Judge Bellis Orders September 27 Democratic Primary, Rules Ayala Misled Foster Campaign

UPDATE, includes judge’s written decision: Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled Friday afternoon that Democratic Registrar Santa Ayala wrongfully blocked mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster and her slate of candidates from appearing on a September Democratic primary ballot. Bellis ordered a September 27 primary siding with Foster’s request to push back the primary from September 13. Ayala had rejected Foster’s entire slate of candidates on the basis that it had offered one too many candidates for Board of Education. Bellis ordered all of Foster’s ticket candidates–city clerk, town clerk and sheriff–be placed on the ballot except for BOE candidates because the BOE has been reconstituted by the state and therefore no school board election will take place.

The judge ruled: “Looking at the plain language of the statute, it is reasonable to conclude that the registrar does not have the authority or a duty to reject consent forms at this stage of the election process, provided that the petitioner has complied with the statutory requirement of providing his name and address, the name, address and office or position sought by each candidate, and statement signed by each candidate that he consents to the candidacy.”

The judge’s order takes Ayala to task on a number of fronts including misleading Foster’s Campaign Manager Jason Bartlett:

In short, the registrar made the decision to prepare and issue a petition form for four Board of Education candidates for a September 13, 2011 primary, when she should have known the proper number was three, knowing that no other major parties were running Board of Education candidates, and knowing that the board was being reconstituted by the state and that as such there would be no primary or general election absent a court ruling to the contrary. The registrar had direct involvement in the Waterbury litigation, and knew of the many attempts by the Foster campaign to get a ruling on whether there would be a primary. When the registrar received the August 5, 2011 email asking whether she would certify their petition, including their Board of Education candidates, no one from the office of the registrar responded to that inquiry. The registrar’s unfortunate decision not to respond to that inquiry, either personally or through some other staff member in her office, effectively prevented any further meaningful inquiry by the Foster campaign and left them with no guidance from the office statutorily charged with the extraordinary responsibility of issuing petitions and certifying candidates for the ballot and who best knew how to proceed. She did not meet the August 17, 2011 deadline to decide whether or not to certify the petitions, although the court credits her testimony that she was reluctant to disqualify the entire slate and was looking for guidance. Nonetheless, seventeen days after she learned for certain that there was no elected Board of Education and hence no need for a primary for Board of Education candidates, she disqualified the entire Foster slate for having one to many Board of Education candidates.

Regardless of whether the registrar was initially motivated by an effort to be helpful or a desire to have the Secretary of State decide this difficult issue for her, or some combination of both factors and other factors, her words and actions with respect to the initial issuance of the petition papers, and re-issuance of the corrected petition papers, along with her subsequent words and actions, as discussed above, reasonably induced the plaintiffs to believe that their consent form and petition papers with the respect to their Board of Education candidates were in order and had been approved by this experienced registrar. After the registrar’s attention was specifically drawn to the exact number of Board of Education candidates on the petition following her office’s clerical error, she allayed (Jason) Bartlett’s concern that there was a problem with the fourth Board of Education candidate, attributing it to a careless mistake. Putting aside the issue of whether she had any duty to relay the correct information to Bartlett, Bartlett was understandably misled, to his detriment by her reassurance that there was no problem with that fourth candidate, or with any of his candidates for that matter.

Read the judge’s entire decision:

This is a nice legal victory for the Foster campaign and her lawyers Alan Neigher and Michele Mount. From the Foster campaign:

Foster: This is a Win for Bridgeport

Gratified that Mayor Finch wants a primary and won’t appeal 

-Democratic candidate for mayor of Bridgeport Mary-Jane Foster emerged from the courtroom victorious today to chants of “Mary-Jane! Mary-Jane!” and called on her supporters to renew their activism and efforts to not only elect her mayor but to renew their efforts to turn around the city of Bridgeport.

“Today is not so much a victory for me and our slate, today is a victory for Bridgeport,” stated Foster. “This is about American government and our judicial system at its very best. It shows you what a truly great country we have. This is was a hard fought victory for the people of Bridgeport, who have been disenfranchised by this mayor not once, not twice, but three times. This is a win for fairness, a win for integrity, but most of all a win for Bridgeport. This was about the right for people to vote, for the right of our residents to determine our city’s destiny. Too often I have come across people who have given up hope … given up hope that we can grow jobs here in Bridgeport, given up hope that we can reduce the tax burden, reduce crime, end questionable ethics, end political patronage, and end cronyism.

Today, we are renewed in our sense of justice and in our knowledge that we can believe in our fellow man and accomplish what we set out to do: grow jobs, reduce taxes, treat one another with respect, improve our standard of living, help our seniors, and teach our children.

I pledge to you that I will use this opportunity, that I will take this challenge and make our city a better place. Bridgeport deserves better and we are going to work together to take back this city on September 27th!”



  1. Ayala, you should be in prison. You tried to stop thousands of people from voting and tried to take our God-given rights from us. Vote out Finch and say bye bye to Testa!!! Ayala start spilling the beans, tell us who told you to do this. I say she deserves a long stay in prison.

  2. Wake up those who are registered!
    Ask about Finch successes to see what is important to people. Those who depend on jobs, business, positional power and traditional politics will not be convinced, but those are a minority of those registered.
    It is a new day and there are four weeks of work coming …
    You win some and you lose some … and it is about how you play the game … Team Finch went for the fence on this one … game still on … Team Foster on the field …
    Will Fitch ratings be knocking on doors to tell “The Bridgeport $$$ Story” or will you be doing it? See you tomorrow …

  3. So happy, my faith in democracy is restored!!! No offense Bill, but the stinking machine must go. It’s the beginning of the END for these public-service parasites!

  4. Justice was served, but in Bpt the right thing is not always an outcome in elections. Hard work to be done. Bartlett should be fired. A real wartime consigliere brought in.
    DTC has its lemming voters and palms have been greased and Mario will try to cheat and claw.
    Foster and Gomes Sept 27.

  5. This result is proof positive Santa Ayala should be fired NOW! Finch, you can do it. We have hundreds, now thousands dying to bring freedom, and the right to vote is part of that freedom. Ayala tried to deny it to us in Bridgeport!!! I call it Un-American. Bill Finch, what do you call it? Do you support her?

    1. Finch does not have any power to remove her. While the court ruled for the Foster slate, the decision was generally complimentary to Ayala and did not make any findings of election law violation that would be cause for removal.

      1. Complimentary? Matt, what planet are you living on?
        Congratulations to Mary-Jane Foster and all of her supporters. Special note to Jason Bartlett who for some strange reason had become the target of negative comments. He won today! Mary-Jane had a stage to excite the people of this City. She had fight and enthusiasm and now we all have to take it to the people. Jason Bartlett is going to direct the show and we are all going to do what we have to do to get Mary-Jane elected. On a side note–27 is my lucky number. It always has been and I suppose it always will be!!! I look forward to September 27th …

        1. Page 31: “She did not meet the August 17, 2011 deadline to decide whether or not to certify the petitions, although the court credits her testimony that she was reluctant to disqualify the entire slate and was looking for guidance.”

          Page 32: “The court recognizes that the registrar took her duties very seriously, as evidenced by the late night and weekend calls and work, the willingness to return to the office after having already left at the end of the day, and the extensive efforts she made to obtain advice and assistance when issuing the petition papers and determining whether or not to certify the Foster slate in whole or in part.”

          And, just more generally speaking, if the judge had chosen to point the finger in her ruling, things could have been very bad indeed for Ayala. I think the “let’s let everybody win” tenor of the decision showed Santa in as good a light as could be expected for something which overturned her official acts.

          1. Just generally speaking, you forgot the most important part, the judge overturned an irresponsible registrar. The judge ruled the registrar misled the people. How convenient you didn’t mention that.

          2. Anna, if you can’t be troubled to read the three paragraphs you’re commenting on (did I really forget to mention the judge overturned the registrar? No, I didn’t.), I’m pretty sure you didn’t bother to read the actual decision, either.

            The complaint and the “registrar’s duties” memo from the Foster attorneys invited the judge to find Santa liable for violating election laws with some very serious penalties. The judge declined. She reached her conclusion by interpreting legislative intent, and went so far as to say Santa had no authority to refuse to produce an invalid form, and had no duty to notify the candidates it was invalid.

            I am pleased with the outcome of the case, but don’t pretend the judge went crazy on Ayala for screwing it up.

      2. In the decision, Judge Bellis compliments Ayala on page 10 thereof, “the Registrar, … , testified, unconvincingly, that she could not recall when she determined that there was a violation …”

        What could be more complimentary to the Registrar than noting she testified unconvincingly? By her testimony I am convinced either she was blatantly untruthful, or she should consider stepping down because of the onset of dementia.

  6. Absolutely thrilled with judge’s decision … Neigher did an amazing job with the judge’s questions and the judge was just fantastic … wonderful to see her in operation in court.
    Now I worry about the lengths the opposition will go to to win the primary … I fear it may not be a clean fight! Hope I am wrong!

    1. mdg, you can bet big bucks this will not be a clean fight. Finch and Mario will go to any lengths to keep their power. So will the many politicos on the City payroll.

      We must all band together and work, work, work to get Mary-Jane elected. This is it, people. We are very close … we must keep fighting.

      And to be a fly on the wall in Mario’s kitchen tonight …

  7. I am so glad I was wrong about the decision. Now the people of the Park City must come out and rid the place of the vermin and lowlifes who inhabit city hall and that bistro on Madison Ave. Get rid of the human garbage and business may start coming to the city.

      1. city hall smoker // Sep 2, 2011 at 6:25 pm
        to your posting

        I don’t think we’ve heard the last from the Dolly Sisters since we pretty much know their mission at this point. Let’s get ready …

        Big caravan throughout the City tomorrow …

  8. Well, justice was served today. I think the judge’s decision was correct and thankfully she extended the primary date by two weeks.
    Jason Bartlett was vindicated by this decision and Ayala was once again proven wrong.

    1. There is no vindication here. Bartlett is still a financially irresponsible stooge who hangs around campaigns questing for the big ticket. Maybe we voters don’t want this type of guy put into a position of responsibility as MJF remediates all of the past Testa sins.

      Now it’s your turn. List five real accomplishments this “Door Holder” has to his “credit.”

      1. yahooy, you are misguided. It is all about Mary-Jane Foster. Voters are not paying attention to the ups and downs of Jason Bartlett’s career. I take that back. The OIB voters seem to overall think Jason is doing a fine job. He is doing the kind of job that will get Mary-Jane elected. Now move on to a more interesting subject. yahooy, there is no way you are going to rain on anybody’s parade in this room. Today was amazing and when the judge made the ruling it was like the music started playing again and we are “So excited, we just can’t hide it, We are about to lose control and just can’t hide it–Oh yeah!!! That was the Pointer Sisters, go on to YouTube. It is about 180 beats per minute and that is how I feel right now.

          1. yahooy, “looking for a job in her administration.” Let me be clear. I will support Mary-Jane Foster until she crosses the finish line. To serve in her administration would be an honor. You must work for the city with a job on the line. It sounds like you are already accepting the reality MJF will in fact be the next Mayor. This City could use a few cheerleaders. You are a negative hater. Join the team and get excited. Bridgeport is about to enter a new and exciting era. Either get on the bus and enjoy the ride or get out of the way. We are moving full speed ahead. Did that answer your question?

  9. yahooy isn’t hating, he is worried Bartlett will ruin the dream of a machine-free Bpt. I for sure would feel more comfy with a real campaign pro. MJ reached for top lawyers, she should reach for a top manager to bring the dream home.

  10. Assuming someone from the City Attorney’s office reads OIB, I have a question.

    Once the 7-member Board of Education’s term expires in August of 2014, when will the next Bridgeport BOE election occur, and how many candidates can be nominated from each party?

  11. Congratulations to Mary-Jane Foster and all of her supporters. Special note to Jason Bartlett who for some strange reason had become the target of negative comments. He won today! Mary-Jane had a stage to excite the people of this City. She had fight and enthusiasm and now we all have to take it to the people. Jason Bartlett is going to direct the show and we are all going to do what we have to do to get Mary-Jane elected. On a side note–27 is my lucky number. It always has been and I suppose it always will be!!! I look forward to September 27th …

  12. The rest of the city should learn what OIB posters already know; Michelle Mount is one hell of a lawyer. Not only did she craft the complaint that was the basis of today’s victory but she also laid out the complaint that is now before the CT Supreme Court.
    And to think soon-to-be-former Mayor Finch pushed her out of City Hall. And she will be an important lynchpin in Finch’s undoing.
    Revenge IS best served cold.

  13. From the CT Post:
    Finch welcomes election
    Oh, is that why he had half of the City Attorney’s office defending Ayala’s actions?
    One Superior Court Judge told me Art Laske is the best litigator in the City Attorney’s office.
    But can we give it a break?
    Does he want his tombstone to read “THE JUDGE GOT IT WRONG”?

    1. Okay Bob, just how much did this court case cost the taxpayers of this city? We the people want to know how much Santa Ayala cost the city and is she really worth it?

  14. Good to see Senator Ed Gomes and former Senator Ernie Newton on the courthouse steps together with Mary-Jane speaking truth to power and championing voters’ rights.
    Now let’s hope the voters get it right.

    1. Not yet Bob 🙂 But stay tuned for another exciting episode of “As the Court Turns.” Thank you for your kind words. It is easy when you are on the side of right and democracy. We have a wonderful team and it was a team effort. Mary-Jane Foster is a class-A candidate and I am proud to support her.

    2. Bob,
      Unofficially you have been running for many years for the position of “chairperson” of our non-existent but very necessary “Bridgeport Financial Review Board,” not the one who has to be appointed by Hartford (were we to approach belly-up status again) but one who has experienced, unconflicted, taxpayers and voters providing oversight across the financial landscape.

      They could raise questions regarding increasing City debt levels!!!
      *** Do you realize OPM reporting provides no BALANCE SHEET info to City Council and public, at all, ever, NADA … until the auditor provides what we hope will be an accurate summary of where the City stood 7-8 months previously, at the end of a fiscal year.
      *** They might help the Executive perform the three-year planning called for in the City Charter that is not reflected in the B & A questioning currently.
      *** They might question the interest rates being paid on borrowed money, monitor the use of the Finch initiative–“internal services fund,” could seriously look at the Capital Budget plans and achievements over multiple years, and when they have hearings, permit input from the public. WOW, what a concept.

      Celebrate the court victory today and let all the people of the City see the increasing support Mary-Jane is gaining. On Tuesday morning, let’s finally get down to the financial facts.
      SHOW US THE MONEY, BILL!!! Bragging rights have to be earned when claims of balanced budgets and financial stability are made. SHOW US ALL THE Fiscal Year End for 2011 (Deficit predicted of $2.3Million at end of May) and SHOW US THE CITY MONEY PICTURE FOR DEBT, FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS, and LIABILITIES relative to WHEN YOU ASSUMED OFFICE IN DECEMBER 2007. If the numbers are not on the tip of your tongue, get Adam, or Andy, or Dawn, or maybe even Tom Sherwood to speak the facts, and handle the Q & A. How about it? SHOW US THE MONEY.

      1. BEACON2, you make me laugh! Pose a financial question to Adam Wood, Andy Nunn or Dawn Norton? PLEAZE, you might as well ask Moe, Larry and Curly. Sherwood may have a clue but he hasn’t told the truth about the budget in 10 years.

        Mary-Jane’s best bet is to clean house immediately upon taking office and bring in people like BEACON2 to sort through the mess.

        1. chs,
          Glad we are all laughing again. But that is the City’s first team! When City Council members have been asked to speak to their constituents during the past year, did they come alone? NO.
          For reasons never exactly explained, they asked other Council members, Budget and Appropriation leaders, to be present and also had Adam in the audience.
          It was surprising how many times the questions got referred to Adam. And then to ultimately find his answer about the City “unrestricted and unreserved fund balance” was overstated and wrong by almost 50%.
          So, the Wizards of “financial fuzz” are out there and still digging the hole deeper. When Bill Finch claims he has not raised taxes, he has told an untruth because he neglects to add one simple word: TODAY. If he said, “I have not raised taxes today” and you ignore library appropriation lies, he might be partly accurate.
          What Bill Finch has done is to increase the City indebtedness and obligations. If the City must pay that back, my assumption, then Bill has caused future taxes to rise. His fault. No transparency and no accountability keep that reality from the voting public. The facts must be shared with voters. We need to get a complete grip on City money.
          So the machine LIKES the darkness. As BEACON, I have been urging all of the readers out there to LIGHT the darkness. Inform the voters. Challenge all of the incumbents to dig in and release the info. When you turn on the lights, it may not be a laughing matter … time will tell …

          1. BEACON2 you speak the truth. Unfortunately, a lot of this is over the heads of many Bridgeport voters. Mary-Jane has to say it in words that are easy to understand. I learned in a college journalism class that newspaper articles are written for people at an average 8th grade level. I think Mary-Jane’s message needs to do the same. Especially when it comes to finances. My opinion.

  15. Too bad you’re not running, Bob …
    Now is the time for the City of Bridgeport to have you become the President of the City Council!!!
    Bridgeport would have gotten a big dose of your integrity and honesty they sorely need.

  16. There are a lot of really talented people out there who are anxious to make Bridgeport a better place to live for us all.

    A careful scrutiny of Jason Bartlett’s record of accomplishments will indicate he is not one of them.

    I want the best we can get. We have suffered too long with political hacks in positions they shouldn’t be in.

    Bartlett won nothing today. His ineptitude put us in court and jeopardized our entire future. I won today and so did every person, like me, who wants to see the Testa era come to a screeching halt.

    The lady has my vote as always. I just don’t see the enamoration of Jason Bartlett.

    1. If you support Mary-Jane Foster how can you justify your incessant badgering of Jason Bartlett? Give Jason a chance to prove he is the right man at the right time. If Mary-Jane Foster believes she is in good hands, go with it. Have faith and let’s all move in one direction. If we are all part of the same cloth, your comments are like the snags that just distract. Have patience and faith.

  17. Congratulations to Michele Mount on the legal legwork on this case along with Bryant W. Maddon.

    I found it interesting city attorney Betsy Edwards was nowhere to be found after the first day of the trial. I have one question or maybe it’s five questions for Registrar Ayala. When did you know? How did you know? Who told you? Why did you lawyer up? Were you coerced into making this decision by the Mayor’s legal henchman? Interesting to see Ed Maley and Americo Santiago lurking about this afternoon.

    1. We just don’t see the word “lurking” used enough. Dark and creepy, it describes the Finch Administration perfectly. They do lurk, they lurk a lot. They are paid lurkers. Thanks for the word of the day, FtM. I will use it whenever I can! Congratulations to Michelle and Skooner too! Great legal detective work!

    2. It started with the SEEC and Ethics complaint and went on from there. Thank you Tom for calling attention to the matter and getting the ball rolling. Bryant, crack open your law books, you have a great future!

  18. Democratic Mayor Bill Finch and Democratic Registrar Santa Ayala have given MJF’s team the perfect campaign message, Finch and Ayala want to take your right to vote away from you. Mayor Finch must be held responsible for Santa Ayala’s action.

    1. WINNING,
      Just for the moment, set aside your four concerns because they have little if anything to do with the situation we face financially in the City. And if you are a Bridgeport taxpayer, voter, concerned citizen, then Bartlett, Jack’s campaign contributions, and your thoughts on Newton and Tito are mainly irrelevant.
      MJ is talking about stabilizing City finances, while Bill has bragged about financial prowess and cannot prove it to us with his own four-year record. Why not? And the failure to see increasing our debt burden will increase future taxes absent sustained, measurable, monitored economic development.
      What can you contribute to our financial understanding and the subject of breaking open the information in the City financial books and records? When people begin to see how $80–100 Million of additional debt has been generated by Finch’s administration, how do you think they will feel? Frustrated? Angry? Desiring to be informed of the way out? How can you contribute to that “show and tell?”
      Otherwise your concerns seem minor by comparison, and you don’t bother to explain why they are relevant …

  19. Can’t help but worry about dirty tricks from Luigi of Madison Ave. In sports terms I root for the Mets and Jets. We always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


    1. As much as I dislike Ernie Newton and what he did (don’t know him personally), when he spoke at the last rally he was contrite, acknowledging his past and seemed to be fighting the “good” fight. So far so good–yesterday is gone!

  21. A Charter Revision Commission should be formed in early 2012 to create a Board of Finance with a strict requirement for those who run for those positions be qualified with finance and/or investment experience. Bob Walsh would be a perfect candidate for the Board of Finance. Imagine Bob focusing on the city’s finances including the pension mess all year ’round.

  22. This primary is already lawyered up to the gills so why not go all the way?

    The rebuke of the court to the registrar of voters is pretty clear. But is setting a Sept. 27 primary too arbitrary a judicial decision? Certainly, a one-week delay might be considered reasonable, but two weeks?

    There is also the question of who is going to run this primary. Has everyone experienced enough of the “experienced” registrar of voters?

  23. Imagine in a Foster Administration, Bridgeport’s city finances under the scrutiny of a Board of Finance that had Bob Walsh, Bruce Hubler, David Walker and OIB’s tried and true BEACON2 pouring over numbers each and every month! We would have this mess straightened out in my lifetime!

  24. B2 suggests the Bartlett criticisms are irrelevant to the greater issues at hand. Getting MJF past this primary. He is absolutely correct. My position on Bartlett personally will not change. But I recognize any continued dialogue in that regard will create an unnecessary distraction.

    For the past 40 years, we, the citizens of Bridgeport, have been abused by a cheap-shoe political machine that arrogantly and egoistically completely ignores what is best for the city in deference to what is perceived to be best for the machine.

    An evolution of cronyism, nepotism, patronage and winks and tickles has put so many completely unskilled people in jobs that otherwise could provide great benefit to the city if performed properly. Instead, we have … well, what we have. Our goal, by the way, is to restore confidence by removing the politically connected and professionally inept from their roles and replace the with people who are capable of doing their respective jobs efficiently and effectively. Unless I’m wrong, MJF, that is YOUR message.

    Classic example is Charlie Carroll. Why he was placed in the 6-figure job he has is understandable given his political connections. Certainly, he is not right for the job and the resources he wasted over the past 4 years could have been better utilized by a professional. I want you, MJF, to rid the municipal employment rolls of all of the people who are simply drawing paychecks and are essentially retired in place while enjoying the protection of Mario Testa.

    So when I hear Bartlett is looking for this, Joel wants that, and Ernie expects this, I begin to wonder just what is the difference.

    1. You always have people looking for something that’s the lay of the land. Wanting something and getting it are two different things. The key word in your post is “I HEAR,” that’s nothing more than a rumor you are spreading.
      You have a right to wonder but don’t you think you should wait until after the election and people are hired?

  25. yahooy, here are a few of Jason’s accomplishments.
    1. Through perseverance he won two terms on the state legislature in a heavily Republican town.
    2. He was the head of the minority caucus in Hartford.
    3. He has worked on other successful campaigns such as Martin Looney and for various New Haven office holders.
    4. He started with MJF when there were maybe 10 of us involved.
    5. Starting from scratch he put together a team that is gaining ground on the incumbent machine every day.
    6. The court has vindicated his actions on the BOE candidates.
    7. We have many many volunteers because of MJF’s message which he helped to form.
    yahooy, it seems like you think you found a new whipping boy to take Mario’s place. WRONG.
    yahooy, how about getting off your ass and put your thought to work for MJF instead of blogging negative thoughts?

    1. Sorry to be the one to bring this up, but a true Bridgeporter would NEVER seek out help from a New Havener. That may be the most negative of MJF’s decisions. If she wasn’t going to choose someone from Bridgeport my advise would have been someone national.

  26. All right, tc. You have made your point. No more negative thoughts. We will win on September 27th. Then we will all see a Renaissance. A badly needed and long overdue New Beginning.

    The team that accomplishes this vital primary objective is the team that will lead us to promise, prosperity and prominence once again. A concept I enthusiastically support.

    1. The rally today was really a blast! Mary-Jane was in her element shaking hands with drivers in passing cars, who leaned on horns and got immediately swept up in the Foster Camp wave of enthusiasm. EVERYONE was smiling when we passed by. The citizens of Bridgeport looked, dare I say, HOPEFUL! Folks were jumping into the caravan line from driveways! Such a great day, and led of course by Jason Bartlett, the biggest MJ supporter (besides Jack :)) there is. Today was a good day!

      1. It was a great and exciting day!!! Thanks John Gomes for being a great host. The food was great! Sorry I eat enough for 3 people. Next time we have to get up to the North End. That’s Foster Territory and they would have gotten a bang out of that great rally today. There had to be at least 50 cars at one point. It was definitely a fun time. I cannot wait to do the caravan on the East Main Street corridor with the Council nominees. They are great folks. Had a nice conversation with them the other night at St. Charles … btw A LITTLE EARLY BUT A HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MARY FABRIZI. SHE IS CELEBRATING A VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY … 60 … ONLY SAYING IT BECAUSE SHE ADMITS TO IT AND LOOKS TERRIFIC!!! BTW MARY, DON’T WORRY, WE WILL NOT LET BILL FINCH TAKE CREDIT AWAY FROM FABRIZI ON THE 5 SCHOOLS HE IS BRAGGING ABOUT!

        1. Politics aside, there are some big differences between Mary-Jane Foster and Bill Finch. Ms. Foster is TYPE-A, in letters writ large. She ain’t no shrinkin’ violet, that’s for sure. A very strong and forceful personality. The kind of no-patience-for-bullshit attitude you’d want in a person takin’ care o’ business in City Hall.

          Bill Finch, on the other hand, has shown himself to be easily flustered, his face flushing red more often than not. Yeah, I want that kind of weak suck for mayor. Oh yeah …

    1. Blah-blah-blah. Jason Bartlett was cleared by Judge Bellis. Don’t you ever get tired of singing the same song? You’re off key, man. Stop it before you break a window.

  27. A mayor is only as effective as the people he surrounds himself with. Finch made the mistake of appointing Moe, Larry and Curly to high-level key City positions. Their incompetence has contributed to the further downfall of our city these past 3-1/2 years. MANY, MANY City employees are holding their collective breath until Mary-Jane wins this election and cleans house of the incompetents. Let’s work together and get this done.

  28. You all know about bad weather. Heck we have had tornadoes, major snowfalls and ice storms, and most recently Irene. Typically a major storm comes to us as a low pressure area as measured by a barometer. If the storm is severe enough it knocks out your power based on wind or water power and tree-fall damage.
    Then you have to run to get a generator to maintain electricity. Right? A generator that runs on gasoline and throws off contaminants dangerous to your health if not properly vented.

    Sounds like Bridgeport’s Machine, doesn’t it? For the decades they have exercised their power, the City has been under siege from a financial storm. We have all been touched by the storm, but there is little or no coverage by TV or the press unfortunately. The Bridgeport Machine gets “juice” for the select few “generating” jobs and appointments for those who are “currently” in favor. The rest of us are not “connected” and yet we are paying for the “generator’s fuel” through taxes.
    Get the picture? The generator is noisy, costs all of us too much money, and the fumes cause headaches and worse. What about generating jobs and good governance without the old “machine?” Sound attractive? Wake up the voters and keep them awake …

  29. I’m voting for the Bpt Kid. He will cure our budget deficit and cancer within a week of taking office. He must be MJ’s top employee. He must be. He has to be. No one is smarter than da Kid. He da man.

    1. The primary race is about more than personalities. The people of the city of Bridgeport have been enslaved by a corrupt political machine for too long. Taxpayers have been subsidizing the Mario Testa Department of Employment for too long. City services have been drastically reduced in order to increase the payroll so a few more friends and friends of friends of Mario Testa can get a job with the city, no matter what they are honestly qualified to do. While the people of the city of Bridgeport struggle through hard financial times and the vagaries of atmospheric changes resulting from global warming, Bill Finch and Mario’s other kept people collect fat paychecks and enjoy healthcare benefits courtesy of the taxpayers’ dime.

      The lack of jobs in Bridgeport is a direct result of the pay-to-play system that has been in place since before disgraced former mayor Joseph P. Ganim got caught with greasy palms. This system discouraged job-creating investment in the city, fostering a subculture of dependence on food stamps, unemployment and other social welfare programs, and the proceeds from drug sales and other criminal activities. This cycle of government-subsidized poverty must end or at least be reduced to a negligibly minimal level.

  30. The Foster “YOU’RE FIRED LIST” Finch, Anastasi, Bohannon, Rooney, Carroll, Dunn, Osborne, Ramos, Wood and Sherwood. Add who you like.

    Foster needs to watch for the thievery of taxpayer dollars that occurred in Stratford under Edmund Winterbottom.

  31. I saw at the debate the take-home cars were put in play. What about the Ford Escapes that are city cars that have private plates like Wood pecker’s and Carroll’s?

  32. Hung around the walls at Testo’s last night. The spaghetti and meatballs were flying. Doubts are growing and certain rats are thinking they jumped out of the pasta water into the fire. Secret support among City employees for MJ is abounding. It’s now anybody’s game. Remember you civil service employees, who do you really want to work for? No one knows what you do in the voting booth. Vote yourself a better boss. Unless of course you like the boy blunder and rat man. Finchwood.

    1. What fly says is true. I go to Testo’s for the food since the other Italian joints like Marisa’s left or were driven outa the city.
      Most of the sucks will suck whoever is boss. M-J wins and opens a Chinese place and the sucks will all be there. They all hate Finch and Carroll but bow down and kiss the ring. Not for long. Carroll’s retirement papers are drawn up.

      1. Guys, if you really want to take a pulse of what’s happening, especially here in the North End, you need to just go to the diners on Main street, both of them, and grab a bite to eat at San Remo Restaurant the place on the corner of Glendale and Main. You will get a real picture of average City employees who live here and as important, the public opinion. All thumbs up for Mary-Jane Foster. I want MJF to kick ass next Tuesday and Thursday at the debates that will put the issues on the front page. Today is a beautiful day. Gonna walk the 134th a little to chat with some neighbors. BTW notice Testo’s restaurant hasn’t any Finch signs??? Because he woke up and realized half his clientele were offended by it. FOSTER territory!

        1. Took a walk to Saint Mary’s yesterday. Went the whole route, from Gilman Street to Eames Boulevard to Grovers Avenue. Lotta Mary-Jane Foster for Mayor signs. Only one Finch sign, a cheap-looking thing printed on plastic, the same grade as a Baggies sandwich bag. Maybe One Term Bill will have a career as a food packaging specialist at a deli near you!

  33. We have been given a mandate for change. Time to rid the city of Bridgeport of the influence of Mario Testa and his parasitic brand of politicking. From what I’ve heard even a few of the municipal employees who owe their positions to his unholy influence are taking Mary-Jane Foster more seriously.

    And where oh where are the Dolly Sisters, the two gay boys with women’s names who have been extolling the nonexistent virtues of Bill Finch?


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