MGM CEO: I Want To Plant Our Flag In Bridgeport

Jim Murren, the CEO of MGM, was back in the area Tuesday night stressing his Bridgeport roots in urging the business community to lobby state legislative support of a $675 million waterfront casino in the city to capture the Fairfield County and New York markets.

Murren told News 8 he believes Bridgeport fits into MGM’s urban renewal strategy for business and personal reasons.

“My great-grandfather had a bar in Bridgeport and put all his kids through school. My grandfather was a dentist in Bridgeport and put all his kids through school. My father was a lawyer who practiced in Bridgeport–put all his kids through school. My sister will be in the audience. My brother would be in the audience but he passed away. He ran the Yale Cancer Center in New Haven. My connections are as deep as I think you can have,” he said.

… He’s made the pitch for a casino to similar audiences in Springfield, MA, Washington DC and Detroit, MI but on this night he’s doing with his mother and sister in the front row.

“It’s very emotional for me,” said Murren. “It is a homecoming and more meaningful to me than simply making a presentation.”

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Ganim, Murren
Mayor Joe Ganim with MGM CEO Jim Murren, a Bridgeport native, Tuesday night.


    1. Also,MGM casinos,in a very recent meeting/presentation(couple of weeks) did NOT mention a Bridgeport,CT site. The presentation only talked about the Tokyo site and that there was no further plans for expansion. MGM needs to get their story straight.

  1. The only businesses that will see an uptick in business will be the city’s pawn shops. Degenerate gamblers will pawn any- and everything to place another bet.


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