Help Tom Wade Keep His Benefits

Tom Wade
Tom Wade, left, a veteran teacher at Bridgeport’s Central High School, wonders how he will pay for his personal care assistant if state changes to his benefits go through.

From Meredith Guinness, Bridgeport Daily Voice:

Friends are rallying around a beloved Central High School teacher who recently learned that state budget changes might make it impossible for him to work or to continue his normal lifestyle.

Tom Wade sustained a spinal cord injury from a diving accident when he was 17. He is a quadriplegic with a personal care attendant to help him daily with showers, meals, exercise and other necessities.

But late last month, the Milford resident received a letter from the State of Connecticut stating his income was too high to continue the Medicaid for the Working Disabled benefits he has used to pay for the attendant for at least 20 years. The letter said he could be cut off as soon as Dec. 1.

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    1. Joel,
      I notice your references to East Windsor are frequent these days. Are you indicating that Bridgeport voters have only State Senators upon whom to rely when budget, benefit or other questions must be raised? Or are you content with the positions of all State Reps at this time? Perhaps you can tell us the state of your research on same? Time will tell.

  1. Sweet story about an amazing guy. But then, I’m biased, as it was written by my wife. So the state has $10 billion for a park upgrade in Milford that nobody wants but cuts essential health coverage for Tom Wade.

  2. What a shame. My daughter had him as a teacher @ Central. He was one of a handful of teachers that really cares about the students. It would be a dis-service to our youth to lose him.

  3. Tom Wade is a perfect example of what can be done in spite of….

    to cut his benefits in the name of saving money would cost the state far more than it would save.

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