Marketing Campaign Highlights Bridgeport’s Emergence As Music Mecca

A few days ago the Connecticut Post’s Brian Lockhart wrote presciently about the early success of the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater, a 6,000-seat music destination driving new visitors into Connecticut’s most populous city.

For years now I’ve chronicled the need for Bridgeport to highlight its assets to build local pride points, rally suburban spenders and attract investors. For Bridgeport that starts with music and entertainment: amphitheater, 10,000-seat arena, Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Bijou Theatre, Klein Memorial Auditorium, Park City Music Hall, Stress Factory comedy club and more. In September the inaugural Sound On Sound Music Festival will commence at Seaside Park featuring star-studded artists.

Bridgeport has emerged as Connecticut’s music mecca, an identity highlighted in a new marketing campaign by the city. Two months ago, a new marketing agency was hired with the goal of creating more traction on social media.


I offered my services to the city free of charge as a resource to assist with the branding and messaging of the campaign that will appear on television, radio and social media predominately in Fairfield and New Haven County markets. No paid media buys will appear on OIB.

See above video from the campaign: Bridgeport: A New Buzz, A New Beat.

The first phase of the $75K media buy focuses on music. Moving forward, other city assets will be promoted such as the zoo, parks, golf courses, small businesses, restaurants.

A challenge the city has faced in marketing destinations is coordination between stakeholders to maximize exposure and connectivity. The city needs a coordinated effort between government, the business community and Downtown Special Services District.

Hopefully, what comes out of this campaign is the synergy to make that happen.



  1. Great video- Should have waited for Boat show this weekend to highlight yachts. Mclevey Green and Stress Factory, The Cabaret. Focus/ close-up of some of the new restaurants. Focus on all the flowers in bloom this past spring. Blackrock with all of the American flags and restaurants along Fairfield Avenue. More of Seaside and St. Mary’s. Overall , this is a long over due piece promoting the city. Nice Job!! Excellent feel good video. Can’t wait to see Beardsley Park and the Zoo. Bravo!!

  2. Personally, I feel this commercial has a very low production value. “Surprise, It’s Bridgeport!” from over a decade ago was much better. The irony of some of the content almost seems like they are trying to set themselves up to be the butt of jokes. “Startling vistas?” Really? Also bragging about UB which almost closed and then panning to a shot of downtown with our only remaining hotel that couldn’t even survive.

    Lastly, what does a new high school have to do with getting people to visit Bridgeport? This is clearly an early free campaign video for JG2.

  3. A visitor stops in Bridgeport, well how did they get here, did they drive, came by train, arrive by plane where are they going to stay because they won’t stay in Bridgeport. Where are the the maps for tourist providing with important information to make their visit a trip worth taking and sharing with others the reason to visit Bridgeport. If they travel by plane and train they will need a car and gasoline along with a place to stay. Safety, safety, safety, will there be enough police in the downtown business area and in Seaside Park, will they walking, on bikes in cars and will they be equipped to guide visitors. Of course this will be big campaign ad for Mayor Ganim. What will be the cost factor be to the taxpayers?


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