IS an ASSHOLE.

    2. *** I’ve heard them both say they won’t mind being Governor! I didn’t run back to the P/C to blog that! Just sounds like sour grapes, you’ll get over it. And the part about mending the Dem. party, “PLEASE”! You’re too defensive; chill out some & just be yourself. And no one’s going to come after you for your thoughts, just don’t become a scared spineless creep like some of the ones that sit in front of their or work’s P/C all day with nothing to do but vent negative B/S on the forum from rumors, newspaper opinions or worse, made up! Believe me I know the types, after 22+yrs. working in the state jails you can tell most times the predators from the prey & pretenders as well. Anyway, maybe next time around you may do better, and it should not be just the council seats ’cause the BOE needs good no-nonsense people bad too! ***

      1. Mojo look there are no sour grapes. Ann & I ran a good grassroots campaign. We could not overcome the third set of challengers and many of our counted voters did not show up but our message was received and it was mission accomplished.
        Now let me straighten one other thing out. I answered a question on the blog on who the 2 potential candidates were coming out of Testo’s. You never heard them say they were interested in the governor’s race whereas I did hear and did talk to both Curwen & Silva about a statement that they were going to run for mayor. What’s the big deal anyway?
        One other thing; I am not worried about ANYONE coming after me for my thoughts or deeds. I am in the telephone book and easy to find, always have been. I have never lied on this forum and would never do so. I also do not spread rumors about anyone. I check out what I say here. This Silva/Curwen thing must have gotten under your skin; I can’t help that they both said exactly what I posted. I know the predators from the prey. The talkers talk and the doers listen. It’s the same as a guy that’s been in combat does not talk about it. The behind-the-lines guy is the one that talks about combat. I know.

        1. *** Wow you’re a bad man there T/C, & no, those rumors don’t get under my skin. I simply replied to your reply about coming after you & yes I know exactly where you live! However, I don’t remember saying anything about any combat? Just the fact that you were very quiet during the primary & now you’re “guns blazing” about everything & everyone. But make no mistakes, Bpt. is not that big & what goes around comes around, those that get off by making disrespectful remarks will be quite surprised when their time to face their demons happens! Life is short so rocking the boat too often is not a wise thing! By the way, are you a predator or prey; talker or listener, Regular Vet. or combat Vet.? Don’t bother answering, I think I know. ***

          1. Mojo; Plain & simple you are full of it. Read the blog; I was not quiet during the primary. I see that I am your target for the week.
            This is it for me, I can’t waste any more time on you and your ramblings.
            Stick your idle threats up your ass; just remember, money talks and bullshit walks. Have a nice stroll.

    1. No. Not a cent. He does it like he does most things he does (whether people agree with him or not)–because he LOVES the City of Bridgeport–pure and simple. A passion that Finch, Fabs et al. are incapable of in my humble opinion.

  19. I see a judge ruled against DiNardo who drained his $2.55 million Redding Road, Fairfield property.
    DiNardo called himself “a farmer.” Haaaaaaaaa.
    Some farmer!!!
    But he is good at draining things; like money from Bpt. taxpayers, i.e. non-payment of taxes, property giveaways, etc. etc.

  20. Because I am a big fan of guessing games and conspiracy theories, here goes:

    Nunn is “acting director” of the BPA–perhaps they will hold out that possibility to Curwen to make him go away.

    David Dunn is also acting director of Civil Service–it seems to me that the Mayor is increasing his stash of cash, to sweeten the pot at a later date.

    If Mario is once again opposed by Cynthia Stafstrom, it will ensure the Mayor’s bon voyage. I agree that this is the race to watch.

    The Mayor may be looking for greener pastures, state or private sector; so maybe he goes willingly. Who is the heir apparent and who does he give civil service jobs to before he leaves?

    All I can say is that I’d bet on a sly, politically savvy Sicilian every time. Say what you want about Mario, but he has great instincts and I don’t feel prejudiced by saying this, but Sicilians NEVER FORGET. I know, I married one. I am Irish and I thought it was the Irish who held grudges the longest. But the Sicily set is much more dangerous because while they appear to kiss, make up and feed you dinner they will Never forget that you knifed them in the back. At least with the Irish you can tell.

  21. Mister Mojo debe ser nombrado director de control de calidad para la Bridgeport WPCA. Podía probar toda la mierda que fluye desde su distrito anterior.

  22. *** Happy Columbus Day? Discoverer or conman? Fortune finder & trader or fortune stealer & slave trader? Sea Captain or Sea Pirate in the service of the Queen? From discovering new lands & foreign riches to stealing, rape, killing & slave trading, etc. Exactly who & what did this man actually do & was responsible for? Maybe a trip to your local library or a website google is in order to find some info. before actually honoring this man & his deeds. *** To all the nice bloggers in the light, be good & good health during the holidays! *** To all the negative haters and know-it-alls in the dark, you will pay for your misdeeds in time, twofold, either in sickness or health. ***

  23. Hey Yaphooey!

    Even the Connecticut Post said in Sunday’s editorial, that the Miami trip was unnecessary. I hardly agree with the mastheads of the paper, but they are right along with Walsh.

    Your “due diligence” argument is more like a “Yahoo! Mountain Dew Diligence!!!”

    For those who missed it:
    A trip that wasn’t needed
    Updated: 10/09/2009 02:37:35 PM EDT

    So what was the point?

    A number of Bridgeport City Council members were scheduled to take a trip to Miami this weekend to get a firsthand look at some of the Steel Point developer’s completed projects. A fine idea in the abstract, but for a perpetually cash-strapped city, it was an unnecessary extravagance.

    It was far from a luxury junket — the one-day trip was to include more travel time than anything else, and little time to waste. Still, the information to be gained was nebulous from the start.

    “Photos are one thing,” said council member Robert Curwen. “I want to see some of the tangible things. For a billion-dollar deal, I think it’s important.”

    It is important. But, really, did the council think the developer’s buildings were simply made up? Part of some scheme to soak the Bridgeport taxpayer with fictional tales of waterfront condos?

    Simple research, from home, could have easily proven or disproven everything the developer has said.

    And with the one-day turnaround, there was little hope of gaining much insight. “We are going to have the ability to talk to anybody we want to,” council President Thomas McCarthy said. Another way to accomplish that goal? A telephone.

    The City Council made a similar trip just three years ago, and did not need the negative publicity that goes along with this kind of fact-finding mission. It wasn’t necessary.

  25. Nobody is going to win in this case … they go to Miami and they get the it was a wasted trip b.s. … they don’t go to Miami and the developer doesn’t deliver what was researched and they get trashed for not going and checking it out in person … moral of the story … y’all are gonna bitch and moan and fart no matter what they do or did.

  26. Only time will tell if the Miami trip was a boondoggle, or the fastest, most economical way to collect/verify information critical to the Steel Point decision.

    No one doubts that the complexity of the project demands smart and thorough due diligence. But as in most business decisions, there’s diminishing marginal utility to collecting data just for the sake of collecting data.

    Frankly, the bigger concern should be that those conducting the due diligence have the brains, judgment and analytical skills to correctly interpret the “facts” … and then to decide what provides the maximum benefit (long-term) to the City of Bridgeport.

    The emphasis here should be on the QUALITY of thinking that goes into the decision, rather than the simple QUANTITY of data … some might think they need to collect.

  27. Instead of spending money and going down to Miami and hiring Berchem, Moses & Devlin; the City Council should be asking for technical help on the project from a proven non-biased developer, as a consultant, who really knows and has done these type deals.

    Christoph is cherry-picking this deal for the Marina value, and if he can’t perform, he will slip out of town in the middle of the night, like the Greek Shipping Maggot did 27 years ago with the Ferry Boat Junction.

    Based on Past Performances in our city, we should go up to Shoreline Star and grab a racing form to handicap this race. Too bad it’s “past posted”. The Fix is in.

  28. Breaking News!!! This afternoon when I was pulling out of my driveway I saw two guys walking around. By time I came back from the gym I saw a paper in my mailbox with a sample ballot that said sorry we missed you ________ family. Then when I saw what else was there it said vote John Slater and vote John Weldon. I like the message these guys have and I am really thinking about voting for them. This will be my first time voting Republican. Lennie has not informed us of this question on the ballot “shall the findings of the Bridgeport city council authorizing the city to exercise powers granted in the state of CT city and town development act be approved.” What the hell is that about!!! (Vote Nate Snow Juan Hernandez Raul Quiroga for Board of Education. Vote Garrett, Moretti, Smith for city sheriff. Vote Weldon and Slater for city council. Martin McCarthy thinks he’s got this sealed … I urge all Democrats from Black Rock School and Longfellow to vote for a change this year like we did last year. The local Democratic party does not care for its voters. Only Joe Ganim was the best Democrat from Bridgeport. Like I say I vote 100% Democrat when it comes to president, senate, congress, but I will not vote for local Democrats in Bridgeport until they clean up their act.

  29. John Weldon on safe neighborhoods. I’m voting for this guy he is not only for Black Rock School but for Longfellow too. Well over a thousand people voted at Longfellow in 2008.

    A Safe Neighborhood–Our neighborhood is safer than most–for the most part–depending on what part of it you live in. But it could still be better. Black Rock has become somewhat of the red light district of the city, with one strip club and four massage parlors. And when was the last time you were coming home at night and stopped at the gas station off Exit 25, or at Krauszers, and got approached by a drug addict asking for change or, if you’re a guy, by a prostitute? If you live in P.T. Barnum Apartments, do you feel you have to have eyes in the back of your head when you go out at night? If you’re one of the seniors or disabled people in Twin Towers, do you think twice about going outside at night because of the illicit activity going on there by people who either don’t live there or are living there illegally? What has the state of our city come to when the elderly or the handicapped have to be shut in their homes?

    The city should establish in what areas of the city adult entertainment venues can operate. Such establishments should only be allowed to operate in nonresidential areas of the city. If you go out with your spouse or significant other to one of the restaurants or bars on Fairfield Ave., you shouldn’t have to think about where and worry about seeing some illicit activity going on. Black Rock is a family-oriented neighborhood and it should be free of adult-oriented activity.

    Along these lines, the Police should specifically target certain areas that are conducive to panhandling and prostitution–gas stations, convenience stores, places with payphones, etc. No one who is getting home late from an extra-long day at work should have to think twice before stopping off to fill up their gas tank or pick up a carton of milk because it’s 11:00 at night and they might get accosted by someone who’s just hanging around.

    In terms of public housing, the City’s Housing Authority should have its own Police Department, dedicated to securing the safety of the City’s public housing resources. Just because a resident’s economic circumstances force them to live in public housing should not mean that they have to feel unsafe or limited in terms of what times of day they can venture outside. Having regular police assigned to each complex, who get to know the residents, will cut down on the degree of crime in these complexes and force out the people who are living there but shouldn’t be.


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