Mayor’s Telephone Town Hall Meeting On Tuesday, Plus: Monday’s City Council Agenda, Marella To Replace Curwen

Mayor Bill Finch will conduct a telephone town hall meeting about his city budget proposal on Tuesday April 16 at 7:30 pm. The mayor’s proposed $520 million spending plan is currently under review by the City Council’s Budget and Appropriations Committee.

To make sure you’re included in the mayor’s telephone meeting see the electronic sign-up sheet here.

The City Council will conduct its next full meeting Monday night at 7 when it is expected Mike Marella, who served for more than 10 years on the council in the 1990s, will rejoin the city’s legislative body, replacing veteran councilman Bob Curwen who resigned a few weeks ago. Council members vote to fill vacancies. City Council agenda is here.



  1. *** The usual budget painted picture “song & dance” by the Mayor, blaming the economy, State and Federal cuts, mother nature, city worker’s contract raises and medical benefits, unforeseen city O/T and educational and library budget increases just to start! Any bets he won’t mention political administrative raises and new hires? Spending money the city doesn’t have and borrowing to do it seems to be the norm for Bpt along with robbing taxpayers one way or another. However, I could be completely wrong, no? *** CALL, ASK AND HEAR FOR YOURSELVES ***

  2. HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Parents or guardians who lie about their child’s residency in order to get them enrolled in another school district could face a misdemeanor under a bill under consideration by Connecticut lawmakers.

    Read more: www

    How about putting this to our own council members, also if found guilty the person faces up to 1 year in jail (the reserved Bridgeport politico cell, I hear) and a $2000.00 fine, deductible from the $9,000.00 council stipend.
    But … They all live in their districts, or Trumbull, or Monroe, or the Moon for all I know.
    Bridgeport the “snow job,” don’t forget bring your own shovel.

  3. Budget & Appropriations Committee 9:00 AM meeting at Annex this morning in Legislation Land proved to be tough to get in and get out. Doors to Annex are locked and no one to let a citizen in. Came in with Denese Taylor-Moye through garage doors when someone arrived. Had waited 15 minutes for that to happen. Meeting started at 9:37 with four from B&A plus several others like Andre Baker and John Olson.

    Sherwood and Nunn to review Capital projects to be discussed and voted upon. Council members are as in the dark as most of us. They asked for report of decisions over past five years on Capital approvals. Nowhere to be found on City site. Also other retrospective reports sought.

    Had another meeting so when I left the Leg. Office had to come back for Sue B. to escort me out of the building. Anybody? Is it legal to have a meeting like this if the public is locked out? Time will tell.

  4. It seems they want to make it harder for the public to gain access to these meetings. The room they are using at the annex is just able to seat the B & A panel. Visitors will be forced to stand or sit on the floor when the meeting starts. I can’t wait to see how they handle public facilities when they come in with their entourage. JML, I am beginning to think they don’t want us at their meetings. BTW thanks DePara and Brannelly for the site change.

  5. He can talk all day long, schedule meetings everywhere and still not produce what Bridgeport taxpayers need. Real, true information on the current financial status of this city, a plan to manage it through cuts to expenses and growth to revenue, and some real effort to create economic development. What a joke.


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