Mayor: Will Fake Potholes Slow Down Traffic In Bridgeport? It’s An Ad Hoax

fake potholes
From Finch’s Facebook page.

Mayor Bill Finch wrote this on his Facebook page: “Will “fake potholes” slow down traffic in Bridgeport? Maybe we should try this to get speeders to slow down.” See here. Apparently it’s all an advertising campaign hoax and not a tool for speed control. Oops.

Still, the mayor’s receiving some interesting responses on Facebook such as:

May cause drivers to steer into on coming traffic and cause an accident and guess who will be sued! Tax Payers! Dumb idea!

and …

How about we use our vehicle tax dollars to fix the roads. There’s already potholes all over Bridgeport. Also, why fix something with fake things when the real solution to fixing things is better. People will eventually find out and speed anyways. Invest the money in radars and have the city police be an example. Time for real improvements for Bridgeport.

and …

We have real pot holes in Bridgeport why do we need fake ones lol



  1. My first reaction: We need fake ones? The real ones aren’t working.
    My second reaction: Someone DIED on State and Lafayette this weekend. Making a joke is appropriate how?
    My third reaction: Trash your PR person.

  2. What is wrong with this man? There was a horrific fatal accident in his fair city this weekend and he makes light of it? He truly is the village idiot.
    On another note, the first thing that came to mind when hearing about that fatal accident was: Don’t the city employees take-home cars all have NY plates now? I think so … fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  3. *** It’s funny, I get it and it could work ’til the word is out, then what? Also as blogged before, it might lead to an accident in the process of avoiding the make-believe potholes. What happens when someone thinks it’s a fake one and does not slow down? ***

  4. Lennie,
    Don’t we already know what we see is not necessarily what is there? In the art world it is called ‘trompe l’oeil,’ a still-life image intended to provide a vision of reality.

    Kind of like the financial news emanating from the City. Have to go through the motions, not necessarily with care and accuracy, after all who will challenge what is put out? The City Council? Time will tell.

  5. Really??? Fake potholes??? How about, oh say, jobs? Or go wild–economic development. Or, here’s a good one–transparent, honest, balanced budget. Even better–no more tax increases. Okay, let’s stay with water taxis and fake potholes. Much better.

  6. This is called 3D graphics or 3D Art. It’s cool and some of them are very creative. Some are very convincing optical illusions. I wonder how Bill Finch would feel if I went around the City and placed 3D potholes on certain roads and called Public Works to report the potholes? Don’t be surprised if one day I load up some videos showing what happens when the Public Works Road Crew shows up and start dumping asphalt on the 3D potholes.

    Now that the mayor has us talking about holes, let me tell you about the hole where our tax dollars have been going down. Paging John Marshall Lee and Andy Fardy. In the office of the head of the City of Bridgeport finance department there is a hole in the floor where our tax dollars has been disappearing. It’s like a Black Hole where our tax dollars are sucked down in a vortex. I’m sure Godiva2011 will be the first to challenge me on this. Click on the link and see the never-seen-before photo of the City of Bridgeport’s money hole.


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