Meet Artist Lou Trapasso And Sir Charles Brilvitch At Downtown Library

Dolan's Corner painting
Dolan’s Corner by Lou Trapasso–Bridgeport 1955.

From John “Salty” Soltis, Bridgeport Public Library:

The Bridgeport History Center presents: Lou Trapasso Poet-Painter who has painted numerous works depicting the buildings and city life of Bridgeport in the 1940s and ’50s. On Saturday, Oct. 19th at 2pm, a reception will be held to thank Mr. Trapasso for his recent gift of five of his original paintings to the Bridgeport History Center.

The paintings are currently on display on the second floor of the library.

Historian Charles Brilvitch will also give a talk about Main Street in the Forties. Free refreshments will be served.



  1. Mr. Trepasso is very generous and his art is spectacular. I have two I purchased from City Lights Gallery years ago. Every older Bridgeporter looking at his art is propelled back to an exciting Thursday evening in downtown Bridgeport and of course the magnificent Poli and Majestic theaters in 1947. My family moved here from New York in 1967. We moved to the upper North End and had no idea a downtown Bridgeport in total decay existed. Mr. Trepasso’s work is a memory there was a time when Bridgeport was exciting and alive. I look forward to seeing that down the road.

  2. *** I would love to get a painting of all the city’s “8” I believe, public housing complexes in the West End, East Side, South End and North End from back in the days when Bpt was more residential in some areas and urban/industry in others before the factories up and left, and when the city had either Mayor Tedesco or Curran. *** Paint Me A Park City Picasso! ***


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