Master Plan Approved, Plus: Council Primary Fever, And ‘I Want A Piece Of You!’

3:30 p.m. update: The City Council Monday night overwhelmingly passed the Master Plan that was debated in comments over the weekend. Big crowd on hand including some crackling audience exchanges between State Rep. Chris Caruso and former City Council member Keith Cougar Rodgerson.

Those two tend to make prehistoric noises within earshot, especially after Cougie dissed Caruso’s overture to give up his third-party mayoral line in the 2007 general election. Cougie got a consulting gig from Bill Finch as a result. Hey, Chris, careful if you’re at the Farmer’s Market downtown. Cougie spends a lot of his time there and he’s a pretty good tomato thrower.

We have a few related items below starting with a news release from Mayor Finch regarding a letter he sent to P&Z commissioners before the council vote.

Mayor Bill Finch today sent the following letter to the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission urging the board to consider limited amendments to the Master Plan of Conservation and Development. The letter reads as follows:

August 3, 2009

Planning & Zoning Commission

Re: #135-08 Economic and Community Development and Environment Committee report re “Bridgeport 2020″: A Vision for the Future Master Plan of Conservation and Development” Statutory Review pursuant to CGS Sec. 23-8(f)(2)

Dear Honorable Commissioners:

As Mayor, I am respectfully proposing a limited amendment to the Master Plan of Conservation and Development (“Master Plan”) that was submitted on or about June 15, 2009 by your Commission to the City Council for its review and comment. I am proposing this amendment in order to ensure adoption of a Master Plan that reflects the City’s urban character and supports my Administration’s vision of a city that balances vibrant growth with quality of life.

Recommended Amendment to Proposed Master Plan and Future Land Use Map:

Main Street from Stoehrs Place to Fairview Avenue

Recommendation – amend the proposed Master Plan and Future Land Use Map to designate this property (except for those parcels currently listed as having a “commercial” land use) as “low density residential” land use.

Furthermore, as a related matter, I am also submitting recommendations concerning certain aspects of the Zoning Regulations/Map pending before the Commission. I make these recommendations because I believe these particular issues have become a distraction from the larger reforms at stake in the adoption of this progressive master plan and our new zoning regulations. The three specific areas of the City are as follows: (1) Parcel Located off of Serpentine Drive behind Commerce Park office park, (2) Testo’s Restaurant Site on Madison Avenue, and (3) Greenwood Street – 9.9 Acre Parcel. The proposals from the Commission’s Zoning Re-write Sub-committee would change these three property sites from “low density residential” land use. I believe that the full Commission should reject these elements of the report from the Re-Write Sub-committee.

Moreover, I hereby resubmit my earlier written request that the Commission conduct a second Public Hearing (to be conducted in September 2009) on the Zoning Map changes, and suggest that these matters would be appropriate subjects for such public hearing.

A statement below from Michael Voytek on behalf of the Committee to Ungag the People:

Democracy worked last night in Bridgeport! The City Council heard the people and overwhelmingly approved the Master Plan and recommended changes to the Plan and on the Zoning Map to protect our neighborhoods from overdevelopment by special interests. The Council’s recommendations support the integrity of our neighborhoods and the tax-paying citizens who live there. The changes favor the preservation of the neighborhood character of two areas on Main St. in the Master Plan and the single-family residential character of a large parcel of property near Greenwood St., Anton St. and Madison Ave. (Testo’s) on the Zoning Map and regulations. Protecting our neighborhoods and listening to the taxpayers in those neighborhoods must always be an integral part of any Master Plan for the city. The Master Plan and comments now go to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration.

The goal of the Master Plan in its simplest form is to promote economic development in Bridgeport AND preserve and protect our neighborhoods. Many on the City Council appear to have struck the sometimes delicate balance of simultaneously endeavoring to reach these goals by BOTH approving the Master Plan and approving recommendations that essentially oppose spot zoning “favors” to special interests and a select group of developers.

The goals of the Committee to Ungag the People, which is made up of Bridgeport taxpayers and homeowners, are in line with the goals set forth in the Master Plan and likewise achieve this balance. The Committee to Ungag the People stands for: (1) preserving our neighborhoods; (2) preventing spot zoning “favors”; and (3) promoting “real” economic development in Bridgeport (i.e., maintaining and growing the city’s tax base in a viable manner).

Through the tireless efforts of the Committee to Ungag the People, we sparked a much-needed debate among Bridgeport residents on the Master Plan and spot zoning matters. We have debated, and will continue to debate, exactly who the Master Plan and zoning matters will ultimately serve. We should all rejoice and encourage such debate in Bridgeport that will ultimately benefit our City as a whole and its neighborhoods and the citizens who live in them.

The Master Plan and Recommendations are now before the PZC. The Committee to Ungag the People will now focus on that body like a laser beam. Democracy having worked for one evening in our beautiful city does not mean that democracy is working on a consistent basis yet. We will be working to achieve our goals and watching whether the PZC will do the right thing by the people and the neighborhoods. There will be a hearing on the Master Plan on August 24th at 6pm at City Hall. If you believe what the Committee to Ungag the People believes, you are invited to stand in solidarity with us at that hearing. In addition, we have been told there will be a hearing at another time to address some of the spot zoning matters that we will also invite you to attend. We will keep you posted. Ungagging the People means giving them a voice. We intend to continue to use that voice at these hearings. We continue to note that we have “many miles to go before we sleep.” And we will only sleep after we have achieved our goals.

Some thoughts below from North End council member AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia.

Why I voted yes for the master plan and no to the amendment.

We spent a lot of money on this plan, many people volunteered their time–countless hours, and we need to move this city–my city–our city FORWARD.

There is too much at stake if we hesitate and keep fighting. There will be plenty of opportunities for us to “discuss” this with P&Z and the City.

We need to expand our tax base as to take the burden off of us. We need to explore opportunities, to look at other avenues that will include additional revenues for our overtaxed and overworked taxpayers. Status quo will not take care of us.

The reason I voted no to the amendment was that there were select properties in question when there are many other properties that need to be researched and checked thoroughly.

If we are going to make examples for a couple–then shame on us–we need to look at that whole picture. I could not vote with my heart on that until I know that everyone is covered.

I will be at P&Z to talk up with yea or nay on zoning matters that concern my district–the 134th and the whole city. I will continue to work for the better of my constituent concerns as long as all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. I go with the facts and not the screams.

Primary Season

Can you believe it? A September primary for City Council seats just around the corner.

What are you hearing? Candidates are out there collecting signatures to get their names on the ballot. Over the next month we’ll focus on several of them as we hear about opposition candidates that qualify for the ballot.

Sounds like Andy Fardy and running mate Ann Barney are already approved. I’m paying lots of attention to this race because it’s a strong barometer for how things are going in the city. Fardy AKA Town Committee and Barney, a 25-year employee of the Board of Education, are challenging incumbents in the 138th Council District Bob Curwen and Rich Paoletto. Curwen, co-chair of the Budgets and Appropriations Committee, has his ups and downs with the Finch administration. Paoletto, who’s on the city payroll, is a Finch supporter.

I expect this race  on the Upper East Side to be close. Fardy and Barney are anti-Finch administration candidates who are knocking on doors and banging phones forcing the incumbents to work hard. A new wrinkle has been added to the race with the potential for James Morton and Tyreke Bird to qualify for the ballot. They could take minority votes from the incumbents or perhaps make a competitive run themselves.

Primaries on this level can be unpredictable animals. You don’t need big money to win. Just a lot of hard work to meet the peeps and drag them to the polls. Two polling places are in play here:  Hooker School, home to a significant percentage of owner-occupied dwellings, and JFK school campus, home to lots of seniors and Success Village residents, always a key target area in city elections.

Maybe Andy Fardy can give us an update on what the peeps are saying.

I Want To Own You

MariAn Gail Brown, one of my favorite scribes at the Connecticut Post, has an engaging piece about the way big business and their lobbyists influence Congress, specifically an effort to reach freshman U.S. Representative Jim Himes. Translation: we think this guy is on our side so let’s spend a boatload of dough sucking up on his behalf (and ours) to his constituents. Read a portion of the piece below followed by a link to the entire story.

The snappy, eye-catching brochures landing in mailboxes in Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District that trumpet U.S. Rep. Jim Himes’ health-care stance look like the postal equivalent of candidates’ lawn signs sprouting up before an election.

“A strong Connecticut starts with good health care” reads one. “When health care is unaffordable, families suffer,” another notes. “Jim Himes is working to fix the system.” As proof, the brochure features a sick barefoot little girl in a johnny coat lying in a hospital bed, alone with her eyes half closed and her teddy bear just out of reach.

Another mailing states that “more Connecticut families are getting the care they need, thanks to Jim Himes.”

Similar statements about the freshman congressman who bested longtime Republican incumbent Christopher Shays are being echoed in newspaper ads and cable television spots, too.

Fifteen months before the 2010 election, it appears the campaign season already is under way. But the rub is Himes has not crafted any health-care bills, staked out any bold new policy initiatives or outlined anything substantive that suggests specific health-care reforms he backs. Himes belongs to the House committees on financial services and homeland security. He holds no position on any congressional health-care committees.

So where does the former banking executive get off linking himself to the health-care debate? The answer is simple: he isn’t.

Himes has nothing to do with these health-care missives to his constituents.

Support This

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Good Eats

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm it sounds like Lennie was taking scripts from me from my earlier post in the last post. Am I correct Len? Like I said this race will show if voters are fed up with Finch. If this district goes to Fardy and Barney best believe that the whole city is against Finch. Every friend I know who votes at JFK I will make sure they go out to vote for Fardy and Barney. It’s a showdown and I can’t wait to see these numbers.

    1. donj,
      I don’t know specifically who is sponsoring Marty McCarthy’s candidacy for City Council; that was a reference to the DTC in general.

      It requires more than a leap of faith to convince me that Mr. McCarthy will be doing anything other than maintaining the status quo if he prevails during the electoral process.

  2. Lennie, read the blog this AM and I will give you an update on where we are and how we are doing financially.
    We have received a great deal of positive feedback from the people we have talked to which is about 90% of the entire district.
    We welcome James Morton and Tyreke Bird to the the contest.
    We are showing that you can run a campaign without developer money and without outside cash. Ann and I have completely financed our own campaign. We have campaign signs which will go up in a few days. We have campaign literature that we have hand delivered to 90% of the district and we will finish the other 10% this week.
    We are not running to be obstructionist candidates. We are running so that the people of this district can have a voice in what happens in the city. We are running so that there will be people in office that will work on constituent problems in the 138th, something that has been sadly lacking for a number of years. This district is not represented on any boards or commissions, NOT ONE. We will work to change that. We will work to make sure the voices of the 138th are not voices in the wilderness like they are now.
    Ann and I feel that we have the numbers to win this contest and we have the people in place to get the vote out. The volunteers that have come forward have been amazing.
    We hope to show others that you can run against the incumbents and do so without a lot of money. If we can do that then we have done our job to date.
    The one thing that I have learned is that people want someone to listen to their concerns and someone to help them with their issues. We are the candidates that will do that. We plan to be council people 24-7.

    Donj both precincts vote in this primary. Thank you for the positive input.

  3. I have noticed that harley76 has not been around lately since he tried to slander a certain state rep’s reputation by saying he used his influence to hire someone in the parks dept … someone that the gentleman doesn’t even know. The silence is deafening around here when you lie through your teeth.

    1. Did you miss me Finest? Some of us work. Like I said before, if I am wrong about Andres’ influence then I apologize. The word around Public Facilities is that the Peeping Tom is being protected because of Andres. Now maybe that’s not true but it’s what people think. I’m concerned because it is a safety issue to the men and the public. I am all about safety. Enough said.

  4. “City Council member Robert Walsh [was the only member of the council who] voted against the plan, saying the process did not “pass the smell test. My instincts tell me to vote ‘no.’ If we reject it, all the P&Z has to do is override our vote with a two-thirds majority.”

    I have said this before on countless occasions. Bob Walsh is an obstructionist son of a bitch who has no possible idea of how to effectively enact legislation that will benefit the community as a whole. The words cooperate and graduate are beyond his feeble ability to comprehend. Time after time this pedantic putz is the sole antagonist of nearly all that comes before the board. Rather than seek mutually acceptable solutions and employing the fine art of compromise to facilitate, Walsh continually claims the issue fails his “smell test” and obstructs with useless ***”redderick”***. In any body charged with the management of issues there is always an obstructionist. Obstructionists stop, defer and delay anything that comes up. There are 2 sides to every issue. Somewhere in there is an aspect of reasonable accommodation without political correctness that when applied creates results and progress. So long as Walsh is on that council, we will have to wait for progress. Just as Caruso mucks up Hartford, Walsh is denying the people of the city the progress that will lead us to prosperity. In many respects, Walsh is more dangerous to our future than Don Calamari. The funny thing is that Walsh takes the “Profiles in Courage” stand in the name of altruism. BULLSHIT!!!

      1. *** I agree, yahooy’s a big-time spoiled cry baby that needs more than a time-out to bring him back to reality! Mr. Walsh did what he usually does 95% of the time when confronted with an item that does not pass the feel, smell, look & sound test. Which leaves him with doubt & as I’ve stated before on one of the things I learned while on the council from Mr. Walsh. When in doubt, always vote “NO”! So, time will tell whether his vote of “no” was the right way to go? After all there’s only one great ex-city council person that comes to mind that always voted the correct way & is responsible for all the improvements in the 131st district and Bpt in general. We @ OIB have come to know him as the $51 million man with all the plans! The underground Bpt rumors media hound that’s into everybody’s business but his own! The name is rumored to be a tip-top how many fingers up code 666 and cannot be spoken in English! So you’ll all have to use your imaginations on this cartoon like character. ?????????********* (Careful he may be listening to your conversation!!!!!!!!! ********** (THE END) **********

        1. *** “one of the things I learned while on the council from Mr. Walsh. When in doubt, always vote “NO”!” ***

          When in doubt, you and Walsh should ask questions which lead to clarification. Sitting back like a dumb shit shaking your head gets us nowhere. I would support an informed negative vote and congratulate him on his due diligence. All he does is tell people it doesn’t smell good. I hope he never sat next to you at a Council meeting. The poor bastard would know what to vote for.

  5. “We need to expand our tax base as to take the burden off of us,” according to AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia’s remarks. “We need to explore opportunities, to look at other avenues that will include additional revenues for our overtaxed and overworked taxpayers. Status quo will not take care of us.”

    The biggest problem the city has is the one-party rule that has been allowed to exist for so long. Why is it that the elitist inner circle of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee is permitted to select (and elect) candidates for city and state office? All of Bridgeport’s legislative delegation is beholden to the Democratic Town Committee, with the notable exception of State Representative Chris Caruso. I will give Auden Grogins her due: she did go out on the canvasing trail, worked with more than a little diligence to create a grass-roots voter base. It was the efforts of the Democratic Town Committee’s district leaders that delivered the votes, however. (It should be noted that twenty-four years of inertia didn’t do Bob Keeley any good.) And all of the candidates running for local offices here in Bridgeport benefited from Barack Obama’s enormous popularity.

    But what have any of these vote-getters actually accomplished for the good of the people of the city of Bridgeport? Securing funds for the Beardsley Zoo and the Discovery Museum is all fine and good and commendable. The education of our young is vitally important for the future competitiveness of American society. How ’bout some jobs? Is that too much to ask, or is this still a pay-to-play town?

    Both Bridgeport and Waterbury have well-earned reputations for corruption. Maybe former Governor John G. Rowland is making a difference in his old hometown, but there hasn’t been any substantial investment there in a long time. Nor has there been any revenue-generating investment in Bridgeport. Oh sure, there are buildings being rehabilitated downtown, turned into office, retail and residential space. At the end of the day more than a few will be shrugging their shoulders, holding their hands up and asking, “So what?” because there are no jobs in Bridgeport that pay enough for people to move into those new apartments and condominiums. The folks that can afford to live there don’t really want to live in downtown Bridgeport, because too much of it is suffering from the ugliest sort of urban blight.

    The solution to the problem, or at least one solution, would be investments that would produce jobs that pay realistic living wages. If that were to happen Bridgeport’s economy would be liberated from relying on food stamps and narcotic sales. Unfortunately it ain’t gonna happen, because the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee’s leadership exists in a vacuum. The Democratic National Committee is committed to “an agenda that emphasizes the strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, open, honest and accountable government, and securing our nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties.” In Bridgeport these ideals gave way to avarice and the torrents of greed.

  6. For those of you who were present at City Hall last night, no one has yet commented on the contrasting audiences that overflowed seating and clogged the aisles. Because of the large number of people in attendance, the pre-meeting speakers were delayed in their five-minute talks. The positive was that 50% or more of the Council members were present (listening?) to public members speaking in favor of the Master Plan.
    Not on the Council agenda but very popular with the majority of those present were the youth and their sponsors, coaches, parents and neighbors representing Little League activity in Bridgeport. City certificates, standing ovations, and multiple photo ops to recognize the moment were a pleasant highlight for many, though not the real business of the evening.
    So when Tom McCarthy got to the Council Meeting Agenda and prompt recess (for an extended “private” Council Caucus to overcome map confusion and review Planning process for Council representatives) the ‘BIG LEAGUE’ action was impressive. In Bridgeport’s version of the ‘Battle of the Signs’, supporters of as well as opponents of Council endorsement of the Master Plan were present in significant numbers. Issues addressed by Council woman Lyons and a few others were primarily focused on a single part of the City, the North End.
    (Since Council elections will be held in three months, no Council person wanted to miss the opportunity to explain to constituents in the audience their positions relating to the unanimous negative decision on the ECDC vote, and a turnaround on last night’s vote (excepting Bob Walsh). Did anyone notice that several Council persons indicated in their comments that they were in favor of the way the Master Plan treats their Districts/neighborhoods? Is it a coincidence that positive comments from Council members as to the Master Plan seemed to be made where there had been specific activity in a neighborhood to get grassroots input initially and longer term support through the creation of Neighborhood Revitalization Zones? West Side, South End, the Hollow, East Side, East End and Black Rock have zones. Is it a coincidence that NRZ activity has not yet occurred in the North End? Do you believe in coincidences?
    So to all of the people from the North End, whatever the reason for your presence last evening, and no matter the signage you waved, there may be a lesson.
    Forming and supporting neighborhood organizations that systematically and regularly review land development activity (that also understand the need for productive economic development) in a given neighborhood creates a greater appreciation for how the land use menu is revised every ten years by creation of a guiding document, the Master Plan. They may also understand better the nature of the “secret sausage making” that has been happening this spring at P & Z meetings with few non-professional public attendees. And the importance of reviewing changes affecting their neighborhoods, in detail, and focusing the full light of public scrutiny on changes that are fully or even partially inconsistent with the Master Plan. That work is necessary now and hopefully the P&Z members are poised to explain those changes when their work is complete. A failure to have broad public support for the revised regulations and Zoning Map at this moment in the process, promises more challenges to future decisions of land use bodies.
    Neighborhoods with land use groups that work together can monitor, share, report to the public and support well founded development and land use actions. If the public is not present or if the media fails to cover or inform, mushrooms grow, and not necessarily a healthy Grand List.

  7. Tonight, on “Bridgeport Now”–Tue Aug 4, 8pm Ch 77 …
    Members of the Committee to Ungag the People, as special guests.

    Do you have an opinion about the Bridgeport Master Plan, zoning, land use? Are you a resident, developer, city official?

    When you are done with the wonderful blog, tune in to a discussion about today’s front page story, watch for the phone number and call in your opinion.

    “Bridgeport Now”, a local access TV program, bringing the important issues to the community every week on live television. No cable? Netcast:

  8. WOW!!! Mojo, one hell of a man, maybe the City can name a building in that district after this hero. Hey, how about the building where the police keep their horses and there could be a sign on the lawn with all of his hard work written on the sign.

    Mojo I am impressed by this cartoon-like character, once again you said, “After all there’s only one great ex-city council person that comes to mind that always voted the correct way & is responsible for all the improvements in the 131st district and Bpt in general. We @ OIB have come to know him as the $51 million man with all the plans! The underground Bpt rumors media hound that’s into everybody’s business but his own! The name is rumored to be a tip-top how many fingers up code #666 and cannot be spoken in English! So you’ll all have to use your imaginations on this cartoon-like character. ?????????********* (Careful he may be listening to your conversation!!!!!!!!!********* (THE END) ********* How about another clue?

    1. *** Another clue, bald way before me & wants the credit for anything & everything in the 131st district. Has burned most family, friends, work & political relation’s bridges behind him due to his abrasive lies, know-it-all & nosy ways. Is a graduate of The Bpt Civil Service School of Organic Sterilizing Maintenance Engineering for Man or Beast. *** There really should be a Rest Rm. in the city named after this gentleman after he retires some day? *** Mack, hopefully all we can hope for is to live & learn my friend, live & learn! *** Peace & Love to all!!! ***

  9. I am really not surprised that my philistine phriends object to my characterization of Walsh as an obstructionist. Thanks ***MoPho***. I was not aware that that prick votes NO 95% of the time. A real facilitator he is. Only you ***MoPho*** and the dilettantes like you think that people like Walsh contribute to the advancement of our city. After all, in 6 years you managed to get free passes to the parks for seniors … te saludo! What else? Walsh needs to learn that issues need careful examination and objective discussion from both points of view so that all aspects can be explored. Sitting back with a perpetual thumbs down does no one any good at all. As far as I am concerned, Walsh would be better off if he stuck that thumb up his ass. At least he could find some personal gratification for his disservice to the city.

    1. *** As blogged before, no explanations are needed by anyone for the likes of you! Again what’s your claim to fame in Bpt? What have you ever done for your neighborhood, etc. except complain on OIB behind a website mask? You’re simply a coward who thinks he has all the right answers to Bpt’s problems, yet can’t manage your own affairs. “Bottom Feeder” you’re a pathetic loser who’s school lunch was always up for grabs by the other students! Yahooy, get a life already! ***

    2. *** The man gets elected every year with or against the main Dem. party! Does little fundraising or poster hanging as well. Just knocks on doors & makes phone calls and manages to win every time! Mr. Walsh, like him or not, must be doing something right for a guy that Yahooy (aka “bottom feeder”) claims is so negative? ***

  10. Paging Nancy Hardly, paging Nancy Hardly.
    So Nancy, you were with Gus Curcio and crew on this one and against the North Enders?
    Hmmm. Very interesting.
    And doesn’t Gus have a brother-in-law on the Planning and Zoning Commission.
    Hmmm. Very interesting.

  11. It seems that the next screwing that the city is being set up for is on Greenwood street.
    Here we have a property valued at about $375K that ON PAPER was bought for 2 million. Who introduces the new owner from his council seat but developer friendly Bob Curwen.
    It is well known that the city wants a good portion of this property for a retention pond and flood control. You watch it is going to be asked to pay $2 million for the property. These people never stop.
    Memo to Finch it is you that started all this zoning crap. It was your new commissioners that put in all this spot zoning. It was you that got rid of the one person on the P&Z that would have stopped all of this BS before it got started.Finch it was YOU.
    One other note, guess which area of the city has no NRZ zone or commission. If you guessed the 138th you would be right.Look what we have a shopping strip mall with to many stores. Jehova witness church yet to be built. A new adult entertainment bar that does not belong in the neighborhood. Get where I am going. Developer Friendly.

  12. Grin:
    I don’t know Gus Curcio and I don’t know who is his brother-in-law on the PZC. Why are you so obsessed with conspiracies? My position is that there should not be development in the neighborhoods that will throw their character and scale out the window. Development as dense and green as possible should happen only in the expanded downtown and along the major transit corridors so that this city grows the tax base and increase revenue.

    To play out your latest conspiracy suggestion I would be in favor of changing the end of Greenwood Street to high density residential. I am not. The Master Plan cites low density residential and the zoning should reflect the same. I don’t know how that lady expects to get back $2 million on a property that was assessed at less than $300k. That area contributes to the OxBrook Flooding. It shouldn’t be developed for more than single family houses but I prefer it remain as open space so the folks downriver catch a break.

    Please, try thinking something positive, or better yet, do something positive.

    1. Good Morning,

      I do not know where to start whereas most of the issues/concerns seem to be outside the scope of the “Master Plan” I support Nancy whom I have spoken with in the past “her memory fails” happens to the best of us, me included approximately two years ago on another project I was interested in, in the downtown area.

      1. Good Morning,

        I am back, sorry for the interruption. Again, I support Nancy with her statement of being “Positive” and “Doing something positive”.

        1. Good Morning Again,

          I am going to start out my reply in a “positive” manner and remain in a positive manner.

          First the purchase of the land by me should not be the subject of conversation at this time or any as far as I can see that come before The Town Council, it was the “Master Plan” is that not what we all were present before/at the Town Council Meeting to discuss.

          However I was verbally assaulted by Mr. Caruso as opposed to being subjected to a rational, reasonable debate with me over the “pro’s and possible if any con’s” of the “Master Plan” and its acceptance. Mr. Caruso/he had to direct the attention off of himself and onto me and my purchase of a parcel of land in Bridgeport. I have been self-employed most of my life and it has been my experience that “when someone is attempting to direct the attention to others they/he/she is attempting to get the attention off of what they/he/she is doing” and that is what I truly believe is happening, while Caruso is out “grandstanding” and spending the monies of others what is he really doing? Common sense people, he is getting the attention off of himself and his actions. What does he do all day? We work, have full time jobs, create full time jobs for others by and through our work and our businesses, what exactly does he do other than cause a “panic” by few. There are 150K estimated residents in “Bridgeport” there are 67K estimated voters, yet he comes to the meeting with approximately 50 individuals that truly do not have the “full truth/knowledge/supporting documents” that they need in front of them to make rationale decisions/choices. What about the rest of the taxpayers, residents? What our newly formed organization did was bring out “Taxpayers” who without our assistance could not get to the meeting and we were “frowned” upon by Caruso. He assaulted verbally “elderly” women whom I was with and no one stopped him, “Elder abuse” is against the law in the State Of Connecticut and abuse comes in all forms including “verbal” he truly should be ashamed of himself with respect to how he treated those ladies who vowed to support me in the event I turn to “politics” in the near future.

          I met with a city official most recently and he shared with me that fact that the “City Council” is in “fear” (exact words!) of this Mr. Caruso. I thought for a moment and stated back to him “fear of what” a person who pays little if any taxes by and through his mother’s real estate by way of “rental”. Fear what? I asked again, and he replied with “I do not know” but you will be the first with no fear.

          Not knowing why a “Town Council” would fear him, yet knowing that the statement made to me came from an individual who has worked within the City for years I took the words for their clear-cut meaning “fear” Caruso.

          Well let me share with all of you and I make myself clear to the following:

          My request before the Town Council would have been positive and supportive if allowed to speak, however this is what happened–“Caruso” threatened council members that he would become unruly if I was afforded the opportunity to speak therefore I decided it would be best to maintain my goal of support in a more positive manner thanking the commission for allowing me to submit my compilation of documents that support the “Master Plan” as with a document that would support there has been enough procrastination within the City.

          I do not want to get into a debate between the “property evaluation” and “property value” they are two different topics and values themselves no insult directed to anyone. However any developer, asset manager or lender understands the valuation process of land as with land use. I am working on several projects for which land is valued even as “farm land” currently, zoned industrial so one value has nothing to do with the other. Land Use value is very different. Having a vision is where the value comes into play with respect to land use and taking the vision and turning it into reality.

          With no disrespect Nancy you need to be more real with respect to development and land use. I enjoy traveling to large cities, site seeing so to speak and when cities work together/communities work together you can have development in all areas of a city including the “North End”. For Bridgeport to move in a positive manner with respect to growth all areas need to grow, all areas need to “subject” themselves to growth and development, I call it “teamwork”.

          I will go on and state one more personal thought. “If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got”; my trainer who most recently passed at an age of 93 would say that to me daily and I have taken into my professional life thereto as well. Change is something no one likes but it is needed, and Bridgeport needs change, development, growth, to establish a higher tax base.

          I also share with my children and friends, “follow nobody”.

          I would rather:

          “Stand alone and be right, then in a crowd and be wrong”; words to live by and I personally have.

          I would strongly suggest that the tit for tat stop; good lord it is truly unacceptable and unprofessional and all professionals (that have been participating or not, yet not abiding by the rules that they took an oath to live by and support) would completely agree that your opinion can be spoken as with you can maintain professionalism as with respect the boundaries that have been established with respect to all including this blog. I truly believe in “karma” and “good faith” as with once again reiterating “while those are attempting to redirect the attention to others or other topics they are simply attempting to flout (to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock) to flout the rules of propriety” others and get the attention off of themselves.

          I also would like to clarify for all, Nancy brought up that the parcel I own is needed for the “storm water management plan” within the City, facts listed here as well:

          1. The storm water problem/flood problem is still there.
          2. The city paid hundreds of thousands to several consultants to perform tests/provide plans/and develop a “Management Plan” still not completed.
          3. The project with respect to the “storm water management” started in the early 1980s with the consultants. Taxpayers contributed hundreds of thousands with respect to paying the consultants for their services to develop a plan of action to manage the storm water and discharge concerns of the waste water plants when a storm happens the overflow goes into rivers.
          4. My predecessor offered enough land to properly manage the storm water problem for no cost to the city, it would have been a give/take as all negotiations are to make them successful however it would have been at no “cost” to the tax payers.

          5. All taxpayers have paid on their property taxes/personal property taxes/this money has contributed to so very many projects that have been placed on hold and why? Should we not be getting answers to those questions?

          I believe you should speak about yourself and what you have to offer. How can you benefit the City/Community as a whole this tit for tat needs to stop. Actions speak louder than anything.



  13. Yahooy you are correct about Walsh. It’s one thing to be against the mayor but this guy votes no on everything he sees and that’s just a fact. I don’t know how people vote for this guy. You are welcome TC and yes it is a shame that the 138th does not have one. By the way TC make sure on primary day you have things set and on point meaning well organized, always plan for rain, never assume that you’re going to win until the votes are in. In primaries like this every vote counts. Don’t leave out the minorities that vote at Hooker and JFK. This race is a big race with the way our city is in. Is it true that Carlos Silva has a opponent in September?

  14. Donj; I can assure you Ann and I are not leaving anyone out. Our district is a true mosaic of the American dream. Our literature is in both English and Spanish. I have spent a lot of time meeting the new families as they move into the neighborhood (long before I thought of running for office). Now Ann and I are expanding that to the entire district.
    I am well aware of the unique problems faced by many minority families that live in the district. I have spent over 30 years working with many of the children from these families. Ann has done the same with her role in the BOE.
    We have people from all ethnic groups working for our campaign. You are invited to help us on election day. Any help you can offer will be gladly accepted.

  15. OK that is very good to know ’cause I was worrying about minorities in this race i just didn’t want you to do what Caruso did and leeave out minority precincts in 2007 and yes I am giving my two friends rides to JFK to vote for change. I will make sure I get those votes for you. 2007 primary results JFK, Finch 212, Caruso 209
    Hooker, Finch 218, Caruso 232

    Turnout was 871 altogether in 2009. Turnout will be about 600 and if you’re real lucky 700.

  16. Isn’t that convenient. Nancy Hadley knows all there is to know when it comes to Master Plans and Zoning rewrites but Nancy Hardly knows anything about mobbed-up developers with relatives on the Planning and Zoning Commission who are about to realize a windfall profit as a result of what is being done.
    Isn’t that special.


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