Mattei: Rebuilding State Means Rebuilding Trust In Government

Bridgeport attorney Chris Mattei who’s exploring a Democratic run for governor issued several points on Monday to rebuild trust in government.

From Mattei:

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Mattei today released a new proposal to bring more people into the election process in Connecticut as a first step toward restoring trust in government and encouraging civic participation. Mattei, who formerly served as Chief of the Financial Fraud and Public Corruption Unit in the U.S. Attorney’s Office holding public officials and big corporations accountable, is currently exploring a run for Governor of Connecticut. “Too many people have lost confidence in our public institutions and public officials,” said Mattei. “When people stop trusting government, our government stops working effectively to solve big problems like restoring the middle class. As Democrats we must reform government to restore trust. Rebuilding our state starts with rebuilding trust in government.”

As part of his plan he advocates:
— Encouraging voting by making it easier for citizens to vote absentee and implementing early voting days. Connecticut is one of only 13 states that both forbids early voting and requires an excuse to vote absentee.
— Taking the parties out of legislative redistricting by creating a non-partisan commission to determine legislative boundaries.
— Repealing new provisions that limit State Election Enforcement Commission investigations to one year so that residents can feel assured that complaints will actually be resolved based on the facts, not the calendar.
— Improving transparency by requiring Political Action Committees (PACs) to disclose the true sources of their funding and listing the largest funder on advertising. Currently, big donors are able to obscure their political donations by “passing through” innocuous sounding committees; this reform would shed a light on where the money is really coming from.

More information on the proposed reforms can be found here.

“Many political pundits and pessimists will tell you that Connecticut is in bad shape and our problems are too big to solve,” said Mattei. “I have a different view: I believe in the power of the people of Connecticut to choose a future where we invest in ourselves, our families, our communities and our state. I know we can do better–and that starts with restoring the bonds of trust between us and our government.”



  1. One problem.. Chris Mattei has ZERO name recognition. But it may be a crazy Connecticut gubernatorial election. We may end up with both Republican and Democratic candidates that have zero name recognition. IMHO,as of right now,I am not happy nor satisfied with any and all of the candidates.

    1. Frank, you may have something but I know that most people in Bridgeport don’t even know Bridgeport resident David Walker who I think could be running for something in Connecticut.

    2. It’s early in the game, Frank. The ranks of candidates will go through some changes between now and election day. The thinning precesses haven’t begun yet. Debates, polls, fundraising ability, primaries, etc. it will be some time before the smoke clears to reveal the last men standing.

  2. You have to knock on doors, lots of doors.
    Then you need to have something short and sweet to say about why you are running and how important that person’s precious vote is to you.
    Then you need to listen, listen and keep listening……
    because to many residents its been a long time since they felt like a member of the middle class with anyone caring…..and that is enough for some not to bother to vote. It’become a habit of hopelessness.
    And that works for the incumbents who keep the information unavailable except in the stories they prepare for the press and with public relations assistance that hides vital info. Whom do you trust ultimately? Enough to work for them or with them to secure an elected position? How do you restore authority, respect and trust when too many have behaved in undeserving manner? Time will tell.


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