Merrill’s Convenient Case Of Amnesia

Hey Denise Merrill, want some cheese to go with that whine? It’s all such a matter of convenience for Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill to now proclaim she is pleased with Judge Bellis’ decision after the state’s chief election official and her crack legal team voiced support for Democratic Registrar Santa Ayala who was taken to the woodshed by the judge. When Merrill had a chance to stand up and lean on the side of democracy she whined for cover: “But my lawyers say it’s okay for Santa to do that …” Yadda, yadda, yadda. Such courage from Merrill. In her statement below Merrill says “Democracy works best when voters have choices.” Well, when Merrill had the opportunity to create a choice she chose against democracy. And now Merrill promises to work closely with city election officials. Does anyone really have confidence Merrill and Ayala can get an election right? From Merrill:

Secretary Merrill Reacts to Decision by Superior Court Judge Ordering Mary-Jane Foster Appear on Democratic Primary Ballot for Mayor of Bridgeport

Secretary of the State Pledges to Work with Bridgeport Election Officials to Ensure Smooth Primary Day on September 27th

Hartford: Secretary of the State Denise Merrill today issued the following statement in reaction to a decision by Bridgeport Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ordering that Democrat Mary-Jane Foster be allowed on the primary ballot as a candidate for mayor of Bridgeport, and that the primary be held in Bridgeport on Tuesday September 27, 2011.

“Democracy works best when voters have choices. Those of us who administer elections at the local and state level must always remember that while each of us has statutory obligations, our most important goal is to make sure that voters can express themselves freely through the ballot. I am therefore pleased that Judge Bellis’ decision will provide Democratic voters in Bridgeport with a legitimate choice–even if it is two weeks later than other municipalities in Connecticut cast primary ballots. We are committed to working with election officials in Bridgeport to ensure that ballots with all the candidates are printed and delivered on time and that we have smooth Primary Day on September 27th without any major difficulties.”



  1. NO CONFIDENCE whatsoever in Merrill or Ayala. MJF team had better have someone stationed at every precinct WATCHING every move. And make certain you have WATCHERS at the A/B counting–I’m telling you they are into Plan B–since they struck out with Plan A.

  2. Denise Merrill is what’s wrong with politics today, she is a machine hack. She has made a career in politics and is far removed from the people she is supposed to serve.
    She was given this job because in today’s culture the secretary of state is always a women, it’s not the best qualified.
    I take Merrill’s comments with a grain of salt; in plain language she is full of it.

    1. Note to Denise Merrill: Democracy works best when voters are ALLOWED to have choices. We’ve been denied in Bridgeport, denied reasonable choices. It’s either a DTC candidate or nothing.

      Bill Finch’s mayoral performance is about to be rated by the voters of Bridgeport. He’s going to be voted off the island. Jim Fox and Jill Hughes for City Council from the 130th district, Historic Black Rock.

  3. Merrill should sit down with those who did the ballot shortage recount to discuss what screwy and deceitful tactics were used in that vote. I think the judge pointed out our ‘election officials’ are oblivious to the rules or accepting of the long-standing games. It is the candidates I am worried about because of the election officials’ behavior. Sad statement I know but it is what it is. Armed with that knowledge, Merrill needs to get people down here for the next month monitoring how the absentee ballot applications are handled; then how the folks are taken to the voting booth; check how many people have been registered per address, you know those folks from out of town who have registered in Bridgeport only for the purposes of voting for the DTC-endorsed candidate and then disappear; and oh yes those who take the info off the medicaid forms and make up absentee ballot applications and sign them for folks in nursing homes. The minute the Town Clerk sees two absentee ballot applications for the same person, there needs to be an alarm sounded. If Merrill wants to really stand up for democracy, she needs to get a team in here Tuesday and stay every day the Town Clerk is open for business until the 28th.

  4. Merrill, a gal pal of Auden Grogins, must have starred many years ago in the Ford football contest called Punt, Pass and Kick! She fumbled and now wants to use a kicking tee. Merrill is wide right on this one.


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