1. Thank you Max for leading the way to the possibility of an investigation of City behavior that is basically unfair, dishonest and an abuse of power…..so we can call it corrupt. Who defends it? Not the Ganim2 administration. He knows how things are done after his own corrupt years in office and then out. And his second chance opportunity has been wasted when he cannot with a straight face, or factual reference to dates and dollars claim success, except in saddling the City with a permanent appoint to a friend as Chief of Police to run a department that needs professional leadership and active, deep and respectful “community policing” to restore its authority and trust with folks of all ages.
    I repeat the comments from the most recent thread:

    September 24, 2019 at 9:57 am
    At one level the entire AB focus distracts us from Bridgeport governance. At the moment, City Council committees are canceling meetings that likely will cause matters before their committees to expire when this Council ends with the 2019 election, and serious things like the illegitimate debit card program for Stipends continues to operate basically out of sight to the taxpaying public.
    And while we wait to hear more specifics from Senator Moore’s campaign,of the high road variety that will attract notice by many serious voters from unaffiliated, Republican and Democrat aligned voters, there is very little of note from Ganim2.
    The triad of resources that provide for campaign success embodied in the acronym MOM are Money, Operations expertise, and ManWomanPower. I cannot say much about the latter two resources at the moment, but yesterday I went to look upthe latest MONEY reports at Town Clerk office for each campaign up to this time. I put the request in writing but was informed that the investigation (whichever body or supervising source) takes precedence and this info will not be released until the search is complete.
    As one who follows lots of City $$$ results, I wanted to see how money was spent, who received funds, and for what campaign activity. More than rumors for several years have informed me that some cash or gift card rewards represented a reward for regular “approved” voting. Where was the source of the funds and how did they get distributed? How many middlepersons? Why are some poor citizens in public housing let it be known that they have not been paid for their “work”? Is it time to investigate all sources at this level? Time will tell.
    Defeat Hate VOTE. Inform yourself as to why re-electing the incumbent at this time would be a totally unwarranted “third chance”, an unfair and unearned acceptance of an unacceptable status quo. Time will tell.

  2. Thank you JML for your eloquent analysis. I will be more direct:

    Joseph P. Ganim is a weasel, period. He doesn’t give a damn for the well being of the people he was elected to serve, the people of the city of Bridgeport. It’s all about privilege-and the six-figure pay check. After the state took away his license to practice law he needed a job that would support his lifestyle and ego. So he sought re-election to the very office he betrayed. Greed took him dnwn twenty years ago and greed is taking him down again.

    One would think Ganim would have at least a modicum of humility after seven years in prison but noooo. He still thinks the mayoralty is his birthright. That’s why he used criminal methods to ensure renomination.

    Time for Little Joe Ganim to consider a career in the sale of preowned automobiles.

  3. @Jimfox
    Your proposal of three applications is unreasonable
    I took 4 for my family last year.
    1 for a daughter attending college out of state. 1 for a daughter who works abroad, 1 for an ill spouse and one for myself…an Asst Registrar of voters working election day at a polling location other than my own.

    Furthermore, no one has to take applications from the Clerks office. Any voter is free to open the application on the Secretary of State’s website, type in the information, print, sign date and mail or take it to City Hall.

    The Clerk prefers that applications be issued by their office, as they log them by number and save the extra typing required on the generic application from the State.

  4. Attorney Max Medina,

    Except for the two major parties, why should the State require a 1% Signatures to include the 2015 Petitioning candidates vote count, when they are not competing in the 2019 primary?
    I feel they should only use the Major Parties count only.

    Moore would only need 142 signatures. I believe she has 160 signatures

    Bridgeport general mayoral election, 2015

    Joseph P. Ganim

    Petitioning candidate
    Mary-Jane Foster

    Enrique (Rick) Torres

    Petitioning candidate
    David Daniels, III

    New Movement Party
    Charles J. Coviello, Jr.

    Petitioning candidate
    Christopher J. Taylor

    Petitioning candidate
    Tony Barr


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