McGregor Reels In Finch For Fish Mailers

Jack McGregor, co-founder and former co-owner of the Bridgeport Bluefish, wants to correct the record regarding campaign mailers sent by the Finch campaign against his wife Mary-Jane Foster. McGregor writes:

Mayor Finch’s repetitive mailings regarding Mary-Jane Foster’s leadership of the Bluefish are just plain wrong, and he knows it.

Mary-Jane was neither the CEO nor the club’s managing partner when Mickey Herbert, Bluefish CEO for five years, renegotiated with the City the Bluefish long-term lease. Mayor. Finch, as a Bridgeport public official, supported this move towards Bluefish viability, but now calls it a Mary-Jane led bailout. He lies on both points.

Mary-Jane, as managing partner during the successful first year Bluefish experience in 1998, and I sold ownership control to Mickey in 1999 to pursue our vision as developer of the next door Arena. With other investors, we re-purchased the Bluefish in December, 2005. We were not successful in turning around the attendance tailspin, but were successful in saving the Bluefish for Bridgeport. We then prevailed upon one of the country’s most effective minor-league baseball marketing executives to take over the Bluefish ownership. Terms of the transaction included payment in full to such creditors as the City, under the terms of the Lease. On this point, the Mayor also lies.

The Bluefish and the Arena are two of the few good things to happen in Bridgeport in the twenty years the mayor has been a Bridgeport public official. For him to portray Mary-Jane’s very capable leadership as he does is shameless.



  1. Nicely put, Jack. Very succinct and clear. Can we get that out to the public? Finch is wasting his breath. The ballpark is one of the best things to happen to Bridgeport in a generation.

  2. We have to be very careful over the next few days. Mario Testa will stop at nothing to ensure he remains in office. A very comfortable way of life for that cheap-shoe midget is at stake.

    Every single one of us who thinks MJF is pretty has to make certain we let other people know why we think she HAS to be the next mayor.

    Testa has orchestrated his typical screw the ordinary people … my people will get out the vote in sufficient numbers to get us back in. He has done it before and he CAN do it again.

    La Diabla Santa Ayala will do everything she can to mess up the election process.

    A message to La Diabla … people go to jail for the things you are doing.

    Every single one of you who voted for Finch in the last primary because Caruso shouted CORRUPTION too many times experienced the worst four years in the history of our city. Despite his machinations to the contrary, Finch has accomplished nothing, has driven us into a debt level that has crippled us and put the financial burden squarely on the backs of we the taxpayers and has been personally responsible for the collapse of our educational system.

    No. Downtown is not the booming metropolis Nancy Hadley would like us to think it is. It is filthy. It is dangerous. It is totally uninviting. I think it’s great a couple of bodegas opened up along with a dry cleaner and a few other places. That’s nice. I won’t be happy until we have the Big Four with offices here supporting smokestack manufacturing and financial institutions.

    40 years of Testa-like rule has driven all that away. This is our one shot at greatness. We haven’t won yet. We have a lot of work to do. Before the close of business call someone you know to remind them we need their vote in the primary.

    MJF is great and she has some good people surrounding her. They cannot do it alone.

  3. The CT Post just unveiled today Foster in fact was not the vision behind the Bluefish. It doesn’t matter what McGregor writes because his viewpoints are written for his own self-interest which is to get his wife elected.

    1. You obviously didn’t read the entire article. A typical Finch supporter!!! Her vision became a reality. She knew how to put the people together to make it happen. Finch has been having a hard time to get Trumbull to cave for the school location. Trumbull is calling all the shots and they use all our city services. Weak weak weak!

  4. It figures Finch would attack the ballpark and the club that plays there. Can’t claim to have accomplished anything so he shoots the city in its collective foot. What a stupid asshole.

    There’s a parallel with a story by Mary Shelley. Mario Testa created this unnatural creature, assembled from pieces of apathy and avarice and other ugly things. Villagers carrying flaming ballots are about to hound the creature out of office.


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